10+ Best Automatic Air Freshener Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A room that smells good and fresh is everyone’s dream. This condition will make the occupants more comfortable and feel at home in it. In order for your room to remain constantly fragrant, it is highly recommended to use an automatic air freshener.

Air fresheners that work automatically will help you use your time efficiently without having to spread the fragrance manually. In addition, you can also choose various fragrances according to your taste.

Best Automatic Air Freshener
Illustration of Automatic Air Freshener / xiaomi

Currently air fresheners have been widely produced and spread in various places. This will make it easier for you to obtain and own it. However, the number of products sold may not necessarily suit your needs and may not necessarily be of good quality. You have to be more careful to choose the right product. Therefore, this article will provide you with various information about air fresheners.

Tips for Choosing a Good Automatic Air Freshener

Before buying an automatic air freshener, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the following tips for choosing an automatic air freshener.

1. Adjust to the area of ​​the room

Pay attention in advance to the area of ​​the room where you will place the air freshener. If you are going to put an automatic deodorizer in a small room, it is highly recommended to use a deodorizer that is small enough, around 15 ml so that the fragrance you are going to spread is not too overpowering.

Fragrances that are too strong will make the occupants uncomfortable in that place. But if your room is wide enough, it is highly recommended to use a large air freshener around 200-300 ml so that the fragrance you spray can spread throughout the room.

2. Fresh and Pleasant Air Freshener Aroma

A fresh and pleasant aroma will make people in your room comfortable and feel at home. If you are going to install an air freshener in your bedroom or family room, it is highly recommended to choose a fragrance that is pleasant and not too overpowering so that your sleep is calm and the living room is comfortable, such as citrus, lavender, jasmine and other fragrances.

If you put air freshener in the den, it is advisable to choose a refreshing scent such as the aroma of coffee, cinnamon, vanilla. In addition to making the work space smell good, you will also be more concentrated and calm when working.

3. Unique shape

Automatic air fresheners are available in various forms that you can choose according to your taste. Choose a room freshener that has a unique shape so it can also be used to decorate a room. Unique and attractive shapes can also make your room more aesthetically pleasing. A beautiful and fragrant room will be achieved.

4. Adjust to the location of the placement

Apart from the scent, choosing an automatic air freshener also needs to be adjusted to the location where it is placed because the specifications for each product are definitely different from one another. Usually, automatic air freshener will be placed in waiting rooms, workplaces, living rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms with different sizes.

Generally, mini-sized products have narrower spray coverage compared to large-sized products. Therefore, it would be better if you choose a large automatic air freshener for a large room and vice versa.

5. Know the amount of spray and spray time setting options

The following points are important to consider when choosing an automatic air freshener because it makes it easier to estimate the expiration time. The more spray that is issued, of course, the faster it will run out.

However, it also depends on the selected spray time setting. Usually there is a machine that sprays deodorizer every 9 minutes, 18 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 36 minutes, or even sprays it at a moment’s notice by pressing the available button.

10+ Best Automatic Air Freshener Recommendations

Here we go

There are several recommended products for automatic air freshener with the best reviews from consumers. The following is a Ainun to review some of the selected products.

1. Stella Parfum’ is Smart Matic

Best Automatic Air Freshener Stella Parfum'ist Smart Matic
Parfum’ist Smart Matic Room Freshener Brand Stella

The first automatic air freshener in Indonesia which is very well known and has good quality is Stella Parfum’ist Smart Matic which is embedded with iChip technology inside. 
This latest technology from Stela can adjust its fragrance with just the touch of a finger via a smartphone. Through the Stella SmartApp application which can be downloaded via the Apple Store or Google Playstore, it can be connected only with Bluetooth technology without an internet connection.

This application is equipped with several features such as a smart scheduler, refill and battery monitor and instant spray. Smart schedule is useful for setting spraying time intervals based on days to hours as needed. Refill and battery monitors are useful for checking battery status and refilling air fresheners whether they will run out. Instant spray is useful for giving fragrance to the room at any time if it is needed suddenly.

2. Leaf LFDR-523

Leaf Best Automatic Room Freshener LFDR-523
LFDR-523 Brand Leaf

This remote automatic air freshener machine from Leaf is also one of the brands in the product line that has good reviews. 
Leaf type LFDR-523 is equipped with a remote control so that you can freely manage the functions contained in this automatic air freshener unit. This product is very suitable for use in offices, hotel rooms, living rooms, hospitals and others. The elegant design of this product allows it to be displayed anywhere so that the room looks more luxurious and the fragrance can radiate throughout the day.

This Leaf LFDR-523 automatic air freshener machine can be set to operate morning, evening or 24 hours. There are several spray intervals ranging from 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 69, 2 hours to 4 hours. The amount of each spray can also be adjusted 1 to 3 times. Using A2 batteries, so you don’t have to worry when the power goes out your room still smells good. You can find an easy way to operate in the explanation section of this machine box.

3. Glade Automatic Device

Best Automatic Air Freshener Glade Automatic Device
Automatic Device Automatic Air Freshener Brand Glade

Glade automatic device is the latest innovative air freshener from Glade which can provide continuous fragrance automatically in your room. 
Equipped with a timer with several time setting options available starting from 9 minute, 18 minute and 36 minute intervals. This automatic air freshener also provides a manual button that you can use at any time to spray the refill manually throughout the room. It is suitable for use in larger rooms such as waiting rooms, living rooms, family rooms, offices and others.

It has a white color with a minimalist design that can be used as an additional decoration for your home. It only uses batteries to operate so that this portable machine can be placed anywhere, even on the highest walls. Glade also provides air freshener refills with several fragrances that can last up to 60 days with a setting time of 36 minutes. If the refill has run out, this machine is also very easy to open by applying a latch design.

4. Idealife Air Freshener

Best Automatic Room Freshener Idealife Air Freshener
Idealife Brand Air Freshener

The next automatic air freshener that can be used with a remote control is the Idealife brand produced by PT Utamamega. 
Can set the spraying time interval from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. To maintain the security of placing tools that are placed in public places such as offices, shops and others, you can lock this tool. It has sensors that run with multiple choices 24 hours, night or morning only. Operated using 2 AA batteries.

For constant freshness at home, office, shop and even hospital this tool is highly recommended for use. This product will also provide a manual when you find it difficult to operate. There is also a warranty card that will relieve you when the machine breaks down. Can be mounted on the wall or just made to stand on the table.

5. Air Wick Air Freshener

Best Automatic Air Freshener Air Wick Air Freshener
Air Wick Air Freshener

Automatic air freshener machine from Air Wick with a combination of Lavender and Chamomile scents will bring you the feeling of being in a pleasant flower garden. 
Eliminate unpleasant odors from your kitchen, bathroom or pet cage by using this machine. Long-lasting freshness without the need to change refills for up to 70 days with the lowest time setting. Equipped with 24/7 Odor-Stop technology to eliminate bad odors all day long.

The workings of this machine can be started by making sure the trap is on and the battery is installed. Rotate the freshmatic device body then insert the refill inside. Close the device back up tightly. Select the spray setting on the top cover, for example once every 15 seconds, then this automatic fragrance machine will spray automatically after 15 seconds. This machine is operated by using a battery so you will be more efficient in the use of electric power.

6. Bardi Smart Aroma Diffuser

Best Automatic Air Freshener Bardi Smart Aroma Diffuser
Smart Aroma Diffuser Merk Bardi

Bardi smart aroma diffuser is a smart automatic air freshener machine that can be set via an application. 
Connect the Bardi smart aroma diffuser with the adapter and connect to the Bardi smart home application using 2.4 Hz wifi. In addition to scenting the room, Bardi can also make the room fresher with the addition of aromatherapy (essential oil) which can provide peace of mind after a tiring day at work.

This automatic air freshener machine has a new tank size of 200 ml so that more water can be accommodated and can spread fragrance in a room with a maximum area of ​​20 m 2 . Bardi smart aroma diffuser is also equipped with several features such as RGB LED lights with 4 different color choices that you can change as you wish, a mist feature to change the type of mist, a timer that can be set from 1/3/5 hours with 2 levels of steam spraying speed, and the feature turns off automatically when the water runs out.

7. La Fortuna Reed Diffuser

The Best Automatic Air Freshener La Fortuna Reed Diffuser
Reed Diffuser Merk La Fortuna

La Fortuna reed diffuser is an aromatherapy fragrance that does not use candles or electricity. 
All you have to do is dip the rattan stick in the essential oil liquid into the bottle, then the fragrance in the bottle will come out and spread the fragrance throughout the room very quickly and the aroma can last a long time. The essential oil (aromatherapy) and wooden sticks used in this automatic air freshener do not use a mixture of chemicals and alcohol so they are very safe for health. It is very suitable if you put this air freshener in the living room, family room, bedroom, toilet and other places. In addition to smelling good, the design provided can improve the appearance of the room.

This automatic air freshener is available in several variants, such as Cloud (composition of orange, violet, freesia, pineapple, strawberry and cloudberry), Pear & Freesia variant (composition: orange, bergamot, rose, freesia, jasmine, amber, musk, patchouli), Jasmine, Lemon Grass, Baccarat, Black Coffee and others. In one purchase per box, you already get 1 bottle of essential oil with a size of 50 ml, 5 rattan sticks, Dry Flowers (containing edelweiss flowers, wheat and bunny tail) and a thank you card.

8. Kbaybo Aroma Disffuser Humidifier Led and Remote

Best Automatic Air Freshener Kbaybo Aroma Diffuser Humidifier Led and Remote
Aroma Disffuser Humidifier Led and Remote Merk Kbaybo

Kbaybo Aroma Diffuser Humidifier Led and Remote automatic air freshener which is well known for its best quality. 
In addition to giving fragrance to the whole room with the resulting therapeutic aroma, this tool can also keep the air moist. It is equipped with seven different colors of led lights that can change only by setting using a remote so that it makes the room more attractive when it is turned on. There is an auto On/Off feature if the water in the tool has run out, a remote for On/Off, change the color of the light, a timer and more.

This automatic air freshener is quiet when operated so it won’t disturb your sleep and the light on the device will make your sleep more restful. Made of plastic material with a water capacity of 500 ml and a weight of 800 ml. In one purchase in one package you will already get additional equipment such as a power supply/charger, manual book and remote.

9. Krisbow Fragrance Tool

Krisbow Best Automatic Room Freshener Air Freshener
Krisbow Brand Fragrance Tool

The next brand that has issued a lot of electronic equipment of the highest quality is Krisbow, an automatic air freshener using the spray method. 
You are free to set the time interval for the spray to be carried out to give fragrance to the entire room so that it is very easy for you to use it without doing it manually. Spraying intervals were at a distance of 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and 4 hours. The amount of spraying to be done can also be adjusted from 1 to 3 sprays.

The refill capacity that can be accommodated by this tool is 330 ml. There are several variants of Krisbow automatic air freshener that you can choose from, such as Aerosol and Calmic. For the Aerosol variant, you can operate it using a type C battery and have dimensions of 10 x 9 x 24.5 cm, while the Calmic variant uses a type D battery with product dimensions of 12 x 9 x 20.5 cm. In addition, the Calmic type has a remote control that will make it easier for you to make adjustments to this automatic deodorizer.

10. Xiaomi Mijia Air Fragrance

Best Automatic Air Freshener Xiaomi Mijia Air Fragrance
Mijia Air Fragrance Merk Xiaomi

Automatic air freshener that works like a humidifier from Xiaomi Mijia Air Fragrance. 
This tool will spread the steam that comes from aromatherapy oil or perfume that is placed into the tube. Just like other air fresheners, this machine can also set the duration of time for spraying the steam. Having a simple and elegant design, this tool can be placed anywhere such as the living room, bedroom and others without having to think about the right concept. In one full bottle of aromatherapy liquid or perfume can be used for about 1 to 4 months.

This tool has its own rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh which can last up to 4 months on a single charge. In one purchase you will get 1 Xiaomi Mijia Fragrance, 1 USB and a manual. If you want to have it, then you can buy through trusted e-commerce with the best price offers such as Tokopedia, Shopee and others.


The Best Automatic Air Freshener Brand Dahlia
Brand Dahlia

The next recommendation for automatic air freshener is Dahlia, which has a tagline where the smell goes away, good mood comes. 
The choice of aroma is very diverse, namely Lily, Fresh Lavender, Royal Coffee, Sweet Garden, Exotic Citrus, and Sweet Garden. These six scents will give you a feeling of freshness and fragrance in every room that is paired with an automatic deodorizer. Interestingly, Dahlia’s refill products can be attached to similar equipment that you have, making it more cost-effective because you don’t have to buy a new tool.

Dahlia designed his automatic air freshener products to have high pressure contents. That way, the fragrance can spread more quickly to all parts of the room. There are several things that need to be considered when using Dahlia products, such as avoiding contact between the fragrance and the eyes and keeping them out of reach of children and pets. In addition, it is recommended to put it in a dry and cool place and not to prick or throw the used refill into the burning place.

12. BayFresh

BayFresh Best Automatic Air Freshener Brand
Brand BayFresh

This automatic air freshener brand is under the same company as Glade, yes. 
BayFresh has an automatic air freshener specially formulated to neutralize odors in various rooms while providing freshness. The interesting thing about BayFresh is that its product with Automatic Spray technology can be used as a refill product for other brands of automatic sprayers. There are Orange, Morning Coffee, Strawberry & Cream, and Country Apple flavors in 225 ml packages to choose from.

The irreplaceable fragrance of BayFresh Automatic Spray lasts all day long. No need to worry because the aroma is safe for humans to inhale, so it won’t cause respiratory problems. That way, everyone will feel a comfortable atmosphere when in the room. If you can’t find BayFresh’s automatic air freshener at Indomaret and Alfamart, just look for it on your trusted marketplace.

13. Crissom

Crissom Best Auto Air Freshener Brand
Mark Crissom

There will be a big difference when you are in a room that smells good and is clean or just clean. 
The same is true when doing activities in a bright or dim room. The comfort you feel will definitely be more inclined to the first choice, right? Doing any activity will feel easier and lighter when you feel comfortable, even the quality of sleep can also be better. Well, one way that can be done to make this happen is by installing an automatic air freshener.

The next recommendation for an automatic air freshener brand is Crissom, whose product can work day, night, or 24 hours. When 2 pcs of R20 batteries are paired and the LED lights up, you can be sure that the tool is ready to work properly. The choice of spraying time can be adjusted by selecting an interval of 5 minutes to 4 hours using the remote control.

14. Calmic

Calmic's Best Automatic Air Freshener
Merk Calmic

If you go to a public place like a mall, there will usually be an automatic air freshener in the toilet. 
This can show if the mall toilets are really well cared for and cleaned every day so they don’t disturb the comfort of everyone who is there. Well, one brand that is more inclined to raise hygiene standards by bringing science to the toilet is Calmic. Now 19 Calmic branches are operating throughout USA.

You don’t need to hesitate to choose Calmic because its automatic air freshener is energy efficient and can be adjusted as needed up to 6,000 sprays. An exclusive range of fragrances designed by Calmic, including Citrus, Lemongrass and Coffee Vanilla with a choice of white, gray, black, blue, green, red and many more. Interestingly, each scent spreads strongly and contains AromaGuard technology, which effectively reduces up to 70% of bad odors in toilets. The aerosol form is environmentally friendly because it is free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Use of Air Freshener for Babies and Pregnant Women

If you have a baby at home or are pregnant, it is necessary to pay attention to air fresheners that will not have a negative impact on your baby. Here are a few things to know.

1. Impact of Air Freshener on Babies

Based on information obtained from the official website of the Department of Allergy and Immunology at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, air fresheners should not be placed in the baby’s room. Babies who have a family history of allergies or asthma are at risk of developing the same conditions if exposed to aerosols.

2. Damaging the Health of Pregnant Women

Air fresheners that are too frequent during early pregnancy will create the potential for diarrhea and earaches in babies. Air fresheners combined with aerosols will contribute to a complex mixture of chemicals and the buildup of VOCs in the home environment.

3. Recommended Air Freshener

Make sure that you don’t spray or place the air freshener too close to the baby’s crib as this will allow the particles to land on the bed where it gets on the baby’s skin or mouth.

Spray air freshener during the day or when the baby is playing in another room. In addition, you can also use safer essential oils. Make sure the essential oil does not have alcohol mixed in. This essential oil will promote restful sleep and relieve colic.

How to Use Automatic Air Freshener

After knowing several brands of automatic air freshener, it would be better if you also know how to use them. Here are the steps that need to be done.

  1. Make sure the timer on the automatic air freshener is turned off or off to prevent spraying from occurring during installation. It will not be good if the fragrance gets into the eyes.
  2. Open the tool to insert the refill product by pressing the button at the bottom or by sliding one side because the automatic sprayer uses a sliding system.
  3. After the refill has been installed correctly, then close it again until you hear a clicking sound as a sign that the automatic air freshener is completely closed properly.
  4. Enter the battery as a supplier of electrical power which is usually obtained when buying an automatic air freshener for the first time.
  5. Turn the tool so that it is not facing directly to your face and start to adjust the spraying time according to the desired interval by pressing a button or adjusting it via a smartphone if you can.
  6. Now, automatic air freshener is ready to give you the desired scent all the time.


Automatic air freshener is selected to make a room not smell musty and improve the mood of the person who inhales it. In order to get good quality products and really feel the benefits, then when choosing it you need to consider several things.

After reading the recommendations above and successfully finding an automatic air freshener from a certain brand, you also need to know how to use it so you can install, adjust and replace it yourself. All you have to do is read the instructional documents that have been provided for each product. You just have to read it carefully.

There is a lot of information that has been presented above, starting from tips on choosing an automatic air freshener, a list of recommended brands of automatic air freshener, to information about using air freshener for rooms for babies and pregnant women, to how to use an automatic air freshener.

Hopefully this information can help you to find and choose the best product. If you want to get other information about recommendations, you can visit the other article page.

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