7 Best Prank Gift Boxes To Buy In 2023

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Prank gift boxes are an amusing way to surprise your friends and family. They make the gift-receiving experience unexpected and often leave the recipient laughing out loud. If you’re in the market for the perfect prank gift box, look no further.

Here’s a rundown of the 7 best prank gift boxes available on Amazon.

7 best prank gift boxes

1. Crib Dribbler

Imagine the look on your friend’s face when they think you’ve gifted them a device that feeds their baby like a gerbil. The crib dribbler is an absolute classic in the prank box genre.

Hilariously absurdMight scare new parents momentarily
High-quality boxOnly a prank; no real product inside

2. Bacon Scented Dryer Sheets

Who wouldn’t want their clothes to smell like delicious bacon? This prank box promises just that, leaving the recipient both amused and possibly a little hungry.

Unique and unexpectedSome might wish it were real
Great for bacon loversOnly a prank; no real product inside

3. Earwax Candle Kit

A DIY kit for creating candles out of earwax? Gross, yet so funny. The idea itself is cringeworthy enough to get some genuine reactions.

Hysterically disgustingNot for the faint-hearted
MemorableOnly a prank; no real product inside

4. Toilet Tunes

This box claims to offer a device that will play music from the bathroom toilet. The sheer randomness of such a product makes it a perfect prank.

Unique conceptMight confuse older relatives
Great for music loversOnly a prank; no real product inside

5. Pet Sweep Animal Powered Debris Removal System

Gift this box and let your friends believe their pet can now help with house cleaning. It’s cute, imaginative, and bound to raise some eyebrows.

Fun for pet ownersSome might wish it were real
Comical designOnly a prank; no real product inside

6. iDrive Mobile Device Mount

Allow your friends to believe there’s a way to mount their tablet onto their car’s steering wheel. It’s techy, modern, and utterly impractical.

Contemporary designSafety concerns (it’s a joke!)
Tech lovers’ delightOnly a prank; no real product inside

7. Cheese Printer

Who wouldn’t want to print their favorite photos on slices of cheese? This box delivers a chuckle-worthy concept that’s ideal for both techies and foodies.

Ingenious ideaMight make some hungry
Great for partiesOnly a prank; no real product inside

Important Note: These are PRANK gift boxes. The products mentioned on the boxes do not exist and are intended for comedic effect. Always ensure the recipient of these boxes has a good sense of humor!

Frequently Asked Questions about Prank Gift Boxes

1. What are prank gift boxes?

Prank gift boxes are humorous and often absurd fake product boxes meant to trick the recipient into thinking they’ve received a strange or ridiculous gift. Upon opening, they usually find the real gift inside.

2. Are there actual products inside the prank gift boxes?

No, prank gift boxes are just the outer packaging. The buyer places the real gift inside, and the box serves to create a humorous initial reaction.

3. Where can I purchase prank gift boxes?

Prank gift boxes are available on various online platforms, including Amazon, novelty gift shops, and websites that specialize in prank items.

4. Can I use prank gift boxes for any occasion?

While prank gift boxes are suitable for most occasions, it’s important to consider the recipient’s sense of humor and the event’s appropriateness. They’re popular for birthdays, Christmas, and other gift-giving holidays.

5. Are there different sizes available?

Yes, most suppliers offer prank gift boxes in various sizes to accommodate different gifts.

6. Will the recipient know it’s a prank?

The design of prank gift boxes is to look as realistic as possible. The idea is for the recipient to believe it’s a genuine product, at least momentarily, before realizing it’s a joke.

7. Is it appropriate for all age groups?

While many prank gift boxes are family-friendly, always check the content to ensure it’s suitable for the recipient’s age group. Some might have themes more appropriate for adults.

8. Can I customize my own prank gift box?

There are some online platforms that offer customization, but most prank gift boxes come with pre-designed humorous product ideas.

9. Are prank gift boxes recyclable?

Most prank gift boxes are made of cardboard or paper products and are recyclable, just like any other gift box. However, always check the recycling guidelines in your area.

10. What if my recipient doesn’t find it funny?

It’s essential to know your audience. While many people appreciate the humor in prank gift boxes, it’s crucial to consider the recipient’s personality and sense of humor to ensure they’ll find it funny. If unsure, it might be best to choose a traditional gift box.


Prank gift boxes are a fun and unique way to jazz up your gift-giving. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just because, these boxes are sure to bring a hearty laugh. Remember to shop wisely and ensure your recipient has a sense of humor to fully enjoy these prankful boxes.

Happy pranking!

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