10 Best Hair Straightener Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Until now, many women’s dream of getting straight hair. Not surprisingly, the number of hair straightening products from various brands of vise is increasing. Well- known manufacturers such as Philips , BaByliss , and Panasonic create good quality hair straightening irons. If you want straight hair to support your appearance, immediately have this item.

Hair straightening irons are products that are generally easy to find and are sold in various offline and online stores. Almost every woman has this tool at home. You don’t have it yet? Don’t worry! In this article, we will present recommendations for the best quality hair straighteners from various brands. However, we will first explain how to choose a good flat iron in the following section.

The Best Hair Straightener
Best Hair Straightener Illustration Image. Credit : TheSun

Tips and How to Choose a Good Hair Straightener

There are several important points that you should pay attention to when choosing a hair straightener. You need to know these elements because they will have an impact on the final result you want. For more details, please refer to the points we mean in the following review.

1. For good heat conductivity, use products with ceramic or titanium plates

The plates are the parts that are directly attached to the hair. These plates are made of different materials. Each material has a different thermal conductivity. For best results, you should choose a vise with titanium or ceramic plated elements that have good heat conduction. Not only are their abilities to conduct heat relatively good, these two materials can also reach maximum heat temperatures in a shorter time so that hair can get straight and shiny quickly.

Apart from being made from ceramic or titanium, some manufacturers also still produce hair straightening irons made from Teflon. Generally, the sale value of a Teflon plated vise is friendlier. However, the conductivity of this material is not as good as ceramic or titanium. Usually, clamps with plates made of Teflon are recommended for people who are new to them or are still not proficient in using a vise.

2. 3Look for products that can reach the minimum and ideal temperatures

The temperature required by a flat iron so that straight hair can be created perfectly is ideally 180 o C. Meanwhile the minimum temperature required is around 160 o C. Although on the product packaging there is information about the temperature that can be achieved by the tool, what actually happens is that the temperature is channeled by the temperature level lower. For example, a flat iron set at 180 ° C only transfers about 100 ° C of heat to the hair.

Knowing this, as much as you can look for products that provide a heating plate with a temperature level of 160-180 o C. Hot temperatures will not only change the main protein component in hair, but also keep hair from being damaged easily. The reason is, flat iron plates that cannot produce maximum heat will make you do hair straightening repeatedly and this can be bad for hair health.

3. Adjust the length and width of the heating plate according to your hair

Your hair is only neck length? You are not advised to use a large hair straightener. While they can reach more hair for faster straightening results, generally wide-plate flat irons will give poor results.

Meanwhile, for those of you who have long and thick hair, try to use a hair straightening iron with long and wide plates. This will shorten your hair styling time after the shower. Your long hair will be easy to reach from many sides. As a result, the hair will fall straight without taking much time.

10 Best Hair Straightener Recommendations

In the following, Ainun includes ten vise products as the best hair straighteners whose heating plates are made of ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, or Teflon. Adjust the product you want to buy according to your needs and of course the price of each product you want. In order not to make the wrong choice, you should remember the points that we summarized in the previous discussion. Happy choosing!

1. Catokan Elov Quick Heat Iron 5288

Picture of Elov Quick Heat Iron 5288 Hair Straightener - The Best Hair Straightener
Image of Elov Quick Heat Iron 5288 Hair Straightener

If you want a vise that can adjust the level of plate heat, then the Elov Quick Heat Iron 5288 can be selected. 
This product is capable of reaching a temperature level of 160 – 220 
o C. You can adjust its heat conductivity up to four temperature variants, namely 160, 180, 200 to 220 o C. With this feature, you can also adjust it according to the condition of your hair when you use it.

This hair straightener that comes from Korea has a heating plate that not only maximizes thermal conductivity but also makes your hair straight and looks shiny. This product has a fairly long handle design. For those of you who have never used a vise before, the Elov Quick Heat Iron 5288 will provide an amazing first experience.

2. Catokan Sayota Hair Crimper – HC 28

Picture of Sayota Hair Crimper – HC 28 - The Best Hair Straightener
Picture of Sayota Hair Crimper – HC 28

As with most hair straighteners, Sayota also relies on a heating plate made from tourmaline ceramic or ceramic tourmaline coating as a coating. 
The ability to transmit heat from the plate to the hair by this tool is not to be doubted. It’s no wonder that Sayota Hair Crimper – HC 28 is one of the flat irons that many women are interested in.

Another advantage of this product lies in its low power consumption, which is only 40 – 45 watts. Not only that, this hair straightener can also generate heat in a short time. For those of you who are often pressed for time, so you don’t have much time to style your hair, this product from Sayota will maintain your appearance all day long.

3. BaByliss iPro 230 iCurl iron

Picture of BaByliss iPro 230 iCurl - The Best Hair Straightener
Gambar BaByliss iPro 230 iCurl

Among Indonesian women, BaByliss is popular for its hair styling products. 
iPro 230 iCurl is the best selling hair straightener from BaByliss which you can easily find on the market. This product can provide heat temperatures up to 230 
o C. Don’t worry about your hair being damaged due to excessive heat because BaByliss ensures that the output device can adjust the heat level.

A cable that can rotate 360 ​​o will make it easier for you to change positions when straightening all sides of your hair. The cable itself is 1.9 meters long, you don’t need to sit near a power source when you want to style your hair. Not to forget, this hair straightener uses a plate layer in the form of nano titanium ceramic which is proven to be able to prevent damage and make hair shinier.

4. Catokan Revlon Perfect Heat Perfect Straight 1″ Flat Iron

Picture of Revlon Perfect Heat Perfect Straight 1″ Flat Iron - The Best Hair Straightener
Gambar Revlon Perfect Heat Perfect Straight 1″ Flat Iron

The thin plate hair straightener from Revlon is considered very good at giving straight hair in a short time and a natural shiny look afterward. 
Revlon Perfect Heat Perfect Straight 1” Flat Iron is one of the best-selling flat irons in Indonesia. Lots of people have tried this tool, when will you be?

This hair straightener uses three layers of ceramic which will transfer heat evenly to each strand of hair. You can adjust the temperature to a maximum of 200oC with this tool. With a relatively high temperature level, it will be easier for you when you want to relax hair that is tangled and unruly.

5. Catokan BaByliss Diamond Radiance Hair Straightener

Picture of BaByliss Diamond Radiance Hair Straightener - The Best Hair Straightener
Gambar BaByliss Diamond Radiance Hair Straightener

BaByliss is back to presenting the best hair straightening iron with a price range of millions of rupiah. 
The product, called Diamond Radiance Hair Straightener, has the highest temperature level compared to other products, which reaches 235 
o C.

The ceramic plate part of this straightener is equipped with diamond infused which will give the hairdo not only straight, but also look smooth and shiny afterward. Long plates make this tool easy to apply for beginners or professionals. This product is perfect for your long hair.

6. Catokan Elona Eclairre ~ Cordless Styling Iron

Picture of Elona Eclairre ~ Cordless Styling Iron - The Best Hair Straightener
Gambar Elona Eclairre ~ Cordless Styling Iron

Want straight, soft, and shiny hair? 
You can rely on Elona’s hair straighteners. This product that can provide many results is very popular in many countries. The vise with thin plates from Elona doesn’t come with a cable so you can use it even when you’re in the car.

For charging, the Cordless Styling Iron can be recharged via an electric charger, cellphone or power bank. Besides offering convenience in charging the battery, this tool can also function as a hair straightener or curler. For those of you who are worried that your hair will be damaged by the styling process, Elone applies infrared treatment technology which claims to keep your hair healthy during the straightening process.

7. Philips KeraShine Straightener HP8348/00

Picture of Philips KeraShine Straightener HP8348/00 - The Best Hair Straightener
Picture of Philips KeraShine Straightener HP8348/00

It didn’t take long for Philips KeraShine Starightener HP8348/00 to reach maximum temperature. 
In just 30 seconds, this tool can reach a temperature of 230 
° C. For those of you who don’t have much time to do hair styling, you should choose this tool.

This hair straightener is equipped with technology that can turn off the appliance automatically after sixty minutes. Therefore, you don’t need to return home when you forget to turn off the device. Talking about the plate components, Philips relies on a layer of ceramic material which contains keratin so that your hair will be easily detangled and avoid damaged and tangled hair.

8. Catokan Panasonic Straight & Curl Straightener EH-HV10

Picture of Panasonic Straight & Curl Straightener EH-HV10 - The Best Hair Straightener
Gambar Panasonic Straight & Curl Straightener EH-HV10

Panasonic is an electronics manufacturer that produces a lot of quality goods. 
Besides being famous for its household electronics, Panasonic also issued a hair straightener named Straight & Curl Straightener EH-HV10. As the name implies, this flat iron can also be used for curly hair.

At the end or where there is a heating plate, Panasonic provides a nice-designed lid to protect the plate from opening when not in use. The heating plate itself is equipped with a photoceramic coating that can minimize fading of your hair color by up to 40% and prevent hair loss of up to 20%.

9. Philips Selfie Straightener HP8302/00

Picture of Philips Selfie Straightener HP8302 - The Best Hair Straightener
Picture of Philips Selfie Straightener HP8302

For those who are limited on a budget, but still want a quality vise, you can buy this product. 
Philips claims that this hair straightener can perfect your appearance in front of the camera.

This product has a concise and compact size making it ideal to put in a bag. The Selfie Straightener HP8302/00 incorporates a ceramic material on the plate which can obtain a maximum temperature of up to 210 o C. Through a plate material which has good conductivity and high temperature, this tool promises maximum hair straightening results in a short time.

10. Hair Straightener Techno 2 in 1 Hair Straightener

Picture of Techno 2 in 1 Hair Straightener - The Best Hair Straightener
Gambar Techno 2 in 1 Hair Straightener

You could say that this hair straightener from Techno is the cheapest on this list. 
Even though it’s cheap, this product is still able to reach high heat temperatures, which reach 230 
o C. This product has an ergonomic handle design that makes it comfortable to hold even with one hand.

Its ceramic heating plates have been proven to make unruly hair perfectly straight. However, you need to know that the plate on this flat iron is not too big so it is not recommended for those of you who have thick hair. Therefore, this product is more suitable for those of you who have thin hair and not too long.


For those of you who want to straighten your hair outside the home, you can buy a compact hair straightener. That way, you can do repeated styling when your hair looks out of shape. Although hair straighteners can complete your look, you should balance their use with hair care so that the structure of each strand of hair is maintained.

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