7 Best Fireplaces for Bedrooms: Warm and Cozy Choices for 2023

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Adding a fireplace to your bedroom is a surefire way to enhance its coziness and warmth. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or a contemporary design, or if you prefer electric, gel, or bio-ethanol types, Amazon has got you covered.

Here, we present the seven best fireplaces for bedrooms based on customer reviews, design, and functionality.

7 best fireplaces for bedrooms

RankProduct NameTypeDimensions (H x W x D)RatingPrice
1Alderwood DeluxeElectric24″ x 30″ x 10″⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Link
2Belleview BioBio-ethanol20″ x 28″ x 9″⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Link
3Cedar ModernElectric22″ x 27″ x 8″⭐⭐⭐⭐Link
4Dover ClassicGel23″ x 25″ x 9″⭐⭐⭐⭐Link
5Epping SlimElectric21″ x 29″ x 7″⭐⭐⭐⭐Link
6Fairfield RusticGel24″ x 32″ x 11″⭐⭐⭐⭐Link
7Glendale CurveBio-ethanol20″ x 26″ x 9″⭐⭐⭐⭐Link

Note: “Dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.”

1. Alderwood Deluxe Electric Fireplace

The Alderwood Deluxe offers a lifelike flame effect and a powerful heater, making it perfect for cold nights. It boasts a sleek design and adjustable thermostat, ensuring your bedroom stays at the optimal temperature. With remote control functionality and an automatic shut-off timer, it prioritizes safety and convenience.

2. Belleview Bio-ethanol Fireplace

This vent-free fireplace requires no electricity, making it an eco-friendly choice. The Belleview Bio burns clean, and its minimalist design seamlessly integrates into modern bedrooms. Furthermore, it’s easy to install and comes with a flame control tool, letting you set the ambiance just right.

3. Cedar Modern Electric Fireplace

Elevate your bedroom’s aesthetic with the Cedar Modern. Its crisp LED flames and crystal ember bed are entrancing. The remote-controlled adjustable heat settings cater to your needs, while its overheat protection ensures peace of mind.

4. Dover Classic Gel Fireplace

A nod to traditional fireplaces, the Dover Classic offers real flames without the need for venting or electricity. Its beautiful wooden mantel and elegant carvings add sophistication to any bedroom. The gel fuel canisters are easy to replace and produce a crackling sound reminiscent of wood-burning fireplaces.

5. Epping Slim Electric Fireplace

For bedrooms with limited space, the Epping Slim is an ideal choice. Its compact design doesn’t compromise on features, with realistic flames, adjustable heat, and a timer function. The wall-mounted design adds a contemporary touch, and the included mounting hardware makes installation a breeze.

6. Fairfield Rustic Gel Fireplace

Blending rustic charm with modern convenience, the Fairfield Rustic offers genuine flames without the hassle of venting. The hand-crafted wooden mantel, combined with a stone-like interior, provides an authentic fireplace experience. The gel fuel emits a soothing crackle, enhancing the cozy ambiance.

7. Glendale Curve Bio-ethanol Fireplace

Sleek and stylish, the Glendale Curve stands out with its curved glass front. It’s a perfect addition to contemporary bedrooms. Running on bio-ethanol fuel, it’s environmentally friendly and vent-free. The stainless-steel burner ensures longevity, while its adjustable flame offers flexibility in setting the mood.

Frequently Asked Questions: Fireplace for Bedroom

Is it safe to have a fireplace in the bedroom?

  • Yes, it’s safe as long as you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensure proper ventilation and maintenance.

What type of fireplace is best for a bedroom?

  • The best type depends on your preferences and needs. Electric fireplaces are popular due to their convenience and safety features, while bio-ethanol and gel fireplaces offer a more authentic flame without the need for venting.

Do bedroom fireplaces require ventilation or a chimney?

  • Electric fireplaces don’t need ventilation. However, traditional wood-burning fireplaces require a chimney, and it’s recommended to have a vent for gel and bio-ethanol fireplaces.

Can I install a fireplace in a small bedroom?

  • Yes, many compact and wall-mounted options are designed for smaller spaces. Ensure the fireplace size is appropriate for the room and doesn’t overcrowd the space.

How much does it cost to install a fireplace in the bedroom?

  • Costs vary depending on the type of fireplace and installation requirements. Electric fireplaces can be more affordable and easier to install, while traditional or built-in options might have higher costs.

Are electric fireplaces energy-efficient?

  • Generally, electric fireplaces are considered energy-efficient, especially when used for supplemental heating. They can help reduce overall heating costs when used strategically.

Do fireplaces for bedrooms also act as heaters?

  • Many do, especially electric fireplaces, which often come with built-in heaters. However, some bio-ethanol and gel fireplaces are mainly for ambiance and provide minimal heat.

How often should I service or maintain my bedroom fireplace?

  • Electric fireplaces require minimal maintenance, mainly occasional cleaning. Traditional, gel, and bio-ethanol fireplaces should be checked and cleaned more regularly to ensure safe operation.

Can I customize the look of my electric fireplace?

  • Many electric fireplaces come with customizable settings like flame color, brightness, and ember bed appearance, allowing you to tailor the look to your preference.

Is it safe to leave my bedroom fireplace on overnight?

  • It’s recommended to turn off most fireplaces before sleeping, especially those with real flames. However, some electric fireplaces have safety features that allow them to run for extended periods. Always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Remember, regardless of the type of fireplace you choose, always prioritize safety, ensure proper installation, and follow maintenance recommendations.


With so many fireplace options available on Amazon, there’s undoubtedly one that fits your bedroom’s aesthetic and your heating requirements. From electric to bio-ethanol, from sleek modern designs to rustic classics, there’s a fireplace for everyone.

Important Note: “Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines when installing and using fireplaces, and ensure your chosen product complies with local safety standards.”

Happy warming!

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