10 Best Lip Mask Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Lip masks can help you get healthy lips. Black lips that are not natural colors are certainly less attractive, especially if they are not treated. There are many products that can make your lips look brighter for up to a dozen hours, making them perfect for those of you who want to attend important events. But, have you found the right lip mask for your needs?

It’s actually not difficult to choose a lip mask. Even so, it is still recommended that you know a few things before choosing one. We’ll break down how to choose a lip mask for you to read in this article. After that, we share a selection of the best lip masks from various brands.

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How to Choose a Good Lip Mask

In general, lip masks are presented in two main forms, namely patches and sheets. What is commonly found in Indonesia at this time is still the patch type, while the sheet type equipped with lip care formulas has not been widely distributed in Indonesia. Even so, some manufacturers also apply lip nourishing ingredients to their lip masks.

It is important to choose a lip mask that is equipped with good ingredients, such as nutrients, moisturizers, and natural ingredients that are important for other treatments. In addition, it is equally important to choose a product based on your favorite scent. To be more clear, briefly read the following tips for choosing a lip mask.

1. Patch type can help to nourish and show lip color

Patch-type lip masks are one of the easiest types to use. You simply stick it on the lip area, then ignore it for 5-30 minutes. In the stationary phase, some good nutrients will be absorbed into the lips. On the other hand, lip color also enhances the hue so you are ready to use it for activities.

If you use it after bathing, according to some references using a lip mask after bathing will help improve blood circulation. In this way, you also get a natural lip color so that the color given by the lip mask is not too flashy.

2. Know the ingredients in it

You can get healthy lips by wearing a lip mask regularly. However, how high the level of health depends on the content stored in the mask product. Masks that use ingredients such as honey, vegetable oil, and squalene will help maintain lip moisture.

On the other hand, ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid can protect your lips from dryness. In fact, the combination of these ingredients will give you full and sexy lips. Others are enriched with hydrogel ingredients which can give a fresh sensation on the lips. If you want to get a cool feeling on the lips, store the mask in the refrigerator before using it.

3. Choose your favorite color and scent

The lip mask is enriched with color pigmented content that can absorb directly into the epithelial layer of the lips. The degree of staining given depends on the concentration used by each manufacturer. While the durability depends on the amount of water or humidity and room temperature.

In general, the coloring content in lip masks can last up to twelve hours. Masks containing color pigmentation can help you from incidents of lipstick sticking to the edge of the glass. Apply the lip mask as a touch up so that the lips are dry and moist at the same time. In this case, you can choose the color of your favorite mask or match it with the main color of the lipstick so it doesn’t have a clashing effect.

In addition to choosing based on your favorite color, you can also treat your lips more pleasantly if the lip mask used has a scent that you like. There are fruity, herbal and chocolate scents that each give a different feel. Choose the mask product with the scent you like the most!

4. Prioritize moisturizing content, especially for those of you with dry lips

Dry lips can be caused by various things, such as room temperature, decreased lip moisture due to internal factors, to age. By wearing a lip mask enriched with moisturizer, you can prevent the appearance of dry or chapped lips.

The content in the form of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and placenta play an important role in maintaining lip moisture. Such properties will also help maintain healthy lips. In addition to moisturizing ingredients, make sure your lip mask does not contain ingredients that can trigger irritation, itchy skin, and other uncomfortable risks.

10 Best Lip Mask Recommendations

The things that need to be considered when choosing a lip mask are very important for you to understand. That way, you can determine whether you want to use a product with the main purpose of treatment or at the same time enhancing the color of your lips so that they can be used for activities. Here, Ainun provides ten of the best lip masks that you can buy in Indonesia!

1. Lip Mask Gold Collagen Lip Mask

Gold Collagen Lip Mask
Product Gold Collagen Lip Mask

Pamper yourself with treatments that don’t cost a lot of money. 
Use this Gold Collagen Lip Mask which is sold for under Rp. 1,000, you can feel the maximum treatment benefits at a minimal price! This mask is made from a combination of hydrogel, collagen, and a special moisturizer that can nourish and keep lips moisturized.

In addition, the Gold Collagen Lip Mask is enriched with vitamin C so that the lips look healthier and dull-free. This mask also helps restore the elasticity of the lips after you use lipstick for daily activities. Soft texture on the lips and dead skin cells will also be lifted!

2. Felinz Lip Mask

Felinz Lip Mask
Felinz Lip Mask Products

The white color on the edges of the lips indicates disturbed moisture. 
In addition to lowering self-confidence, this problem can also trigger irritated lips. Get over it right away by doing treatment using this Felinz lip mask.

In one set there are two packs of patch-type lip masks that will make your lips smooth and supple like baby lips. Felinz Lip Mask is enriched with collagen, multivitamins, aloe vera, chamomile, and olive oil to increase skin elasticity so that you no longer experience dryness problems.

3. Etude House Honey Jelly Lips Patch (Moisturizing)

Etude House Honey Jelly Lips Patch (Moisturizing)
Etude House Honey Jelly Lips Patch (Moisturizing)

Activities in high or low temperatures can make the lips less moist. 
When night falls, it’s important to restore the natural color and moisture of your dry and even chapped lips. Etude House presents a lip mask that is specifically designed to provide a moisturizing function.

This product is equipped with a honey formula to nourish and moisturize the lips. In addition, the addition of propolis and royal jelly will also provide nutrients that are important in keeping lips naturally rosy. The sweet scent of this mask will make you happy every time you use it.

4. Bioaqua Lipcare Lip Mask

Bioaqua Lipcare
Bioaqua Lipcare Products

Bioaqua Lipcare is presented in a cream-like form. 
There are ingredients from the berry group which are extracted and mixed with vitamin C complex, making this mask ensure that the lips are met with their nutritional needs.

You can apply a lip mask with this healthy formula before going to bed. If you have been experiencing the problem of dry and rough lips, lastly Bioaqua Lipcare will return to your lips a healthy and natural appearance.

5. Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamor Lip 3-Step Kit

Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamor Lip 3-Step Kit
Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamor Lip 3-Step Kit

With just one set of products, you can receive three forms of treatment that ultimately give you stunning lips even without having to put on lipstick. 
Those of you who like a natural look or don’t want to wear lip makeup can still leave the house with pink lips thanks to this product.

Holika Holika designed a set of products that contained 3 types of lip masks. The first mask works to remove dead skin cells, the second relies on hydrogel to absorb the good nutrients it has, and the last one makes lips elastic with honey extract. Do you want moist and smooth lips with a reddish color without having to wear lipstick? Give this product a try!

6. Amorepacific Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Amorepacific Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
Amorepacific Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Produk

The following lip masks from Laneige are designed for use at night before bed. 
While sleeping, the good ingredients in the form of hyaluronic acid and berry complex fruit extract in it will keep lips supple. Get lips that are far from rough texture with this lip sleeping mask!

One jar weighs 20 grams which can last up to one to two months. Regular use will boost the super good antioxidant and moisturizing ingredients in it to keep lips smooth, supple and moisturised all night long.

7. Folives Lip Sleeping Mask

Folives Lip Sleeping Mask
Folives Lip Sleeping Mask product

If you want to go on vacation during the summer, it’s important to take care of your body, face and lips to protect them from the harmful effects of the sun. 
Folives Lip Sleeping Mask can be chosen as a mask to protect lips from hot weather. There are natural protective ingredients from fruits that work to relax the lips when the weather is hot.

Lip care with this mask not only has a calming effect on your lips, but also cools it down thanks to the essential peppermint oil stored in it. The fresh citrus scent will make you happy thanks to the fresh sensation it gives.

8. Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch
TonyMoly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch products

The following lip patch has a pink color that is suitable for blushing the lips of the average light-skinned Asian woman. 
If you have olive skin with lips that are not dark, this product will help you avoid pale lips and dry and chapped lips.

Enriched with serum in the form of witch hazel extract, collagen, vitmain, and berry fruit extract, Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch will prevent evaporation of water on the lip layer. In other words, sexy, full, and elastic lips will make you look fresher.

9. Etude House Cherry Jelly Lips Patch (Vitalizing)

Etude House Cherry Jelly Lips Patch (Vitalizing)
Product Etude House Cherry Jelly Lips Patch (Vitalizing)

Dead skin cells on the lips that accumulate can reduce the ability of the lips to moisturize naturally. 
Help the process of revitalizing lips to return to health and freshness with this lip mask from Etude House. Besides being able to revitalize the skin of the lips, the cherry aroma can also lift the mood.

After coming home from busy activities, you can pamper yourself with this mask. Restore the mood that might be damaged by fatigue thanks to the fresh cherry scent of this product. This product can also help increase the brightness of dark lip colors, you know!

10. Bioaqua Lip Plumper Collagen Nourishing Crystal Lip Mask

Bioaqua Lip Plumper Collagen Nourishing Crystal Lip Mask
Product Bioaqua Lip Plumper Collagen Nourishing Crystal Lip Mask

If you want to use a mask as a treatment before activities, make sure the product absorbs quickly. 
Bioaqua Lip Plumper Collagen Nourishing Crystal Lip Mask is a lip mask that contains the main ingredient in the form of collagen which is fast and easy to absorb.

Lips will be nourished and supple in no time after using this lip mask patch. In addition, regular use by balancing a healthy lifestyle will help lip color get a natural shine effect. After every use, you will get soft pink pigmentation on your lips.


Different price ranges will affect your continuity of treatment. If you don’t have more budget, choose a lip mask that is marketed for under tens or tens of thousands. But to get maximum results, of course it is more advisable to use products that have more benefits, even though they are priced quite high.

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