Review of 10 Best Teeth Whitening Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Yellow stains on teeth can lower everyone’s self-confidence. Of course, yellow stains on teeth are not easy to remove. If you want to overcome this, you can use teeth whitening products that are currently widely produced. Various choices of shapes to advantages can help you restore the white color of your teeth. Confused to choose? Don’t worry, we will help you get the best product!

In this article, we will explain how to choose a good quality teeth whitening product. After understanding several points of consideration, we also provide recommendations for the best quality teeth whitening that you can buy, either at pharmacies, drug stores, or online in the marketplace.

Tips and How to Choose a Good Teeth Whitener

The Best and Powerful Teeth Whitening
White and Clean Teeth Illustration / Dunn-orthodontics

Some of the foods and drinks consumed daily have an impact on yellowing of the teeth. Tea, coffee, or smoking habits are classified as the main factors that cause the appearance of yellow stains that are difficult to remove on the surface of the teeth.

If you want to deal with this, use a teeth whitener issued by WhiteLight, Oralgen, Nu Skin, Denta Secret, and others. Since there are many different types, you should first understand the characteristics of each type of teeth whitener in this section. Read the following tips to the end!

1. Choose the type of bleach that is easiest for you

Broadly speaking, teeth whitening is created in various types. In terms of texture, there are those that resemble toothpaste, liquid, to gel. While the form itself, some products are presented in the form of pens, tissue paper, and erasers. Check out the differences between one type and another below.

  • Toothpaste Type . In contrast to ordinary toothpaste, whitening in the type of toothpaste has been equipped with a whitening formula by eroding tooth enamel thinly. As a result, dirt and yellow stains can be removed gradually. This type of whitener provides the convenience of brushing your teeth normally.
  • Gel Type . If you’re worried about having your tooth enamel eroded away, use a gel-type teeth whitener. Teeth whitener is also easy to use. You can use it instead of toothpaste or use it after brushing your teeth. Compared to the previous type, this type of tooth whitener is equipped with an abrasive material and is able to protect tooth enamel from being damaged.
  • Liquid Type . Like mouthwash, teeth whitener made in liquid form can help brighten your teeth again. In addition to its large production, liquid type teeth whitener is also very easy to use. Not to mention the additional benefits of a fresh and fragrant mouth, you can consider it if you have problems with bad breath.
  • Pen Type . Teeth whitening products with a pen type have the convenience of reaching between the teeth more easily. Its use is similar to the manicure process so it requires enough time and carefulness to get maximum results.
  • Seal Type . The shape of this type of whitener resembles a thin transparent paper that has been formulated with teeth whitening ingredients. This type is suitable for those of you who have neatly lined teeth. Even though it is considered practical, nowadays it is still rare to find this adhesive-type bleach due to its high production cost.
  • Eraser Type . When compared to other types, teeth whitener designed in the form of an eraser is very effective in cleaning dirt or yellow stains on the teeth. However, because it has a material that is strong enough to abrade teeth, this product is only used a few times a week so that the enamel does not experience continuous erosion.

2. Continuous use requires you to choose wisely based on price

It will be more effective if your teeth whitening products are used continuously. This is because the yellow color of the teeth can return due to the food and drinks consumed every day, especially activities such as smoking, drinking coffee and tea which contribute the biggest factor.

Therefore, consider buying a product that you can continue to buy without breaking your monthly budget. For this, you can do the calculations in advance so that you can still buy products with the same brand and specifications. By using teeth whitening on an ongoing basis, then you can appear more confident from day to day.

10 Best Teeth Whitening Recommendations

Already get an idea of ​​what type of product you want to buy? Here, Ainun has reviewed and you can see ten good teeth whiteners with varied selling prices. Choose one that is not only easy to use, but also effective in helping whiten your teeth that have yellow stains.

1. Clean and Natural Cleanness Teeth Whitening

Good Teeth Whitening Brands Clean and Natural Cleanness Teeth Whitening
Clean and Natural Cleanness Teeth Whitening

Even though it is a medicine, this one tooth cleaning product is formulated from herbal ingredients. 
That’s why, you don’t have to be afraid of the safety factor of this product. Clean and Natural Cleanness is designed in one package. When you buy this product, you will get two bottles.

One bottle contains teeth whitening liquid and the other in the form of a breath freshener spray. So, just buy one product, you will get double benefits in the form of whitening while making your mouth breath fragrant and fresh.

2. Dazzling White Professional Strength Whitening Pen

The Best Teeth Whitening Brand Dazzling White Professional Strength Whitening Pen
Dazzling White Professional Strength Whitening Pen

You can use this teeth whitening tool whenever you want. 
Even when traveling, you can still do dental care to remove yellow stains that are difficult to remove. Dazzling White Professional Strength Whitening Pen is designed to be practical to carry because of its mini size.

The ease of use will make you comfortable even when you are on a lunch break. This product is equipped with the active ingredient polyvinylpyrrolidone as a whitening agent. Regular use will remove dirt and stains on the surface of the teeth can be cleaned in an instant.

3. WhiteLight Tooth Whitening

The Best Teeth Whitening Brand WhiteLight Tooth Whitening
WhiteLight Tooth Whitening

WhiteLight Tooth Whitening is a teeth whitener in the form of a gel that is very popular in Indonesia. 
If you plan to buy this product, be careful because many counterfeit products have been produced. Buy it on the official website or an agent who works directly with the manufacturer of this bleach.

In addition to the gel type, this product is also practical to use. You just need to stick the tool on the tooth surface. The curved shape follows the shape of the teeth, the results will be more perfect. This product is equipped with a technology called the Light System which can emit an LED light as an indicator that the product is working to melt the gel onto the tooth surface.

4. Propolise Dental Whitening

The Best Teeth Whitening Brand Propolise Dental Whitening
Propolise Dental Whitening

This one tooth whitening product will not take up much of your time or energy. 
When used, you also don’t have to concentrate on applying the product to the inner surface of the teeth. The reason is, Propolise designed this teeth whitener in liquid form.

Like mouthwash, you only need to rinse with this product. Allow 20-30 seconds in the mouth, after which you will immediately see whiter teeth. It contains propolis extract which acts as an antiseptic to kill germs and bacteria that cause bad breath or canker sores.

5. Oralgen NuPearl 12x Advanced Teeth Whitening System

Oralgen NuPearl 12x Advanced Teeth Whitening System
Oralgen NuPearl 12x Advanced Teeth Whitening System

Although priced at a relatively expensive selling price, this tool is really effective in helping whiten everyone’s yellow teeth. 
Oralgen packs this product in a package containing 6 syringes containing 12% ultra pure hydrogen peroxide, 1 NuBright LED, and 1 tooth whitening pen that can be used up to 12 times.

The formula of the ingredients applied to this product is ensured to be safe so that it does not make your teeth sensitive due to enamel erosion. In addition, this gel-type whitener is also claimed to be able to whiten teeth in just 20 minutes. The magic offered you can feel in a very short time!

6. Crest 3D White Luxe Professional Effects Whitestrips

Best Teeth Whitening Brands Crest 3D White Luxe Professional Effects Whitestrips
Crest 3D White Luxe Professional Effects Whitestrips

Crest 3D White is the number one teeth whitening product in Europe. 
The good news is that you can buy this original product in Indonesia. With a price range of half a million, you will get a whitener in the form of a seal. The Advanced Seal technology applied is not only easy to use, but can adhere perfectly during the whitening process.

If you want to do other activities along with teeth whitening activities, this product is very possible. So, you can still work or chat while providing treatment to your teeth. Not only that, even when the seal sticks, you can still drink water without worrying that the seal will come off.

7. Denta Secret Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

Best Teeth Whitening Denta Secret Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder
Denta Secret Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

Excellent absorbing power has long been found in products made from powdered charcoal. 
Denta Secret is one of the manufacturers that rely on this material. Taking charcoal powder from organic coconut, this product promises a change in the form of whiter-looking teeth in just one week of use.

How to use it is also easy, you only need to make toothpaste from powdered charcoal, you can already do brushing like brushing your teeth with regular paste. Because it contains natural ingredients, this product is not harmful or damage the enamel of your teeth.

8. Nu Skin AP24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste

Nu Skin's Best Teeth Whitening AP24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste
Nu Skin AP24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste

If you crave clean white teeth without having to bleach, try this Nu Skin whitening toothpaste. 
Nu Skin formulated this product with an ingredient in the form of sodium monofluorophosphate which works as a whitening agent.

The content also has abrasive properties so that it can clean the plaque attached to the teeth. Problems such as cavities can also be prevented when you routinely perform treatments with this one tooth whitener. The good news is, it’s not just your teeth that get a change, but your mouth smells fresh thanks to the vanilla mint that’s stored in it.

9. Luma Smile Portable Teeth Whitening

Luma Smile Portable Teeth Whitening
Luma Smile Portable Teeth Whitening

Luma Smile presents a tool for whitening teeth in a mini size. 
At the end of the polishing there is a cup made of rubber, ensuring this product is safe for teeth. You can use this tool to clean the dirt while brushing the tooth surface evenly.

Of course it takes longer when using this product. Therefore, it is better for you to use it after activities or before going to bed. In order to get more optimal results, you can add a little toothpaste at the end of the polishing cup so that your teeth are still well protected.

10. Oco Teeth Whitening

Best Teeth Whitening Oco Teeth Whitening
Oco Teeth Whitening

The appearance of the teeth will be less attractive to the eye not only because of the yellow color that coats the surface, but because of the hardened plaque or tartar as well. 
For those of you who want to soften tartar without having to go to the doctor, Oco Teeth Whitening offers this ability.

Besides helping to clean tartar, this whitening product can also restore the natural white color of teeth. For those of you who smoke or drink tea, the yellow stains from tobacco on cigarettes and the tannins in tea need to be removed as soon as possible. Take care with this product, your white teeth and sweet smile will come back to brighten your days.


Yellow stains on the teeth are one of the problems that bother many people. To avoid this problem, you can take care and prevention steps by using teeth whitening products regularly. In addition, it is also important to pay attention to your lifestyle.

Avoid the habit of drinking coffee and coffee up to many glasses every day, especially if it is not accompanied by proper brushing of teeth. Then, bad habits such as smoking should also be reduced or even stopped. Health is the most valuable asset that human beings have, therefore value its “being”.

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