10 Best Color Softlens Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Contact lenses or contact lenses are commonly used by women as an item to emphasize the appearance of the eyes. If you want to be creative by wearing contact lenses, it is recommended to use colored contact lenses. Exoticon is a manufacturer that produces a lot of colored contact lenses.

With so many choices on the market, you may be confused about which one to choose. Especially if you are still relatively layman, of course you need a guide so you are not mistaken in choosing a product. For that, we will accompany you to find the best color contact lenses through this article. Please listen carefully, okay!

Best Color Softlens Recommendations
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Tips and How to Choose Good Color Softlens

There are several elements that must be considered when choosing a color contact lens. There are at least four important elements that will affect your comfort and style when wearing contact lenses. Anything?

1. Choose based on color availability

The name of color contact lenses certainly provides a variety of color variants so that users can choose according to taste or the purpose of use. Of the many options available, each color gives a different impression. You need to adjust the color of the contact lenses to the facial characteristics of most Southeast Asian people.

The brown color is highly recommended because it is suitable for the facial characteristics of Southeast Asian people, including Indonesia. If you get bored of wearing brown, you can change to another color that is still allied like hazel or maybe light green. The choice of this color must also be adjusted to the location of use. For example in an educational or office environment, you should choose a calm color.

2. Choose based on the time of use

Good color contact lenses are generally only valid for a short period of time. Vice versa, the longer the usage age stated in the description, the less recommended the product is. Generally, contact lenses have a usage validity period starting from one day, two weeks, one month, and a maximum of 6 months.

The quality of the material used in long-term contact lenses must be good so that it does not cause eye problems. For a safe way, it’s better to choose contact lenses that have a short validity period, maybe one week or even one day. The shorter the usage period of the recommended product, the higher the price because the quality offered is guaranteed.

3. Consider the diameter of the contact lens color to display different effects

Contact lenses have become part of the style for women. No wonder manufacturers provide so many variants ranging from color to color diameter size to produce different effects. If you want to use a contact lens with a natural impression, we recommend that you choose a contact lens that is not too wide in color.

Meanwhile, for those of you who have small eyes, of course it is better to look for a size that is quite large in diameter for the color of the contact lens. However, don’t overdo it or your eyes will look unnatural. The size of the diameter of the color will affect the iris of your eye, so it needs to be considered carefully so that the results don’t seem strange and excessive.

4. Prioritize choosing products that have been tested for safety

Both overseas and Indonesia, there are state agencies whose job is to monitor the circulation of medical devices in their respective countries. Including contact lenses, in Indonesia itself, this product is classified as a medical device so it cannot be circulated carelessly. Testing is needed to obtain distribution permit status from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.

If you buy color contact lenses imported, don’t forget this aspect. Even if you come from Korea or Europe, you should still be aware of the quality offered, whether the product is original or not and how safe it is by looking at the distribution permit status on the product packaging or via the internet.

10 Best Color Softlens Recommendations

Here we go

The following Ainun recommends the ten best color contact lenses which will make it easier for you to determine which product is most suitable. Please purchase based on your liking and the effect you want to create!

1. Eos Almond Brown Color Lens

Best Color Softlens Images Eos Almond Brown Color Lens
Softlens Color Eos Almond Brown Color Lens

For women who have narrow eyes, we recommend you to use this one color contact lens. 
The Eos Almond Brown Color Lens is designed to give a big eye effect to those of you who have narrow or small eyes. The final look offered looks like a doll’s eye thanks to the black ring on the edge of the lens.

Natural brown color will not make the eyes stand out when wearing it. This is the right choice for those of you who want to be stylish without spending a lot of money. With a sale value of less than hundreds of thousands, you can use this contact lens for up to 12 months. However, this contact lens only provides 38% water content, so you need to put special drops in your eyes if you use it all day long.

2. Exoticon X2 Diary Brown

Picture of the Best Color Softlens Exoticon X2 Diary Brown
Softlens Color Exoticon X2 Diary Brown
Exoticon is not a new player in the beauty industry. The range of color contact lenses they produce is loved by Indonesian women. If you want to give a beautiful and natural impression to your eyes, the X2 Diary Brown series is worth choosing.

If your eyes are black or slightly brown, these contact lenses will be compatible. Meanwhile, for those of you who may have different eye colors, Exoticon X2 Diary Brown can still be used because the color is suitable for all types of eye colors. This product can be used for up to 12 months, you will also save your monthly budget because you don’t have to change contact lenses more often.

3. Dreamcon Valentine Series

The Best Color Softlens Brand Dreamcon Valentine Series
Dreamcon Valentine Series Color Softlens

Comfort in contact lenses can be determined by how the material and embedded features are provided by the manufacturer into it. 
Dreamcon releases colored contact lenses that are antibacterial so they won’t make your eyes itchy when you wear them.

This product is claimed to be able to free the eyes from itching even though you are active outdoors which is full of dust and pollution. Even so, it is still not recommended for use in open spaces that are highly polluted to reduce the risks that may occur. In this series, Dreamcon provides three color variants, namely brown, gray and blue.

4. Gel Berry Black Choco

The Best Color Softlens Brand Gel Berry Black Choco
Softlens Gel Berry Black Choco

The brown and black colors of Gel Berry are so soft that your eyes will look natural as if you were not wearing contact lenses. 
For beginners, this product is highly recommended. Not only is it easy to use, but thanks to the water content in this gel-based contact lens which reaches 55%, you don’t need to drip special liquid too often when using it.

More than that, Gel Berry Black Choco also provides a usage validity period of up to 6 months. It’s been quite a long time for this very friendly selling price. This contact lens itself has a lens diameter of 14.5 mm so it will be suitable for Indonesians whose eyes are medium.

5. Exoticon Ice Silver Light Grey

The Best Color Softlens Brand Exoticon Ice Silver Light Grey
Softlens Exoticon Ice Silver Light Grey

Back to the Exoticon product range, this time we present the Ice Silver Light Gray series. 
As the world’s leading manufacturer, Exoticon includes special technology in the formulation of this product. The polymerization technology and layered system used can keep the color on this one contact lens bright even though it has been used for a long time.

For those of you who are looking for colored contact lens products whose colors don’t fade easily, this product from Exoticon is worth considering. Not only does it guarantee the color lasts a long time, but you can get a natural eye-looking effect and you will also be comfortable during your daily activities

6. Exoticon X2 Bio Softlens Brown Byonce

The Best Color Softlens Brand Exoticon X2 Bio Softlens Brown Byonce
Softlens Exoticon X2 Bio Softlens Brown Byonce

Unlike the other series, the X2 Bio Softlens Exoticon provides this product with quite a lot of water content, which reaches 45%. 
It’s no wonder that this product is one of the best sellers among other contact lens series. The material which is soft when in contact with the eyes makes it so comfortable that you won’t be disturbed in your daily life.

Exoticon not only equips these contact lenses with a high water content, but also incorporates a technology called sandwich dyeing donut. This latest breakthrough technology makes contact lenses safe to use even for sensitive eyes because they can make the eyes get more oxygen.

7. Ageha Natural Brown

Best Color Softlens Ageha Natural Brown Softlens
Ageha Natural Brown Softlens

Wearing glasses every day is boring for some women. 
If you have problems with myopia and want to remove and replace it with contact lenses, you can use this one product. Ageha offers colored contact lenses for minus eyes in various color choices.

The brown color we choose from this Ageha product will make your eyes look more natural and beautiful. Most importantly, you can still see perfectly like wearing glasses. This is because this product from Ageha can be adjusted to the minus level between the left and right eyes. You just need to adjust it.

8. Sweety Spatax Brown

The Best Color Softlens Brand Sweety Spatax Brown
Softlens Color Sweety Spatax Brown

Spatax really understands the needs of the Indonesian people for contact lenses that can give a natural eye impression. 
The brown color of this contact lens is not included with black contours on the edges so that your eyes look so natural, fresh and shining.

This contact lens has a lens diameter of 14.5 mm so it is suitable for Indonesian eyes, both large and small. With a water content of 40%, this contact lens will be very comfortable to wear. For the age of use itself, Spatax said that the product can be used for up to 1 year.

9. Lumiere Softlens Winter Melon

The Best Color Softlens Brand Lumiere Softlens Winter Melon
Softlens Lumiere Softlens Winter Melon

The material Lumiere chose in designing this contact lens is very thin and has a soft texture. 
For those of you who have sensitive eyes, of course you will be spoiled by the light sensation it gives. If you want to be stylish but are afraid of itchy or red eyes, this Lumiere product is highly recommended.

The soft material certainly won’t cause itching or irritating effects. In fact, this product can be used for up to 12 hours. In addition, Lumiere Softlens Winter Melon has also been equipped with a special material that makes it able to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.

10. Exoticon X2 Ice No.8 The Nude Lens Hazel

The Best Color Softlens Brands Exoticon X2 Ice No. 8 The Lens Hazel
Exoticon X2 Ice No 8 The Lens Hazel

In the last sequence, we again recommend you the Exoticon X2 series colored contact lenses. 
On X2 Ice with number 8, Exoticon provides a choice of hazel colors on its contact lenses. The hazel color presented will give the effect of round eyes. In fact, your eyes will look innocent like a baby’s eyes because of the black circle on the chest on the side of the contact lens.

This contact lens is very suitable for those of you who want the effect of plain eyes like a baby. The diameter of this contact lens is 16 mm. Knowing this, of course you are not advised to use this contact lens for daily use because apart from being uncomfortable, your eyes will look unnatural and conspicuous.


There are quite a lot of color contact lens choices on the list, right? Actually, each product is designed with very many color variants. However, you can’t possibly use all of them. Even if it’s for trial and error or just being creative with style, you should still prioritize a natural impression and match the color with the character of your face, OK!

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