10 Best Milk Soap Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Milk soap can be an option for those of you who want to keep your skin healthy and well cared for. Several forms of milk soap, namely liquid and bar (solid) forms, are used to care for the skin of the face, hands or other body parts.

A number of names for milk soap manufacturers Bioaqua , Vienna , or Johnson’s Baby offer products with similar properties, but the main ingredients for their manufacture can vary. Therefore, it’s better for you to first look at how to choose milk soap before deciding to buy one of the choices.

Best Milk Soap
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How to choose a good milk soap

In the following, we will first discuss some considerations for you when selecting milk soap on the market. You can buy milk soap that is sold in marketplaces or skincare outlets in malls or cosmetic booths.

1. Pay attention to the source chosen to obtain milk

Broadly speaking, skin care soap made from the main component of milk is obtained from two animals, namely cow’s milk and goat’s milk. Although both are good for the skin, in fact each has a different working effect. Let’s understand more clearly about the characteristics of the care provided from these two sources of milk.

  • Cow’s Milk . Besides being beneficial for consumption by drinking, the body’s skin can also reap good benefits from cow’s milk by making it a treatment product. Milk soap from cow’s milk has a number of positive effects on the skin, such as moisturizing, brightening, smoothing, regenerating dead skin cells, and preventing dry skin.
  • Goat Milk . Milk that is milked from goats has a sharp aroma, but when it is made into milk soap, the aroma can be removed. Goat milk has high antioxidant properties. Its function is to prevent free radicals, ward off skin cancer, and relieve irritation to allergic skin. Goat milk soap has fat and protein particles that are smaller than cow’s milk so that the ingredients are more easily absorbed by the skin.

2. Prioritize products without added additives

To get rid of the distinctive smell of goats or cows, manufacturers usually add some fragrance ingredients. In fact, it is legitimate to do. However, in some people, the presence of additional ingredients such as fragrances can trigger an allergy risk. Usually people with sensitive skin are most often affected.

If you want to get optimal treatment results without any problems, it’s better to prioritize milk soap that doesn’t contain additives. In addition, also choose products that have passed the irritative and allergy tests. To make it easier for you, you can read the hypoallergenic tested description on each package or dig for information directly from the product’s official website.

3. If for toddlers, choose a skin-friendly composition

Baby’s skin still has a weak defense (skin barrier) so it needs to be treated well. If you are a parent with a toddler, you can still keep your child clean by using milk soap. However, it is recommended to bathe children with milk soap when they are over 3 months old so that their skin’s defenses are stronger. More importantly, milk soap used on baby’s skin should not contain additional chemicals, such as fragrances, dyes, and preservatives.

However, if you are still worried about cleaning your child’s body with milk soap even though you know the product chosen is free of chemicals, you can consult your doctor for the best advice. Even though the milk soap of your choice contains a friendly composition, it can irritate baby’s skin.

4. Buy beautifully packaged milk soap if you want to give it as a gift

If you want to buy milk soap as a gift, nowadays you can find many shops selling milk soap packaged in beautifully designed parcels. Buy it at the mall or online shop if you are lazy to leave the house.

Make sure you customize your order, including choosing the color and shape of the milk soap. Usually, the packaging used is made of plastic or wood. If you want to give milk soap as a gift to a relative who has just given birth, make sure the product you provide is safe for baby’s skin.

10 Best Milk Soap Recommendations

Here we go

You can pamper yourself by bathing with milk soap. The soft and refreshing aroma of some products can restore your mood and enthusiasm. Ainun below recommends the ten best milk soaps that you can use regularly for bathing. Get skin that is always maintained right now, come on!

1. Vienna Cow’s Milk Soap

Vienna Cows Milk Soap - The Best Milk Soap
Produk Vienna Cows Milk Soap
Bar soap generally uses surfactants as a cleaning agent as well as a foam-producing agent. If you have sensitive skin and want to use bar soap without the risk of irritation, you can switch to using this milk soap from Vienna.

Vienna Cow’s Milk Soap is a bar soap formulated from cow’s milk extract. It contains vitamin B3 which can help brighten the skin. If used regularly, this milk soap will make your skin look radiant and clean. With an affordable price, you can repurchase many times without worrying about affecting your financial flow.

2. Cow Style Milky Body Soap

Cow Style Milky Body Soap - The Best Milk Soap
Produk Cow Style Milky Body Soap

Even though it comes from cow’s milk, manufacturers apply different processing to each formulation. 
So, in this milk soap, there are 3 types of milk, namely ceramide milk, milk powder, and milk protein, each of which gets a different treatment.

The combination of the three types of cow’s milk makes it effective in moisturizing, smoothing and cleansing the skin. This care product is in liquid form with abundant soft foam. Not only that, Cow Style Milky Body Soap also has a long-lasting fresh scent to give a relaxing effect every time after bathing.

3. Bioaqua Clean Nourishing Natural Milk

Bioaqua Clean Nourishing Natural Milk - The Best Milk Soap
Bioaqua Clean Nourishing Natural Milk product

Bioaqua Clean Nourishing Natural Milk is formulated from natural ingredients that are proven safe. 
For those of you who are looking for milk soap to be used by the whole family, this product is worth a try, including those with sensitive skin. Packaged in a pump bottle, its use is practical and it is easy to adjust the amount you want to dispense.

By relying on cow’s milk as its main ingredient, this soap is proven to be able to improve the smooth texture of the skin. Not only that, this product with a wealth of natural herbal ingredients also has a refreshing scent, perfect for relaxing your tired mind after a day of activities.

4. Herborist Milk Soap and Brown Rice

Herborist Milk and Brown Rice Soap - The Best Milk Soap
Herborist Products Milk Soap and Brown Rice

Brown rice is not only useful for helping someone’s diet program because of its low calorie content. 
Herborist combines the composition of cow’s milk and brown rice into this homemade soap. You have an oily skin type? This product is the right choice for you!

This soap product in bar form is marketed at a very affordable price. When used regularly, Herborist Milk and Red Rice Soap will make your bathing activity even more enjoyable. In addition, of course, this product helps keep the skin clean from dead skin cells, remains elastic and moisturised.

5. Cow Brand Blue Box Soap

Cow Brand Blue Box Soap - The Best Milk Soap
Produk Cow Brand Blue Box Soap

If you want to get clean skin like Japanese women, this milk soap is a shortcut for you to make that dream come true. 
Although not yet popular in Indonesia, this product is one of the legendary milk soaps in Japan.

The formulation of high standard natural ingredients that are traditionally processed keeps the naturalness of the ingredients maintained. This product, which has been recommended by many beauty bloggers, has the addition of jasmine extract as a fragrance. The soft foam that is created in each rub keeps your skin clean from dirt and dirt.

6. Palmolive Milk and Honey Shower Gel

Palmolive Milk and Honey Shower Gel - The Best Milk Soap
Produk Palmolive Milk and Honey Shower Gel

Palmolive Milk and Honey Shower Gel is a milk soap that has a thicker texture than regular liquid soap. 
Containing an abundant water composition, this product is the best solution for your tropical skin that needs extra freshness.

Composed of natural ingredients that are clinically tested, this milk soap is guaranteed to be safe for all skin types. Palmovile designed this product to be pH balanced and 100% soap free, making it more friendly and effective in dealing with minor skin problems.

7. Pulchra Miolk Soap Goat Milk Soap

Pulchra Miolk Soap Goat Milk Soap - The Best Milk Soap
Produk Pulchra Miolk Soap Goat Milk Soap

You may be wondering, which one on this list includes goat’s milk soap, right? 
Don’t worry, we’d recommend it too! Pulchra Miolk Soap Goat Milk Soap is the product you are looking for. Derived from Etawa goat milk, this product is very effective in dealing with dry and dull skin.

For those of you who have sensitive skin conditions, you don’t need to hesitate to use this product. It has been proven to be chemical free, making it excellent at providing periodic maintenance effects. This product can also be relied on to treat other skin problems, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and skin inflammation due to excessive sun exposure.

8. Johnson’s Baby Bath Milk

Johnsons Baby Bath Milk - The Best Milk Soap
Produk Johnsons Baby Bath Milk

Johnson’s Baby formulates this soap with the benefits of cow’s milk to help parents who want to always take care of their baby’s skin. 
Enriched with vitamins A and E, this special baby product maximizes its properties in nourishing, softening and at the same time plumping your baby’s skin.

Even when bathing your baby you will be calmer because of the formula that is not painful in the eyes of this soap. Soft soap foam also makes your little one happy every time he takes a bath. Do you want to get your child used to water without getting bored? Invite him to bathe with this fragrant soap and produce this soft foam.

9. Bouncia Body Soap Elegant Relax

Bouncia Body Soap Elegant Relax - The Best Milk Soap
Produk Bouncia Body Soap Elegant Relax

Bouncia Body Soap Elegant Relax is enriched with moisturizing agents in the form of hyaluronic acid, milk butter, and collagen to provide moisture to the skin after every shower. 
Dense and supple foam like whipped cream can penetrate into the pores for optimal cleaning.

Formulated from cow’s milk extract and the addition of licorice-derived dipotassium glycyrrhizate, its performance is even more potent in removing dead skin cells. You can also feel the calming effect when bathing because Bouncia completes this product with a floral fragrance.

10. Leivy Naturally Facial Foam Goat’s Milk Enriched

Leivy Naturally Facial Foam Goats Milk Enriched - The Best Milk Soap
Produk Leivy Naturally Facial Foam Goats Milk Enriched

You can’t carelessly treat your face with milk soap. 
This product offered by Leivy is specifically presented as a facial foam by relying on goat’s milk as the main ingredient. The source is not from goats that are reared haphazardly, but reared naturally in pollution-free mountain areas.

The processing is also carried out following international standards so that quality is guaranteed. This facial foam works gently to remove dirt and dead skin cells from the skin pores, including blackheads. Thus, you can get a clean and smooth facial skin appearance thanks to the use of this product.


Is this your first time buying milk soap? Of course it’s nice to be able to choose products that are safe to use every day, right? To ensure product safety, you can read the description and certification listed, including the code issued by BPOM. If you want to be even calmer, choose milk soap that is produced by well-known brands only.

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