10 Best Baby Scales Recommendation (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The product for baby needs that is often forgotten by many parents is a scale. Indeed, functionally, this product is only useful for measuring a child’s weight. However, for parents who want to monitor their child’s development optimally, having a baby scale at home will be very helpful.

For those of you who want to know your child’s growth better, of course it’s time for you to buy yourself a baby scale to use at home. There are analog and digital hanging baby scales . If you want to get more convenience, then we recommend to buy a digital baby scale, in addition to the weight will appear with details, usually the shape of the scale is simpler, although the selling price is relatively higher.

Best Baby Scales
The Best Baby Scales Illustrations

How to Choose a Good Baby Scale

If you don’t want to come to the midwife just to weigh your child, then you can find your own baby scale. There are various brands to choose from, such as Serenity , Rossmax , Laica , Charder , and Baby Patent . Before buying one of the many products that we are going to share, you need to know first how to choose a baby scale in this section.

1. Pay attention to the mobility and shape of the scales

There are different models on baby scales and toddler scales. Generally, baby scales have a long size so that it can accommodate the entire body of a baby who is in a lying position. It’s different with toddlers who can stand or sit, so baby scales don’t need to be long.

In addition to adjusting the length of the scale, you can also choose products that offer convenience in terms of mobility. In this case, choose a scale that makes it easy for you to store or carry it. Maybe you want to gift this scale to your friend or relative, then choose a baby scale that is light in weight so that it is easy to carry.

2. Choose a scale with an easy-to-find power source

Most baby scales operate on the power generated by the battery. There are AA and AAA type batteries in the baby scale. Each type of battery has its own advantages. The most important thing in this matter is to make sure the battery you use can be easily replaced.

Even though you can now get a wide variety of products online , it will definitely save time and money if you can afford a replacement battery at the nearest store. That way, you can directly monitor the baby’s weight without having to wait a day or two even up to a week if you buy it online .

3. Choose products with unique details of small measurements

Scales in adults are different from baby scales. Especially regarding the unit of measurement which in adults has a detail of 50 to 100 grams. If this is applied to infants there will be very large fluctuations. Therefore, try to find a baby scale with a detailed unit of measurement less than or equal to 10 grams.

Products with details of this unit will be more optimal in observing the development of the baby’s weight. Although this type is sold at a higher price, you will get better measurement results. Especially in the breastfeeding phase, a scale that can reduce fluctuations will be better for knowing the development of body weight.

10 Best Baby Scales Recommendations

Manufacturers are competing to produce baby scales with nice and attractive features, such as being able to measure the weight of babies wrapped in cloth or towels. In addition, there is also a baby scale with a feature to save the baby’s measurement results so that it is easier for you to make comparisons.

Whatever type of scale you want to choose, make sure you choose the best quality baby scale. In order not to be mistaken or look for yourself, Ainun has summarized several product recommendations that can be an option for you.

1. Serenity Digital Baby and Kid Scale SR 721 DM

Best Baby Scales Serenity Digital Baby and Kid Scale SR 721 DM
Merk Serenity Digital Baby and Kid Scale SR 721 DM

We recommend the first baby scales come from Serenity. 
This well-known manufacturer in the line of baby goods also issued a scale with an 
auto power feature . This feature will make it easier for you to take measurements without having to press the On/Off button embedded in the front of the product.

The auto power feature is not only able to turn on the weight measuring technology, but can also turn off when your child has been lifted from the scales a few seconds later. That way, the product that can accommodate a maximum load of 25 kg is not only of high quality, but also energy efficient.

2. Rossmax WE300 Qutie – Baby Scale

Rossmax WE300 Qutie Best Baby Scales – Baby Scale
Merk Rossmax WE300 Qutie – Baby Scale

The tera function on the Rossmax scale will spoil parents, including you. For those who don’t know, this feature is intended to get accurate weighing results even if your baby is being swaddled or wrapped in a kimono-style cloth or towel.

That’s not enough, Rossmax also added the “HALT” feature which still provides precise measurement results even though the baby is actively moving. This baby scale from Rossmax has a detailed unit of measurement up to 5 grams with a fairly wide measurement distance. The load carrying capacity of this product reaches 20 kg. The type of battery used to employ this tool is a button battery of type CR2032.

3. Seca 334

Best Baby Scales Seca 334
Merk Seca 334

With a myriad of features embedded, it is not surprising that the Seca 334 is marketed at a price of 8 million. This product carries an innovative technology called BMIF or Breast Milk Intake Function which is able to monitor the amount of milk consumed by the baby automatically. This feature works very effectively to inform every mother, including you.

If you don’t want your child to be overweight or even obese due to excess breast milk and formula, then there’s nothing wrong with spending a lot of money on this product. The Seca 334 is capable of measuring loads up to 20 kg and a unit of measurement as detailed as 5 grams. With the embedded tera feature, this product is also not affected by the weight of the cloth that covers the baby’s body.

4. Laica Children’s Scale PS3004

Best Baby Scales Laica Children's Scale PS3004
Merk Laica Children’s Scale PS3004

Feeling constrained by a budget that does not touch the number of millions of rupiah? Don’t worry, we still have another recommendation in the form of Laica Children’s Scale PS3004. This baby scale with dimensions of 55 x 29.5 x 14.5 cm is not only compact, but also light because it weighs no more than 3 kg.

On the part of the scale base that can be removed from the scale, you can more easily store it. Not only that, this product can also be used as a sleeping or stepping scale. Through a feature that allows the scales to be occupied or stepped on, your toddler can still use it.

5. Beurer BY 80 Baby Scale

Best Baby Scales Recommendation Beurer BY 80 Baby Scale
Merk Beurer BY 80 Baby Scale

A more affordable option for those of you who need a baby scale with long usability, even until your baby has moved from toddler age. The Beurer BY 80 Baby Scale is compactly designed so that it can withstand loads of up to 20 kg with a measuring range of 50 grams. This scale has a unique detail of measuring 5 grams.

Not only is it ideal for weighing your baby, you can also use this tool to weigh your kitchen spice needs. The HOLD feature on this scale allows for accurate measurement results even if your child moves a lot while on it. Powered by 2 AA batteries, you couldn’t find a replacement battery any easier at a shop near your home.

6. Charder Cupid 1 Digital Pediatric Scale – MS9002

Best Baby Scales Charder Cupid 1 Digital Pediatric Scale – MS9002
Merk Charder Cupid 1 Digital Pediatric Scale – MS9002

You can more easily find out changes in baby’s weight even up to 0.01 kg changes with this baby scale. Not only does the Charder help parents monitor their child’s progress to the smallest detail, but the rechargeable battery power source also doesn’t result in repeated battery changes.

The Charder Cupid 1 Digital Pediatric Sale MS9002 series is a scale that has a high level of measurement sensitivity. This product can be used to weigh babies or other objects up to a maximum load of 20 kg. In addition to being more valuable in the aspect of the smallest detail unit of measurement, this scale is also easier to store because the tray can be separated from the body.

7. Unique Baby Scale CB551

Best Baby Scales Unique Baby Scale CB551
Brand Unique Baby Scale CB551

The innovations applied by Unique to this scale will keep your baby’s mood when being weighed. Usually, babies are fussy and difficult to position when placed on the scale. But with the Unique Baby Scale CB551, you will see your baby lying quietly. Why? Because this product is embedded with a music player feature that can attract the baby’s attention.

With a choice of music that is comfortable to listen to, your baby is sure to be easier to persuade and not fussy anymore. This scale is also unique because it has a shape resembling a panda’s face on the digital control panel. This product has a detailed unit of measurement up to 10 grams with a maximum measurement capacity of up to 20 kg.

8. Baby Patent Aqua Scale 3 in 1 Digital Baby Bath

Cheap Baby Scales Baby Patent Aqua Scale 3 in 1 Digital Baby Bath
Merk Baby Patent Aqua Scale 3 in 1 Digital Baby Bath

Not a few manufacturers who apply modern features to their products. Baby Patent is one of them, this brand presents baby scales that can also be used as a child’s bath. In fact, this stuff doesn’t just work on two different activities. So, you can still see the baby’s weight while bathing him.

This kind of advantage is almost rarely found by other products. Not to mention the ability to measure the temperature of the water used, you can adjust it so that the baby will be more comfortable when bathed. Working with 2 AAA batteries, this baby scale can accommodate a measuring range capacity of up to 20 kg.

9. ONEMED Digital Baby Scale OD 231-B

Best Baby Scales ONEMED Digital Baby Scales OD 231-B
ONEMED Brand Digital Baby Scales OD 231-B

If you like to forget your baby’s weight because you haven’t weighed in a long time, with the Onemed OD-231-B digital baby scale, problems like this can be avoided. No need to spend less than millions of rupiah, you can already use baby scales with additional memory up to 15 data capacity that can be stored.

This product can not only be used to store one baby’s weight change, but eight babies! So, if you want to help your friend who also has a baby, there’s nothing wrong with sharing the functions in this one product. With a maximum payload capacity of 25 kg, you can still monitor your child’s development up to the age of 4-5 years.

10. Serenity Digital Baby and Kid Scale SR-30D

Recommended Best Baby Scales Serenity Digital Baby and Kid Scale SR-30D
Merk Serenity Digital Baby and Kid Scale SR-30D

Serenity pretty much spawned baby scales. In addition to the adorable pink SR 720 DM, this time Serenity comes with the dominant white SR-30D series. This baby scale is quite different from the previous series, where there are pads to maintain the shape of the baby’s head so that it is more comfortable when lying down.

This product has also passed due diligence so that it will not change the soft bone structure of the child’s head thanks to the cushioning provided. This scale can operate via 4 AAA type battery power which you can easily buy at the nearest store. The memory storage feature for up to 5 users also allows you to monitor your baby’s development more optimally.


The ten best baby scales that we have recommended in this list will help you monitor your baby’s growth and development. Especially in the breastfeeding phase, the child’s weight gain can occur. By having your own scale at home, you can find out if your baby is in the fat or ideal category.

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