7 Best Baby Swings for Newborns – Your Guide to Comfort and Convenience

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Choosing the right baby swing for your newborn can be a game-changer for new parents. It’s not just about giving your arms a break; it’s about providing a safe, comforting environment for your little one. In this comprehensive review, we explore the 7 best baby swings tailored for newborns, considering factors like safety, comfort, ease of use, and additional features.

7 Best Baby Swings for Newborns

1. Graco Soothe ‘n Sway LX Baby Swing

Key Features:

  • Dual motion swing
  • Compact frame
  • Multi-directional seat

The Graco Soothe ‘n Sway LX is a versatile choice for parents looking for a compact yet effective baby swing. Its dual motion ability allows it to swing side-to-side or front-to-back, catering to different preferences of your baby.

2. Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing

Key Features:

  • Customizable swinging experience
  • Ultra-plush seat
  • Overhead mobile with mirrored globe

The Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams swing by Fisher-Price offers an ultra-comfortable and customizable swinging experience, with two swinging motions and six swing speeds.

3. 4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 5 unique motions
  • Machine washable seat fabric

The 4moms mamaRoo 4 stands out for its technology. It replicates the natural motions parents use to soothe their babies and can be controlled via Bluetooth.

4. Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat

Key Features:

  • Converts to a vibrating seat
  • 5 swing speeds
  • Compact fold for storage

Ingenuity’s ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat is perfect for those looking for a space-saver. It easily converts from a swing to a vibrating seat, offering versatility.

5. Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat

Key Features:

  • Portable design
  • Six swing speeds
  • Calming vibrations

This model is ideal for families on the go. Its portability means you can provide comfort for your baby wherever you are.

6. Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker

Key Features:

  • Swing and rocker in one
  • Roomy seat with plush body support
  • Six swinging speeds

The Graco DuetSoothe is both a swing and a rocker, providing more ways to soothe your newborn. Its roomy seat and body support ensure comfort at all times.

7. Bright Starts Whimsical Wild Portable Compact Automatic Swing

Key Features:

  • TrueSpeed Technology
  • Two recline positions
  • Easy to clean

Bright Starts’ offering is compact and budget-friendly, perfect for smaller spaces and families mindful of spending without compromising on quality.

Comparative Table

Swing ModelSwing MotionSpecial FeaturesPortability
Graco Soothe ‘n Sway LXDual MotionCompact FrameModerate
Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy2 Motions, 6 SpeedsUltra-plush SeatLow
4moms mamaRoo 45 Unique MotionsBluetooth EnabledLow
Ingenuity ConvertMe5 SpeedsConverts to Vibrating SeatHigh
Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along6 SpeedsPortable DesignHigh
Graco DuetSoothe6 SpeedsSwing & Rocker in OneModerate
Bright Starts Whimsical WildTrueSpeed TechnologyCompactHigh

What to Consider When Choosing a Baby Swing


Ensure the swing has a sturdy frame and a secure harness. Most swings come with a 3 or 5-point harness, which is essential for newborns.


Look for a swing with plush padding and adjustable recline positions to keep your baby comfortable.

Ease of Use

Consider how easy the swing is to operate. Features like simple controls and machine-washable fabrics make a big difference.

Additional Features

Some swings offer extras like music, nature sounds, and mobiles. These can be great for entertaining and soothing your baby.

Important Note: Always supervise your baby while in the swing and follow the manufacturer’s weight and age guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Swings for Newborns

1. What age can a newborn start using a baby swing?

Newborns can typically start using a baby swing from birth, but it’s important to ensure the swing is designed for newborns, with appropriate head and neck support.

2. How long can a newborn safely stay in a baby swing?

Generally, it’s recommended to limit swing time to about 30 minutes at a stretch. Always supervise your newborn while in the swing.

3. Is it safe for a newborn to sleep in a baby swing?

It’s not recommended for newborns to sleep in a swing. Swings are for supervised awake time due to the risk of SIDS in unsupervised or prolonged sleep.

4. What should I look for in a baby swing for a newborn?

Key features include a reclining seat for head and neck support, a sturdy and stable frame, a secure harness, and gentle swinging motions.

5. Can baby swings help soothe colicky babies?

Yes, the gentle rocking or swinging motion of a baby swing can help soothe some colicky babies, but it’s important to consider other soothing techniques as well.

6. Are battery-operated or electric baby swings better?

This depends on your needs. Battery-operated swings offer portability, while electric swings save on the cost and effort of replacing batteries.

7. What’s the difference between a baby bouncer and a baby swing?

A baby swing provides a rocking or swinging motion, often powered by batteries or electricity, while a bouncer typically moves based on the baby’s own motions.

8. How do I clean and maintain a baby swing?

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Many swings have removable, washable seat covers. Regularly check for and tighten any loose parts.

9. Is a portable baby swing worth it?

If you travel often or have limited space, a portable swing can be very useful. They are generally more compact and easier to move.

10. Can I use a second-hand baby swing?

Yes, but check for recalls, expiration dates, and ensure it meets current safety standards. Also, inspect for damage or wear and tear.

Remember, every baby is different, and what works for one might not work for another. It’s essential to observe how your own baby responds to a swing and adjust usage accordingly.


Each of these 7 swings has unique features suited for different needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize technology, portability, or versatility, there’s an option that will provide comfort and convenience for your newborn. Remember, the best swing is the one that fits your lifestyle and keeps your baby safe and soothed.

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