10 Best Brand Good Hand Blender Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Nowadays, to grind spices, we no longer need stone mills. Because there are already many types of automatic mills commonly called blenders. With a blender we can easily grind spices, make juices, smoothies, puree meat and much more.

That’s why a blender has become a staple kitchen tool that must be met to help mothers cook. Did you know that now there is a blender that we can use manually by hand? The blender is a hand blender or more familiarly called a hand blender.

The Best Hand Blenders
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Hand blender is a grinding machine that can be used like a regular blender. It’s just that this blender is used by moving it manually. Even though it looks more tiring because you have to use manual labor, this blender is recognized to be able to produce finer grind results when compared to an ordinary blender. The reason is because we can direct the blender blade to parts that are still not smooth. So the grind results can be more evenly distributed.

Know 3 Different Types of Blenders

You often see the usual blenders, did you know that currently blenders have several variants? If you are usually familiar with ordinary blenders, now is the right time for you to find out what types of blenders are widely used by the public. Curious? Here’s the review.

1. Personal Blender

The first is a personal blender type blender. This blender has a fairly new category and is suitable for people who want to immediately enjoy blender processed products. This blender is equipped with a glass that can be used directly as a bottle for blender preparations such as smoothies, juices and the like.

The glass is the size of one serving of drink which is suitable for 1 person only. That’s why, this blender is called a personal blender. The drawback of this blender is that it cannot be relied on for ingredients that are quite hard.

2.Counter Top Blender

Often referred to as a conventional blender, this Counter Top Blender is an ordinary blender that is most often found. This blender has a design to be placed in the kitchen which is equipped with a glass and also a knife at the bottom to grind food ingredients.

This blender has a glass capacity of up to 1.5 liters which is sufficient to meet the needs of families at home. This blender has the advantage of being able to grind any food ingredients to ice cubes. So you can use a blender to make a smoothie.

3. Hand Blender / Hand Blender

Often referred to as a hand blender, this blender is one of the simplest and most blenders available in a cordless design. However, some of these blenders still have cables. You can adjust according to your needs.

This hand blender is suitable for smoothing small amounts of food ingredients. This blender can be used freely using any bowl without having to transfer it to the blender glass. You can also use the cutting accessories that are equipped with the blender to get more varied results.

However, this blender also has the disadvantage that it can only be used for light ingredients. This blender does not support grinding hard food ingredients such as ice.

How to Choose a Good and Right Hand Blender

You already know what types of blenders are, especially hand blenders. Now is the time for you to know some tips for choosing a good and right hand blender so you don’t feel disappointed when you don’t receive a product that suits your needs. Check out the tips in the following review.

1. Pay attention to the required electric power

First, always make sure to pay attention to the electrical power required by using the hand blender. You need to know this so that you can adjust to the electrical conditions in your home. The smaller the power needed, the more efficient you are in using it.

2. Be sure to pay attention to the features

Second, always make sure to pay attention to the functions of the hand blender. One of them is the blade of the blender. Even more so for the additional features offered. Usually, the more complete the features offered, the more expensive the blender will be.

However, if you don’t need these additional features, why do you have to pay a fortune, right? It’s best to choose a product that has the function you need. That way you won’t spend a large budget on things that don’t become your needs.

3. Select the Body Blender Material Design You Want

Designed with various materials and colors, body hand blenders usually have their own uniqueness. Some are made of stainless, some are made of plastic.

For materials made of stainless, they usually have a body that is stronger but a little heavier but more hygienic. Meanwhile, for plastic materials, the weight is lighter. If you are more interested in plastic materials, you should choose plastic that has a food grade label or is free of BPA.

So, those are 3 tips that you can use as a guide for those of you who want to buy the best new hand blender. Next, you will be presented with a list of 10 recommended blender products. Don’t miss it, here’s the review.

10 Best Hand Blender Recommendations

Here we go

In the following, a list of 10 recommendations for the best hand blenders for the best brands from Ainun will be explained along with their reviews. What products are you curious about? Don’t miss it, look at the following reviews.

1. Beko Hand Blender HBA7753X

Best Hand Blender Recommendations Beko HBA7753X Hand Blender
Brand Beko Hand Blender HBA7753X

First, there is a hand blender from the Beko brand, namely the Beko Hand Blender HBA7753X. 
If hand blender products are usually equipped with only 1 or 2 speed buttons, this Beko product is equipped with up to 4 speeds. So users can be adjusted according to your time requirements. If you want to grind ingredients quickly, select the highest speed, namely the turbo button.

For the body material, this hand blender is made of plastic, so it doesn’t require more energy when using it because it’s light, weighing only 1.6 kg. And the electric power used is 750 W. For those of you who may not have much time to cook due to your busy work schedule, this best hand blender product is highly recommended for you.

2. Philips Hand Blender HR1603

Philips HR1603 Best Hand Blender Recommendations
Brand Philips HR1603

Second, there is the best hand blender brand from Philips, namely Philips HR1603. 
This blender from the Dutch brand Anda has many advantages. Starting from its practical use, easy cleaning and a body that is very comfortable to hold, this hand blender is also equipped with very capable features.

This Hand Blender has a feature called Promix which functions to mix and grind food or drink ingredients quickly and evenly. The design of the knife is bent upwards, this one of the best hand blenders can reach large amounts of food.

For the body, this blender is made of safe plastic material because it already has a BPA free certificate. To use this blender has 2 buttons to turn on then lock and also to release the lock.

3. Panasonic Hand Blender MX-SS40

Best Hand Blender Recommendations Panasonic MX-SS40
Brand Panasonic MX-SS40

Next, there is the best hand blender from Panasonic, namely the Panasonic MX-SS40. 
Equipped with many additional features, you can make a wider variety of dishes with this blender.

Do you often feel lazy to cook something because you are lazy to grind the spices for the dish? Now you don’t have to worry anymore. This hand blender can help you make spices to chop, whisk, blend and slice.

Not only that, you can also make various cakes, drinks, and ground meat. Very cool right? For its design, this best hand blender has a body that is comfortable to hold by hand with 1 button operation. Equipped with various blades, this blender has a capacity of up to 700 ml which requires up to 600 watts of electricity.

4. Tefal Turbo Mix Hand Blender HB1011A4

Best Hand Blender Recommendations Tefal Turbo Mix Hand Blender HB1011A4
Brand Tefal Turbo Mix Hand Blender HB1011A4

Next, there is the best hand bender brand, Tefal Turbo Mix Hand Blender HB1011A4. 
Having a blade made of stainless steel, this hand blender is recognized as having a high level of hygiene. Durable when used, this blender requires 350 watts of electricity and weighs 2 kg.

If you want to get a long-lasting hand blender product and also a qualified blade, you can consider this one product. Because you need to know, in choosing the best hand blender, the blade is one of the things that must be considered carefully. And the blades of this product are blender blades that have unquestionable quality.

5. Cypruz Hand Blender BR-0350

Best Hand Blender Recommendations Cypruz Hand Blender BR-0350
Brand Cypruz Hand Blender BR-0350

The next best hand blender product is Cypruz Hand Blender BR-0350. 
Having a very pocket-friendly price, this hand blender is also very environmentally friendly and also friendly to the body. Why is that? This is because this blender uses plastic materia which has pocketed the free grade label. So it is safe to use to process food.

If we are usually faced with noisy blenders, this time you will be presented with a unique hand blender that has a sound that is not too noisy to use so it is very comfortable for the ears. That’s why this hand blender is called very environmentally friendly. For the required electrical power, this blender requires 175 watts. This is a hand blender with a fairly low electric power.

6. Cosmos CB-653 HB

Best Hand Blender Recommendations Cosmos CB-653 HB
Brand Cosmos CB-653 HB

The next best hand blender brand is Cosmos CB-653 HB. 
Having a 3 in 1 type, this hand blender has the functions of blending, whisking, and chopping in 1 tool. For the power of the blender, it is made with 2 speed levels for maximum results.

Having a very simple design, this Cosmos hand blender has a body design with many color variants such as red, blue and also white. When buying a set of this product, you will receive a 700 ml glass as a container for grinding food ingredients.

However, you can replace it with any container as long as the container is resistant to strong enough vibrations. To use this hand blender, you need 200 watts of electricity. Made of plastic material, you don’t need to be afraid because the plastic material used for this best hand blender already has a food grade certificate, namely BPA free, so it is safe to use for food.

7. Oxone Eco Hand Blender OX-141

Best Hand Blender Recommendations Oxone Eco Hand Blender OX-141
Brand Oxone Eco Hand Blender OX-141

Still on the topic of the best hand blender, then there is the Oxone Eco Hand Blender OX-141 brand. 
Previously, mothers used a colander to grind baby food, now there are hand blenders available that can help mothers prepare complementary foods for babies.

That way the process of making baby food becomes easier and simpler. Using plastic material that has a BPA-free certificate, this one of the best hand blender brands is suitable for grinding soft-textured complementary foods. The weight of the tool is included in the light category, namely 1 kg. The required electric power is also included in the low category, which is only 170 watts.

8. Little Giant Hand Blender LG 3622

Recommended Hand Blender Little Giant LG 3622
Brand Little Giant LG 3622

The next best hand blender brand is Little Giant LG 3622. As with the previous product, this one blender product is also suitable for smoothing baby solids. 
Having a very ergonomic body design, this blender is very comfortable to use.

For the container, you are free to use anything. This hand blender is made using plastic that is safe for the environment and food grade specifically for the baby. The required electrical power is only 150 watts. Very low, right? With this little giant blender, anyone can prepare baby food without the hassle. With just one button, baby food is ready to be served.

9. KitchenAid 2 Speed ​​Hand Blender

Best Hand Blender Recommendations KitchenAid 2 Speed ​​Hand Blender
Brand KitchenAid 2 Speed ​​Hand Blender

Did you know that using a hand blender for too long can cause your hands to sweat so that they become slippery against the grip of the blender? 
Well, for now this is not a problem anymore. This is because there is already the best hand blender product from KitchenAid 2 Speed ​​Hand Blender.

This blender is equipped with non-slip so it is still comfortable to use even if you use it for a long time. The material for this hand blender product is made of plastic which has pocketed a BPA-free certificate so it is safe to use. For electric power, this blender requires 180 watts of power and weighs only 2 kg. So long enough use does not make the hands sore.

10. Russell Hobbs Explore Hand Blender 22240-56

Best Hand Blender Recommendations Russell Hobbs Explore Hand Blender 22240-56
Brand Russell Hobbs Explore Hand Blender 22240-56

Finally, there is a hand blender product from Russell Hobbs Explore Hand Blender 22240-56. 
Having a design that is comfortable to hold, this hand blender has two operating buttons. This blender is suitable for smoothing ingredients for solids. Not only that, this blender is also suitable for those of you who like to cook who don’t want to spend a long time.

This is because this blender has enough power to puree many types of food. You can make cake batter, mix eggs to smooth the spices. For the required electrical power, this hand blender requires 300 watts with the body material, namely ABS material. If you are looking for one of the best hand blenders with sufficient power and high speed, this hand blender can be a recommendation for you.


So, those are the 10 recommendations for the best hand blender brands. For those of you who might be currently looking for a hand blender, you can use the 10 list above as a reference when you want to buy one. Don’t forget to always adapt it to your needs. What are you waiting for, let’s order now at your favorite store.

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