10 Best Deodorant Spray Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Deodorant spray can be the best choice for those of you who don’t like topical or roll on deodorants. Compared to other types, deodorant spray is considered the most practical, dries quickly, and does not leave stains on clothes.

That way, you can start your activities more quickly and comfortably without worrying about body odor bothering you again. Currently there are many brands that provide spray-type deodorants on the market, including AXE, Dove, Rexona, Sebamed, NIVEA, and many other brands.

Best Deodorant Spray
Illustration of Deodorant Spray

Here are some points that can be taken into consideration when choosing a deodorant spray so you can find the best product according to your needs and tastes.

How to Choose a Good Deodorant Spray

1. Choose a deodorant spray according to the recommended user

The majority of people, both men and women, teenagers and adults, must have experienced body odor problems. Usually body odor begins to appear during puberty due to hormonal changes in children who are turning into teenagers.

If it is not handled properly, it is not impossible that this will become a distraction which will eventually reduce self-confidence. That’s because the people who are around feel disturbed by the body odor.

Because men’s glands secrete more sweat than women’s, men’s deodorant products usually add a little more active ingredients to reduce it.

Apart from that, differences in tastes regarding aroma also make famous brands make deodorant sprays and women are different. Well, so do the tastes of teenagers and adults who differ from each other.

2. Choose the preferred deodorant spray variant

You can also tell whether the quality of the deodorant spray product is good or not from the variants offered by the brand. Usually men prefer manly and strong scents compared to women who like soft and floral scents.

Likewise with teenagers who are usually more happy with fresh scents. While some adults prefer a soothing fragrance so that it can also make the mind calmer.

From the packaging, you can see that men’s deodorants choose colors that tend to be dark, such as black, navy blue, and so on. Meanwhile, the color of deodorant packaging for women uses more bright colors, be it white, pink, or other pastel colors.

One of the determining factors for the price of a deodorant spray is the quality of the product, the better the quality of the product, the more expensive it will be and vice versa. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find products that are more affordable with good quality.

3. Pay attention to the content in the deodorant spray

Another point of consideration that is no less important is paying attention to the ingredients in the deodorant spray. Usually information about the complete composition is written on the back of the packaging. However, some brands choose the main ingredient to be used as a deodorant fragrance variant.

Those of you with sensitive skin are advised to consider a deodorant spray that does not contain alcohol, fragrance, parabens or propylene glycol . In addition, some products are also equipped with moisturizing ingredients so that the armpits are softer and smoother. You can also find deodorant products that can brighten your underarms at the same time when used regularly.

4. Consider long-lasting products

Everyone has a different duration of activity, so deodorant spray brands make products that can simultaneously provide protection throughout the day, even up to 48 hours.

With long-lasting protection, you can rest easy because your activities are not disturbed by body odor. If you feel that the deodorant can still provide protection the next day, while not using deodorant is not a wrong choice.

10 Best Deodorant Spray Recommendations

Here we go

In the following, Ainun reviews ten of the best deodorant spray recommendations from various brands that can be obtained in various places, one of which is official accounts on trusted marketplaces.

1. AXE Men Deodorant Body Spray Ice Chill

Best Deodorant Spray Recommendation - AX Men Deodorant Body Spray Ice Chill
Deodorant Spray – AXE Men Deodorant Body Spray Ice Chill

AX is a brand that sells various needs for men, one of which is deodorant spray. 
There are many variants provided so that you are more flexible in choosing it. One of the recommendations for a deodorant spray variant for daily use before doing activities is AX Men Deodorant Body Spray Ice Chill which is equipped with anti-bacterial properties. This 135 ml product that comes with Dual Action Technology can certainly help you fight body odor while giving you a fresh fragrance even though you are sweating.

Well, the fragrance produced by AX’s deodorant spray comes from the fragrance of frozen mint and fresh natural lemon. Another interesting thing about this deodorant spray product is that it can make your body feel cold, even if the temperature can drop to 10℃. Therefore, do not be surprised if you will feel fresh for about 48 hours when using this product.

2. Dove Women Antiperspirant Aerosol Invisible Dry

Best Deodorant Spray Recommendations - Dove Women Antiperspirant Aerosol Invisible Dry
Deodorant Spray – Dove Women Antiperspirant Aerosol Invisible Dry

Apart from body wash, you can also choose this 150 ml deodorant spray from Dove to prevent the appearance of a strong body odor in the midst of activities. 
If AX provides products for men, then this Dove product is more specifically for women. The protection provided is long enough for up to 48 hours so you may not spray again the next day if you feel it is not necessary.

Besides not containing alcohol, this deodorant spray also contains a quarter of Dove’s unique moisturizing cream to treat and soften underarm skin. You also don’t need to worry because this product can help your skin recover from irritation caused by shaving. As the name implies, this product can simultaneously protect your clothes from yellow or white stains which have been tested on 100 colors.

3. Rexona Women Motionsense Anti-Perspirant Aerosol Tropical

Best Deodorant Spray Recommendation - Rexona Women Motionsense Anti-Perspirant Aerosol Tropical
Deodorant Spray – Rexona Women Motionsense Anti-Perspirant Aerosol Tropical

Rexona doesn’t want to be outdone by other brands that continue to innovate and provide deodorant sprays on the market. 
One of their products is specially made for women which is packaged in a 200ml pink can. The selected scent is also fresh, comes from Apricot and Vanilla fruits. Of course, after spraying it on the desired body area, you don’t have to wait too long because it dries quickly.

The Motion Sense technology used by Rexona can guarantee that you as a user will stay fresh even if you do a lot of activities. No need to worry, this antiperspirant deodorant spray that can provide protection for 48 hours also doesn’t leave stains and doesn’t contain alcohol. You can appear confident when you move and are in the same room with other people.

4. Sebamed Deodorant Active Spray

Best Deodorant Spray Recommendation - Sebamed Deodorant Active Spray
Deodorant Spray – Sebamed Deodorant Active Spray

Having sensitive skin certainly makes you have to be extra careful in choosing products. 
However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any deodorant sprays that can’t be used for sensitive skin. So, you must take a look at Sebamed’s products which are specially formulated so that they can be used by all skin types, even well tolerated by sensitive skin and allergic skin. The price is indeed much more expensive because this skin care product from Germany has unquestionable quality.

In the 75 ml deodorant spray, there is an active ingredient Triethyl Citrate to maintain skin pH and Castor Oil or castor oil. As written on the packaging, there is no aluminum salt content and does not leave white stains. In addition, this deodorant also doesn’t block sweat production because there is no anti-transspirant. Even so, this Sebamed deodorant is still effective in preventing body odor and is able to provide freshness for up to 48 hours.

5. NIVEA Personal Care Hijab Fresh Deodorant Spray

Best Deodorant Spray Recommendations - NIVEA Personal Care Hijab Fresh Deodorant Spray
Deodorant Spray – NIVEA Personal Care Hijab Fresh Deodorant Spray

The next recommended deodorant spray that can be selected is 
the NIVEA Personal Care Hijab Fresh Deodorant Spray 150 ml. As the name implies, this product is made specifically for hijabers who tend to sweat more quickly because they wear closed clothes. Of course this hijab deodorant is halal and does not contain alcohol in it.

Apart from providing protection against excessive sweating and body odor for approximately 48 hours, this deodorant spray is also able to give you a fresh sensation all day long because it contains Sakura Flower extract. Not only that, the presence of Vitamin C can make your underarm skin gradually brighter when this product is used regularly.

6. GATSBY Deodorant Perfume Spray Blue

Best Deodorant Spray Recommendation - GATSBY Deodorant Perfume Spray Blue
Deodorant Spray – GATSBY Deodorant Perfume Spray Blue

Another deodorant spray option that men can use is a product from GATSBY containing 100 ml with a shelf life of up to two years. 
Interestingly, this product which is selling well in the market due to the interest of many people is one of the ozone friendly deodorant products. As the name implies, this product has a sensual Blue Oriental fragrance.

Apart from that, it also contains SD Alcohol A0-B, Butane, Propane, and Ethylhexylglycerin. You can get longer freshness from this deodorant spray because it contains a deodorizing agent which will help reduce body odor.

7. Odorex Herbal Deodorant Spray

Best Deodorant Spray Recommendation - Odorex Herbal Deodorant Spray
Deodorant Spray – Odorex Herbal Deodorant Spray

Another recommended deodorant spray that also provides protection for up to 48 hours is the 60 ml Odorex Herbal Deodorant Spray. 
Apart from the armpits, you can spray this deodorant on the back, legs, neck and other areas. No need to worry because this product from Odorex is free of harmful ingredients, such as aluminum, potassium and parabens.

Of course, the deodorant spray is equipped with various ingredients, such as betel leaf extract which effectively kills bacteria that cause body odor and mint leaf extract which is refreshing. You don’t need to worry because this product is not sticky, doesn’t leave stains, doesn’t clog pores, or irritates the skin.

8. Teratu Beauty Miracle Deo Spray

Best Deodorant Spray Recommendation - Teratu Beauty Miracle Deo Spray
Deodorant Spray – Teratu Beauty Miracle Deo Spray

For those of you who are looking for a deodorant spray with brightening ingredients, Teratu’s product can be one of the best choices. 
This 100 ml product can also control sweat, get rid of underarm odor, body odor, and even foot odor. Of course that’s because it contains several ingredients, including Niacinamide and Lactic Acid which treat hyperpigmentation and Rosa Damascena Flower Water to moisturize the skin as well as overcome skin redness.

Not only that, Teratu’s deodorant spray also contains Potassium Alum which has antimicrobial properties making it effective in reducing body odor or underarm odor. This product is also safe for use by pregnant and lactating women because it does not contain alcohol. In addition, the Teratu Beauty Miracle Deo Spray formula is non-sticky so there are no stains left on clothes.

9. Noera 3 In 1 Body Spray Natural Deo Spray

Best Deodorant Spray Recommendation - Noera 3 In 1 Body Spray Natural Deo Spray
Deodorant Spray – Noera 3 In 1 Body Spray Natural Deo Spray

During pregnancy, hormone levels in the body will change and have various effects, one of which causes body odor to become more pungent. 
Of course, this will be annoying, so it needs to be handled properly using a 3 in 1 natural deodorant spray from Noera.

Apart from being safe for pregnant women, this product that can provide long-lasting protection is also safe for nursing mothers and men. Teenagers who are entering puberty can also use this deodorant spray. In this 60 ml product which is safe to use every day, there are ingredients that can overcome excessive sweating, brighten the armpits, and even overcome foot odor and shoe odor.

10. Vivelle Body Spray Deodorant Perfumed with Anti-Bacterial

Rekomendasi Deodorant Spray Terbaik - Vivelle Body Spray Deodorant Perfumed with Anti-Bacterial
Deodorant Spray – Vivelle Body Spray Deodorant Perfumed with Anti-Bacterial

Another deodorant spray recommendation that you can choose from is Vivelle’s product. 
With the presence of antibacterial ingredients, the appearance of pungent body odor originating from the armpits can be prevented. The fragrance given by this deodorant spray lasts a long time so that your comfort in your activities can be maintained. Of course, products stored in trendy and practical cans are easy to travel with.

There are five variants of the 150 ml deodorant spray, one of which is Vivelle Body Spray Blue, which has a floral aldehyde scent with a hint of geranium, violet, lily and rose flowers. In addition, there is Vivelle Body Spray Pink with the scent of Apple, Blackberry, Sweet Orange, Melon, Peach and a bit of White Flower. You can also choose Vivelle Body Spray Green which smells refreshing, Vivelle Body Spray Violet, or Vivelle Body Spray Yellow.

How to use a good deodorant spray

After knowing some of the recommended deodorant spray products, now is the time for you to know how to use them properly.

1. Shake the deodorant spray before use

The first thing you need to do before using a deodorant spray is to shake it first so that the liquid inside mixes well. No need to shake the deodorant can too long or too hard. You can do the up and down motion only three times before use.

2. Spray it on the desired body part

Another thing that needs to be ensured before spraying deodorant spray on certain parts of the body is to make sure that those parts are clean or after bathing. This is done so that the results of the protection provided can be maximized.

3. Make sure the distance is not too close when spraying deodorant

When you want to spray deodorant spray you should keep a distance of at least 15 cm. Then start spraying 2-3 seconds on each desired area to protect the body from strong body odor during activities. That way, you can stay comfortable and activities can be carried out properly.

Things to note about deodorant spray

Even though it is known to be practical and liked by many people, you need to know the following things when using deodorant spray at home.

1. Make sure not to hit the eyes

Eyes are one of the five senses that are important in human life so that their health needs to be maintained properly. Sometimes using a deodorant spray when you are in a hurry can accidentally hit your eyes, even though your eyes are a part that needs to be avoided. If that happens, you should immediately rinse it with clean water so it doesn’t sting.

2. Do not apply to irritated or injured skin

Apart from the eyes, other parts that need to be avoided when spraying deodorant spray are irritated or injured skin. There are several ingredients in the deodorant that will make irritated or injured skin feel sore. This is done so that it does not have a bad effect on the skin and can heal faster.

3. Don’t let children under 3 years old use it

Children who are in their infancy do have a high sense of curiosity, so it’s not surprising that these children want to try to do anything or play with whatever is around them. Therefore, you should keep the deodorant spray out of reach of children, especially under 3 years.

4. Deodorant spray cans should not be pierced with sharp objects

Choosing to use a deodorant spray means that you also have to be prepared to store it in a safe place, even away from sharp objects, such as scissors, razors, and needles. That way, the deodorant can won’t be played with until it’s accidentally or intentionally punctured

5. Keep away from everything that can trigger it to burn

This point is no less important to pay attention to because deodorant spray is a flammable object. You are advised not to store it at high temperatures (above 50℃), not to smoke near the deodorant spray, and keep the deodorant spray away from flammable objects. In addition, you should also not throw cans with high pressure contents into an incinerator because they can explode.


After knowing the discussion of the ten best deodorant spray recommendations, which product catches your attention? It would be better if you don’t choose randomly in order to find the right product and can use it regularly.

So, several points that can be taken into consideration when choosing, include looking at the users, product variants, ingredients, and considering long-lasting products. Then, you also need to know how to use a deodorant spray and pay attention to several things about the product.

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