10 Best Espresso Coffee Machine Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Having an espresso coffee machine is one of the most enjoyable things because you can enjoy a cup of cafe-style coffee anytime. This also saves money, especially for coffee lovers. In addition, the dose of extracted coffee can be adjusted according to taste and enjoyed more freely. If you are interested in owning one, choose a coffee maker that is of good quality so that the machine is not easily damaged and can be used for a long time.

Best Espresso Coffee Machine
Illustration of Espresso Coffee Machine / 2caffeinated

Finding an espresso coffee machine is sometimes difficult because more and more manufacturers are making these coffee machines. In addition, each coffee machine has its own advantages, so it can sometimes be confusing. But you don’t need to worry, through this article we recommend the 10 best products with their various advantages. If you’re still unsure, consider a few tips before buying.

Tips for Choosing a Good Espresso Coffee Machine

Espresso coffee machines can affect the image of a delicious coffee taste with a seductive aroma. In addition, the more features it has, it makes a cup of coffee served quickly and practically. Here are tips on choosing the best espresso coffee machine that you need to know, including:

1. Pay attention to the Machine Features Offered

Before buying the best espresso coffee machine, it would be nice if you pay attention to the completeness of the features it has and its functions. For example, by knowing the automatic timer, steamer and automatic power off features. But the more features offered, the price will be higher. Therefore, consider whether the completeness of the features is in accordance with the price given? If yes and have enough budget to buy it, choose a product with full features.

2. Pay attention to the Espresso Coffee Machine Specifications

Apart from features, the specifications of the best espresso coffee machines are no less important to note. Choose the type of machine that suits your needs, such as making sure the tank capacity of the machine is according to your needs or not, especially for those of you who have a business in the field of coffee making. In addition, make sure the size matches the size of the place later so it doesn’t interfere with activities and choose a machine that is easy for novice users to operate. When confirming the specifications, also make sure the machine is easy to clean.

3. Know the Various Types of Espresso Coffee Machines

The best espresso coffee machines have various types, namely drip, pod, siphon and espresso machine types. Where each type has its own design and appeal, for example, the drip type has an efficient and simple form. Unlike the pod type, it has a capsule-like design which is easy to clean and has a more practical way of working. The siphon type has a fashionable design making it suitable to support home interior decoration, but the most important thing is to choose the type of machine that is the easiest and has the most attractive shape.

4. Adjust to Electric Power at Home

The next tip that is no less important is to adjust the best espresso coffee machine to the electrical power in your home. Because if not, the electricity can suddenly turn off when the espresso coffee maker is used. You need to know, an espresso coffee maker requires 800 to 1200 watts of electricity. If the electric power at home is relatively large, it might not be a problem, but if the electricity is low, the coffee making process will be delayed so that it cannot be supported when it is needed in an urgent time.

5. Choose a Machine That Has 5 to 6 settings

Espresso coffee machines with 5 to 6 settings can adjust during the grinding process, the level of fineness of the beans to the temperature of the coffee beans so that they can produce coffee according to taste. If you rely on the taste of your coffee based on bean processing, roasting and the like, choose the best espresso coffee machine that has 5 to 6 settings. Espresso coffee machines with 5 to 6 setting functions are widely used by cafe owners.

6. Choose a Machine with 6 Bar Extraction

The best espresso coffee machines with extraction of 6 bars and above are believed to be able to produce a delicious cup of coffee with thick crema like in some of the best cafes. Crema is a yellow-brown froth and is often used on top of the coffee layer as an attraction for coffee lovers. In contrast to coffee machines that have 3 to 6 bars, the resulting crema tends to be of less quality. Therefore to get a cup of coffee with a cafe style, pay attention to the bar pressure on the machine before buying it.

10 Best Espresso Coffee Machine Recommendations

Espresso coffee machines are sought after for those who are fans of this bitter coffee. The coffee machine more or less gives its own characteristics to a cup of brewed coffee. There are several recommendations from the machine that can be used as a reference when you want to buy it. Likewise with the price offered, the range varies from hundreds of thousands of rupiah to tens of millions. The following are some of the best recommendations for selected espresso coffee machines by Ainun.

1. AMLYZEWOO Espresso Grinder Coffee Machine

AMLYZEWOO Grinder Best Espresso Coffee Machine
AMLYZEWOO Grinder Espresso Coffee Machine

The AMLYZEWOO grinder is the best espresso coffee machine imported from China. This machine is made of aluminum and weighs 4 kg. 
It has a medium capacity so that the electricity used is not too large, which is only around 180 watts.

Even so, this coffee machine has a fairly high speed level and has nine levels of fineness so that it can be adjusted according to needs. The AMLYZEWOO Grinder coffee machine is available in two colors, namely red and black.

2. Ferrati Ferro Espresso Coffee Machine Type FCM3605

Best Espresso Coffee Machine Ferrati Ferro Type FCM3605
Espresso Coffee Machine Ferrati Ferro Type FCM3605

With the best espresso coffee machine from Ferrati Fero, you can make coffee like in a cafe but with a home version and the taste quality is not much different from coffee shops in general.

Even though the price of this product is more suitable for the middle and upper class, it can be one of the best recommendations because it has a water tank capacity of almost two liters with a water heating time of only 45 seconds. To use this machine requires 1450 watts of electricity in one use.

3. Mesin Kopi Espresso Ossel Type OMK 8600

The Best Espresso Coffee Machine Ossel Type OMK 8600
Mesin Kopi Espresso Ossel Type OMK 8600

The Ossel espresso coffee machine is one of the best espresso coffee machines that you can try. 
This item is available in various 
market places with good reviews and ratings given by buyers.

The medium-capacity machine made of stainless steel is priced at a low price. You only need to spend hundreds of thousands of rupiahs to get this item. In addition, the Ossel machine is equipped with a heat shield so that it is safe even when used at high pressure.

4. DeLonghi Espresso Coffee Machine

DeLonghi's Best Espresso Coffee Machines
DeLonghi Espresso Coffee Machine

By using this machine you can not only make espresso, but can make other types of coffee such as 
cappuccino and latte . Even though it is an automatic type of machine, the Delonghi brand still displays its manual side. Even though it’s home-made coffee, you can mix coffee like a barista.

This tool has a water tank capacity of more than one liter with an extraction pressure of more than 14 bar, it’s not wrong if this tool is included in the best espresso coffee machines based on its advantages and reviews.

5. Staresso Portable Espresso Coffee Machine

The Best Portable Staresso Espresso Coffee Machine
Staresso Portable Espresso Coffee Machine

The following types of coffee machines are included in the type of manual machine. 
The shape is quite mini or small, adding to the impression of 
simple and elegant. The available capacity is relatively small, which is only around 100 to 130 m2.

Even though it is included in the best espresso coffee machines at low prices, the power required is also relatively low. The Staresso Portable Espresso coffee machine is suitable for use in simple coffee shops considering the items are simple and don’t consume high electricity.

6. Breville Espresso Coffee Machine

Breville's Best Espresso Coffee Machine
Breville Espresso Coffee Machine

The best espresso coffee machine from the Brevile brand is a type of automatic machine that can make it easier for you when making coffee, especially coffee lovers with a certain routine every day.

Brevile coffee machines use precise extraction technology with a relatively large capacity, up to two liters, so you can make large amounts of coffee at once. For the price, buyers have to spend quite a lot because the price offered can reach tens of millions of rupiah.

7. Maksindo MKP50 Espresso Coffee Machine

Maksindo's Best Espresso Coffee Machine
Maksindo Brand Espresso Coffee Machine

Maksindo is included in the ranks of the best and most recommended brands of espresso coffee machines because they have relatively affordable prices and are suitable for household needs and for 
coffee shops that are just starting out. The type of machine from the Maksindo brand that you can use is the MKP50 with the criteria of a semi-automatic machine.

The best aroma produced from coffee feels so deep because the machine uses an intelligent pre brew system . In addition, the extraction pressure reaches 20 bar, greater than other brands with competitive prices.

8. Mesin Kopi Espresso Simonelli Aurelia II

Simonelli's Best Espresso Coffee Machine
Simonelli Espresso Coffee Machine

Simonelli is believed to be one of the best espresso coffee machines and is widely used by various groups such as for business purposes. 
One of them is volumetric Simonelli Aurellia II, this type is suitable for use at home, in the office, and even as a supporting tool in opening a coffee beverage business.

The advantage is the capacity of the water tank  as well as the large extraction pressure so that it can produce more coffee at one time. Simoneli coffee machine is also equipped with a soft infusion feature to mix coffee with cream.

9. Getra IB7-IG Espresso Coffee Machine

The Best Espresso Coffee Machine Brand Getra
Espresso Coffee Machine Brand Getra

It’s no secret that Getra is included in the ranks of the best and best espresso coffee machines. 
Generally, machines from the Getra brand are used in the coffee drink business or cafes with a medium to upper business scale because these machines are indeed priced at fantastic prices reaching tens of millions of rupiah.

For example, the IB7-IG type which can be used in coffee shops. It has a water tank capacity of up to six liters and can also be used to make cappuccino.

10. Nespresso Latisima Espresso Coffee Machine

Nespresso Latisima's Best Espresso Coffee Machine
Nespresso Latisima Espresso Coffee Machine

For home coffee lovers or coffee shop owners, this machine is suitable for you because it has a minimalist appearance and is equipped with 
eco mode as an energy saver and features a heating system with excellent speed.

Even though it seems minimalist, this machine is one of the best types of espresso coffee machines which can alternately make various types of coffee such as espresso, latte and cappuccino. Nespresso Latisima is more popularly known as a capsule coffee machine and is one of the best machines in its class.

Types of Espresso Coffee Machines

Maybe we often see espresso coffee machines behind cafe bar tables in different shapes and types in each shop. Judging from the appearance, it also has differences in terms of sophistication, price and function. The following types of espresso coffee machines are based on their operation, including:

1. Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

The best espresso coffee machine with an automatic operating system, also known as pod coffee, is one of the innovations in the world of coffee. Through an automatic espresso coffee machine, you won’t be complicated when making coffee blends because it is supported by advanced technology.

In this machine, you don’t need coffee grounds to brew, but capsules as the raw material for making coffee. Automatic espresso coffee machines are more suitable for relaxing at home than cafes.

2. Semi-automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

The best semi-automatic espresso coffee machines are widely used for commercial purposes, both small and large. In addition, this type of coffee machine is suitable for those of you who want to study as a barista at home.

Semi-automatic espresso coffee machines are divided into two types, namely manual control and programmable doses. Manual control means that the coffee extraction process can be stopped manually as desired, while in programmable doses the machine will stop itself after the coffee reaches the dose that we have set from the start.

3. Manual Espresso Coffee Machine

The best manual espresso coffee machine comes with a classic and elegant design which has its own function and full control rests with each user. In a manual coffee machine, the user must grind the coffee beans themselves, adjust the temperature, pressure and duration of the extract process.

However, before choosing a manual type espresso coffee machine, you should think twice and adjust it to your needs. Manual coffee machines are not suitable for use in coffee shops unless the barista is able to use them.

4. Professional Espresso Coffee Machine

The best and most professional espresso coffee machine is every barista’s dream because it has complete features and is large in size making it suitable for commercial purposes. Professional coffee machines have many coffee extractor parts to support the speed of espresso-based coffee production.

To use this machine, the barista must also be professional and qualified to take care of the customer’s coffee, which is idealistic about taste. The average price for a professional coffee machine is in the tens of millions of rupiah.

5. Superautomatic Espresso Coffee Machine

The best super-automatic espresso coffee machines can compress, grind and extract coffee to become a cup of espresso so that it can replace the barista’s job when processing espresso.

Apart from that, how to use it is also quite simple, just pressing the available button as needed so that it is suitable for use even at home. Through a superautomatic machine, coffee will be served without measuring and determining the coffee grind. The taste is not much different from the results made by the barista at the coffee shop.


The best espresso coffee machines have many types according to ease of operation, completeness of features, functions and price. Before buying it, you should pay attention to a number of tips first so you don’t buy the wrong machine or adjust the machine to your needs, whether for home or commercial use. You can choose one of the 10 recommendations above which already have many positive reviews from a number of previous buyers.

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