10 Best Coffee Perfume for Women Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Perfume is one of the most effective ways to look good and feel confident. Therefore, many perfumes have emerged with various aromas to choose from. However, of the many perfume scents on the market, there is one that is quite unique, namely coffee perfume.

Currently, this coffee aroma perfume is being sought after, not only being the target of men, but many women are also looking for it. However, there are some differences in female and male coffee perfume perfumes. If men generally like strong coffee aromas , women generally like softer aromas .

The Best Coffee Scent Perfume for Women
Illustration of Coffee Fragrance Perfume Bottle for Women

So, for those of you women who want to find coffee-scented perfume, then keep on reading the explanation in this article. Below will be presented some coffee perfume perfume recommendations that can be considered.

Tips for Choosing a Fragrant & Good Women’s Perfume

Of the many coffee aroma perfumes on the market, of course choosing one of them is quite a tiring job. So that you can more easily get the right coffee-scented perfume, try applying some of the tips for choosing a perfume below.

1. Choose Perfume according to its type

Tips for choosing the first coffee aroma perfume, namely choosing a perfume according to its type. There are at least 4 types of perfume that have different characteristics. The four types of perfume are perfume extract, Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette  and Eau De Cologne . Each type contains different essential oils, which determines how long the perfume lasts.

The first type of coffee aroma perfume is perfume extract which contains 20-40 essential oils so that it can last 8 hours. Then, Eau De Parfum , which has an oil content of 10-15%, can last 6 hours. The next type is Eau De Toilette which has an essential oil content of 4-10% and an alcohol content, can last for 3 hours. And the last one is Eau De Cologne which has more alcohol content so it only lasts 2 hours.

2. Don’t forget to try it first

If you buy coffee aroma perfume directly, it would be better to try it in person. But don’t try perfume carelessly, you should try perfume in certain areas such as elbows, knees, under the throat and earlobes. These parts are pulse points so that the aroma of the perfume being tried can spread throughout the body.

However, it should be noted, avoid trying too many coffee scented perfumes because the aromas will mix, making it difficult to determine which perfume is right. Therefore, also give a pause when trying perfume so that you can feel well the aroma that comes out of the perfume that is being tried. Giving this time lag is also useful to see whether irritation appears on the skin or not.

3. Choose a Perfume with a Light Concentration

If you are still at the stage of looking for the right coffee scent perfume, you should start with a light concentration perfume. This is because the price of perfume with a light concentration has a relatively cheaper price so you won’t lose too much if it turns out to be unsuitable. Not only that, perfume with a light concentration dissipates more quickly, making it easier to find a more suitable perfume.

The order of coffee aroma perfume concentration has been mentioned in the first point. The highest concentration of perfume is a type of perfume extract perfume that can last very long, even 8-12 hours. Then the next sequence is Eau De Parfum which lasts for 6 hours , Eau De Toilette  lasts for 3 hours and the lowest is Eau De Cologne which lasts only 1-2 hours.

10 Coffee Perfume Recommendations for Women

Here we go

After understanding how to choose the right perfume, then the next step is to choose the right coffee aroma perfume. For this reason, here is Ainun, which reviews some recommendations for women’s coffee perfume perfumes that you can consider.

1. Barristama Exclusive Eau De Parfum Gold Coffee

Coffee Aroma Perfume for Women - Barristama Exclusive Eau De Parfum Gold Coffee
Barristama Exclusive Eau De Parfum Gold Coffee

Most coffee fragrance perfumes on the market are made with a 
strong coffee aroma. This is often not liked by women, who still want to feel the sweet and fresh aroma of coffee. To meet this need, Barristama Exclusive presents a coffee fragrance product, the Gold Coffee variant, which is made with concentrates brought directly from Europe.

This coffee fragrance perfume from Barristama is said to be suitable for women, because it is inspired by the sweet and very soft aroma of coffee beans (not overpowering at all). When used on the skin, this perfume can last up to 12 hours, and when sprayed on clothes, this perfume still smells good even though the clothes have been washed.

2. Maison Margiela Replica Coffee Break EDT

Coffee Aroma Perfume for Women - Maison Margiela Replica Coffee Break EDT
Maison Margiela Replica Coffee Break EDT

This next coffee scent perfume recommendation is indeed quite expensive, because it is one of the best 
luxury perfume products . The aroma offered by this perfume product is a subtle fragrance of warm coffee, combined with the sweet notes of vanilla and milk. When sprayed on the skin, there is also a refreshing hint of spearmint and lavender.

Maison Margiela Replica Coffee Break EDT is inspired by the sensation of the first sip of hot coffee as is usually served in coffee shops in winter. For this reason, this coffee aroma perfume is not only able to evoke self-confidence for its users, but is also able to create comfort and simple pleasure from a fragrant cup of coffee.

3. Koke Eau De Parfum Choco Coffee

Coffee Aroma Perfume for Women - Koke Eau De Parfum Choco Coffee
Koke Eau De Parfum Choco Coffee

Koke (Creative Coffee) is one of the local brands that has also presented a selection of the best coffee-scented perfume products, both for men and women. 
One of Koke’s best products to consider is Koke Eau De Parfume Choco Coffee.

Koke EDP Choco Coffee, as the name suggests, is a perfume with the aroma of coffee combined with a sweet chocolate sensation. The advantage offered by this coffee aroma perfume is that it smells soft, but spreads well. In addition, reviews also prove that this Koke perfume is quite durable when used.

4. Mineuk Pret Sanger Espresso

Coffee Fragrance Perfume for Women - Minyeuk Pret Sanger Espresso
Minyeuk Pret Sanger Espresso

The next recommended coffee scent perfume for women is Minyeuk Pret Sanger Espresso. 
From the name alone, it is certain that this body perfume comes from a local brand. The name of the Sanger variant itself is taken from the aroma of this perfume which is very similar to the aroma of a cup of the famous Sanger coffee in Aceh.

The smell of coffee from Minyeuk Pret Sanger Espresso perfume can be said to be not monotonous. Apart from the coffee content, this perfume also has a sweet vanilla scent, making it suitable for women who like feminine coffee fragrances. Once used, this coffee perfume is able to distract the focus of the kissers around it.

5. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Woman EDP

Coffee Fragrance Perfume for Women - Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Woman EDP
Coffee Aroma Perfume – Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Woman EDP

Talking about the best coffee perfume perfume for women would not be complete without discussing 
high-end perfume . Presented by the world’s leading fashion brand, Yves Saint Laurent, this perfume has become a best seller  in various countries.

How not, this perfume specially designed for women is proven to be long lasting and has a sweet and soft coffee aroma. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Woman is made with a blend of coffee, vanilla and spices that are quite strong and sharp, resulting in a sweet and warm aroma, but still sexy at the same time.

6. Darjeeling Coffee Rose

Coffee Fragrance Perfume for Women - Darjeeling Coffee Rose
Darjeeling Coffee Rose

Unlike the previous product which was priced at a fantastic price, this next coffee aroma perfume recommendation is quite affordable. 
The product in question is Darjeeling Coffee Rose, which, as the name suggests, is a perfume with a blend of the aromas of coffee and roses.

To produce a soothing aroma, Darjeeling chooses the best high-quality coffee, combined with high-quality Damascus Rose Absolute . The result is a relaxing coffee perfume with a feminine hint of rose.

7. NU Aroma Eau De Parfum Dark Opium

Coffee Aroma Perfume for Women - NU Aroma Eau De Parfum Dark Opium
NU Aroma Eau De Parfum Dark Opium

In the next order of recommendations for the best coffee scent perfume for women is NU Aroma Eau De Parfum Dark Opium. 
This perfume has the best aroma which is a blend of vanilla and coffee aromas. As a result, this perfume is able to provide an alluring freshness, with a sexy and elegant impression.

This best coffee aroma perfume has a fairly high resistance, where since it is used, it can last for 8-12 hours. When used on clothes, this perfume does not leave the slightest stain. As for use on the skin, this perfume is also classified as safe and does not cause irritation or any negative reactions.

8. Hambel For Oliver Eau De Parfum

Coffee Aroma Perfume for Women - Hambel For Oliver Eau De Parfum
Hambel For Oliver Eau De Parfum

The next best coffee fragrance recommendation that women should consider is Hambel For Oliver Eau De Parfum. 
This perfume is a favorite of many netizens because of the sweet and refreshing blend of coffee and vanilla aromas. Not only that, another advantage of this perfume is that the scent is long lasting and can spread in all directions.

For Oliver from Hambel is often referred to as a memorable coffee perfume Many reviews like this perfume because it is able to produce an unusual first impression, is able to provide calm and is able to increase passion for its users.

9. Onix Scorpio Eau De Parfum

Coffee Fragrance Perfume for Women - Onix Scorpio Eau De Parfum
Onix Scorpio Eau De Parfum

Onix is ​​a local perfume brand that has recently gone viral on social media. 
This perfume has received positive reviews from many netizens because the fragrance is long lasting and unmarketable. The coffee fragrance product from Onix that can be considered is Onix Scorpio Eau De Parfum.

Onix Scorpio is actually labeled a unisex perfume, in the sense that it can be used for men and women. Even so, many users prefer that this coffee perfume is used by women, because of its sweet aroma, a perfect blend of vanilla and coffee.

10. Hatlen Perfume Auriga

Coffee Aroma Perfume for Women - Hatlen Perfume Auriga
Hatlen Perfume Auriga

In the last sequence of recommendations for coffee aroma perfumes for women that would be a shame to miss is Hatlen Parfume Auriga. 
Hatlen itself has many other variants of women’s perfumes, but specifically for this product, the aroma that stands out is the aroma of coffee, vanilla, to aromas with 
woody and powdery characters. 

This Hatlen coffee fragrance perfume is able to claim a fragrance that lasts up to 10 to 24 hours. Apart from that, another advantage offered by this women’s perfume is the projection of the aroma which can be smelled at a distance of 2 to 3 meters. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, day or night, this body perfume is quite good for the size of the price below 100 thousand.

Tips on How to Use Perfume to Last Long

Everyone certainly wants the coffee aroma perfume that they use to last a long time. However, not everyone knows how to make perfume last a long time. The key to making the perfume used last a long time is how to use the right perfume.

So how do you use the right perfume? To find out, see tips on how to use coffee aroma perfume so that it lasts a long time below.

1. Take a shower first

The very first tip before using coffee aroma perfume so that it lasts a long time is to take a shower first. Bathing will make all the dirt and sweat that is on the body disappear so that the smell of perfume doesn’t mix with the unpleasant body odor. In addition, bathing also makes the skin moist and the pores open so that the scent of perfume can be maximized.

2. Don’t Forget to Use Moisturizer

The next tip is to use a moisturizer after bathing. Moist skin will make the coffee aroma perfume come out more optimally. Therefore, it’s best to apply moisturizer evenly to the entire surface of the skin. However, it should be noted, you should choose a moisturizer without fragrance so that the aroma of perfume and moisturizer don’t mix with each other.

3. Spray to a Specific Area

If you are already using a moisturizer, then start spraying coffee aroma perfume on the skin surface. But preferably, perfume is sprayed on certain areas such as wrists, elbows, knees, under the throat, earlobes, to between the breasts. The reason is, certain areas are pulse points so that the aroma of perfume can spread throughout the body evenly.

4. Pay attention to the distance of spraying perfume

When spraying coffee aroma perfume, you should pay attention to the spraying distance. The recommended distance to spray perfume is 15-25 cm. This distance will make the scent of perfume spread evenly throughout the body. That way, the aroma of the perfume can be smelled better and lasts longer. Not only that, spraying from the right distance also makes using perfume more economical because only 2-3 sprays are enough.

5. Do not spray on clothes

The right use of coffee aroma perfume, namely spraying it directly on the skin, not on clothes. Spraying perfume on clothes will make the scent of the perfume not last long. The reason is, one of the ways perfume works is to evaporate through body temperature. In addition, the use of perfume on clothes will cause stains to appear on the clothes.

6. Do not rub the skin

Maybe some people think that rubbing the skin after spraying perfume is the right way to make perfume last longer. Even though this method will only make the perfume not last long. This is because the perfume molecules will break up when rubbed against the skin so that the scent will quickly disappear.


That’s an explanation of the coffee aroma perfume that you can consider. Once again reminded, in order to get the right coffee scented perfume product, please apply some of the tips described above.

If you decide to buy coffee fragrance perfume online, then you should be careful when making a purchase. Make sure the store that sells coffee aroma perfume can be trusted. The trick is to look at the reviews or reviews from previous buyers that the store has. In addition, as much as possible choose official stores to avoid counterfeit products.

If you have got the right coffee aroma perfume, don’t forget to apply the correct way to use perfume. This is important to do so that the coffee aroma perfume is able to provide maximum and long-lasting fragrance.

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