10 Best Dry Cat Food Recommendations(Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Proper cat nutrition is the key to improving cat health and welfare so that cats can live longer and stay healthy. However, it should be noted that not all cat owners can afford to buy cat food that is labeled at a fairly high or expensive price. There are also several brands with quite cheap and affordable prices that can be given to your beloved cat. However, this returns to the owner, expensive or cheap. You can still try to choose the best quality cat dry food that your pet cat likes, of course.

Best Dry Food Cat Dry Food
Cat Dry Food Illustration Image (Dry Food) / Petfinder

This article will provide several explanations about dry cat food, starting from tips on choosing food for cats, a list of recommendations for the best dry food for cats, to ways you can take good care of your cat.

Tips for Choosing Good Food for Cats

Here are some tips for choosing the best dry cat food.

1. Has a Source of Animal Protein and Fat

It should be noted that cat food ingredients that contain a lot of water, such as beef, poultry, chicken or fish, are food ingredients that tend to be at the top of the list of cat food raw materials because they have a high water content.

Meanwhile, food ingredients such as protein are usually at the bottom of the list because they contain important nutrients. Usually protein has a lower water content because it has been reduced. This also applies to dry food types.

2. Anti preservatives

Avoid providing food with harmful preservatives such as Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA), Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT), propyl gallate, propylene glycol, and ethoxyquin.

These ingredients are predicted to be able to cause cancer in your beloved cat. Therefore, be wise in choosing the best food for cats. Choose foods that contain vitamin E and vitamin C.

3. Pay attention to cat allergies

Just like humans, cats can also experience allergies. Therefore, pay attention to allergies that may be owned by pet cats. Although cats rarely experience food allergies, cat owners should still be wary of them. Especially if the cat has shown allergy symptoms.

10 Best Cat Dry Food Recommendations

Once you get information about tips on choosing cat food, it won’t be complete without a list of the best dry cat food recommendations that can be used as a reference for buying dry food for your pet cat. Here are some list of recommendations from Ainun.

1. Royal Canin Kitten Persian Persian Kitten Food

Best Dry Cat Food Royal Canin Kitten Persian Persian Kitten Food
Royal Canin Kitten Persian Persian Kitten Food

Royal Canin Persian Kitten specially formulated according to the needs of Persian kittens. 
This best cat dry food will provide the best nutrition for your cat so that the cat’s health is maintained from the early phase of a cat’s life. It has been proven firsthand by cat breeders that the digestive system of kittens does not function properly when Persian cats are still at an early age.

Persian kitten digestion develops gradually. Therefore, this dry cat food from Royal Canin is made with high-quality protein content so that it is easier to digest. Balanced fiber content and prebiotics can help maintain a cat’s intestinal balance.

The Royal Canin Persian Kitten is designed in the shape of a kibble. This shape has been made according to the jaw shape of a Persian kitten. Its soft texture and square shape make it easier for kittens to chew. In addition, this best dry cat food contains vitamin E and antioxidants that function to improve digestive performance, support the kitten’s immune system, and help keep hair healthy and long.

2. Dry Whiskas

Best Dry Cat Food (Dry Food) Whiskas Dry
Cat Dry Food (Dry Food) Whiskas Dry

Who else doesn’t know this brand of Whiskas Dry cat food. Whiskas Dry cat food is very easy for you to find in various markets such as Indomaret, petshops and others. Besides being available with a dry texture, this cat food is also available in a wet texture. This Whiskas best dry cat food comes as a food intended for kittens as well as adult cats.

For dry food types, Whiskas are produced with a texture that is crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Designed in an arch shape that helps maintain the health of the cat’s mouth and teeth. Contains fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6, and zinc for healthy skin and cat coat health. Also enriched with vitamin A and Taurine which is very useful for cat’s eyesight. This best dry cat food keeps your cat active thanks to fresh fish protein, good fats and a balanced balance of vitamins and minerals. In addition, the content of vitamin A and taurine will help nourish the eyes.

3. Hero Cat Adult Salmon & Rice

The Best Dry Food for Cats Hero Cat Adult Salmon & Rice
Hero Cat Adult Salmon & Rice Dry Food

Hero is one of the best dry cat food brands in Indonesia. Because, this product is processed with high-tech machines in Belgium. Then, there is the urinary tract content in the cat food that Hero produces. This content can prevent the occurrence of Feline Urological Syndrome (FUS) in cats. In addition, there is also an antihairball that can launch a cat’s digestive system when there is cat hair ingested.

Hero’s premium pet food, a complete formula to support your pet’s longevity and health. The best formulated cat dry food can shrink the urinary tract, maximize nutrient absorption so as to avoid digestive problems and can help overcome hairball problems. Complete and balanced nutrition with calcium, vitamins and minerals and cranberry extract.

4. Pro Plan Adult Urinary Care Chicken

Best Dry Food for Cats Pro Plan Adult Urinary Care Chicken
Cat Dry Food (Dry Food) Pro Plan Adult Urinary Care Chicken

Now comes the Pro Plan Urinary Care which is intended for adult cats to maintain the health of your cat’s urinary tract. Produced with real chicken meat, this best dry cat food contains active Probiotics to maintain immunity and digestive health. Low magnesium to minimize urinary tract disorders and cat kidney health. There are special nutrients to maintain kidney health. Protein and calories with a balanced dose can maintain the health condition of the cat’s body. Linoleic acid to keep skin healthy and hair shiny. Helps maintain cat’s dental health from causing tartar formation.

Because the price offered is quite premium, so for those who have more budget, this cat food is a must try, yes. The reason is, Pro Plan has a variety of important nutrients, in the form of vitamin E, vitamin B complex, zinc, and good fiber to prevent excessive hair loss in cats. So that this content can keep your beloved cat’s fur beautiful. In addition, Pro Plan is also rich in protein, high in vitamins A, C, and E so it is also good for your cat’s health.

5. Maxi Premium Cat Food

Best Dry Cat Food (Dry Food) Maxi Premium Cat Food
Maxi Premium Cat Food

Maxi Premium Cat Food is one of the best dry cat food for all ages, both young and old. This product contains Yucca Schidigera extract which functions to reduce the smell of feces emitted by cats. Produced using selected high protein meat and pure fatty acids, this product has passed tests in Australia. Complete and balanced nutritional content as well as taurine and amino acids function to treat eye health and cat liver function.

Made from selected meat, vegetable protein, animal fat, vegetable oil, essential vitamins so that it can take care of dental health, and contains pure fatty acids. It also contains L-Lysine which is useful for maintaining immunity and increasing the cat’s appetite. In addition, the texture of this best dry cat food is in the form of small, creamy balls that are good for consumption by young or old cats.

6. Cat Choize Kitten Tuna Pink

The Best Dry Food Cat Choize Kitten Pink Tuna
Cat Choize Kitten Pink Tuna Dry Food

Cat Choize Kitten is the best cat dry food that is familiar to cat lovers with a complete nutritional, vitamin and mineral content to maintain the health of kittens so that the cat’s growth remains optimal. Cat Chize cat food has a crunchy kibble texture that can reduce the appearance of tartar and can also whiten your cat’s teeth. The fiber of choice in this dry food can improve digestive function so that it is more optimal. Zinc, Omega 6 and fatty acids are very good for cat skin and fur.

High-quality protein comes from milk, chicken and tuna, so it can increase cat growth. Taurine content that improves eye function. The content of Selenium and Vitamin E helps boost the cat’s immune system. Calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D content helps strengthen bones and teeth. These best dry cat food products can be easily found in various online shops or pet shops.

7. Science Diet Feline Adult Chicken Hill’s

Science Diet Feline Adult Chicken Hill's Best Dry Food
Hill’s Science Diet Feline Adult Chicken Dry Food

Hill’s Science The best dry cat food diet for cats aged 1-6 years specially formulated to meet the energy needs of cats. This dry cat food is produced using high quality ingredients so it is easy for your cat to digest. Essential taurine is useful for maintaining heart health and keeping the body’s minerals in balance. The protein contained in this cat food is of high quality so that muscle can be formed without the presence of fat. Why should you choose the Hill’s Science Diet for the nutrition of your beloved cat? Because all the products produced by Hill’s have been certified by the American Associations Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

The materials used are of the highest quality to meet Hill’s stringent qualifications. The entire process of analyzing the production of the best dry cat food was made together with 200 well-known Veterinarians, PhDs, Nutritionists, to feed Scientists who focus on the nutritional quality of Hill’s products. The antioxidants in this product are clinically tested to maintain health and cats can last longer. Starting from 50g is enough to feed a cat in a day.

8. Meo Adult Tuna Variant

Best Dry Cat Food Meo Adult Tuna Variant
Cat Dry Food (Dry Food) Meo Adult Tuna Variant

Meo Adult Cat is the best dry cat food for cats over 12 months old. This dry cat food contains several nutritious and balanced ingredients. In addition, Meo Adult is also equipped with Vitamins, Taurine, Omega 3 and Omega 6, Calcium. The nutritional content contained in this dry food is beneficial for eye health, boosts the cat’s immune system, prevents the risk of urinary tract damage and maintains the health of the cat’s fur and skin.

Meo Adult Cat is not only complete and balanced nutrition, but also delicious so that your kitten will eat more voraciously. This best dry cat food is produced with a low sodium formula that works to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, kidneys and urinary tract in kittens. Not to forget, this product is equipped with taurine as an amino acid that maintains eye health. While the calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus will strengthen your kitten’s bones and teeth.

9. Real Nature Fluffy and Shiny Skin Formula

Best Dry Cat Food Real Nature Fluffy and Shiny Skin Formula
Cat Dry Food Real Nature Fluffy and Shiny Skin Formula

Real Nature Fluffy and Shiny Skin Formula combines a complex of nutrients that while effectively controlling hairballs, reducing tear stains and supporting the growth of new skin cells. For adult and senior cats, the mineral components are useful for protecting and strengthening weak joints. Fresh fruit and vegetables in the best dry cat food content are useful as fiber to help cat digestion.

Besides storing 89% animal protein, there are also nine billion probiotics, including lactobacillus and bacillus subtilis, which will increase the growth of good bacteria and eliminate bad bacteria in the intestine. Uniquely, this best cat dry food is composed of Alaskan marine fish oil which can reduce allergic reactions and keep skin and fur beautiful. There is also Hydrolyzed Protein which has been broken down making it easier for the body to absorb.

10. Orijen Cat & Kitten

Best Dry Cat Food Orijen Cat & Kitten
Orijen Cat & Kitten Dry Food

Orijen Cat & Kitten is the best dry cat food product that contains more than 40% protein so that cats will be full quickly and eat smaller portions. That is why Orijen Cat & Kitten is very suitable for cats who are obese. Orijen claims that the ingredients used in the manufacture of its products are really fresh. Every meat raw material used comes from meat suitable for human consumption.

Therefore, if you want your pet cat at home to go on a diet without having to lack nutrition, then Orijen is the best choice. The protein content is also high, making it suitable for aged cats and cats who are malnourished. Although the price is quite expensive and above average, it will all pay off if you know the raw materials and contents of this best dry cat food. Of course, the cat’s health will be better maintained.

How to Take Good Care of Cats

The following are ways you can do to take good care of your beloved pet cat.

1. Bathe the cat regularly

Feeling uncomfortable because your cat’s fur is starting to smell bad? You are allowed to bathe the cat once in a while. When bathing, it is highly recommended to use cold water. Why is that? Be aware that hot water can cause skin irritation and damage your cat’s coat.

If your cat is a fussy cat, then you can also use wet wipes. So that the fur smells good, you can spray a special cat perfume on its body. It also serves to prevent the growth of fleas on the cat’s body.

2. Understand the needs and nutritional intake from childhood

Did you know that kittens need twice as much nutrition as adult cats? But that doesn’t mean you have to be fed all the time! Usually kittens will start learning to eat after 5-6 weeks of age even though they are still suckling on their mother. You can give food regularly 4 times a day. Also make sure you choose cat food that contains lots of vitamins and nutrients for the health of the cat.

3. Playing with the Cat

Just like humans, surely you will also get bored being in the house constantly as well as cats. Taking care of your cat by taking him out for a walk and hepi-hepi is something you can do to keep your cat from feeling depressed. But there are also some cats that are difficult to walk around with. In this case, you can still entertain the cat by buying cat toys that make it more active and agile.


The information above provides several explanations regarding cat food, starting from tips on choosing dry food for cats, a list of recommendations for the best dry cat food, to several ways you can take good care of your cat. Hopefully the information provided can answer any questions you may not know. If you want to know about other recommendations, you can also visit the available article pages.

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