10 Best Braces Toothbrush Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – After installing braces or braces, you need to take care of them using a special stirrup toothbrush that is specifically designed to be able to reach between the braces. Besides being able to order online, stirrup toothbrushes can also be purchased directly at pharmacies, minimarkets, and supermarkets.

Best Braces Toothbrush
Illustration of Toothbrush Braces

If you are looking for any brand that offers a special brush for good stirrup and how to choose one, this article at Ainun will discuss this in full.

How to Choose a Good Braces Toothbrush

The presence of a stirrup toothbrush is very helpful for braces users to clean their teeth thoroughly. Special stirrup toothbrushes usually have finer bristles compared to ordinary toothbrushes with the V-cut model and the brush head is quite small. This design makes the toothbrush more effective for cleaning teeth and braces gaps all the way to the back.

The stirrup toothbrushes that are widely circulating now have various handles and types, there are conventional types with bent handles and there are also types of interdental brushes with straight handles. Both of them can be relied on to clean food residue stuck to the stirrup, so that the formation of tartar can be prevented. In order to get good stirrup-specific toothbrush products, you can apply the following things.

1. Knowing the type of special stirrup brush

First, the conventional type which looks similar to a toothbrush in general, but has much finer bristles. The bristles are also designed with a V-cut shape, that is, the middle part is lower than the bristles on the edges. Furthermore, the head of this type of brush is designed with a narrow end so that the back teeth can be reached. To facilitate use, some manufacturers even offer a very small head shape, otherwise known as a tuft brush .

In addition to buying the right stirrup toothbrush, you also need to do the right brushing technique. It would be better if the selected orthodontic brush has a tongue brush at the back of the brush head so that the process of cleaning the mouth becomes more optimal. In the market, orthodontic brushes are also known as ortho toothbrushes .

Second, the interdental brush type stirrup toothbrush, which is smaller in size compared to conventional stirrup brushes, making it easier to carry around. An interdental brush can be used to clean between the teeth and the tooth brackets . With this shape, the interdental brush makes it possible to clean the gaps between the teeth or the gaps between the teeth and the brackets .

The size of the interdental brush type stirrup toothbrush also varies, there are large, medium to small, and its use can be adjusted to the size of the gap to be cleaned, either in vertical or horizontal movements. Apart from being slim and able to reach small gaps, several interdental brush products are also made using silicone rubber , so they can be used as the right choice for owners of sensitive gums or teeth.

2. Choose the shape of the handle that is most comfortable to wear

Even though it looks trivial, the toothbrush handle also affects comfort when you use a stirrup toothbrush. A straight toothbrush handle will make it easier to control the movement of the toothbrush, while a stirrup brush with a curved handle will make it easier to use to reach areas that are difficult to clean.

Both conventional types of stirrup toothbrushes and interdental brushes have products with straight and curved handles, so consumers just have to choose one according to their needs. Some interdental brushes are also designed with flexible handles that can be bent, making it easier to adjust to the contours of the teeth when in use.

3. Prioritize the comfort of stirrup toothbrushes

In choosing products that can be used, including stirrup toothbrushes, comfort is an important consideration that cannot be ignored. Make sure the special stirrup brush you choose has very soft bristles, so it doesn’t hurt the gums and tooth enamel when used.

The V-cut shape on the stirrup toothbrush will clean the braces optimally, the handle which is equipped with a non-slip grip detail will make the hand more comfortable when brushing your teeth, because the movement can be well controlled even when it is wet. Especially for bracket users, it’s best to choose a toothbrush with very soft bristles and a small brush head so it doesn’t make the bracket fall off.

10 Best Braces Toothbrush Recommendations

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Several good brands of stirrup toothbrushes, such as Sunstar and Pierrot, can be easily found in various e-commerce sites. Below are recommendations for several special stirrup brush products that are worth it to buy.

1. Pepsodent Toothbrush Double Care Sensitive Soft

Special Toothbrush for Braces - Pepsodent Toothbrush Double Care Sensitive Soft
Pepsodent Toothbrush Double Care Sensitive Soft

If you are looking for a stirrup toothbrush that is cheap but of good quality, Pepsodent Toothbrush Double Care Sensitive Soft will be the right choice. 
The handle of this brush is bent, so it will be more comfortable to hold and reach all parts of the mouth when brushing your teeth. With only 0.1 mm thick bristles, you can reach the sidelines of the braces and the teeth will be perfectly clean. Sold at IDR 30,000 per 3 
pcs, Pepsodent Tootbrush Double Care Sensitive Soft can be purchased at Indomaret, Alfamart, or various supermarkets.

2. Sunstar GUM Orthodontic Brush

Special Toothbrush for Braces - Sunstar GUM Orthodontic Brush
Sunstar GUM Orthodontic Brush Toothbrush

Sunstar GUM Orthodontic is designed with unique bristles to adjust the anatomy of the teeth with braces, so it will be easier to reach the gaps between the gums and the stirrup and all parts of the braces. The handle of the stirrup toothbrush is very slim and long and can be positioned at a 45 degree angle for optimal cleaning. Even though the price is relatively more expensive compared to other stirrup special brushes, which is 55 thousand rupiahs, it will pay off with the quality provided.

3. Pierrot Orthodontic Toothbrush Ref.19

Special Toothbrush for Braces - Pierrot Orthodontic Toothbrush Ref.19
Toothbrush Pierrot Orthodontic Toothbrush Ref.19

Pierrot Orthodontic Tootbrush is a brand of stirrup toothbrush that is compatible with all types of braces and has received certification from the Spanish Association of Dental Hygienists (HIDES) so the quality is guaranteed. 
Including the type of 
interdental brush stirrup brush, this product has V-cut bristles and has an ergonomic handle for ease of use.

The V-shaped cut on the bristles will increase precision when cleaning plaque and dirt stuck to the braces. Pierrot Clinic Orthodontic stirrup toothbrushes can be purchased at pharmacies or through e-commerce and cost 57 thousand rupiah.

4. Sensodyne Repair & Protect Toothbrush Extra Soft

Special Toothbrush for Braces - Sensodyne Repair & Protect Toothbrush Extra Soft
Sensodyne Repair & Protect Toothbrush Extra Soft

Sensodyne Repair & Protect Toothbrush is a type of conventional stirrup toothbrush with a straight handle shape and a very small brush head. 
This allows this special stirrup brush to get into the most difficult areas of the teeth for maximum cleaning. The outer bristles are covered with tiny filaments, so you can brush your teeth without worrying about hurting your gums. Senosdyne Repair & Protect Tootbrush can be purchased through mini-markets, pharmacies, or 
e-commerce and the price is quite affordable, around 37 thousand per 2 pcs .

5. Jordan Oral Care Expert Deep Clean

Special Toothbrush for Braces - Jordan Oral Care Expert Deep Clean
Jordan Oral Care Expert Deep Clean Toothbrush

Equipped with 
a toothbrush 
case made of polypropylene material, Jordan Oral Care Deep Clean has bristles that are only 0.1 mm thick to clean teeth optimally. The bristles on this product can also move across so that the attached plaque can be cleaned effectively. Designed with a medium-sized brush head, Jordan Oral Care Deep Clean can be purchased at a price of 40 thousand rupiah.

6. Sunstar GUM Interdental Brush 1.1 mm

Special Toothbrush for Braces - Sunstar GUM Interdental Brush 1.1 mm
Sunstar GUM Interdental Brush 1.1 mm

If you like to 
travel but want to keep your braces clean and well maintained, the Sunstar GUM Interdental Brush stirrup toothbrush is the right choice. The bristles of this product are designed in a triangular shape so that they can clean up to 25% more plaque compared to similar products. As a special stirrup brush for traveling purposes, the Sunstar GUM Interdental Brush can be folded into three parts, so it won’t take up much storage space in your bag.

Like the previous stirrup toothbrush, this product has a V bristle structure and is formulated with chlorhexidine which is useful for inhibiting bacterial growth. Coupled with the Snap-Lock Cap technology on the brush handle that can be used as a toothbrush cover when traveling. Sunstar GUM Interdental Brush can be ordered via e-commerce and costs 75 thousand rupiah.

7.Dr. Smith Ortho Interdental Brush

Special Toothbrush for Braces - Dr.  Smith Ortho Interdental Brush
Dr. Toothbrush Smith Ortho Interdental Brush

Smith Ortho Interdental Brush is one of the stirrup brush brands which is quite well known among braces users. This product has a curved handle shape that can be used easily to clean between areas that are difficult to reach with a regular stirrup toothbrush. The tapered end of the brush and the bristles are very fine, so you don’t have to worry about your gums and mouth getting hurt when you clean them. Measuring only 0.7 mm, this product is sold at a very affordable price, only 25 thousand rupiah per pack of 5 
pcs .

8. 3M Interdental Brush 0.7mm

Special Toothbrush for Braces - 3M Interdental Brush 0.7mm
Toothbrush 3M Interdental Brush 0.7mm

The 3M Interdental Brush is a type of 
interdental brush with a straight handle and only 1 mm in size, so that even areas of the teeth that are difficult to reach with a regular toothbrush can be cleaned with this brush. How to use it is also easy, just insert the stirrup toothbrush between the teeth and make a gentle brushing motion. Available in a choice of bright colors, including green, orange and pink, the 3M Interdental Brush is sold at IDR 38,000 per pack of 3 pcs .

9.Dr. Clark Ortho Kit

Special Toothbrush for Braces - Dr.  Clark Ortho Kit
Dr. Toothbrush Clark Ortho Kit

Clark Ortho Kit is packaged in a package containing 
dental floss , Ortho toothbrush, hourglass, mouth mirror, wax candle, interdental brush, and travel toothbrush. Even though it is very complete, this product has a small size so it is easy to carry anywhere and will not take up much space in the bag. What’s more, the mouth mirror is designed to be very slim which will really help you check whether the teeth have been cleaned or not.

The presence of an hourglass in the stirrup toothbrush package is useful for knowing the duration of brushing your teeth according to the dentist’s recommendations. Available in a choice of attractive colors, such as blue, purple, red and green, Dr. The Clark Ortho Kit is sold at 37 thousand rupiah.

10. Enzyme Orthodontic 124gr + Toothbrush

Special Toothbrush for Braces - Orthodontic Enzyme 124gr + Toothbrush
Orthodontic Enzyme Toothbrush 124gr + Toothbrush

Orthodontic Enzim stirrup toothbrushes are not only sold in toothbrush form, but are already in a package with toothpaste. 
The bristles of the stirrup toothbrush are designed to be very fine to protect tooth enamel from damage. For the toothpaste itself, it has been formulated with a special compound that is non-abrasive and can help overcome problems that arise when wearing braces. Orthodontic enzymes can be ordered via 
e-commerce and the price is around 65 thousand rupiah per pack.

Tips for Caring for Braces on Teeth

Apart from buying the right stirrup toothbrush, there are several other treatments that need to be done so that the braces are maintained. Here are some tips you can follow to care for braces on your teeth.

  • Using dental floss ( dental floss ) so that food residue is easier to clean, especially in hard-to-reach areas, for example in the small gaps between the teeth and wires.
  • Using toothpaste that contains fluoride , do the toothbrush movement in small circular motions slowly, and brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes in the morning and after eating.
  • Avoid foods and drinks that have a high sugar content, foods that are too hard or crunchy in texture, and foods that can get stuck in your teeth.
  • So that your teeth don’t turn yellow, always rinse your mouth using mouthwash after brushing your teeth. Make sure the mouthwash contains fluoride to keep your teeth white and alcohol-free.
  • Check regularly with the dentist, because unexpected things can happen, such as the release of brackets , rubber, or wires that feel like they are stabbing into the inside of the gums.

After being fitted with braces, the mouth area often feels very painful. This pain does not necessarily go away quickly, even when cleaning it using the best stirrup toothbrush with very soft bristles. To reduce the pain, you can do the following things.

  • Eat soft-textured foods such as porridge, steamed rice, boiled potatoes, eggs, fish, yogurt and smoothies , so they don’t put a lot of pressure on braces. Apart from hard foods, such as fried foods or hard fruit, avoid eating sticky foods first so they don’t stick to your braces or teeth.
  • Drink cold water to give a sensation like numbness around the mouth, while helping reduce inflammation in sore gums.
  • Take pain relievers if the pain is unbearable. However, even though this drug is sold freely in pharmacies, be sure to follow the rules of use.
  • Gargle with salt water to relieve pain on the inside of the cheeks, lips, and gums. How to make a salt solution is also very easy, mix a teaspoon of salt with a glass of warm water until it dissolves, use it to rinse your mouth several times a day, and continue with gargling using plain water.
  • Reducing acidic foods and drinks because they can cause irritation to sores in the mouth. These drinks or foods can make bacteria multiply more rapidly around braces.
  • Compress the sore area with a cloth soaked in hot water, apply a little pressure to the cheek, chin or jaw that feels pain.


Choosing a good stirrup toothbrush is one way to treat braces because it can thoroughly clean dirt in the mouth. This article has discussed how to choose and recommend the best stirrup special brush, as well as some tips for caring for braces.

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