10 Best Delicious Chocolate Jam Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review Bread is the most suitable menu for breakfast. In addition to this menu not being too heavy, bread is recognized as one of the best sources of energy for the body. Talking about bread, it is incomplete if it is not accompanied by jam. This type of jam is also very much. One of them is the best delicious chocolate jam. How about you? What’s your favorite jam?

The Best Delicious Chocolate Jam
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Breakfast of bread and jam is the perfect combination for the morning menu. To get delicious jam, of course you have to choose the best brand of delicious chocolate jam. Whatever the brand of your bread, the jam you spread will greatly affect the taste of the bread. That’s why you can’t choose wrong so you can enjoy your bread with perfect delicacy. For those of you who are curious about chocolate jam, see the following review.

How to Choose a Good Tasty Chocolate Jam

Who doesn’t like chocolate jam. Everyone must be familiar with this one product. What’s more, there are currently very many marketed in the nearest mini market so it’s easy to find. But not a few people will feel confused when they want to buy this chocolate jam.

If lined up on one shelf, all of them would be interesting to try. Well, so as not to get confused when choosing. Check out some of the tips below to choose a delicious brand of chocolate jam.

1. Pay attention to the number of calories

First, be sure to find out the number of calories contained in the chocolate jam. Especially for those of you who are on a diet program, this is very important for you to know so that you can adjust to the number of daily calories that you have set.

So you don’t need to avoid chocolate jam, but choose chocolate jam that is low in calories. You need to know, even though chocolate is often considered high in fat and calories, in reality not all chocolate is like that. Usually, naturally processed chocolate jam has a low calorie content.

2. Know the content of chocolate

Called chocolate jam, of course, the jam has chocolate content in it. And for the chocolate content, of course, it is different. The chocolate content in the jam will also greatly affect the taste of the chocolate jam. The higher the cocoa content in the jam, the sweetness of the jam will decrease. The jam will taste slightly bitter.

Conversely, the less cocoa content in the jam, the sweeter the taste of the jam will be. This is because the higher the cocoa content in the jam, the lower the sugar, milk and other shielding content so that it will taste a little bitter. Vice versa, if the cocoa content is relatively small, the sugar and milk content will increase so that it tastes sweeter.

3. Consider combinations with other ingredients

If you like chocolate jam but get bored quickly and end up buying jam with other flavors, you should consider chocolate jam with other flavor combinations. Even though it is called chocolate jam, it does not rule out the possibility of this jam being combined with other flavors such as nuts. So, you can consider the flavor variants of the chocolate jam.

Not only does it have a delicious taste, the vitamin content is also increasing from the vitamin content of the combination ingredients. If you choose chocolate peanut butter, then you will get phytonutrients from the nut content which functions as an anti-oxidant. Not only that, you will also get vitamins from these nuts.

4. Select the type of packaging and size according to taste

Even though there are many kilograms of jam on the market, you can still try packaged jam of various sizes according to your needs from various well-known brands. Present in packaging such as glass bottles to plastic bottle variants. You can freely choose according to your tastes and needs. If you want to travel, this type of plastic packaging will be easier to carry. Meanwhile, glass packaging is certainly more hygienic but prone to breaking. So you need to be careful when storing it.

In addition, the size of the packaging also needs to be considered. If you are just enjoying the jam alone, you should choose a small packaging size. Meanwhile, for those of you who have busy family members, you should choose a large size so that all family members can enjoy it together.

10 Best Recommendations for Brands of Delicious Chocolate Jam

Here we go

Already knowing how to choose delicious chocolate jam products, now you will be presented with 10 mainstay products from this chocolate jam. Curious? Get to know the brands of delicious chocolate jam and their reviews as follows.

1. Nutella Chocolate Jam

The Best Delicious Chocolate Jam Brand Nutella Chocolate Jam
Nutella Delicious Chocolate Jam Brand

Who does not know the taste of this one jam. 
Nutella chocolate jam is a delicious brand of chocolate jam that is well known even throughout the world. The distinctive taste of this jam has been recognized as a friend for bread and even a topping for many snacks.

Why is that? This is because this jam has a distinctive taste that comes from quality ingredients. Free of gluten, artificial coloring and preservatives, this jam has a very creamy and soft texture and doesn’t make you feel bad. So delicious, anyone can be addicted.

Even though it has a very delicious and creamy taste, you need to know, this jam has a fairly high calorie content. That’s why for those of you who are running a diet program, you need to control yourself so you don’t go too far to enjoy this Nutella chocolate spread.

2. Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream Chocolate Jam

The Best Brand of Delicious Chocolate Jam Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream Chocolate Jam
Brand Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream Chocolate Jam

Having a taste of a combination of malt and cocoa, anyone will love this brand of delicious chocolate jam. 
The chocolate jam is Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream Chocolate Jam. Similar to the previous product, this jam is also widely used as a topping for snacks such as martabak, cookies, crepes and many other menus. Having a creamy and crunchy texture, this jam is made from dark chocolate which contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and good fats.

Able to give a crunchy taste with every bite in the mouth, this Swiss chocolate jam can make anyone addicted. Are you one of them? You need to know, consuming this jam in the right dose can provide many benefits. So, don’t overdo it.

3. Ceres Choco Spread Hazelnut Duo

The Best Brand of Delicious Chocolate Jam Ceres Choco Spread Hazelnut Duo
Brand Delicious Chocolate Jam Ceres Choco Spread Hazelnut Duo

If you want vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter at the same time, you can get it from a delicious chocolate jam brand, Ceres Choco Spread Hazelnut Duo. 
This jam has a distinctly sweet taste that goes very well with bread.

Made from sugar, vegetable oil, skimmed milk powder (5.5%), whey powder, cocoa powder (2.5%), hazelnuts (1%), soy lecithin emulsifier and flavours, this product is packaged in a glass bottle that really catches everyone’s attention. Curious? Immediately feel the melt on your tongue.

4. Hershey’s Chocolate Spread

The Best Brand of Delicious Chocolate Jam Hershey's Chocolate Spread
Brand Delicious Chocolate Jam Hershey’s Chocolate Spread

Are you familiar with chocolate products from the Hershey brand? 
This product has been very much marketed even to minimarkets and is very liked by many people. Now this brand is present in delicious chocolate spread, namely Hershey’s Chocolate Spread.

Having a taste like the taste of chocolate bars, this jam has a creamy and delicious taste in the mouth. Besides being suitable for spreading on bread, this jam is also very suitable to be paired with bananas and other fruits. You can also combine it with marshmallows.

5. Goldenfil Choco Crunchy

The Best Delicious Chocolate Jam Brand Goldenfil Choco Crunchy
Brand Delicious Chocolate Jam Goldenfil Choco Crunchy

Available in various packaging sizes, Goldenfil Choco Crunchy even comes in a 1 kg bucket. 
For those of you who like to make sweet dishes with lots of chocolate jam topped, this is the jam you must have.

Not only does it taste delicious, this chocolate jam also has a natural crunchy sensation that comes from real chocolate. Made from quality ingredients such as cocoa powder, malt cereal, fat, corn starch, vegetable oil, soya lecithin, sugar and vanilla flavour, this jam does not contain preservatives so it is guaranteed safe for children.

You need to know, this jam is suitable for spreading bread, bread fillings and cake layers and even toppings for other types of snacks. A combination of sweet chocolate flavor and the crunch of cereal grains, jam can really make fans addicted when they eat it.

6. Morin Chocolate Peanut Chocolate Jam

The Best Brand of Delicious Chocolate Jam Chocolate Morin Chocolate Peanut
Brand Morin Chocolate Peanut Chocolate Jam

Easy to find and priced at an affordable price, this chocolate jam from the Morin brand also has a savory taste when enjoyed. 
This delicious chocolate jam is made from cocoa chocolate, soybeans, sugar, skimmed milk which is processed using modern and hygienic technology.

Did you know, this delicious chocolate jam brand from Morin has the slogan ‘Bread’s soul mate’. This is because this bread has a savory sensation that is very suitable to be combined with bread. What are you waiting for, let’s enjoy your bread with delicious jam from the morin brand and get a perfect and delicious taste.

7. Mariza Chocolate Topping Jam

The Best Delicious Chocolate Jam Brand Mariza Chocolate Topping Jam
Brand Delicious Chocolate Jam Mariza Chocolate Topping Jam

Having a more liquid texture, this delicious brand of chocolate jam is very easy to spread and is suitable as a topping for bread, cakes, ice cream and similar snacks. 
This jam is made from quality ingredients that are hygienically processed using modern technology which is then packed into unique bottles that are very practical.

Rich in nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, dietary fiber, and sodium minerals, did you know that this is also priced at a very affordable price. As for the taste, this jam has a special chocolate flavor that can perfect your food and drink snacks.

8. Nuscobio Organic Chocolate Spread

The Best Brand of Delicious Chocolate Jam Nuscobio Organic Chocolate Spread
Brand Delicious Chocolate Jam Nuscobio Organic Chocolate Spread

Already familiar with healthy food and not used to preservatives? 
You can still enjoy delicious chocolate jam. The jam is Nuscobio Organic Chocolate Spread.

This jam is made from 100% natural ingredients such as cocoa powder, hazelnuts, cane sugar, to vegetable oil, skimmed milk powder, soy lecithin and vanilla emulsifiers. You need to know, this jam is made from low-fat vegetable ingredients so it is very safe for consumption for those of you who are on a diet program.

For its processing, this jam is hygienically processed using modern technology which is packaged into healthy jam and suitable for consumption by all groups. Did you know that the Nuscobio Organic Chocolate Spread has received an UTZ certificate, you know, so it is safe for the sustainability of the cocoa plant.

9. Tropicana Slim Chocolate Spread

The Best Brand of Delicious Chocolate Jam Tropicana Slim Chocolate Spread
Brand Delicious Chocolate Jam Tropicana Slim Chocolate Spread

It is often prohibited, not a few diabetics or people who are on a diet program are prohibited from consuming chocolate, especially sweet chocolate jam. 
Now you don’t need to worry anymore because you already have a delicious chocolate jam brand from Tropicana Slim Chocolate Spread.

If usually jam is synonymous with fat and sugar, this jam is made without adding sugar in it or is sugar free so it is safe for diabetics or people who are on a diet program. Even so, this jam still has a delicious taste to be spread on bread. So you don’t need to worry about the taste because this product is recognized to have an addictive taste.

10. Diamond Chocolate Paste Jam

The Best Brand of Delicious Chocolate Jam Diamond Chocolate Paste
Brand Jam Diamond Chocolate Paste

The last brand of delicious chocolate jam comes from Jam Diamond Chocolate Paste. 
This jam has a soft texture with a hot sweet taste. This jam product can be found in the culinary world, especially bakery, cakery and pastry. Made from selected ingredients from selected cocoa powder.

So, it’s no wonder this jam has a delicious and savory chocolate paste taste. You need to know, this chocolate jam is very suitable as a topping or filling for sweet snacks such as bread, bananas, cakes or other pastries. Not only that, you can also melt this jam if you want to reshape it according to your wishes and tastes.

Those are the 10 Best Delicious Chocolate Jam Recommendations. Of the ten products, there are products that are suitable for many needs. Starting from chocolate jam with a combination of flavors, chocolate jam which is suitable for people who are on a diet program and also for those of you who are not used to foods that contain addictive substances or are only used to natural foods, you can choose natural chocolate jam. From these reviews you can easily determine the product that suits your needs.

The difference between Chocolate Jam and Chocolate Paste

Even though they have the same basic ingredients which are processed from cocoa beans, chocolate jam and chocolate paste are different products. For those of you who are curious about the differences between these 2 products, consider the following reviews.

1. Chocolate Jam

Chocolate jam is processed cocoa beans which are generally made into a spread for bread, or various pastries such as waffles, muffins and pancakes. Although it tastes, smells and looks like chocolate, chocolate spread is not pure chocolate. As for the texture, the chocolate jam has a semi-wet texture.

2. Chocolate Paste

While chocolate paste is a paste product mixed with cocoa powder and other ingredients. So it is often referred to as chocolate filling. And it is suitable for use as a filling for bread, pia, dry sus, kebabs, cakes and others. In terms of texture, pasta has a semi-solid texture.


Those are the reviews and full reviews about delicious chocolate jam. How? Did the article answer your questions about chocolate spread? Hopefully that’s enough. From this article, of course you already know how to choose the best chocolate jam, you also already know the 10 recommended products from this chocolate jam.

Have you decided which product you want to try? Come on, just order at your favorite store. Don’t run out. Not to forget, you also know the difference between chocolate jam and chocolate paste.

So, for those of you who previously thought the 2 products were the same. Now you know the difference, right? Well, don’t forget either. For those of you who want to find out other recommended products, you can visit other articles.

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