10 Best Cleanser Water Recommendations According to Skin Type (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Did you know that cleaning your face using cleanser water on a daily basis is really necessary what if you wear makeup every day. The use of makeup every day is of course permissible as long as after using it it is mandatory for you to clean it, why?  The makeup that you wear all day long is of course exposed to dust, dirt and sunlight. If not cleaned afterwards, this can clog pores and can cause acne.   

Illustration of Water Cleanser
Illustration of Water Cleanser

10 Best Water Cleanser Recommendations

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Before acne occurs, it’s better to clean it with a special facial cleanser, like this cleanser water , which is a practical water-based facial cleanser with a very light formula to apply to the face. Want to know what are the best recommended cleansers ? In the following , Ainun reviews some of the best recommended cleanser water reviews according to your skin type.

1. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

For those of you who want to try cleanser water for the first time, there is a local brand recommendation, the formula is very good for cleaning dirt and makeup. 
Cleansing water Garnier, can be found at your nearest supermarket; Garnier launched this cleansing water product with 3 variants. The first is blue; Micellar Cleansing Water Pure Active for acne/acne faces, both pink; Micellar Cleansing Water Sakura which can be used even for sensitive faces, and finally Garnier Micellar Water Biphase which can be used for all skin types.

Of the three Garnier cleansing water variants that have been mentioned, which one is the best in removing stains the fastest and safest for the skin? According to your needs, if you want to remove dirt, dust, waterproof makeup, you better choose Garnier Micellar Water Biphase, because it already has a combination of Micellar and Argan Oil technology so that it can clean makeup or smudges in just one swipe without rinsing and without making your face blotchy. dry. For acne-prone faces, it’s better to choose the Micellar Cleansing Water Pure Active variant, while for sensitive skin, it’s better to choose Micellar Cleansing Water Sakura, which is pink in color. Both have special formulas that are suitable for caring for your favorite skin. So, don’t just choose the wrong variant!

2. Biore Cleansing Water

Biore Cleansing Water
Biore Cleansing Water

A Japanese 
brand that you know for sure, Biore from Kao also releases a cleansing water product with a 0% alcohol content, which keeps the skin soft even if you rinse it again with water. There are two variants of Biore Cleansing water; Soften Up for normal and dry skin and Oil Clear for oily and combination skin. With the Japan smooth bright technology formula , it can clean all dirt, dust and makeup well into the pores of the face without irritating the face.

After using this cleansing water, you may rinse it again with water or not at all. For those of you who are trying Biore Cleansing Water for the first time, especially for sensitive skin, don’t worry because the formula in this cleansing water is very safe and has been adjusted to the PH of the skin and will not cause effects such as blackheads, skin irritation and others.

3. Wardah Nature Daily Seaweed Cleansing Micellar Water

Wardah Nature Daily Seaweed Cleansing Micellar Water
Wardah Nature Daily Seaweed Cleansing Micellar Water

Is there a good, safe and halal cleanser water or 
not ? Boy, you’re at the right point; Wardah also doesn’t want to be left behind in launching a cleansing water product. Wardah’s cleansing water has a formula containing seaweed and cucumber which has the benefit of calming the skin, fading acne scars and being able to prevent the appearance of black spots. It’s really complete, besides cleaning your face, you will get other benefits which of course will make your face cleaner without blemishes.

Oh yes, Wardah’s cleansing water does not have ingredients such as parabens, alcohol, and fragrances , so it is very safe for you even if you have dry skin that tends to be sensitive because the cleansing results on your face actually make your face moist , moist and fresher. This cleanser water packaging is very travel friendly so you can take it wherever you go.

4. Nivea Micellair Hydration

Nivea Micellair Hydration
Nivea Micellair Hydration

Having combination facial conditions is indeed not easy to choose which products are safe and suitable for the face. 
But don’t worry, for those of you who have dry, combination, sensitive or normal sensitive skin, maybe you can try this Nivea cleansing water. 
This Nivea Micellair Hydration has a formula that is able to hydrate your skin to the fullest without causing irritation.

The presence of Hyaluronic Acid will help thoroughly moisturize the skin until it enters the skin pores. Take it easy, this cleanser water is very safe because it is 0% alcohol . Not only does it clean and moisturize the skin, you know. This Nivea cleanser water also helps reduce signs of aging on the skin; such as wrinkles and fine lines.

5. Mineral Botanica

Botanic Minerals
Botanic Minerals

The best cleanser water for you office workers, you need to try it because this Mineral Botanica cleanser water claims to be able to clean dirt, dust and makeup in one swipe and is very 
light  when used. The result of the effect is to make facial skin clean without being greasy, making skin softer, fresher and with a slight cooling effect.

Wow, you can imagine that after cleaning your face, your skin looks fresher, without dullness. Highly recommended for all skin types, even combination skin. For sensitive skin, it’s better to test first whether the aroma and ingredients in this cleanser water can irritate your skin or not, because the fragrances in this cleanser water have a slightly strong smell .

6. The Saem Healing Tea Garden White Tea Cleansing Toner

The Saem Healing Tea Garden White Tea Cleansing Toner
The Saem Healing Tea Garden White Tea Cleansing Toner

Of the many local brands, let’s take a peek at Kimchi Country, which they say has the best cleanser water too, you know. 
The Saem , a South Korean brand , is indeed a popular brand with a price rating that is competitive with others. The Saem cleanser water has several variants including Green Tea, Tea Tree, and White Tea .

Cleansing Water the Saem contains almost the same formula; the three variants claim to be able to clean dust, dirt, and makeup in one swipe. The formula is very light with a fresh herbal fragrance . For oily skin, you can use the Tea Tree variant of cleansing water . This cleansing water will not make your oily face dry, because there is a special formula that can treat your oily skin with moist and fresh results.

7. Maybelline Micellar Water

Maybelline Micellar Water
Maybelline Micellar Water

Idols for women, this is the best cleanser water with the mainstay of the 
In 1 Technology formula ; which can lift makeup, clean the face, summarize it into the pores and moisturize. With a water-based formula without alcohol, without parabens and without fragrance . It is very safe to use even in the eye area and has been tested Ophthalmology Tested .

Even though it is quite expensive, this cleanser water has quite optimal ability to clean the face. This cleanser water has the same advantages as other cleanser waters which can clean and moisturize the skin when cleaned. But unfortunately, when cleaning waterproof makeup or rather heavy makeup, it seems you need a little extra cleansing to make it completely clean.

8. Pond’s White Beauty Brightening Micellar Water

Pond's White Beauty Brightening Micellar Water
Pond’s White Beauty Brightening Micellar Water

Who doesn’t know Pond’s? 
Pond’s released the latest product from its White Beauty series, namely 
Pond’s White Beauty Brightening Micellar Water . Besides being able to clean, this Pond’s water cleanser also provides a brightening or whitening effect after use.

Also equipped with vitamin B3 where this vitamin can make your facial skin moisturised, bright, prevent premature aging, and prevent the growth of acne. Pond’s cleansing water does not contain alcohol and can be used for all skin types, including even sensitive skin. Another magic thing is that with this Pond;s cleanser, even stubborn makeup can be cleaned optimally with one swipe. The lid packaging is in the form of a vacuum so it’s safe, not spillable and travelable .

9. Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water

Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water
Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water

Who likes Innisfree products, if you like you need to try this one because this is a best seller product. 
Innisfree Gren Tea Cleansing Water has a very concise, hygienic 
packaging appearance and a unique pump shape. This cleansing water is rich in ingredients that can make your skin moisturised and supple. With the Jeju organic green tea formula and Witch Hazel , it can remove daily makeup to the maximum into the skin pores.

It is not recommended for those of you who have dry skin, because this cleanser water can make your dry skin even drier. If your skin is dry after using this water cleanser, it would be nice to rinse it with water and use a moisturizer according to your skin type.

10. Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Bioderma Sensibio H2O
Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Bioderma cleansing water is highly recommended for those of you who want to have worth
 cleansing water How good is Bioderma? Yes , almost everyone really loves this one cleansing water product because it is able to clean perfectly even waterproof makeup. Very safe for all skin types including sensitive though.

The only cleansing water when used is that it doesn’t sting your eyes, it’s really very safe to use. Even though the price is a bit heavy on the pocket, Bioderma’s cleansing water is truly the best cleansing water without rinsing ever. What makes Bioderma’s cleansing water a god among cleanser waters is that it has molecular elements that are formulated according to the skin’s natural pH of 5.5 so that it not only cleanses the face, but also helps protect the skin’s defense layer and maintains healthy skin. The first time I used it, there was minimal irritation to the skin.


Those are some reviews  of the best recommended cleanser water products that are suitable for various skin types. With the presence of cleanser water products, it will certainly make it easier for you to clean your face quickly, especially the makeup you use. Now there are no more lazy words to clean your face. Enough with cleansing water , your face will look cleaner, healthier and fresher. Don’t forget to choose a cleanser water according to your face type, if you are in doubt about what type of face you have, you can use a type of cleanser water product that is safe to use for all skin types. Your beautiful facial skin that determines?

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