10 Best Body Temperature Thermometer Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A thermometer is a tool used to measure temperature, either body temperature, room temperature, or object temperature. However, many people use a thermometer to determine body temperature and detect fever. To use a thermometer on the body is actually easy, because it is enough to place it in the armpit, mouth, ear or rectum. Even now, there are many types of digital thermometers that support infrared or infrared, so it is enough to bring the thermometer closer to the forehead or ear.

Illustration of a thermometer
Illustration of the type of temperature on the thermometer

To choose a good thermometer, you must choose a product with the ability to measure temperature quickly, easily, accurately and safely. With such advantages, you can use this device for all family members, including babies and adults. Also choose a thermometer that is resistant to water, besides being able to function in the mouth, it can also be cleaned easily so that it is sterile when used repeatedly. By determining this, you can find the best thermometer product.

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10 Best Body Temperature Thermometer Recommendations

There are many brands that sell thermometers, such as ThermoOne , Little Giant , Omron, and many more. These products have their advantages and disadvantages. With so many choices, you can choose a thermometer product that fits what you need. But if you are confused about determining it, then you can listen to the recommendations for the best thermometer selected by Ainun below.

1. Little Giant 3 in 1 Infrared Ear Thermometer

Giant Digital Thermometer 3 in 1 Infrared Ear Thermometer
Little Giant 3 in 1 Infrared Ear Thermometer

As the name suggests, the Little Giant 3 in 1 Infrared Ear Thermometer is a 3 in 1 thermometer to measure the temperature on the forehead, ear and room temperature. 
This product has a funnel that can be used to measure ear temperature. In addition, this product also uses infrared, so you can find out the temperature just by holding it close to your forehead. You only need to get it closer to a distance of 2-3cm from the body, after a warning tone, the results will be displayed on the screen.

The advantage of this thermometer is that it can store 10 body temperature memories that have been taken. This ability makes it suitable for parents who want to monitor their child’s condition. The speed and accuracy are also very good, because it is able to read the temperature within one second with an accuracy of +/- 0.2 C. This product is very safe if you use it, because it does not contain mercury and the material is not easily broken. To enable it is also easy, so anyone can use it.

2. Mothercare Forehead Thermometer Strips

Mothercare Forehead Thermometer Strips
Mothercare Forehead Thermometer Strips

Mothercare Forehead Thermometer Strips are unique in that they come in the form of sheets filled with liquid crystals. 
To use it is also easy, you only need to attach it to your forehead, then within 15 seconds the temperature results will appear. Not only in the form of Celsius units, the displayed temperature can also be in the form of Fahrenheit units. This kind of temperature measurement method is very suitable for measuring the temperature of babies who are actively moving.

Even though it is in sheet form, this baby thermometer is still reusable . That is, you can use it repeatedly. But before using it again, it is highly recommended to clean it first using a wet cloth to make it hygienic. Its small shape and already equipped with a storage box make it suitable for traveling. When traveling, you can store it in the first aid kit to make it easier to monitor your baby’s temperature.

3. Technimed Visiofocus Mini 6700

Tecnimed Visiofocus Mini 6700 thermometer
Technimed Visiofocus Mini 6700

Measuring a child’s temperature is somewhat difficult, because children can sometimes be quiet, but sometimes they are very active. 
If the child is very active, then the temperature measurement process will not be optimal and difficult to do. However, there is an easy way to overcome this, namely by using a non-contact thermometer, which is a thermometer that can be used without touch contact. One such product is the Tecnimed Visiofocus Mini 6700.

This thermometer product is very multifunctional, because it can be used to measure body temperature, room temperature, and object temperature. How to use it is very easy, because it is enough to bring it closer to the object whose temperature you want to know. If to measure human temperature, then bring it to the forehead, then body temperature will appear quickly. As the best thermometer, this product is very safe to use and accurate in displaying temperature.

4. ThermoOne Thermometer Alpha 3

ThermoOne Digital Thermometer Alpha 3
ThermoOne Thermometer Alpha 3

The ThermoOne Thermometer Alpha 3 is an inexpensive thermometer that does the job. 
Even though it has an affordable price, this product is still safe to use, because it is free of mercury content. The tip used to measure body temperature is very flexible, making it very safe for children to use. You only need to place the tip in your armpit, rectum, or mouth if you want to take your temperature.

To make temperature measurement easier, this thermometer from ThermoOne already supports a screen to display the temperature and sounds an alarm when it finishes measuring the temperature. The accuracy is also very good, because the accuracy is +/- 0.1 C. However, the unfortunate thing is, the temperature measurement results are quite time consuming, because it can be up to 1 minute. But, with the price given, this waterproof thermometer is worth it.

5. Chicco Ear Comfort Quick-06560 Thermometer

Chicco Ear Comfort Digital Thermometer Quick-06560 Thermometer
Chicco Ear Comfort Quick-06560 Thermometer

As an advanced thermometer, the Chicco Ear Comfort Quick-06560 Thermometer has many advantages. 
Among them is, the temperature measurement speed is very fast, because it only takes one second. The accuracy is also still good, because it won’t go too far. In fact, by using this thermometer, you can save the last 25 measurements, so you can monitor the increase or decrease in your child’s temperature.

There are two ways to use this infrared thermometer, namely by bringing it closer to the body, or holding it to the ear. When you attach it to your ear, don’t worry about getting stuck or injured, because the tip of the thermometer is made ergonomically to make it comfortable to use. The temperature measurement results are equally fast and accurate, making it easier for you to check your child’s temperature.

6. Thermometer Microlife FR1DL1

Digital Thermometer Microlife FR1DL1
Thermometer Microlife FR1DL1
The Microlife FR1DL1 thermometer is a non-contact thermometer that can be applied without touching objects. The presence of infrared in it allows it to read body temperature just by bringing this tool closer. Its ability to read temperature is fairly fast, because in just 3 seconds, the temperature can be displayed with good accuracy. You can also set the displayed temperature unit, either in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

What is unique about this one of the best thermometers is the fever marker alarm. With these features, this thermometer displays a red backlight that lights up when the temperature is above average, or you have a fever. Another unique thing is, there is a blue tracking light, a light that appears when this tool is pointed at the target. With this feature, the process of measuring temperature can be easier, even in dark conditions.

7. Vicks Pacifier Thermometer V925P-A

Thermometer Vicks Pacifier Thermometer V925P-A
Vicks Pacifier Thermometer V925P-A

For those of you who have babies, the process of measuring the temperature of your little one is very difficult. 
Apart from being actively moving, toddlers are usually difficult to manage. For that, you can use the Vicks Pacifier Thermometer V925P-A, a baby thermometer in the shape of an orthodontic pacifier. With a shape that resembles a pacifier, the baby will feel comfortable and stimulate your little one’s teeth to grow.

If you want to take your baby’s temperature, this thermometer just needs to be put in his mouth. For two minutes, the temperature results can be displayed very accurately on the screen it provides. No need to worry about security issues, this thermometer is water resistant and easy to clean. That way, you can use it over and over again without fear of unwanted things happening. However, you have to wash this thermometer clean if you want to use it again, in case anything untoward happens.

8. Omron Gentle Temp MC-720-E

Omron GentleTemp MC-720-E thermometer
Omron Gentle Temp MC-720-E

As a non-contact forehead thermometer, this allows the Omron GentleTemp MC-720-E to function without having to come into contact with objects. 
That way, this product is easier to use and more hygienic. Thanks to that, you can also check body temperature, room temperature, and object temperature. Just bring this tool closer to the object whose temperature is to be checked, then later the temperature information will appear on the screen. Not only the human body, you can bring it closer to an object whose temperature you want to know, for example a milk bottle.

To display the temperature measurement results, this thermometer only takes one second. This makes it easier for you to check your child’s temperature without fear of being disturbed. Not only for children actually, because this thermometer can be used for all family members. For those of you who are looking for a multifunctional thermometer for home use, the Omron GentleTemp MC-720-E is the most suitable choice.

9. Beurer Multi-functional Thermometer FT 65

Beurer Thermometer Multi-functional Thermometer FT 65
Beurer Multi-functional Thermometer FT 65

If you are looking for the best thermometer that is often used by paramedics, then the Beurer Multi-functional Thermometer FT 65 is one of them. 
As a sophisticated thermometer, this one tool can be used to measure the temperature on the forehead and in the ear. In a matter of seconds, the temperature of an object will be known by this German-technological thermometer. In fact, it is also equipped with a fever indication light, so that when a child has a fever, the indication light will turn on.

To make it easier for you, this thermometer is capable of storing 10 temperature measurement memories. What’s more, all of that is stored with date and time information, making it easier to monitor your child’s condition. This infrared thermometer does not use mercury and does not contain glass, making it safe when used by anyone. To clean it is also easy, because you only need to use a wet cloth as a medium to wipe it.

10. Puretech Baby 4-in-1 Thermometer

Puretech Baby 4-in-1 Thermometer
Puretech Baby 4-in-1 Thermometer

If you have a baby, then using the Puretech Baby 4-in-1 Thermometer is the right move. 
Dia is a thermometer designed for toddlers, but still suitable for use by children. This tool can measure the temperature in the ear, measure temperature without direct contact, and can measure air temperature or room temperature. It can even be set to display the clock, so the manufacturer calls it a 4 in 1 thermometer thanks to this capability.

Many who use this thermometer state that they are very satisfied with its accuracy. His speed is also very good, in less than 5 seconds, he is able to accurately read the temperature. It is also equipped with three fever indicators, making it easier for you to find out the current condition of your child. Before using it, make sure to clean the detector part with a cotton bud or wet cloth, so that it is sterile when used again.


A thermometer is one of the important devices that must be present in the house. Not only can you find out the temperature to detect fever in family members, some products can even be used to find out the temperature of the room and the temperature of objects. This is of course very useful for most people.

To choose the right product, you are strongly advised to buy the best thermometer that can read body temperature quickly and accurately. Products that are highly recommended are those that already use infrared. Apart from being able to use it without coming into contact with the skin, it is also more hygienic and does not disturb your child. Usually you can buy it in pharmacies or also available online in various marketplaces .

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