10 Best Chapped Foot Ointments (2024 Newest)

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Best Blog Review – Chapped foot ointment is a must-have product, especially for office workers. This can occur due to a number of factors, for example wearing shoes or heels without socks so that the heels rub easily, are dry, rough, cracked, and infected. Before this condition occurs, you can use an ointment for cracked feet every night before going to bed, where a variety of products are easy to find in a number of pharmacies without using a doctor’s prescription.

Chapped Feet Ointment
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Cracked feet sometimes interfere with daily activities because they are prone to itching when walking or even burning when exposed to soapy water. This condition will certainly interfere with focus when working and cause discomfort for anyone who experiences it. To treat it, don’t choose the wrong ointment for cracked feet so that the condition can improve soon. You can find out the 10 best cracked foot ointment recommendations through the discussion below.

Tips for Choosing Medicine / Ointment for Good Cracked Feet

Having smooth, well-groomed and healthy feet is everyone’s dream. Especially women who work as housewives because they are vulnerable to soapy water with a harsh formula, as a result, the soles of their feet crack easily. Before it gets worse, use the most effective quality chapped foot ointment. Here are tips on choosing an ointment for cracked feet, which you need to know, including:

1. Choose an Oil-Containing Cracked Foot Ointment

Choose a cracked foot ointment that contains oil for dry skin types to keep the heel area moisturised. Some ointment ingredients that can moisturize your heels include vaseline, glycerin and shea butter.

In this way, the water and oil levels in the heel of the foot remain balanced and the moisture is maintained. If you are confused when choosing which products contain these ingredients, look at the ingredients on the back of the packaging or product before you buy them.

2. Choose a Less Sticky Ointment

Some chapped foot ointments are sometimes sticky, making it uncomfortable when applied to the heels, especially when walking on carpet and wooden floors, so most people are reluctant to choose this type of ointment.

In order not to make the mistake of buying, you should look at product reviews first or see reviews from several previous buyers on the seller’s marketplace regarding the texture of the product. In addition, you can also compare the quality of one product to another.

3. Choose the type of foot ointment as needed

There are 2 types of chapped foot ointment, namely the type of medicine and the type of cosmetic. Medicinal type ointments are usually used as a preventive measure, while cosmetic types are widely used to maintain healthy heels.

If the heels are not dry, you can use a cosmetic-type ointment to massage the heels. However, if the heels of your feet feel dry and don’t get better after using cosmetic-type ointments, you should use medicinal-type ointments as a treatment effort.

4. Choose an Ointment for Chapped Feet Containing Urea

For dry and cracked heels, you can try a cracked foot ointment that contains urea. The content of urea is useful for peeling the outermost layer of skin to make it smooth again. However, the urea content is not suitable for continuous use because it can cause skin renewal in a short time.

If the condition of the heel has improved, switch to a foot ointment product that does not contain urea or a small amount of urea. That way, the skin regeneration process is not disturbed.

5. Choose Easy-to-Use Foot Ointment Packaging

Complicated packaging of chapped foot ointment can sometimes make it unusable when in a hurry. This type of ointment usually consists of 3 packages, the first is a glass or plastic jar packaging.

Both packs of sticks allow heel treatment without getting your hands dirty. Finally, tube packaging so that the amount of ointment that comes out can be adjusted as needed. Choose the easiest packaging to open and not wasteful when removing.

6. Choose chapping ointments that contain natural moisturizers

Some natural cracked foot ointments include glycerin, coconut oil and shea butter. Shea butter is useful for making ointments easily absorbed into the skin, providing optimal moisture, increasing collagen production and reducing irritation so that the skin looks smooth and healthy.

The content of coconut oil is to increase the hydration of mild to moderate dry skin because it contains antibacterial ingredients while the glycerin content is useful for smoothing the skin thoroughly.

Here we go

After knowing various tips on choosing the best cracked foot ointment, we have summarized the 10 best ointment products to treat a number of problems with dry skin on feet, cracked soles of feet, cracked toes and itching. Here are 10 recommendations for chapped foot ointment from Ainun which can be an alternative choice for overcoming them

1. Bio Herbal

Bio Herbal Chapped Foot Ointment recommendation is effective
Bio Herbal

The first recommendation for cracked feet ointment is Bio Herbal which can be used for a number of dry and cracked skin with a fresh sensation. 
Having a practical shape and size, you can take Bio Herbal everywhere. In addition, Bio Herbal has antibacterial and antiseptic properties so it does not cause allergies when worn. To get maximum results use it evenly, every morning and night and then let it sit until the ointment completely seeps into the skin.

2. Tumitku

My Heel Chapped Foot Ointment recommendation is effective

My heel cracked foot ointment is one of the most selling products on the marketplace. 
My heel contains ingredients such as piperis folium, herb dymariae, tinosporae caulis, kaemferia galangal rhizome and sulfur which are great for dealing with dry, cracked heels and more. Before using this product, wash your feet thoroughly, dampen a cotton pad and then apply a sufficient amount of my Heel product and apply it to the cracked skin area for 10 to 15 minutes, finally using lotion to get maximum results.

3. Nature Republic Coconut Moisture

Nature Republic Coconut Moisture Effective Chapped Foot Ointment Recommendations
Nature Republic Coconut Moisture

Nature Republic Coconut Moisture chapped feet ointment contains shea butter coconut oil which is able to provide extra moisture to the heels of dry, cracked and rough feet. 
Nature Republic Coconut Moisture has a gel-like shape and is easily absorbed so it is quite effective in nourishing the skin layers to the fullest. In addition, its non-sticky texture makes Nature Republic ointment even more comfortable when used. Apart from dealing with cracked heels, it is also safe to treat psoriasis and eczema.

4. Canna White

Kanna White's Effective Chapped Foot Ointment Recommendations
Kanna White

Cracked foot ointment from the Kanna brand contains natural oats to moisturize cracked heels. 
Apart from treating cracked heels, Kanna White can be used on elbows and knees to brighten dull skin areas. 
Having a creamy texture , Kanna White is easily absorbed into the skin and does not cause a hot or slippery sensation when it comes into contact with the floor. The pine mint scent gives a fresh sensation when inhaled.

5. Eucerin Advanced Repair

Euceurin Advanced Repair Effective Chapped Foot Ointment Recommendations
Euceurin Advanced Repair

Euceurin Advanced Repair is an ointment for cracked feet specially formulated for dry and cracked heels. 
Products from the Euceurin brand are believed to be effective for treating a number of heel problems such as dry skin on feet, cracked soles, cracked toes and itching. In addition, Euceurin foot ointment can be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin because it does not contain parabens, dyes and fragrances. Having a texture that absorbs quickly, Euceurin ointment does not make heels greasy.

6. Guardian Foot Cream

Guardian Foot Cream Effective Chapped Foot Ointment Recommendations
Guardian Foot Cream

Guardian Foot Cream is no less good when compared to a number of other cracked foot ointment products. 
This product has long been known to treat cracked or dry feet because it contains the main ingredient 
olive butter In addition, Guardian Foot Cream already has many reviews from a number of previous buyers, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the product. Has a cold sensation, adds comfort when worn, the price is also relatively affordable, which is only around IDR 40,000.

7. Oriflame Feet up

Oriflame Feet Up Effective Chapped Foot Ointment Recommendations
Oriflame Feet up

Not wanting to be outdone by a number of cracked foot ointment products from other brands, Oriflame also released Feet up Advanced as a refinement of the previous foot ointment product. 
Oriflame Feet up is believed to be able to make changes in just 3 days because it has a variety of ingredients that are useful for treating cracked feet such as urea, cocoa butter, panthenol and a blend of 4 minerals that are good for the skin. With its quality, the price of this product is still relatively affordable.

8. Heel Soft Cream

Effective Heel Soft Cream Chapped Foot Ointment Recommendations
Heel Soft Cream

Heel Soft Cream cracked feet ointment is one of the best recommendations that you can try next. 
Heel Soft Cream is specially made for dry toes and heels to prevent cracking or chapping. With the content of vitamin E, glycerin, aloe vera, dimethicone to lactic acid, Heel Soft Cream ointment is able to protect the skin from irritation and provide the best nutrition to maintain skin health in the long term. Heel Soft Cream is easy to find in pharmacies without using a prescription from a doctor.

9. Azalea Intens Skinwhite Cream

Effective Chapped Foot Ointment Azalea Intense Skinwhite Cream Recommendations
Azalea Intens Skinwhite Cream

Azalea Intense Skinwhite Cream is a great cracked foot ointment for dry toes, heels and various other problems. 
Azalea Intense Skinwhite Cream is made from olive oil and shea butter so that the skin becomes smooth again. As for the B3 content in it, it can brighten the skin and disguise scars. Apart from heels, use Azalea Intense Skinwhite Cream for a number of dry skin areas such as knees and elbows. Azalea Intense Skinwhite Cream can be found in pharmacies at affordable prices.

10. Salep88

Recommended Ointment for Chapped Feet Effective Ointment88

An ointment for cracked feet that is quite legendary and has long been used for generations is Salep88. 
Ointment88 can treat cracked, itchy heels, and even holes in your feet due to wearing shoes for too long or being exposed to rain water. However, this ointment has a hot sensation if you use too much, so use it sparingly or apply a thin layer on the heel area that is dry and cracked. Salep88 has a relatively affordable price, which is only around IDR 15,000.

How to Overcome Chapped Feet

Treating dry, hardened and cracked feet is not enough just to use cracked foot ointment. But you need to do a series of other ways so that the treatment process takes place quickly. Here are some ways to deal with cracked feet that you need to know, including:

1. Using an Emollient and Humectant Type Ointment

There are a variety of cracked foot ointments that you can try to prevent the loss of moisture in the heel so that the heel remains soft and flexible. One of them is an ointment that contains emollients and humectants. Humectant ointments work to attract water and increase the water capacity in the heels so they stay moisturised. This type of ointment can be used as a preventative measure so that the heels do not crack easily.

2. Use socks when wearing shoes or sleeping

Apart from using chapped foot ointment, wear socks when wearing shoes or going to bed. This method is quite helpful so that the moisture of the feet is maintained and avoid cracking. Because without socks, the surface of the heel can be rubbed when it hits a hard and closed surface so that the skin cannot breathe. So that the skin can breathe, use cotton socks.

3. Use Liquid Bandage

During the treatment period use liquid bandages such as bandages in the form of gel, liquid or spray to cover cracked heels. Previously apply cracked foot ointment, then form a bandage to cover all surfaces of the heel. In addition to covering the heel, liquid bandage can reduce pain, prevent dust and bacteria from entering the injured area. That way the treatment process can take place quickly.

4. Use Oatmeal Body Scrub

Not just a cracked feet ointment, oatmeal scrub has long been used as a treatment for irritation and inflammation for cracked heels. Because oatmeal contains polysaccharides that can bind water and hydrocolloids to keep the skin moist. As for the fat content in oatmeal, it can increase the emollient activity so that it can relieve itching on dry skin.

5. Massage Using Oil

If your cracked foot ointment isn’t moisturizing enough, try an oil heel massage. In some conditions and skin types, oil tends to work better because it easily absorbs into the skin. You can use any oil to try it for example olive oil, almond or even coconut oil. In addition, take advantage of the content of vitamin E to overcome cracked heels.

6. Rub the Heels Using a Pumice Stone

The next way to deal with cracked heels is to rub the heels using a pumice stone. This method is no less effective than chapped foot ointment. Pumice stone has been known for a long time as a way to deal with cracked feet and smoothes the heels of the feet due to calluses. However, this method is not recommended for diabetics or people with other neuropathic diseases. It’s best to consult with your doctor before trying it.

7. Using Honey

Honey is one ingredient that you can use to moisturize your heels as an alternative to chapped foot ointment. According to a study, honey contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties so it can moisturize and speed up the healing process. The trick is to mix 1 glass of honey into a bucket of warm water and put your feet in it for 15 to 20 minutes, then rub your cracked heels.


The problem of cracked feet can be treated with an ointment for cracked feet to keep the skin from drying out and keep it moisturised. Apart from using ointments, you also need to consume water as an effort to treat it from within. However, if the condition is too severe and cannot be treated with ointments, you should immediately consult a doctor to find the right treatment steps.

If you decide to use cracked feet ointment as a treatment or prevention measure for cracked feet, then the 10 products that we have recommended above can be the solution. There is no need to worry about the 10 products that we offer because they are guaranteed to be safe and have had many positive reviews from a number of previous buyers.

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