The 7 Best Christmas Wreaths for Your Holiday Decor

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As the holiday season approaches, one of the quintessential decorations that adorn many homes is the Christmas wreaths. Symbolizing growth and everlasting life, wreaths add a warm and festive touch to your holiday decor.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect wreath to grace your door or walls, here’s a comprehensive guide to the seven best Christmas wreaths available.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Christmas Wreath

Selecting the right Christmas wreath for your home isn’t just about picking the prettiest one. There are several factors to consider to ensure that your wreath complements your holiday decor and lasts through the season. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice:

1. Consider the Size

  • Measure Your Space: Before shopping, measure the area where you plan to hang your wreath. Ensure there’s enough room around it to avoid a cramped look.
  • Proportion Matters: Larger doors or spaces can accommodate bigger wreaths without looking overwhelming, while smaller spaces benefit from more modest-sized wreaths.

2. Decide on Indoor vs Outdoor

  • Indoor Wreaths: For indoor use, you can choose more delicate materials like fabric or paper-based decorations.
  • Outdoor Wreaths: For outdoor display, select a wreath made of weather-resistant materials that can withstand the elements.

3. Select the Right Material

  • Natural Wreaths: These are made from real branches and offer a fresh, authentic look and scent. They are ideal for a traditional Christmas feel but may require more care to prevent drying out.
  • Artificial Wreaths: These are more durable and can be reused year after year. They come in a variety of styles and often include built-in decorations and lights.

4. Style and Theme Coordination

  • Complement Your Decor: Choose a wreath that complements your home’s style. A minimalist wreath suits modern decor, while a more ornate wreath may be better for traditional settings.
  • Color Coordination: Consider the colors of your existing holiday decorations to ensure your wreath fits in seamlessly.

5. Check for Quality and Craftsmanship

  • Well-Made Wreaths: Look for wreaths that are well-constructed and durable. The decorations and lights, if any, should be securely attached.
  • Longevity: If you plan to reuse the wreath in coming years, opt for one that will retain its appearance over time.

6. Think About Maintenance

  • Natural Wreath Care: If you choose a natural wreath, it will require regular misting to keep it fresh throughout the season.
  • Storage for Artificial Wreaths: Consider how you’ll store your artificial wreath. It should be kept in a cool, dry place, preferably in a wreath storage box to maintain its shape.

7. Set a Budget

  • Price Range: Wreaths can vary significantly in price. Set a budget before you start shopping to narrow down your options.
  • Cost vs Quality: While it’s important to stick to a budget, remember that a slightly higher investment might mean a wreath that lasts for several seasons.

8. Light It Up

  • Pre-lit Wreaths: If you want to add a bit of sparkle, consider a pre-lit wreath. Ensure that the lights are suitable for the wreath’s intended location (indoor or outdoor).
  • Battery vs Plug-In: Decide whether you want battery-operated lights for ease of placement or plug-in lights for continuous use without the need for battery changes.

9. Personalization

  • DIY Touches: Personalize your wreath with additional decorations like ribbons, pinecones, or ornaments to match your holiday theme.
  • Unique Elements: Look for unique features that speak to your personal style or family traditions, making your wreath more meaningful.

Tips for Maintaining Your Christmas Wreath

Proper maintenance of your Christmas wreath is crucial to ensure it remains vibrant and fresh throughout the festive season, and for artificial wreaths, even for years to come. Here are some helpful tips to keep your wreath looking its best:

1. For Natural Wreaths

  • Regular Misting: Keep natural wreaths fresh by misting them with water every couple of days. Avoid soaking the wreath; a light mist is sufficient.
  • Keep Away from Heat Sources: To prevent drying out, avoid placing natural wreaths near heat sources like fireplaces or direct sunlight.
  • Outdoor vs Indoor: If it’s an indoor wreath, consider placing it outside occasionally in cooler weather to help maintain its freshness.

2. For Artificial Wreaths

  • Dust Regularly: Use a soft brush or a hair dryer on a cool, low setting to gently remove dust from your artificial wreath.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade the colors of an artificial wreath. Try to hang it in a shaded area if possible.
  • Storage: After the holidays, store your artificial wreath in a wreath storage bag or box to keep it clean and maintain its shape.

3. General Maintenance

  • Gentle Handling: Be gentle when hanging and removing your wreath to avoid damage to decorations or the structure of the wreath itself.
  • Check for Damage: Regularly check for any damage or loose elements and repair them promptly to keep your wreath looking neat.
  • Rotate the Wreath: Occasionally rotate your wreath to ensure that all sides are exposed to the environment evenly, especially for natural wreaths.

4. Decorating and Redecorating

  • Add Seasonal Flair: Feel free to add or change decorations according to your holiday theme, but do so gently to avoid damaging the wreath.
  • Use Appropriate Adhesives: If you’re adding decorations, use floral wire or appropriate adhesives that won’t damage the wreath.

5. Handling Lights on Pre-Lit Wreaths

  • Check the Lights: For pre-lit wreaths, check the lights periodically to ensure they are functioning properly.
  • Battery Maintenance: If the wreath uses battery-operated lights, remember to turn them off when not needed and change the batteries as required.
  • Handle with Care: When storing a pre-lit wreath, be careful not to damage the wiring. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for storage.

6. Pest Prevention for Natural Wreaths

  • Inspect for Pests: Before bringing a natural wreath indoors, inspect it for signs of insects or pests and shake it out gently.
  • Natural Repellents: Consider using natural repellents like cedarwood chips or cloves near your wreath to keep pests at bay.

7. Addressing Weather Exposure

  • Protect from Harsh Weather: If your wreath is outdoors, ensure it’s protected from extreme weather conditions like heavy rain or snow to prolong its life.
  • UV Spray for Outdoor Wreaths: For wreaths that will be exposed to a lot of sunlight, consider using a UV protective spray to prevent fading.

7 Best Christmas Wreaths

1. Classic Pine Wreath

  • Material: Natural Pine Branches
  • Size: 24 inches
  • Price: $$

The Classic Pine Wreath is a timeless choice for those who appreciate traditional holiday decor. Made from real pine branches, it exudes a fresh, woodsy aroma that is synonymous with Christmas. It’s simple yet elegant, making it versatile for various decorative themes.

2. Frosted Berry Wreath

  • Material: Artificial Berries and Branches
  • Size: 22 inches
  • Price: $$$

For a touch of winter’s charm, the Frosted Berry Wreath is an exquisite choice. Featuring artificial berries and branches dusted with a frost-like coating, it brings a whimsical, snowy vibe to your home. This wreath is particularly suitable for regions where white Christmases are a rarity.

3. LED Light-Up Wreath

  • Material: PVC with LED Lights
  • Size: 26 inches
  • Price: $$$$

Adding a modern twist to the classic wreath, the LED Light-Up Wreath is perfect for those who love a bit of sparkle and shine. Equipped with battery-operated LED lights, it provides a warm glow, enhancing the festive atmosphere during the evening hours.

4. Handcrafted Artisan Wreath

  • Material: Mixed Natural Elements
  • Size: Customizable
  • Price: $$$$

The Handcrafted Artisan Wreath is for those who value uniqueness and craftsmanship. Made by skilled artisans, each wreath is a one-of-a-kind piece, often incorporating a mix of natural elements like pinecones, dried flowers, and ribbons. These wreaths add a personal touch to your holiday decor.

5. Minimalist Scandinavian Wreath

  • Material: Metal and Evergreens
  • Size: 20 inches
  • Price: $$

For lovers of minimalist design, the Scandinavian Wreath is an ideal pick. Combining sleek metal frames with sparse evergreen branches, it offers a modern, understated elegance that complements a contemporary home setting.

6. Rustic Farmhouse Wreath

  • Material: Burlap and Pine
  • Size: 24 inches
  • Price: $$

The Rustic Farmhouse Wreath is a nod to country-style living. It usually features a mix of burlap ribbons and natural pine, creating a cozy, homey feel. This wreath is perfect for those who prefer a more laid-back, rustic holiday theme.

7. Luxurious Velvet Wreath

  • Material: Velvet and Faux Florals
  • Size: 25 inches
  • Price: $$$$

For a touch of opulence, the Luxurious Velvet Wreath is unmatched. Adorned with high-quality velvet ribbons and faux florals, it exudes richness and sophistication. This wreath is perfect for a more formal or grand holiday setting.

Important Note: When choosing a Christmas wreath, consider the longevity and maintenance of the material, especially if you plan to reuse it in subsequent years. Natural wreaths require more care but offer an authentic experience, while artificial wreaths are more durable and easier to maintain.


Selecting the right Christmas wreath can elevate your holiday decor, creating a welcoming and festive atmosphere. Whether you prefer the traditional charm of a pine wreath or the modern appeal of a light-up wreath, there’s something for every taste and style. Happy decorating!

Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are a popular and traditional holiday decoration. Many people have questions about choosing, maintaining, and utilizing them in their holiday decor. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help guide you in enjoying your Christmas wreath to the fullest.

1. What is the Best Size for a Christmas Wreath?

  • Answer: The ideal size of a Christmas wreath depends on where you plan to hang it. For standard doors, a wreath that is 24 to 30 inches in diameter typically works well. For larger spaces or to make a more dramatic statement, consider a larger wreath.

2. How Long Do Natural Christmas Wreaths Last?

  • Answer: A natural Christmas wreath, when cared for properly, can last for the entire holiday season. Regular misting, keeping it away from direct heat, and occasionally placing it in a cooler environment can help prolong its life.

3. Can Christmas Wreaths Be Used Indoors and Outdoors?

  • Answer: Yes, Christmas wreaths can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, it’s important to choose a wreath suitable for your intended use. Outdoor wreaths should be made of materials that can withstand weather conditions.

4. How Can I Store My Artificial Christmas Wreath?

  • Answer: Store your artificial Christmas wreath in a cool, dry place. It’s best to use a wreath storage bag or box to prevent dust accumulation and to maintain the shape of the wreath.

5. Are Pre-Lit Christmas Wreaths Safe?

  • Answer: Yes, pre-lit Christmas wreaths are generally safe. Ensure that the lights are UL-certified, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Check the wiring regularly, and do not leave the lights on unattended for extended periods.

6. How Do I Attach a Christmas Wreath to My Door Without Damaging It?

  • Answer: You can use an over-the-door wreath hanger, suction cup hangers, or magnetic hangers if you have a metal door. These methods allow you to hang your wreath without nails or screws that could damage your door.

7. Can I Customize My Christmas Wreath?

  • Answer: Absolutely! You can add ribbons, ornaments, pinecones, or other decorations to personalize your wreath. If you’re using a natural wreath, ensure that any added decorations are securely attached and weather-resistant if the wreath will be outdoors.

8. What is the Symbolism of a Christmas Wreath?

  • Answer: Traditionally, Christmas wreaths symbolize growth and eternal life. The circular shape represents eternity, with no beginning and no end, and the greenery symbolizes growth and everlasting life.

9. How Often Should I Replace My Artificial Christmas Wreath?

  • Answer: With proper care and storage, an artificial Christmas wreath can last for many years. Consider replacing it when it begins to look worn or when its style no longer fits your holiday decor.

10. Can I Use a Christmas Wreath After the Holidays?

  • Answer: Yes, some wreaths, especially those with a winter theme, can be used as a decorative item even after the Christmas season. Simply remove any distinctly Christmas-themed decorations to adapt it for general winter use.

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