7 Best Gifts for Surfers To Buy In 2023

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Surfers are a unique bunch with specific tastes and needs, which is why finding the perfect gift for them can sometimes be challenging. Whether they’re braving the waves at their local beach or dreaming of their next big surf trip, these gifts will make their heart skip a beat.

Dive into this comprehensive guide and discover the 7 best gifts that every surfer will love.

1. High-Quality Wetsuit

No surfer can resist the appeal of a top-tier wetsuit. It’s an essential piece of equipment that provides protection against the cold and other elements. Ensure the wetsuit has features like seamless paddle zones and high-grade neoprene.


  • Enhances surfing performance
  • Offers protection against cold and chafing


  • Can be on the pricier side
  • Proper fit is crucial

2. Surfboard Car Rack

For surfers who love to travel, a reliable surfboard car rack is a must-have. It ensures safe transportation of their beloved boards, whether they’re heading to the local spot or on a surf road trip.


  • Convenient transportation
  • Protects surfboard from damage


  • Installation might be tricky for some

3. Surf Wax Kit

A surf wax kit is a thoughtful gift, allowing surfers to maintain the grip on their boards. Consider adding a wax comb, basecoat, and topcoat wax for a comprehensive kit.


  • Essential for good board grip
  • Affordable


  • Needs regular reapplication

4. Surfboard Wall Mount

Help surfers showcase their boards with a stylish wall mount. This not only adds to room décor but also provides a safe storage solution.


  • Doubles as a decorative piece
  • Prevents potential board damage


  • Wall installation required

5. Waterproof Action Camera

For those surfers who love to capture their thrilling rides, a waterproof action camera is perfect. Brands like GoPro offer cameras specifically designed for water sports, ensuring top-quality footage.


  • Captures high-quality videos and photos
  • Durable and waterproof


  • Higher-end models can be expensive

6. Subscription to a Surf Magazine

Feed the stoke with a subscription to a renowned surf magazine like “Surfer” or “The Surfer’s Journal”. It’s a monthly dose of inspiration, news, and breathtaking surf photography.


  • Keeps them updated with surf trends
  • Features exclusive interviews and articles


  • Some prefer digital content

7. Surf Training Tools

For those days when the waves aren’t pumping, surf training tools like balance boards and resistance bands can be invaluable. They help improve core strength, balance, and flexibility.


  • Enhances surfing skills
  • Can be used indoors


  • Not a substitute for actual surfing

Important Note: When buying surfing equipment or apparel, make sure to consider the surfer’s personal preferences, size, and the specific conditions they surf in. Surfing is a highly personal sport, and what works for one surfer might not work for another.


Q1: What are the best gifts for surfers?
A: Some of the best gifts for surfers include high-quality wetsuits, surfboard car racks, surf wax kits, waterproof action cameras, and surf training tools.

Q2: Do surfers prefer practical or decorative gifts?
A: While many surfers appreciate practical gifts that they can use during their sessions, decorative gifts like surfboard wall mounts or surf-themed artwork can also be well-received, especially if they resonate with their surfing passion.

Q3: Is it important to consider the surfer’s experience level when choosing a gift?
A: Yes, a beginner surfer might have different needs and preferences compared to an experienced one. For example, a novice might benefit from instructional books or DVDs, while a seasoned surfer might prefer specialized equipment.

Q4: How can I ensure a wetsuit or surf apparel fits the recipient?
A: It’s best to know the exact size of the recipient or choose gifts from stores with a good exchange policy. When in doubt, a gift card to a popular surf shop can also be a thoughtful gift.

Q5: Are there gifts suitable for surfers who travel frequently for surf trips?
A: Absolutely! Surfboard travel bags, portable shower kits, and multi-tool kits tailored for surfboard repairs are excellent choices for traveling surfers.

Q6: Can I find eco-friendly gifts for surfers?
A: Yes, many brands now offer eco-friendly wetsuits, biodegradable surf wax, and other sustainable products keeping in mind the oceanic environment that surfers cherish.

Q7: What gifts can I consider for surfers who already have all the essential gear?
A: Subscription to surf magazines, surf photography books, or even experiences like surf coaching sessions or retreats can be great options for seasoned surfers.

Q8: Are there any budget-friendly gifts for surfers?
A: Certainly! Surf wax, surf-themed decals, or even a well-chosen surf movie can be both affordable and appreciated.

Q9: What is a unique gift for a surfer who seems to have everything?
A: Consider personalized gifts like a custom-made surfboard leash, engraved fins, or even a commissioned surf-themed artwork.

Q10: Are there any safety-oriented gifts I can buy for surfers?
A: Yes, items like surf earplugs, reef-safe sunscreen, and shark deterrent devices can be both practical and safety-oriented gifts for surfers.

In Conclusion

With this curated list of the best gifts for surfers, you’re bound to impress your wave-loving friend or family member. Whether it’s the practicality of a wetsuit, the thrill of capturing rides on camera, or the aesthetics of a surfboard wall mount, each of these gifts holds a special appeal to those who can’t get enough of the surf. Happy shopping! 🌊

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