10 Best UPS Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – When there is a cut off of electricity from PLN, a lot of activities have to be stopped, especially in offices whose operations depend on electricity. To prevent the death of some important electronic equipment when there is a power failure, these devices are usually installed with a UPS. What is a UPS and how does it work? Read the following reviews to find out the answers, including recommendations for the best UPS brands.

Getting to Know UPS, What is UPS?

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a piece of electrical equipment that can provide emergency power to electronic equipment when the power goes out. Unlike the emergency generator which must be turned on first, the UPS will automatically supply electricity by supplying energy stored in batteries, supercapacitors, or fly wheels . However, all UPS brands usually do not turn on for a long time, the power generated by the UPS is usually only 600 watts.

Best UPS Brand
APC/Amazon UPS Illustration Image

One of the best UPS brands with the most advanced features is the G-TEC Must 1500, with a voltage of up to 1500 kVA. This UPS product is typically used for server sections or other electrical equipment where a serious interruption occurs in the event of an unplanned outage. Broadly speaking, various brands and types of UPS have the same function, namely:

a. Supplying temporary electric power when there is a power outage on the main electricity.

b. Allow sufficient time to start the emergency generator.

c. Give time to back up important data and secure the computer to shut down properly.

d. Securing computers from possible software damage , data loss, or hardware damage due to blackouts.

e. Perform voltage stabilization when there is a sudden change in input voltage, so that the output voltage used by the computer remains stable.

The best UPS brands come in a variety of sizes, from those designed for a single computer to those designed to power an entire building. The two most common forms of UPS are tower and rack-mount forms . Tower-shaped UPS is usually used for desktop computers. Meanwhile, rack-mount UPSs are usually installed for servers and networks.

The power source used in the UPS comes from the battery installed in it. The three main types of batteries that are usually installed in the best UPS brands are valve regulated lead acid (VRLA), flooded cell or VLA, and lithium ion . UPS uptime depends on battery type and size, battery discharge rate, and inverter efficiency.

The best UPS brands are divided into several types with different performance characteristics, including types of standby , line interactive, double conversion on-line, and delta conversion on-line .

Standby UPS is usually used to supply power on a small scale by home users to supply power to PCs at home. The best UPS brands, which are of the standby type , are small and affordable, and can filter electricity disturbances. This type of UPS product has advantages, such as compact design, high efficiency, and low cost, however, it is not suitable for electricity consumption of more than 2 kVA.

For small-scale office needs, you can use the best UPS brand, the line interactive type . This type of UPS has a high level of reliability and can adjust the voltage properly. There is an inverter which is always connected to the system output to convert the electricity from the battery into AC power. When the power is on, the inverter will charge the battery, and when the power goes out, the transfer switch will close and supply power to the UPS output.

If you need the best UPS brand with a power of more than 10kVA, you can use a double conversion on-line UPS . The main power source used is the inverter, not the AC power. So when the AC power source is cut off, the electricity will be transferred immediately without any delay. Compared to the two previous types, this UPS product has better performance, but the heat generated is quite high.

The last type is the on-line conversion delta UPS whose performance is similar to the double conversion type . The best UPS brand of this type has two main functions, namely controlling the input power and the input current that directs the battery charging process. UPS delta conversion has high efficiency and is compatible with various types of electricity generators.

How to Choose a Good UPS

To choose the best UPS brand, there are several things that need attention. First the number of electrical outlets that will be connected to the UPS. The more electronic devices that will be connected, of course the UPS capacity needed will be even greater.

Second, the amount of power needed by electronic devices connected to the UPS. This can be checked using a watt-meter. Of course, choose the best UPS brand that produces more power than electronic devices.

Third, the durability of the UPS battery after a power outage occurs. Usually the best UPS brands can turn on for a few minutes so you can turn off the device properly. However, expensive UPS products can light up to one hour. This information can be known from the reference runtime on each UPS product.

Fourth, the features needed from the UPS, for example USB connectivity and software suite to control UPS conditions from a computer. The more luxurious the features, of course, the more expensive the price of the best UPS brand.

Fifth, product guarantees from manufacturers with conditions. Usually the best UPS brand manufacturers provide a product warranty for 1-3 years.

10 Recommendations for the Best UPS Brands

Given its function, the existence of a UPS is certainly needed for offices or places where computers store important data. The following are recommendations for the best UPS brands selected by Ainun, complete with a brief product review.



The APC SRT3000XLI SMART-UPS SRT 3000VA can be the choice of the UPS brand for gaming
 computers or laptops that are run not just for hobbies. This UPS product is also very suitable for server computers. The double conversion type , has a very large capacity, namely 3000 VA. However, this UPS product can be fully charged in about 3 hours.

This product is 432 mm long, 85 mm wide, 635 mm deep and weighs about 30 kg. The battery used in the best UPS brands is of the Lead-Acid battery type which can be used within 3-5 years. Besides large capacity, fast charging time, and long battery life, another advantage of this product is the direct control of the UPS on the attached small LCD and the USB port for connecting to other devices.

The APC SRT3000XLI SMART-UPS SRT 3000VA also has several drawbacks, including being quite expensive and quite heavy.



Another UPS brand for computers with sophisticated features, namely, the EATON 9PX5KIRT 9PX 5KVA 5000VA. This UPS brand has a very high level of efficiency, it can even reach 94% when online . To support its performance, this product is equipped with a USB port, remote on/off terminal, relay output terminal block, communication slot, and frequency converter.

Another advantage of this product is its capacity of up to 5000 VA making it one of the best UPS brands for the market or industry. Unfortunately, sales of this series are very limited in Indonesia, and the price is expensive. So to get a more affordable price, some people prefer to buy a second Eaton UPS .

The Best UPS Brand PROLiNK 1500VA 900 Watt Super Fast Charging PRO1501SFCU
UPS brand PROLiNK 1500VA 900 Watt Super Fast Charging PRO1501SFCU

The next UPS brand recommendation is PROLiNK 1500VA 900 Watt Super Fast Charging PRO1501SFCU. This product has a line interactive model with quite a large capacity, reaching 1500 VA and 900 watts of power. Measuring 320 mm x 130 mm x 182 mm and weighing 10.4 kg, this product will not take up too much space in your home or office.

Uses 2 V/10 Ah batteries which take 2-4 hours to charge up to 90% full, depending on the power supply. When the power goes out, this product will turn on automatically and can provide a back up time of about 40 minutes. The selling price of this best UPS brand in the official store on one of the e-commerce sites has received many positive reviews .

4. Liebert Vertiv GXT3000-MTPlusC230 3000VA 2700W

Best UPS Brand Liebert Vertiv GXT3000-MTPlusC230 3000VA 2700W
Brand UPS Liebert Vertiv GXT3000-MTPlusC230 3000VA 2700W

Liebert Vertiv GXT3000-MTPlusC230 3000VA 2700W is one of the UPS brands that can supply stable power when a power outage occurs. This product is an online double conversion type with support for 12V/9 AH type batteries. Because the capacity is quite large, namely 3000VA/2700 watts, fully charging the battery only takes 4 hours.

The use of this product is suitable for data center rooms that are not too large, data networks which include mid-range servers, voice networks , and automated machines such as ATM machines. You can observe important information, such as battery level, UPS status, charging time, and input-output voltage easily via the LCD. The performance of this best UPS brand is very efficient, so it doesn’t generate excessive heat.

Unfortunately, the selling price of the Indonesian Liebert Vertiv GXT3000-MTPlusC230 is still quite expensive. However, it is comparable to the performance provided by this best UPS brand. If you need it.

5. Micropack UPS 650VA Battery 7.2AH (TR650)

Best UPS Brands Micropack UPS 650VA Battery 7.2AH (TR650)
Brand UPS Micropack UPS 650VA Battery 7,2AH (TR650)

Although the price is not as expensive as the previous UPS brand, the Micropack UPS 650VA Battery 7.2AH (TR650) can still be relied upon, because it automatically turns on when there is a power outage. It has a capacity of 650VA and can generate up to 487 watts of power. This product has a back up time of around 25 minutes after a blackout occurs with a transfer time of 2-6 minutes, depending on usage load.

The size of the Micropack UPS 650VA Battery 7.2AH (TR650) is relatively small, with a length of 39.6 cm, a width of 13.5 cm, a height of 23.1 cm and a weight of 6.2 kg. The power source used is 12V 7.2Ah which takes about 4-6 hours to charge 90% full. this is the best UPS brand suitable for those of you who need an affordable UPS for personal computers.

6. ICA PN302B 302 600VA 300WATT

Best UPS Brand ICA PN302B 302 600VA 300WATT
Brand UPS ICA PN302B 302 600VA 300WATT

The ICA brand is quite well-known as a UPS brand for personal, office and industrial use, because it is available in various series and capacities. The ICA PN302B itself has a capacity of 600 VA with a power of 300 watts. Not only functions as a UPS, this product is also equipped with a stabilizer to stabilize the input current when the power is back on.

Made in size 401 x 260 x 170 mm with a weight of about 14 kg, the size is not too big for a UPS. Some of the advantages possessed by the best UPS brands are that the input voltage is very stable, minimizes overheating because it operates at temperatures of 0-40 degrees Celsius, is easy to find, and has an official warranty for 1 year. But with a capacity that is not too large, the ICA PN302B cannot be used on a large scale.

7. GPOWER GP200 1200va / 720 watt + Stabilizer

Best UPS Brand GPOWER GP200 1200va 720 watt + Stabilizer
UPS brand GPOWER GP200 1200va 720 watt + Stabilizer

If you are looking for a UPS brand that has a stabilizer, this UPS GPOWER GP200 1200va / 720 watt + Stabilizer product can be the right choice. The size is not much different from the previous UPS brand, with a length of 140 mm, width 345, height 170 mm, and weighs about 10 kg. The resulting capacity is also quite large, namely 1200 VA and 720 watts of power.

Various features are embedded in this best UPS brand to support optimal performance. There is a digital microprocessor to control high reliability, AVR to stabilize the output voltage , intelligent battery system to extend battery life. Apart from that, there is also smart multiple protection , in the form of short circuit, battery overcharge , and other protection features. you will get a 2 year guarantee when purchasing this product.

8. APC BR1500GI Power-Saving Back-UPS Pro 1500, 230V

Best UPS Brands APC BR1500GI Power-Saving Back-UPS Pro 1500, 230V
Brand UPS APC BR1500GI Power-Saving Back-UPS Pro 1500, 230V

APC is known as one of the best-selling UPS brands in Indonesia. If you want to try the APC UPS at a more affordable price than the APC SRT3000XLI SMART-UPS, you can choose this APC BR1500GI. The capacity is quite large, reaching 1500 VA with 865 watts of power. The transfer time required by this product is around 10-12 minutes.

This type of APC product is line interactive and uses a Lead-Acid battery that can be used for about 3-5 years. The time it takes to fully charge the battery is quite long, around 8 hours. The size of this best UPS brand is indeed relatively larger than some of the previous products, with a length of 301 mm, a width of 112 mm, a height of 380 mm and a weight of 12.7 kg, complete with a 2 year warranty.

9. Eaton 9E UPS 3000VA

Best UPS Brand Eaton 9E UPS 3000VA
Brand UPS Eaton 9E UPS 3000VA

Eaton 9E is one of the UPS brands that is suitable for personal or small-scale use because the resulting capacity is only around 3000 VA with 2400 watts of power. Measuring 399 mm long, 330 mm wide, 190 mm high, and weighing 24.2 kg, this product provides a back up time of around 13.4 minutes for 70% load.

Like the other best UPS brands, there is an LCD that will display various important information, such as battery level, load level , input-output voltage , and frequency. This product also allows the addition of 4 external battery modules for a longer start-up time. Eaton 9E UPS 3000VA is sold at the official Eaton UPS online store for 6.2 million. In addition to obtaining a 2-year product warranty, buyers will also receive a bonus Eaton 5V UPS 850VA.

10. Cyber ​​Power UPS BU650E 650VA 360WATT

Best UPS Brand Cyber ​​Power UPS BU650E 650VA 360WATT
UPS brand Cyber ​​Power UPS BU650E 650VA 360WATT

This product is a UPS brand for those of you who need a mini UPS with a small capacity and low price. It is only about 158 ​​mm long, 91.5 mm wide, 240 mm wide and weighs 4.1 kg. Due to its mini size, the capacity of this product is also not large, only 650 VA and 360 watts of power. This product is best suited for a single computer or game console.

Despite its small size and capacity, this product is compatible with generators. The type of battery used is a sealed lead-acid which takes up to 8 hours to charge. This best UPS brand can be turned on for 35 minutes on a device with a power of 60 watts, and 21 minutes on a device with a power of 90 watts.

Using an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) has become a norm, both in offices, factories or hospitals. The function of the UPS is to provide temporary power supply after the main power is cut off. This aims to prevent damage to the hardware.

When connected to a generator as a backup electric power, activities can continue. However, this transition will only take place smoothly with the presence of the UPS device. When the main power is cut off, the equipment can first be connected to this device.

Some Threats To The UPS

As an electronic device, of course there are several things that threaten the survival of UPS, even if it’s the best UPS brand at an expensive price. Some of these threats include:

1. Operational failure

This can be caused by UPS operators who still lack training and knowledge so they make mistakes when operating the UPS. Apart from the human factor , placing the UPS in a dirty and damp room can also cause operational failure.

2. Battery failure

This can be caused by several factors, such as storage in an inappropriate place, operating temperatures that are too hot or cold, too long use, and battery float voltages that do not meet the requirements.

3. The UPS component is damaged

The UPS will of course also include other components besides the battery, such as fans, capacitors, contractors, and circuit boards. If one of the components is damaged, the UPS will not function optimally, or even fail to operate.

Of course there is a way to avoid this problem with the best UPS brand that you have, namely by carrying out routine maintenance. Routine checks carried out can be in the form of thermal scans, virtual checks, to testing the UPS system. So the wrong parts can be identified and corrected as soon as possible.


The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) has the main function of providing emergency power to electronic equipment when the power goes out. Because of this important function, UPS is usually used in vital places, such as workplaces. If you are looking for the best UPS brand, you can choose one of the best UPS products in this review.

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