10+ Best Brand Recommendations for Women’s Watches (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – The best women’s watch brands are the target of many women to support their appearance at the same time because of the advantages these watches have. Not a few of them also choose branded and original watches. Do you also think so? Well, now there are various kinds of watch brands that you can choose according to your tastes and needs.

The Best Women's Watches
Illustration of Women’s Watches

Usually, original products will be sold in various online and offline shopping places. If you want to see the goods in person, then you can buy them at the official store in the mall. But if it’s the other way around, then you can buy the watch in a trusted account on the marketplace or the official website. Then, what needs to be done to find the best women’s watch brands? Check out the following article review, OK!

How to Choose the Right Brand of Women’s Watches

Finding original and luxurious products with good quality, of course, cannot be done haphazardly. Therefore, you can apply the following methods to be able to determine the best brand of women’s watches correctly.

1. Choose the color of the women’s watch according to the skin tone

Each of the best women’s watch brands will usually prepare one model with a variety of color options to choose from. In choosing these colors, you can combine tastes and skin tones or choose one of them as a parameter.

For example, you have a taste for bright colors, but your skin tone is dark. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it, OK! As long as you are confident, everything will look very harmonious with your appearance.

Apart from taste, you can also look for the best brands of women’s watches by paying attention to skin color. If you have a light skin tone , then just choose any color because everything will look great on your hand. If so, what will usually be considered is the watch model when combined with your wrist.

2. Know every advantage that women’s watches have

Previously, the best women’s watch brands offered only had a function to show the time. However, now there are various brands that complement their products with various advantages that you can get. These advantages can usually be identified in terms of the features and materials used to make each part of the watch.

So, the features that you can find on the best women’s watch brands include a calendar, compass, heart rate, GPS, and many more. You will usually find more advanced features when you buy a smartwatch. Then, there are materials that make the best watches waterproof, not easily scratched, resistant to impact, and so on.

3. Adjust the type of women’s watch according to taste

You want to choose the best brand of women’s watches with what type? Well, there are various types of watches that you can choose from, such as watches with quartz or mechanical movements. So far, there are some people who think that quartz is the name of a watch, even though it is a type of clockwork movement.

A watch with a quartz movement requires power from a battery to run, so you will need to replace it periodically. However, quartz can display high time accuracy on the watch you wear. This is inversely proportional to the mechanical because it is the movement of the gear wheels in the engine that makes the watch move.

Apart from that, there is also a type of Chronograph watch which has a combination of a timepiece and a stopwatch. Then, there are Analog watches that have 3 pointers, Digital watches with an accurate numeration system. Well, another type of watch that is quite popular today is the Smartwatch which is equipped with various advanced features.

10+ Best Women’s Watch Recommendations

Here we go

There are several brands of women’s watches that are famous for their various advantages. So, here are ten more recommendations for the best women’s watch brands from Ainun that you can choose from.

1. Casio General LTP-E169G-9BDF

Best Casio General Women's Watch LTP-E169G-9BDF
Casio General Women’s Watch LTP-E169G-9BDF

The Casio brand itself is well known for its quality and attractive design. 
Casio clocks were discovered by Tadao Kashio in Japan and have reached international markets including Indonesia. One of the best recommended watches comes from the Casio General LTP-E169G-9BDF brand.

This Casio watch series dominates the gold color. The strap, dial, and case for this woman’s watch are also gold in color, you know! By wearing this watch, you will look elegant and luxurious. Apart from being elegant and luxurious, this watch also reflects a classic design with a case that has a square shape.

The case and strap for the Casio General LTP-E169G-9BDF Ladies Gold Dial Stainless Steel Strap are made of stainless steel so they are light when used. This is suitable for women who often do dynamic activities.

2. Alexandre Christie AC 2896

Best Alexandre Christie Women's Watch ACF2896
Alexandre Christie Women’s Watch ACF2896

Alexandre Christie’s innovation presents the Alexandre Christie Passion AC 2896 LH BRGLN Ladies Rose Gold Dial Rose Gold Mesh Strap. 
Charming rose-gold color, enough to make your appearance trendy. The tone of this watch matches the colors that are trending in 2021.

This type of women’s watch has a case thickness of 7 mm and a case diameter of 24 mm. The quality of this watch is made of high quality stainless steel. In addition, it is produced properly by a team with integrity so that its quality and accuracy are guaranteed. Watches from Alexandre Christie are also famous for their design to the point of being called a real art.

You can use this watch in various events. So, you don’t need to worry about determining what watch is suitable when attending an event.

3.Alba ARSZ14X1

Alba Best Women's Watch ARSY14X1
Alba Women’s Watch ARSY14X1

The Alba ARSZ14X1 watch must be included in the recommendation, because it gives a luxurious look. 
The silver and gold color combination on this watch strap supports your elegant look. Even though it uses a gold base color, this watch doesn’t seem monotonous, you know!

For you lovers of big watches, you should consider the Alba ARSZ14X1. This women’s watch has a case with a diameter of 38 mm. The thickness of this watch is 10 mm. This watch uses a battery as its main power source.

The decision to buy an alba watch will make you get these three advantages. The first advantage is its unique design that supports appearance and attracts attention. The quality of the watches is outstanding so that they can be used for a long time. Even so, this watch also has a price that is quite friendly in your pocket.

4. Seiko SXM506P1

Seiko's Best Women's Watch SXM506P1
Seiko Women’s Watch SXM506P1

Besides the Alba ARSZ14X1, the Seiko SXM506P1 watch is a circular case watch that deserves to be recommended, you know! 
This watch gives a classy impression on your appearance. The base color of this watch is gold. Stainless steel material is the basic material for this type of watch case and strap.

For you lovers of small watches, you need to consider this women’s watch. This watch is one of the most sought after and collected Seiko watch series. This watch has a diameter of 23 mm so it is suitable for use on various occasions. Still unsure about choosing this watch?

5. Daniel Wellington DW00100245

Daniel Wellington Best Women's Watch DW00100245
Daniel Wellington Women’s Watch DW00100245

Still looking for a small diameter watch? 
Let’s take a peek at Daniel Wellington’s DW00100245 series, which has a diameter of 24 mm with a case thickness of 66 mm and a strap width of 10 mm. This watch gives an elegant and minimalist impression. You can use this watch for both your casual and formal events.

Apart from being thin, this watch strap can be adjusted to the size of your hand. The basic material of this watch is stainless steel. The feature that you can get from this watch is Water Resistant 3 ATM.

There is no need to doubt the design because it will be very elegant in your hands. Women’s watches from Daniel Wellington are very dynamic because you can change the strap according to your wishes. This is what makes this watch called a classic watch that can last forever by fashion magazine journalists.

6. Sophie Paris SAS L431B5

Sophie's Best Women's Watch SASL431B5
Sophie’s Women’s Watch SASL431B5

Want to look mysterious? 
The Sophie Paris watch with the Melena Black SASL 431 B5 edition is included in the recommendations for women’s watches that you need to consider. The black color that covers the entire watch gives a different touch from the previous watch recommendations. Apart from that, this watch brings out your boyish part.

The diameter of this women’s watch is 32mm with a strap made of stainless steel. The feature of this watch is Water Resistant 3 ATM. Also different from the previous watch recommendations, this watch has an affordable price, you know!

7. Eboni Mini Maro 2.2

Eboni Mini Maro Best Women's Watch 2.2
Ebony Mini Maro Women’s Watch 2.2

Bored with stainless steel material? 
Eboni Mini Maro 2.2 has a case design made of wood, you know! This watch gives an ethnic, aesthetic and natural impression to its users.

In addition, the strap of this watch is made of genuine cow leather so it will last a long time. This local clock uses a Quartz movement . The battery used lasts up to three years. In addition, this women’s watch is water resistant .

You can also gift this watch to your loved ones, you know! This watch manufacturer provides custom engraved name services on the back of the case, strap and dial. In addition, this watch is also equipped with a wooden box that adds an aesthetic impression to the recipient of the gift.

8. Swatch GP403

Best Women's Watch Swatch GP403
Swatch Women’s Watch GP403

Many women today like the minimalist and casual look. 
To support this appearance, some watches are less supportive because they look too luxurious, right? If you are confused, you can try watch products, looking for Swatch GP403 watches 
This one watch is very suitable for you because it looks casual so it is suitable for use during daily activities.

You don’t need to worry because this women’s watch is quite durable because it is water resistant so you don’t have to bother taking it off when you’re holding water. Made of plastic with a rubber strap so it’s very light and won’t make your hands sore even though you’ve been wearing it all day.

9. Eiger 910005440

Eiger Best Women's Watch 910005440
Eiger Women’s Watch 910005440

Do you like free adventures in nature? 
If yes, then this women’s watch can be one of your collections. This watch from the Eiger brand is perfect for those of you who have a sporty appearance. Eiger itself is a watch brand from Indonesia whose quality is unquestionable. Its good quality makes it widely used by young fans.

One of the collections, namely Eiger 910005440, is able to accompany you on adventures in the wild, especially snorkeling. It has a water-resistant feature up to 10 ATM so you don’t need to take off your watch when diving. Apart from that, there is also an alarm feature as a reminder of the time when you are doing activities in the water.

Even though outdoor watches are usually filled with buttons so that they seem bulky, this watch is elegantly designed so it is suitable for use by women. Also available for men so you can use it together with your partner.

10. Fitbit Inspire 2

Fitbit Inspire 2 Best Women's Watch
Fitbit Inspire 2 Women’s Watch

Smart women certainly know the importance of a healthy lifestyle, right? 
Yes! A healthy lifestyle is one that is quite a trend among women today. That’s why this watch from Fitbit is quite popular because it helps you women to be more enthusiastic about doing sports. The name Fitbit itself comes from the health and fitness smartwatch.

The features provided on this watch really help you women when exercising. You don’t need to worry because it is available in fifteen types of sports that you can choose from. This makes it suitable for those of you who like to exercise and may want to try many other types of sports. There’s even a reminders to move feature to remind you to move and count your movement steps.

This watch offers an unusual feature in that it can help you measure your heart rate. Several other features include the available sleep mode feature which can show the quality of your sleep at night. This mode will automatically turn off the screen and notifications so that your sleep quality is not disturbed.

11. Fossil Gen 4 Sport Smartwatch

Fossil's Best Women's Watches Gen 4 Sport Smartwatch
Fossil Women’s Watch Gen 4 Sport Smartwatch

Are you the type of person who enjoys wearing a watch while exercising? 
If so, then this Fossil Gen 4 Sport Smartwatch is perfect for you. That’s because this brand of women’s watch has a Heart Rate feature which will measure your heart rate before and after exercising.

In addition, this watch is also equipped with an Automatic Time Zone feature that can adjust the time automatically when you travel abroad. Then, its resistance to water is 5 ATM so you can use it when swimming in places that are not too deep. The best women’s watch brand with this model has been supported by Wear OS from Google, you know! So, this smartwatch is compatible with the iPhone and Android phones that you have.

It doesn’t stop there, the strap on this smartwatch is made using silicone material which of course is also waterproof. Then, you can control this watch with a diameter of 41 mm by simply pressing it because the screen is a touchscreen. So, are you starting to be interested in buying this best women’s watch brand?

12. Eiger Cleeve Watch

Best Women's Watches Eiger Cleeve Watch_
Eiger Cleeve Watch for Women

Eiger is one of the best brands from Indonesia that provides various kinds of goods for traveling. 
One of the products offered is the Eiger Cleeve Watch, which is a versatile watch for traveling and daily activities. This women’s watch brand has equipped Cleeve Watch with various features, such as an alarm, timer and stopwatch.

Not only that, you can also use it for snorkeling because this watch brand has a water resistance level of up to 100 meters. If that’s the case, of course you can still wear these products even when you are bathing or swimming. Well, this is very beneficial for those of you who are used to not letting go of your watch when carrying out various activities.

However, you still have to replace the battery if it is not working properly and replace the watch strap if necessary. Therefore, you will get these two bonuses when buying products from this one of the best women’s watch brands.

13. Tissot Heart Flower T050.

Best Women's Watches Eiger Cleeve Watch Tissot Heart Flower T050.
Jam Tangan Wanita Eiger Cleeve Watch Tissot Heart Flower T050.

Are you looking for a brand of women’s watches that are original from Switzerland? 
If so, then you can choose Tissot Heart Flower T050. On the dial of the watch, there is a floral pattern with very beautiful colors. Apart from that, you can also see the flower pattern on the watch strap. Then, there is the letter T which indicates that this product is an original watch from the Tissot brand.

This watch model is indeed very suitable for those of you who like elegance, both in terms of color and design. Another advantage possessed by this best women’s watch brand is the use of sapphire crystal which is resistant to impact and scratches. The crystal is ranked second after the diamond, you know!

Not only that, you can still wear this Tissot Heart Flower watch when interacting with water because this product is water resistant. Interestingly, you will still get accurate time due to the Powermatic 80 movement with a power reserve of up to 80 hours. So, are you planning to buy it soon?

14. Casio Baby-G MSG-S600G-7ADR

Casio Baby-G MSG-S600G-7ADR Best Women's Watch
Casio Baby-G MSG-S600G-7ADR Women’s Watch

The next recommendation for women’s watch brands is the Casio Baby-G MSG-S600G-7ADR which is equipped with three LED indicators. 
Well, you can use these LEDs to find out the day, set alarms, and timers for various activities. Then, there is also the main section to find out the running time.

In addition, this women’s watch is also equipped with 31 time zones from various countries that you can use when traveling. Interestingly, this watch can move when it gets solar power. However, you don’t need to worry because the battery for this best women’s watch brand can last for months.

Well, this watch with a feminine color has several other advantages, namely water resistance with a pressure of 10 ATM or the equivalent of 100 meters. So, you can still keep it from slipping off your wrist, even when you are snorkeling or swimming in a fairly deep pool. Even so, you should take off the woman’s watch if you want to dive to enjoy the scenery in the sea.

15. Alexandre Christie ACF2744

Best Alexandre Christie Women's Watch ACF2744
Alexandre Christie Women’s Watch ACF2744

You are certainly no stranger to this brand of women’s watches, right? 
This Alexandre Christie ACF2744 will not only show the time in the form of a clock, but also a calendar with day and date information. In addition, this foreign branded watch model has a case size of 32 mm and a thickness of 10 mm.

Then, the watch strap section is made of rubber material that is resistant to scratches compared to other strap materials. Therefore, the best watch brands with these models will be more suitable for outdoor activities. However, you will still get an official warranty that can be used if your chosen women’s watch is damaged.

In addition, this product also has the advantage of being water resistant up to 3 ATM or the equivalent of 30 meters. However, it’s a good idea to keep it off if you want to do regular diving or swimming. The best brand for women’s watches of this type is available in six color choices! So, you can be more flexible in choosing it.

16. Alba Quartz Leather AXU035

Alba Quartz Leather Best Women's Watch AXU035
Alba Quartz Leather Women’s Watch AXU035

If you are looking for an analog type women’s watch brand at an affordable price, then the Alba Quartz Leather AXU035 is the choice. 
This watch strap section is made of leather which is then dyed black to make it look more elegant. In addition, this watch with a case diameter of 2.5 cm is made of stainless steel which makes it not easy to rust.

With proper care, of course this model of a women’s watch brand will last longer. Take it easy if this watch is damaged, you can take advantage of the warranty period provided to repair it. Of course it must be in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply, yes!

Apart from ATMs, you will also find the best brands of women’s watches that are water resistant with the description BAR. Well, this watch has a water resistance level of 5 BAR or the equivalent of 5 ATM, so you shouldn’t use it while diving. That way, the best watch brands will not be damaged quickly.

17. Bonia Rosso BR106-2123S

Bonia Rosso Best Women's Watch BR106-2123S
Bonia Rosso Women’s Watch BR106-2123S

Basically, watches are made of different materials. 
There are those who use Mineral Crystals, Sapphires, and also Swarovski which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Well, the Bonia Rosso BR106-2123S is equipped with Swarovski Crystals which are one of the favorite crystals of many women.

While the case is made using stainless steel with a strap in the form of a solid steel bracelet so it doesn’t rust easily. Then, the glass part is made of mineral glass which is not easily broken when dropped. Well, this brand of women’s watch with a round model with a diameter of 32 mm is water resistant with a pressure of 3 ATM. Therefore, you must remove it if you want to swim, snorkel, or dive.

Not only the time in the form of hours, you can also find out the date from the watch. Apart from that, this brand of the best women’s watches is also equipped with an attractive box so you can give it as a gift to your loved ones.

18. Skmei 1390 Analog

Skmei 1390 Best Women's Watch Analog
Skmei 1390 Women’s Watch Analog
Another recommended brand for women’s watches that also has a quartz movement is the Skmei 1390. Apart from that, this product also has an analog time display interface which makes it look unique and stylish.

What makes this watch look elegant and luxurious is the stainless steel material combined with the Rose Gold color. Therefore, you can wear it when you go to a wedding, graduation, or go to the office.

The case part of the watch is made of zinc alloy which makes this watch feel light. Then, the type of battery used to move the clock hands is Japan Battery. In addition, you can see the clock clearly because the glass is made of glass. Not only that, this timepiece is also water resistant with a pressure of 3 ATM.

19. Expedition 6782 BFLRGSLPNPN

Best Women's Watch Expedition 6782 BFLRGSLPNPN
Expedition Women’s Watch 6782 BFLRGSLPNPN

If you are looking for a brand of women’s watch with a quartz movement, the Expedition 6782 BFLRGSLPNPN is the right choice. 
Not only that, this product also has a variety of trendy color choices so you can choose the color more freely. When choosing, are you more interested in soft or bold colors?

As with other best women’s watch brands, this watch case is also made using stainless steel. Then, the case part which has a size of 36 × 38.5 mm and a thickness of 16 mm is attached to a neatly sewn leather strap. That way, these women’s watches can look more aesthetic.

The advantages provided by the best women’s watch brands are products with 5 ATM water resistance. This of course can make you feel calm when it rains or swims. Apart from that, you can also see the day, date, and 24 hour clock running through the clock.

20. Guess W1212L3

Guess Best Women's Watch w1212L3
Guess Women’s Watch w1212L3

The latest recommendation for women’s watch brands is Guess W1212L3 with a silver case made of stainless steel. 
The case size of this women’s watch is 28 mm, so it is suitable for those of you who like smaller sized watches. Then, the clock on the Guess W1212L3 uses a Japanese movement.

Well, the case is combined with a blue strap made using lizard embossed leather. Then, the length of the strap size is 190 mm with a width of 14 mm. This of course can make it look more elegant. You can wear it on formal or non-formal events. Apart from that, this one of the best women’s watch brands is also suitable to be combined with casual clothes.

5 Best Women’s Watch Brands

Watches are currently growing as evidenced by the many watch brands in the world. Even though there are many watch brands, not all of them excel in satisfying the wants and needs of women. Below are some of the best women’s watch brands that can be your choice.

1. Fossil

Brand Fossil Women's Watches
Brand Fossil Women’s Watches

One of the brands of women’s watches whose products are popular because they are very innovative is Fossil. 
Coming from America, fossil watches are recognized for their quality which makes them durable. Another interesting fact about this watch is that it was made not in Texas but in Switzerland. This watch has been around since 1882 under the name Zodiac Watches.

The design of this watch is very luxurious and classy, ​​so it is always being hunted by watch lovers. Being one of the watches that is always favored by women because the new designs always inspire and become a trend. Even so, even classic watches do not make them out of fashion, so they are widely collected by women.

2. Alexandre Christie

Brand Alexandre Christie Women's Watches
Brand Alexandre Christie Women’s Watches

This watch brand is widely known even to someone who is not familiar with watches. 
This product is known for its luxury so that it supports your women’s appearance to make it look more elegant. This is not without reason, because several watches from Alexandre Christie usually add a gold list around the case.

In addition, several collections of Alexandre Christie watches have a collection of colors that range from bright red, green and navy to gold. For those of you who like classic watches, you don’t need to worry because several collections of Alexandre Christie women’s watches are now available in dark or cream colors to add a classic, simple but still elegant impression.

3. Sophie Martin

Brand Women's Watches Sophie Martin Paris
Brand Women’s Watches Sophie Martin Paris

The next best women’s watch brand is highly recommended for those of you who want to use it in everyday activities. 
Yes, this Sophie brand watch is produced to support your appearance so that you look cool in your daily activities. This Sophie brand watch is available in calm colors, namely pastels, so it gives a peaceful impression.

4. Casio

Brand Casio Women's Watches
Brand Casio Women’s Watches

The next best women’s watch brand that you shouldn’t miss is Casio. 
This watch brand is quite superior among women, especially for the Baby-G series. The very girly design is certainly suitable for women who want to look feminine.

This women’s favorite watch has very high quality materials. This is what makes it scratch resistant, waterproof so it lasts a long time. You also don’t need to worry because this Casio watch is also water resistant so you don’t have to take it off often when washing your hands.

5. Eiger

Brand Women's Watches Eiger
Brand Women’s Watches Eiger

Who is this Tough Woman who likes outdoor activities? 
If you are one of them then this watch brand is perfect for you. Eiger brand watches also provide morning watches for women who like adventure or outdoor sports fans. Some of the features that you can get are compass, altimeter and other features which of course are waterproof.

4 Types of Women’s Watches

For some people, watches are now not just a timepiece. Watches can now become fashion accessories and continue to grow according to culture to one’s lifestyle. Developed since the 16th century, did you know that now there are many types of hands. The following are the types of watches that are most commonly used by many people.

1. Analog Women’s Watches

Analog women’s watches are the simplest and most widely used. This type of watch is a common choice because of its elegant and classic design. This watch has three hands to show the seconds, minutes and hours, so it is called an analog clock.

2. Digital Women’s Watches

Compared to analog clocks, digital women’s watches use LCD technology as the main display. This watch shows the time using numbers or numeric. Usually this watch is also equipped with a date and a light to see when it’s dark.

3. Women’s Quartz watch

Many of you are misunderstood by thinking that quartz is a watch brand. Actually, Quartz is a technology used in watches to make the battery more efficient so that it lasts longer. In addition, this technology also makes quartz watches have a high level of accuracy.

4. Smart Watch (Smartwatch)

This type of women’s watch is the most up-to-date and also modern. In addition to its main function, this type of watch is usually equipped with advanced features besides. You can choose the features that suit your needs to make your activities and work easier. Some of the latest advanced features are GPS, recording daily activities, calculating your heart rate to monitoring your sleep quality.


Those are some complete reviews of the best women’s watches for you. Are you interested in the products discussed earlier? So many reviews of the recommendations for the best women’s trend watch brands with various features that should be chosen. Which watch caught your attention? Choose the one that suits your needs, OK! Don’t forget to order immediately at your favorite and trusted shop.

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