10 Recommendations for the Best Pregnancy Test Pack (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – When there is a delay in menstruation or vomiting, it can be a sign that someone is pregnant or pregnant. However, to be sure, it is necessary to do further testing using a pregnancy test kit called a test pack. This stick-shaped device can be used to check for early pregnancy using a urine sample.

Although pregnancy status checks can also be done at the clinic using a blood sample, there are still many people who prefer to do an early examination using a test pack. If you are experiencing a delayed menstrual cycle or vomiting and want to try the test yourself, we will review the test pack products to help you find the right product.

The Best Pregnancy Test Pack
Illustration of Pregnancy Check Tool

Tips and How to Choose a Good Test Pack (Pregnancy Test Kit)

The test pack works by detecting the amount of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropy) produced by the body. The amount of hormone produced will affect the accuracy of the results. For this reason, you should choose a test pack that provides a high accuracy value. In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the type of test pack used. In order to better understand, we will provide further explanation in this section.

1. Choose based on the type of test pack, normal or initial type?

There are two types of test packs that are commonly encountered with different sensitivities, namely the normal type test pack and the initial type. If you can’t wait to take a pregnancy test before your menstrual cycle starts, you can buy an early test pack. This type of test pack can be used 6 days before the start of menstruation.

Although it can perform early detection, the results are not very accurate due to many factors. However, the biggest factor why the initial type of test packs don’t give accurate results is because the body has not secreted enough hCG. Because of that, you will usually do another examination when there is a delay in the time of menstruation.

For more accurate results, you can use a normal type test pack. Its use can be done between 3-4 days after menstruation comes late. However, it is advisable to test for one week of pregnancy using a normal type of test pack because the results can be more accurate and possibly correct after an examination to the doctor.

2. It is more economical to choose a package containing 2 or more test packs

Self-pregnancy tests with test packs can be done many times to confirm that they are correct before you can be completely happy with the information displayed in the indicator window. Therefore, it would be better to buy a product that contains more than one test pack in one package.

Besides being more efficient, you don’t need to go back and forth to the pharmacy or even the nearest supermarket to buy a test pack again. Also choose a test pack that gives 99% accuracy. Although many claim that their products are able to detect them with high sensitivity values, not a few of them turn out to be beyond expectations. For that, don’t expect too much from the test pack results before checking yourself by visiting the nearest clinic or hospital.

3. Choose one that provides a high-visibility indicator window

The test pack will give results by simply dipping, dripping, or running the tip into or using urine. Although its use seems easy, there are still many women who complain because the test results are not so clear.

The part to display the test results, namely the small or blurry indicator window, is certainly difficult to read. Therefore, you should look for products that provide a clear indicator window. The high visibility of a product will make it easier for you to know the condition of pregnancy.

There are many test pack options on the market. You can use products from Akurat, Woman Choice, and OneMed or other brands. However, so that you no longer need to search for products that take time and thought, Ainun has compiled the ten best test pack products in the following list, let’s start checking.

1. Sensitive Strip Brand

Best Pregnancy Test Kit Sensitive Strip Test Pack
Brand Test Pack Sensitive Strip

The 99.9% accuracy rate makes Sensitive Strip the choice of many people. 
The sensitivity level of this product is 25 mIU/ml hCG. With such a high value, of course, the results provided will be more certain, so you don’t need to do self-testing more often. More economical for sure!

To use this tool is very easy. However, make sure you wear it one week after sex, yes. Simply dip the strip from Sensitive into the container of urine. Wait for 30 seconds and let the test pack work. After 1 – 3 minutes, you can read on the result indicator window. Remember, do not read the test results after more than 5 minutes because the results will be inaccurate.

2. HCG Colloidal Gold Rapid Screen Test

The Best Pregnancy Test Kit Test Pack HCG Colloidal Gold Rapid Screen Test
Merk Test Pack HCG Colloidal Gold Rapid Screen Test

There are several forms of test packs, namely strips and sticks. This one test pack is designed in the form of a white stick. The indicator window that displays the test results is located in the midstream section. With such a shape, you will also find it easier to hold or store it when you want to use it.

In one package, only one test pack is available. Therefore, keep the product in a hygienic condition so as not to be contaminated before use. For its own performance, this test pack can provide up to 99% accuracy with a sensitivity level of up to 20 mIU/ml. With high sensitivity and accuracy values ​​and a clear indicator window, it will be easier for you to read the results.

3. Akurat Compact

Best Pregnancy Test Kit Compact Accurate Test Pack
Merk Test Pack Akurat Compact

As a brand that has held a big name in Indonesia, Accurate presents products that are not only easy to use, but also guarantee very close to accurate test results. Friendly market prices make it widely chosen regardless of the circle.

For its own use, Accurate Compact is slightly different from the average test pack on the market. You don’t need to collect urine in the container to dip or soak the tip of the stick. With this product, all you have to do is hold the stick and position the tip so that it is exposed to the flow of urine. When the tip of the stick is wet, you will need to close the tip again to see the results appear within 1 minute.

4. Accurate Strip

Best Pregnancy Test Kit Accurate Test Pack Strip
Brand Test Pack Accurate Strip

Accurate also issued a series of test packs in the form of strips for those of you who like this form. Its use can be done one week after having sex in a way that is no less easy than the stick series. With an accuracy rate that reaches 99%, the examination results become more accurate and you can find out more calmly.

This product is used by dipping it into a urine collection container. Allow 15 seconds and after 1-3 minutes, a line status will appear on the strip as the final test result. If you are someone who doesn’t like to wait, this product will be for you.

5. Digital Sensitive

Best Pregnancy Test Kit Digital Sensitive Test Pack
Digital Sensitive Test Pack Brand

Would you like to invest more money to make it easier to do a home pregnancy test? Buy Sensitive Digital that offers ease of use. This test pack includes the initial type with an indicator window that displays the pregnancy status in the words “yes” and “no”.

With an accuracy rate of 99.9%, you and your husband can be more relieved because they are not suspicious of wrong results. Digital Sensitive can be used 5 days before the start of the menstrual cycle. For those of you who don’t want to take a pregnancy test when there is a delay in menstruation, you can rely on this product that can check the status of the fertilization of the egg early.

6. ClearBlue Pregnancy Test With Weeks Indicator

Best Pregnancy Test Kit Test Pack ClearBlue Pregnancy Test With Weeks Indicator
Merk Test Pack ClearBlue Pregnancy Test With Weeks Indicator

What’s interesting about ClearBlue Pregnancy Test is that there is a weekly indicator. Thus, the results shown are not only the user’s pregnancy status, but also the gestational age, for example, the results are positive. The advantages offered by ClearBlue are rarely found from similar products from other brands. No wonder this product is priced higher than other products.

In addition to having a weeks indicator to tell the gestational age, this test pack also provides examination results with up to 99% accuracy. For the week indicator itself, ClearBlue said that this product can show an estimated gestational age of up to 93% accuracy. This product can be used 5 days before the menstrual cycle comes.

7. OneMed Test Hamil Quick & Sure

OneMed Best Pregnancy Test Tool Pregnancy Test Quick & Sure
Merk OneMed Test Hamil Quick & Sure

This test pack can be an alternative for those of you who want to do more frequent checks. The reason, this product is sold at a price below 10 thousand of course the price is quite cheap. It is suitable for those of you who have a husband with high mobility so it is quite difficult to have a schedule to check with the doctor.

In one package there are pipettes and strips as the main tools. To use it, you need to use a pipette to suck the urine and drip it into the test pack hole. Wait 1 minute for the results to come out. If you see 2 lines, it means the result is positive. However, if only 1 line near C means negative and invalid if 1 line appears near T.

8. Gea Medical HCG Pregnancy Test Strip

The Best Pregnancy Test Kit Gea Medical HCG Pregnancy Test Strip Test
Merk Test Pack Gea Medical HCG Pregnancy Test Strip

Gea Medical offers test pack products that can provide test results with an accuracy rate of 99.9% and a sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml. You can be sure that the results are correct if in the testing process you follow the instructions included on the product packaging.

The HCG Pregnancy Test Strip provides 60 strips so it is very suitable to be used as socialization or counseling about sexual education for teenagers. Or, for those of you who want to do multiple checks to ensure the results at different periods, this product is also appropriate.

9. OneMed hCG Urine Pregnancy Test

OneMed Best Pregnancy Test Kit hCG Urine Pregnancy Test
Merk OneMed hCG Urine Pregnancy Test

Even though it is marketed with very friendly selling points, OneMed guarantees that its products will still excel in terms of performance. It is stated that this product has an accuracy rate of 99.9% with a sensitivity value of 20 mlU/ml. For more accurate results, it is recommended to use it in the morning.

The strip in the test pack can show the test results after being immersed in urine for 30 seconds. At 1 minute later, this test pack will show the results whether you are positive for pregnancy or not. With an economical market value, you can also store more of this test pack at home for inspection on another day.

10. Woman Choice Pregnancy Test Strip

Best Pregnancy Test Kit Woman Choice Pregnancy Test Strip
Merk Woman Choice Pregnancy Test Strip

Women’s Choice test packs are widely used because they can show the accuracy of test results similar to the results of tests carried out in hospital laboratories or health clinics. Its very easy to use is an added value of this product. It is suitable for those of you who like practicality in using the product.

Simply by immersing the product in urine and leaving it for 10 seconds before removing it, the test results will appear in the indicator window within 40 seconds. Fast results and a high level of accuracy will make you more confident with the results before confirming it to the gynecologist.


After getting the right test pack based on the references above, it will be easier for you to carry out inspections at home. In using the test pack, you must do it correctly so that the error of the results can be reduced. Do the test a few days or at least a week after a missed period so that the results will be more accurate.

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