10 Best Cosmos Brand Blender Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Blender is one of the most needed tools to support cooking activities such as grinding spices, grinding meat, making various contemporary drinks with a mixture of ice cubes. One of the famous blender brands is Cosmos. Cosmos brand blenders are available in various types ranging from 2 in 1, 3 in 1 to 4 in 1 with a variety of attractive features and varied prices. Even for a relatively low price, the quality of the Cosmos blender has proven to be superior when compared to a number of blenders from other brands.

Best Cosmos Blender
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A number of tips for choosing a Cosmos brand blender can be considered beforehand so you don’t go wrong when buying a product that suits your needs and desires. You can consider the shape of the capsule, spare parts, price list, materials to the features offered. For example, comparing the completeness of the features with the price offered, is it worth it or not. That way, besides saving expenses, the product obtained will also be satisfying.

Tips for Choosing a Good Cosmos Brand Blender

Actually, tips for choosing a blender are not only limited to Cosmos brand blenders, but from a number of brands, any type requires a variety of tips to get a product that suits your needs and has good quality. Here’s how to choose the best Cosmos brand blender that you need to know, including:

1. Pay Attention to Capacity and Adjust to Needs

One of the tips for choosing a good blender is to pay attention to its capacity and adjust it to your current needs. For business needs in the culinary field, choose a large Cosmos brand blender so it doesn’t take up time.

That way, the process of making food can take place quickly, in contrast to a blender for daily needs where a small size is enough. Blenders generally have a capacity of one liter to four liters.

2. Choose a Blender from the Best Brand

Tips for choosing the next best product, choose the best brand such as the Cosmos brand blender because it is undeniable that the product brand is the first thing that is important to consider before buying various household needs.

Products from the Cosmos brand have long been the prima donna for housewives because they have long-lasting quality or are not easily damaged. This has been proven in various reviews that the Cosmos brand is one of the top and most sought after product sequences.

3. Pay attention to the Cosmos Brand Blender Material

Blender material is no less important to note so that the product is more durable and not easily broken. This needs to be considered especially for those of you who have active small children because the blender can be knocked over at any time if it is placed in an unsafe place or position.

The Cosmos brand blender jar is made of three materials, namely plastic, glass and aluminum where each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the excess plastic material tends to be lighter and does not break easily.

4. Consider the Performance of the Cosmos Brand Blender

The performance of the Cosmos brand blender needs to be considered, for example the ability to chop or grind food ingredients. This performance is closely related to the rotational ability or speed of the blender, which varies from medium to high.

So that it can be used in a variety of conditions, choose a blender that has speeds ranging from 1 to 3. That way, you have many speed choices and can be adjusted according to the type of food being blended.

5. Choose a Blender That Has a Stainless Steel Blade

Cosmos brand blender blades are made of a variety of materials, to make them last longer, choose a blender knife made of stainless steel. This is because the stainless steel material has anti-rust properties so it remains safe when used for a long time.

In addition, make sure the blender knife is sharp enough to grind and not easily blunt so that it can process even hard-textured food or ingredients. Besides not easily blunt, it also won’t be damaged when it hits hard-textured food.

6. Blender Design

The way to choose a Cosmos brand blender that you shouldn’t miss is a matter of design because each product has a variety of shapes, features and sizes. Choose a blender that suits the kitchen interior, for example in terms of color and size.

In terms of color, choose a color that matches the paint or other materials, so that the kitchen remains pleasing to the eye, especially for those who want a minimalist and elegant design. In addition to color, choose a size that matches the area of ​​the kitchen so that the position is right.

10 Best Cosmos Brand Blender Recommendations

Currently, there are many kinds of household appliances to facilitate cooking activities, one of which is the cosmos brand blender. The Cosmos Blender has been tested for quality long ago, this is justified by the many reviews and reviews from a number of previous buyers on the marketplace. A blender is important for you to have so you can smooth meat, ingredients, spices and make various contemporary drinks. Here are 10 recommendations for the best cosmos brand blenders, Ainun, choices include:

1. Blender Cosmos FP 300

Best Cosmos Blender FP 300
Best Cosmos Blender FP 300

The cosmos FP 300 brand blender is one of the recommendations for the best food grinder with a relatively cheap price range, which is around Rp. 200,000. 
Blender FP 300 is known as 
a food processor  which has a turbo feature to crush a number of hard-textured foods in a short time.

With this tool, users can grind wet or dry seasonings, make ice cream and coffee blends  by simply pressing 1 turbo button feature. The consumption of electric power is relatively low, around 180 watts.

2. Blender Cosmos CB 180 F

Best Cosmos Blender CB 180 F
Best Cosmos Blender CB 180 F

Now there is a blender brand Cosmos CB 180 F to grind a number of spices and various types of drinks up to 1.5 liter capacity. Having a dry mill feature provides various conveniences when you want to grind coffee, sugar and a number of other dry ingredients so you don’t have to take the manual method anymore.

The Cosmos CB 180 F blender is made of quality materials, coupled with 3 sharp blades to make the grinding process faster and more effective, even for ice cubes.

3. Blender Cosmos CB 721 G

Best Cosmos Blender CB 721 G
Best Cosmos Blender CB 721 G

Blender brand Cosmos CB 721 G has a product capacity of up to 1.5 liters and is equipped with a fairly sharp and anti-rust blade, suitable for cooking needs and preparing various drinks.

The power of the motor with a high speed can smooth a variety of food ingredients properly. In 1 product you will get 1 dry mill and a glass goblet for grinding dry spices. The required electrical power ranges from 200 to 380 watts.

4. Blender Cosmos Blenz CB 802

Best Cosmos Blender Blenz CB 802
Best Cosmos Blender Blenz CB 802

Blender Cosmos Blenz CB 802 4 in 1 has 4 functions in one tool, namely dry grinding blender glass, meat, wet grinding blender glass and additional glass for making juice. Blender brand Cosmos Blez CB802 4 in 1 has a maximum capacity of up to 1.2 liters with only 250 watts of electricity.

In addition, the Cosmos Blenz CB802 blender is made of gobet plastic material so that it is durable from various impacts even though it has been used for years. The safety lock system feature prevents knives and goblet from injuring the user.

5. Blender Cosmos CB282 P

Best Cosmos Blender CB282 P
Best Cosmos Blender CB282 P

Blender brand Cosmos CB 282 P has 3 glass containers 3 in 1 and the capacity is quite large compared to the previous type, which can hold up to 2 liters of food. The advantage is that it is more durable and tough because it is made of plastic and stainless steel materials.

Not only that, the Cosmos CB 282 P blender is equipped with a high-powered motor for making juice, grinding nuts, coffee, sugar and grinding a number of hard-textured spices. To use a 3 in 1 glass model blender requires 250 watts of electricity.

6. Blender Cosmos CB 282 G

Best Cosmos Blender CB 282 G
Best Cosmos Blender CB 282 G

The Cosmos CB 282 G brand blender is made of glass material so it’s easy to clean and looks stylish. The Cosmos CB 282 G Blender has a product capacity of up to 2 liters, enough to serve a number of drinks for many people.

In addition, it is equipped with 3 types of containers for various needs, namely a dry blender, large and a spice blender complete with a sharp knife made of stainless. The advanced feature of thermostat overheat protection is to ensure that the engine is not easily damaged by disconnecting the electric current.

7. Blender Cosmos CB 171 P

Best Cosmos Blender CB 171 P
Best Cosmos Blender CB 171 P

Blender with lots of buttons sometimes makes us confused when using it. You can consider the Cosmos CB 171 P blender which is equipped with a one-press button to turn on and turn off the machine. That way, you don’t have to press multiple buttons when grinding food.

In addition, the Cosmos CB 171 P blender is equipped with a container for grinding dry spices (dry mill). Even though it has a low price, the CB 171 P type is equipped with a blender blade made of stainless steel .

8. Blender Cosmos CB 190

Best Cosmos Blender CB 190
Best Cosmos Blender CB 190

No less interesting than other products, the Cosmos CB 190 brand blender with a power of 200 watts has a feminine design with a blend of light blue and white. This one blender has a capacity of 1.5 liters with 3 blades top, middle and bottom so that it can be used for various needs such as crushing, cutting and smoothing more evenly.

The Cosmos CB 190 Blender is suitable for making fruit and vegetable smoothies. Apart from that, users can also take advantage of the newest ice crusher feature to blend ice cubes.

9. Blender Cosmos CB 801

Best Cosmos Blender CB 801
Best Cosmos Blender CB 801

Most users don’t notice the “click” sound after the blender is installed properly, so some of them may think the blender is not ready to use.

But now you don’t need to worry because there is a Cosmos CB 801 brand blender which is equipped with an indicator light to signal that the blender is ready to use. Not only has attractive features, the Cosmos CB 801 blender has 2 beautiful color choices, namely pink and blue.

10. Blender Cosmos 812 G

Best Cosmos Blender 812 G
Best Cosmos Blender 812 G

Blender brand Cosmos 812 G has the latest innovation with a self-stop system after use. With one press, the 812 G blender can grind various ingredients automatically.

This Cosmos Blender has a capacity of up to 2 liters and is equipped with a safety lock feature so it is safe when used. The features include low, high and anti-slip speed options so that the blender does not easily shake and fall. In addition, the sturdy stainless steel blade is capable of smoothing even hard-textured materials.

5 Types of Blenders and Their Functional Differences

Cosmos brand blender is one of the tools that must be owned at home because it has an important function to grind various types of food ingredients. That way cooking activities can run smoothly and expenses can be more efficient. In general, blenders have 5 different types and functions, the following are:

1. Hand Blender

Cosmos brand blenders have various types, one of which is a hand blender or commonly called a stick / immersion blender . Hand blenders have advantages such as easy operation, powerful and compact.

As the name suggests, when using this type of blender, you need to hold it while you don’t lose control. With a hand blender, various food ingredients can be mashed and even suitable for making soup, porridge, sauce, puree , stirring eggs and whipped cream.

2.Portable Blender

The second type of Cosmos brand blender is a portable blender which can be operated without having to be connected to electricity. This is because the portable blender has a  rechargeable battery so it can be used even when the power goes out.

In addition, the juice container of the portable blender type can be used as a drinking glass or tumbler. A portable type blender is suitable for those of you who have a busy lifestyle and prioritize practicality such as being easy to carry anywhere.

3. Single Serve Blender

Cosmos brand single serve blender has a smaller size so it is suitable for making food prep  quickly and simply. This type of serve blender is widely used in kitchens with a minimalist design and does not have a large size.

Several types of blenders are equipped with lids and containers which can be used as substitutes for drinking bottles. Many blender users use this product to make delicious smoothies for office supplies.

4. Full Size Blender

Cosmos brand full size blender has a regular size with the blade at the bottom of the container. The sizes and capacities are quite diverse so that they can be adjusted to your needs, one of which is the capacity of the jar that fits your daily needs.

For example, if you need food in large quantities, you need a jar with a large capacity, if not, a number of ingredients need to be mashed many times, which is quite time-consuming.

5. Multifunction Blender

The Cosmos brand multifunction blender has a variety of features in one tool, whether it’s an icebreaker, food, soup or puree and a milk processor. In terms of price, this type of multifunction blender is relatively more expensive than a regular blender.

This type will make it easier to process various types of ingredients without spending a lot of time because it has a variety of complete features so that it can make various types of food in just one tool.


Cosmos brand blenders have many types which have various functions, advantages and disadvantages of each. Before buying it, you should consider various tips on choosing the best blender first so you don’t disappoint when you buy it, for example because the size and features are not what you want. One of the 10 products above can be the best recommendation because the quality of the Cosmos blender has been tested for a long time and has many positive reviews.

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