10 Recommendations for the Best Blood Sugar Check Tool (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – For patients or family members who have a history of diabetes, checking blood sugar regularly is very important. However, now we no longer need to come to the health agency to check. The existence of a blood sugar check tool available on the market makes it easy for everyone to do and monitor blood sugar reports independently and periodically.

If you want to buy your own blood sugar checker, you may find yourself confused. In addition to paying attention to product brands, of course it is necessary to pay attention to the functionality and ease of use as well as the embedded features of each product. In order to find the right product, you can see the recommendations as well as read the tips for choosing which we will share below.

Tips and How to Choose a Good Blood Sugar Check Tool

Good Blood Sugar Meter
Illustration Image of Blood Sugar Measuring Device / drwhiteaker

The blood sugar check tool consists of several main components. In addition to the small measuring instrument itself, other components are needed in the form of a lancet and a test strip. The lancet is better known as a needle to stick a finger in order to obtain a blood sample to be measured. While the test strip is a paper to accommodate and measure the sugar content of the sample received.

The lancet and test strip are used only once per measurement. Therefore, it is important to provide a large enough operational budget, especially for those of you who have hyperglycemia or people with diabetes because they have to take measurements regularly. On the other hand, there are important points to consider when choosing a product. How? Check out the explanation below!

1. Choose one that can measure with a small sample volume

Because the instrument for measuring blood sugar levels is operated by inserting a needle into the tip of the finger, pain can be caused due to stimulation received by the nerves in the capillaries under the skin. It would be better if the tool does not cause excessive pain.

Therefore, try to buy a product that can provide accurate measurement results without requiring large volumes of blood samples. By choosing this kind of product, when you do the inspection, you will not find errors more often which then makes the operational burden on the use of test strips increase.

2. Choose one that can take samples other than finger tips

When checking blood sugar, generally the device takes a blood sample obtained from the fingertip. This is done because at the fingertips, there are fluctuations in blood sugar levels so that they are able to provide more accurate blood sugar measurement results. However, the deeper the needle goes into the capillary, the more pain it causes.

That’s why, whenever possible, you need to look for a blood glucose meter product that can measure blood sugar by taking a blood sample from a place other than your fingertips. This kind of advantage will give you comfort every time you want to monitor blood sugar, especially if it is done regularly.

3. Choose one that has important features such as data storage

For people who have a history of diabetes, the chances of finding a similar disease are also great. That is why it is important for everyone, especially those who have or have a long history of diabetes and hyperglycaemia, to prepare their own blood sugar check kit at home.

Because the level of use has different frequencies from one person to another, for those of you who take measurements more often, it is important to consider the measurement data storage feature. The greater the frequency, the tool you use should be able to store more data from the results of checking.

4. Choose a durable and fast display of measurement results

Another consideration in choosing a blood sugar check tool is related to the frequency of taking measurements per day and how long it takes the tool to report the results of the check. Generally, measuring instruments take about 5 – 10 seconds to measure. Some products also have a dozen seconds.

What needs to be emphasized is that the product is resistant to high-frequency use. For example, if you have to measure your blood sugar more than once a day, the tool is prone to errors in reporting the measurement results. For this reason, check the performance of the product, especially the level of accuracy in reporting measurement results.

Next, Ainun will show you ten of the best blood sugar checking tools from various brands, such as GlucoDr. Ascensia , Abbott , Wellion , and others. Choose the one you like the most but still pay attention to the functionality. Happy choosing!

1. GlucoDr. AGM-2100

The Best Blood Sugar Check Tool GlucoDr AGM-2100
GlucoDr AGM-2100

This product is equipped with an anti-moisture desiccator to keep the device dry even in a place with high humidity. 
The stylish shape of the tool with a minimalist blue and white color combination makes it attractive to look at.

Blood sugar check tool from GlucoDr. This is claimed to be able to provide more accurate measurement results. The reason is that there is an embedded feature called a biosensor which is equipped with gold electrodes that can help measure glucose more accurately. The large LCD screen makes it easy for you to read the measurement results.

2. Exactive Vital Glucometer

The Best Blood Sugar Check Tool Exactive Vital Glucometer
Exactive Vital Glucometer

This one blood sugar check tool is equipped with a number of features to make it easier to use. 
For example, after a successful measurement, you just need to press the “strip ejection slider” button to release the strip without touching it. In addition, this tool also only requires a small volume of blood sample, which is only 0.6 l.

If you prioritize quality as well as price, Excative Vital Glucometer deserves to be included in the list of choices. Prices that are classified as economical make you greater control of blood sugar levels. Not only that, this product is also equipped with a ketone alert that will help you control ketone levels in your blood. In other words, for people with type 1 diabetes, this device can help control ketones in the blood.

3. GlucoDr. Auto AGM-4000

The Best Blood Sugar Check Tool GlucoDr Auto AGM-4000
GlucoDr Auto AGM-4000

Busyness often causes a person to forget to control his health on a regular basis. 
If you don’t have time to go to the doctor to check your blood sugar, you can do it yourself at home. GlucoDr. offers a collection of other measuring tools called Auto AGM-4000.

This tool is very interesting because it can not only be used by adults, but also for babies! With a wide measuring range of blood sugar levels (between 10 – 900 mg/dL), this device is ideal for use from children to infants. Amazingly, this product has a storage feature for up to 500 measurement data, you know!

4. Ascensia Diabetes Care Contour Plus

The Best Blood Sugar Check Tool Ascensia Diabetes Care Contour Plus
Ascensia Diabetes Care Contour Plus

Ascensia Diabetes Care Contour Plus is a very superior measuring tool in many ways. 
Despite the simple design, this tool is equipped with abundant features. You can rely on it to measure your blood sugar after every meal. For example, if you forget, this tool can set an alarm that sounds a few times every time you eat.

Not only that, Ascensia also offers an average measurement feature by taking measurements in 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days. You can also save the measurement results on your smartphone. That way, you can visit the doctor without having to carry a tool. Just show your smartphone. Cool and practical, right?

5. Acon On Call Plus

The Best Blood Sugar Meter Acon On Call Plus
Acon On Call Plus

With this tool, you can take not only blood samples from your fingertips, but also on your forearms. 
The sample required is not much, but only 0.5 l. If you have to check your blood sugar every day, then you can leave it to this tool.

Because it can be used in addition to the fingertips, of course the pain can be reduced. In addition, this tool is also equipped with software that you can download on the official website. The software is useful for collecting, analyzing, and making graphs based on the collected data. It’s very easy for you to monitor your own blood sugar!

6. Abbott FreeStyle Optium Neo

Abbott FreeStyle Optium Neo Best Blood Sugar Check Tool
Abbott FreeStyle Optium Neo

For some people with blood sugar problems, doctors usually recommend taking insulin to help control blood sugar. 
If you are such, then this tool will always remind you every time you forget or need insulin intake. The insulin logging feature will alert you when you need insulin.

This blood sugar checker is ideal for everyday use. It only requires a measuring sample of 0.6 l, you can read the results in just 5 seconds. Interestingly, you can still see the report on the indicator screen even if you are in a fairly bright place. The reason is, Abbott designed the screen with a matte screen reflect so that reading is still easy when exposed to light.

7. Wellion LUNA Duo

Wellion LUNA Duo's Best Blood Sugar Check Tool
Wellion LUNA Duo

This tool is not only available in several attractive bright color options, but is also capable of measuring blood sugar and cholesterol. 
Even though you have to pay quite a lot of money to buy it, you will immediately get a product with multiple functions! With one tool, you can measure blood sugar and cholesterol more easily.

For reading blood sugar itself, this tool is enough to take a very small sample volume, which is only 0.5 l. In addition to providing attractive color variants, this tool is also ergonomically designed so that it is easy to grip and carry everywhere. This product is also equipped with a data recording feature of up to 360 inputs for blood sugar and 50 inputs for cholesterol.

8. ACCU-CHEK Active

ACCU-CHEK Active's Best Blood Sugar Measuring Instrument

You can use ACCU-CHEK Active to control blood sugar levels more easily. 
After reading the report after each measurement, you can transfer the measurement data to your smartphone via the micro USB connector embedded on one side.

When using this tool, you can read measurement reports faster, in just 5 seconds. You can also use it to see your average blood sugar level based on 7, 14, 30, to 90 day reports. This tool is also capable of storing measurement data up to 500 inputs, you know!

9. ACCU-CHEK Performance II

Best Blood Sugar Measuring Instrument ACCU-CHEK Performance II
ACCU-CHEK Performance II

Still with ACCU-CHEK products, in the ninth order we introduce another series, namely Performance II. 
In terms of price, this tool is more expensive than some other products, including products from the same brand before.

For those of you who are forgetful, this tool will always remind you with an alarm when it’s time to take measurements. You just set it up. Its operation is also unique. You simply insert the measurement strip into the tool, and the tool will turn on automatically. Even cooler, this tool is still able to save the measurement results even though the battery has been removed with a record of no more than 72 hours.

10. OneTouch Select Simple

The Best OneTouch Select Simple Blood Sugar Check Tool
OneTouch Select Simple
This measuring device can be used by everyone, both those who understand or do not understand the mechanism and self-status based on the blood sugar level report listed. For those who do not understand, this tool will sound an alarm as an indicator that your blood sugar is too low, high, or too high. tall.

Use this tool as if you are really still new to its use. Besides the audio features, this tool is also not accompanied by buttons which makes it simpler and easier to use. According to the official website, OneTouch provides a lifetime warranty for this product. So, are there any other reasons you shouldn’t have one?


Remember, when you buy a blood sugar checker, you must also provide a sufficient number of lancets and test strips. Do not use the needle to double check. In addition, you can also consider buying a product with a compact size so that it is easy to carry, for example when you want to hold counseling or something like that.

By having this tool, you don’t have to wait in long lines or spend money because you can take measurements independently at home. However, you still need to come to the doctor regularly to provide reports such as intense fluctuations. Finally, we wish you good health, OK!

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