10 Best First Aid Box Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Recommendations for the Best First Aid Box , Based on data from the 2013 Ministry of Health Research, there are 36.5 percent of minor accidents that occur and happen to children in the environment inside or outside the home. While as many as 5.4 occur in small children at school. Through this official data released, it is important for every parent to provide medical devices to provide first aid in an accident (P3K).

Best First Aid Box
Best First Aid Box Illustration Pictures

A first aid kit is a tool that needs to be provided, whether at home, at school, or even in the car. The existence of this first aid kit will be very helpful when minor accidents occur in the places mentioned above. By providing first aid, it is expected to anticipate the occurrence of injuries or injuries that will have a fairly serious impact.

10 Best First Aid Box Recommendations

First Aid Boxes (P3K) usually contain medicines such as bandages, rolled gauze, safety pins, latex gloves, scissors, wound cleaning fluid, alcohol-free cleaning wipes, wound plasters, antiseptic creams or ointments, thermometers, and various kinds other drugs. These medical devices are now widely sold in various forms, brands, and their respective market prices.

If you want to apply early treatment when a small accident occurs, such as a child falling, a knife hit his hand, and the like, then you need to prepare a first aid kit at home. Currently there are many choices of first aid kits that you can buy at the nearest medical supply store. So that you don’t get confused in choosing, it’s better for you to look directly at the recommendations for the best first aid kits presented by Ainun below.

1. Maspion MC 11

Maspion MC 11 Best First Aid Box Pictures
First Aid Kit – Maspion MC 11
Trivial things can indeed happen to us when doing daily activities. For example, when you want to fry fish, it is not uncommon for hot oil to hit your hands. In times of emergency like this, you need a Maspion MC 11 first aid kit. This first aid kit from Maspion is a “magic box” that you can rely on to provide early treatment for such incidents.

Maspion MC 11 itself is a first aid kit that can be attached to the wall. With a dominant white color bandage, this box will not interfere with the appearance of your home.

This box containing medicines and first aid kits has enough compartments that allow you to group the types of medicine in each section. Not only that, being equipped with a transparent hinged door makes this first aid kit easier to see its contents without having to open the door.

2. Dhaulagiri Emergency Kit Box

Picture of the Best First Aid Kit Dhaulagiri Emergency Kit Box
Dhaulagiri Emergency Kit Box
In addition to being important at home, the first aid kit must also be stored in the car. Although minor accidents that occur in light only have a small percentage, there is still nothing wrong if we provide this box. The most suitable first aid kit for traveling and storing in the car is the Dhaulagiri Emergency Kit Box.

This first aid kit from Dhaulagiri has a semi-hard case base that ensures the contents of medicines and other first aid kits stored in it remain safe. Wrapped in red color makes this product more attractive and does not seem like a medicine storage box. Inside, 2 elastic bands are provided to keep the medicine from falling when the box is opened.

3. Autofriend Kotak P3K

Best First Aid Box Pictures Autofriend First Aid Box
Autofriend Kotak P3K

Usually, Autofriend’s first aid kit is the mainstay medicine box chosen by many schools. 
This first aid kit can be found in classrooms or teachers’ offices. Autofriend The first aid kit has a rectangular shape with a height of about 10 centimeters that allows many kinds of drugs and other equipment to enter. This first aid box has a transparent color making it easier for you to see its contents when you want to use it.

Autofriend First aid kit has also been provided with a hinged handle that is used to make it easier for users to carry or carry this box. On the lid of this first aid kit, a lock has been provided to ensure that the medicines in it do not fall scattered when carried away in an emergency.

The first aid kit from Autofriend itself is sold directly with its contents. As for one purchase, you will get 8 pieces of products such as scissors, red medicine, bandages, paracetamol, and sterile cotton.

4. Lynx Outdoor First Aid Medicine Box

Best Outdoor First Aid Medicine Box Lynx Pictures
Lynx Outdoor First Aid Medicine Box

The first aid kit doesn’t always have a boxy shape. 
Like the Lynx Outdoor First Aid Medicine Box, which is specifically designed for outdoor use. This first aid kit is packaged in the form of a bag or wallet made of water-resistant fabric materials. The rectangular shape with a fairly large inner size allows you to fit a lot of supplies and medicines.

Lynx Outdoor First Aid Medicine Box is perfect for carrying when traveling or when doing activities in nature such as camping, hiking, mountain climbing, and the like. Purchasing this bag containing first aid drugs includes a package with 13 contents, including scissors, bandages or gauze, red medicine, and an alcohol pad. In this bag when you first buy it, a manual is also provided to help you use the products contained in it when you want to do early help.

5. Onemed Wooden First Aid Box

Onemed is the best first aid kit made of wood. The impression that this first aid kit has will blend with all the room designs in your home. Even though it is made of wood, this Onemed Wood First Aid Box is made of quality wood so it is more durable. However, you should avoid this product for outdoor use. In addition to being unsuitable, of course there will be a risk that the medicine and equipment in it will fall.

This first aid kit from Onemed can be placed in your living room and bedroom. This product has 4 compartments that can help you classify the types of drugs you want to put in each section. With its large enough size, you will be free to put more equipment into this Onemed Wooden First Aid Box.

6. Onemed First Aid Box

Onemed's Best First Aid Box Pictures
Onemed First Aid Box

In addition to issuing a first aid kit made of wood, Onemed also has another first aid kit made of plastic. 
If the Onemed Wooden First Aid Box is placed standing up according to its design, the plastic Onemed First Aid Box is placed lying down so the risk of falling is smaller.

Just like most other first aid kits, the Onemed first aid kit also comes with a lock on the lid at the bottom of the box. The lid that is owned by Onemed P3K Box is made of quality plastic material that is transparent so you can easily see what is in this box without having to open it.

As for the inside itself, this first aid kit has 4 large compartments that can be disassembled with 4 small storage spaces on the top. The purpose of making the many storage rooms is none other than to make it easier for users when they want to manage medicines that they want to consume every day in each room.

7. Stack First Aid Kits

Picture of the Best Organized First Aid Box
Stack First Aid Box

The first aid kit is an early aid box that is usually used by medical personnel. 
Usually the best first aid kit is in an ambulance that wants to pick up a patient when a serious accident occurs on the road. First aid kits allow users to provide first aid with more equipment than other first aid kits.

The reason is, this First Aid Box has 2 floors, each floor has a height and width of enough space so that many kinds of drugs and other necessities can be included in it.

The compartment for each floor itself consists of 4 rooms and 1 long room for storing long or oval shaped equipment such as small scissors, tweezers, and rolled gauze.

8. Tas P3K Portabel

Best Portable First Aid Bag Pictures
Tas P3K Portabel

Not only the Stacked First Aid Box which is the mainstay of medical personnel to provide first aid, but Portable First Aid Bags are also commonly chosen because they are more practical to carry in an emergency. 
This Portable First Aid Bag is practically like a senior Lynx.

The reason is that this first aid kit is also made of water-resistant fabric. Not only that, the first aid bag has also been lined with a black slippery cloth that will make it easier for users to find drugs because of the contrasting and different colors.

This Portable First Aid bag is not only suitable for medical personnel such as PMI officers, nurses, and other health workers. Those of you who like to do camping activities in the mountains or peaks are also advised to bring this first aid bag to be stored in a tent. This shiny red portable first aid bag has been provided with a sling bag that can be adjusted in short length according to height.

9. Kotak P3K Aluminium

Pictures of Best Aluminumx First Aid Kits
Kotak P3K Aluminiumx

Aluminum first aid kit is a smart choice for those of you who have small children at home. 
Besides being able to be the first helper when your child is injured or injured due to a fall or collision, this first aid kit can also protect your little one from wanting to open and take medicine without your knowledge.

This can happen because this Aluminum First Aid Box has been equipped with 2 safety locks on the right and left sides so that it cannot be opened easily by children. As the name suggests, this first aid kit is made of sturdy aluminum as the main material, which ensures that the box is more durable and lasts longer.

Not only that, this Aluminum First Aid Box will also be more resistant to impact against hard objects or when dropped. For the inside itself, the Aluminum First Aid Box provides 2 large sections and 2 small pockets attached to the lid of the box to store small equipment or medicines.

10. Vakind First Aid Box

Best First Aid Box Vakind Pictures
Vakind First Aid Box

Need the ideal first aid kit to carry everywhere? 
You can put it at home, in the car, school, or even in the office! The product is the Vakind First Aid Kit. This product is a portable first aid kit designed with the quality of help that everyone can provide. This can be seen easily from the outside to the inside of this first aid box.

Vakind First aid kit has several separate special compartments. At the bottom of the box there is a drawer for placing liquid medicines such as betadine, alcohol, and the like.

While the second drawer in the middle which is larger than the drawer below can be used to store things such as gauze, tweezers, scissors, and the like. While the main compartment located at the very top can be used to put medicines in the form of bottles or packages.

Conclusion of the Best First Aid Box Recommendations

When you have found the best first aid kit that best suits your needs, make sure afterwards that you store the box in a cool and accessible place for adults. Do not let you put this first aid kit low so that it is easy for children to reach.

Because in addition to being dangerous for the little one, for example using drugs in it, they often like to make the contents of the box move around so that it is difficult to find when needed.

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