10 Best Sleeping Mask Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – You can use the best sleeping mask at night to help nourish and regenerate your skin after a day of activities exposed to dust, sun exposure, air pollution, and so on.

The Best Sleeping Mask
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That way, skin problems on your face, such as dullness, acne, and signs of aging can be prevented because the skin is more active in regenerating at night. Different brands have different times of use, that is, some are used every day or 2-3 times a week. Then, how do you choose the best sleeping mask?

How to Choose a Good Sleeping Mask

There are many brands of sleeping masks on the market and can be purchased through marketplaces or supermarkets at various prices. However, each sleeping mask has its own characteristics. So, pay attention to the tips for choosing the best sleeping mask below.

1. Adjust the sleeping mask to the skin condition

The first thing you should pay attention to is the condition of your facial skin, for example oily, acne-prone, dry, peeling, dull, or uneven skin tone. Well, one of the functions of a sleeping mask is to help solve skin problems that you are experiencing, so it is important for you to choose the best sleeping mask according to the condition of your facial skin.

Choose a sleeping mask that contains moisturizer when your skin is dry and flaky. However, you should choose a sleeping mask with anti-acne ingredients, green tea, or tea tree oil in it if your skin is oily and prone to acne. But, you can choose a sleeping mask with brightening content to brighten the dull skin you are currently experiencing. Don’t make the wrong choice, yes!

2. Choose a sleeping mask that can nourish the skin

Did you know that night is the right time to nourish your skin? So, you should choose a sleeping mask that can provide supporting nutrition so that the skin regeneration process can be more optimal.

Effective ingredients can provide nutrition to your facial skin, namely aloe vera, collagen, green tea extract, vitamin C, and so on. However, also make sure that the best sleeping mask that is your choice has a comfortable texture on the skin, such as not sticky, light, and has a soothing aroma so you can stay comfortable while sleeping.

3. Prevent aging with anti-aging content

Do you know examples of signs of aging on facial skin? Well, an example of signs of aging is the appearance of fine wrinkles and dark spots or spots on the face. If you see these marks on your face, then you should choose a sleeping mask that contains anti-aging.

That way, your facial skin tissue can be repaired and new cells are formed. Well, examples of anti-aging ingredients are collagen and spirulina extract. You certainly don’t want to see the signs of aging constantly on your face, do you? So don’t forget to look at the ingredients in the best sleeping masks before buying them, okay!

Here we go

10 Best Sleeping Mask Recommendations

Different brands of sleeping masks certainly have different benefits. Some are local brands originally from Indonesia, some are from abroad. So, each sleeping mask is also sold at a different price, from cheap to expensive. Here are ten recommendations for the best sleeping masks from Ainun which can add to your reference before choosing.

1. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Mask Terbaik Laneige water
Sleeping Mask Laneige water
Korea is not only famous for KDrama and KPop, but also for its beauty products that enter Indonesia. Are you one of those people who like Korean beauty products?

Well, one of these beauty products is Laneige Water which is safe for you to use because it is produced for all skin types, is not sticky, and of course absorbs easily.

In addition, this sleeping mask will relax your skin, feel moisturised, and supple so that your face looks brighter and brighter. Even though this one of the best sleeping masks comes from Korea, you can easily buy it on marketplaces, such as Tokopedia and Shopee.

2. Emina Aqua Infused Sleeping Mask

Emina Aqua Infused Best Sleeping Mask
Sleeping Mask Emina aqua infused

Are you a local product lover? 
One of the local products that you can use to treat your facial skin at night as the best sleeping mask is Emina Aqua Infused. This product contains Canadian willow herb extract, antioxidants, and allantoin which are easily absorbed by the skin due to its liquid gel texture and non-stickiness, so it is safe to use for

You who have dry or oily and sensitive skin types. If you regularly use this best sleeping mask, you will feel that your face is moist, supple, looks glowing and radiant. That way your facial skin can stay cared for and healthier, right?

3. Wardah White Secret Hydraglow Sleeping Mask

The Best Sleeping Mask Wardah white secret hydraglow
Sleeping Mask Wardah white secret hydraglow

Using the best sleeping mask at night can certainly help your facial skin get its nutrients. 
So, there is another best sleeping mask product from local origin besides Emina, namely Wardah White Secret Hydraglow.

The use of this sleeping mask is to make facial skin brighter, moisturize so that the skin still feels smooth and glowing, and soothe the skin due to exposure to UV rays on sensitive skin.

In addition, your epidermal skin can easily absorb this sleeping mask because it contains an advanced white specific system. However, you are not advised to make it a daily night skincare. Just use it twice a week, okay!

4. Garnier Light Complete Night Yoghurt Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Mask Terbaik Garnier light complete night yoghurt
Sleeping Mask Garnier light complete night yoghurt

You certainly want to have bright facial skin because dead skin cells can be removed, right? 
So, you can try the best sleeping mask from Garnier Light Complete Night Yoghurt which contains soy yogurt, lemon essence, probiotics, white speed serum, and vitamin C.

That way, your facial skin will get nutrients all night that are light in texture and easily seep into the skin. So, you will still feel comfortable sleeping at night even though you are using a sleeping mask. However, the results are not instant, so you have to apply it regularly on your face, OK!

5. Pixy White Aqua Brightening Sleeping Mask

Best Sleeping Mask Pixy white aqua brightening
Sleeping Mask Pixy white aqua brightening
The next best sleeping mask recommendation is Pixy White Aqua Brightening which helps you fix skin problems, such as dark spots because it contains peony extract, yam beam extract, vitamin C, and intensive hydra active.

In addition, these ingredients can prevent the formation of melanin, intensively moisturize, and make facial skin brighter and fresher. Well, you don’t need to worry about your sleep being disturbed because this sleeping mask from Pixy is a water-based formula that is non-sticky and easily absorbed by facial skin. So, should the Pixy White Aqua Brightening Sleeping Mask be used as one of your night skincare?

6. The Body Shop Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Mask Terbaik The body shop youth bouncy
Sleeping Mask The body shop youth bouncy

Do you feel signs of aging starting to appear on your face? 
You don’t need to worry because you can overcome this with one of the products from The Body Shop, namely The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bounchy which contains 
edelweiss ,  criste marine , and sea holly . 

Apart from helping to overcome signs of aging, the function of this best sleeping mask is to moisturize and regenerate facial skin while you sleep after a day of activities exposed to sunlight and air conditioning.

Another advantage is that this sleeping mask is suitable for all skin types. So, you can use it even if your skin condition is dry, oily, or has acne.

7. Vienna Whitening Anti Acne Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Mask Terbaik Vienna whitening anti acne
Sleeping Mask Vienna whitening anti acne

You still want to provide nutrition to facial skin even though you have acne, right? 
So, you can try the Vienna Face Mask Anti Acne which is meant for those of you who have acne because it contains tea tree oil, herbal whitening complex, and witch hazel.

These ingredients are able to relieve inflamed acne and fight acne-causing bacteria. That way, the oil on your face can be controlled and make it look brighter when you wake up in the morning.

The way to use it is the same as the other best sleeping mask products, which is only rubbed on the face at night as the last series of night skincare.

8. Some by Mi Yuja Niacin Brightening Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Mask Terbaik Some by mi yuja niacin brightening
Sleeping Mask Some by mi yuja niacin brightening

Do you want to try other sleeping mask brands from Korea? 
You can choose Some by Mi Yuja Niacin Brightening which can be the closing of the daily night skincare series.

Based on its name, this product is claimed to be able to brighten, plump, and make your facial skin glow with the distinctive fresh smell of yuja oranges.

As with other sleeping masks, this product has a gel texture that requires you to always rinse it off in the morning so you can feel the benefits of this best sleeping mask. Don’t forget to use it regularly, OK?

9. Viva Waterdrop Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Mask Terbaik Viva waterdrop
Sleeping Mask Viva waterdrop

Are you looking for the best sleeping mask at an affordable price? 
Well, Viva Waterdrop is the right choice because it contains ingredients that your facial skin needs even though the price is affordable.

There is spirulina extract which is an antioxidant with high protein and minerals. Then, there is also collagen which functions to reduce fine lines and dark spots so that your skin becomes more supple.

In addition, there is an aloe vera content that can moisturize all night and licorice extract which makes your face look bright when you wake up in the morning. That way, your facial skin regeneration process can take place optimally. Don’t worry, because this sleeping mask is not sticky to the skin, even though the texture of the gel is rather runny.

10. Innisfree Jeju Orchid Sleeping Mask 

Innisfree Jeju Orchid Best Sleeping Mask
Sleeping Mask Innisfree jeju orchid

The last sleeping mask recommendation is Innisfree Jeju Orchid which of course can help reduce your facial skin problems, such as tightening, preventing aging, and moisturizing. 
That way, your skin can feel healthier when you wake up in the morning.

Of course this is what you want, right? The ingredients in this best sleeping mask include Jeju orchids, green beans, hyaluronic acid, and lavender oil. In addition, its tube shape and travel friendly make this product hygienic and suitable for traveling. So, your skin can be maintained even when you are on vacation.

That’s a review of the ten best sleeping mask recommendations presented to add to your reference. Then, which sleeping mask has stolen your attention? Make sure you buy the original sleeping mask in a trusted place so you don’t get a fake product, okay!

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