10 Best for Full Cream Milk Brands Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – For milk lovers, full cream milk is certainly a familiar topic. Besides being rich in benefits, full cream type milk is also very easy to find in supermarkets. Are you one of the connoisseurs of this milk? What brand of full cream milk do you usually consume?

Please note there are several types of full cream milk that you can find in stores. Not only that, you will also find lots of full cream milk brands. Well, for that you need some tips that you can use to choose the right product. Don’t disk. Check out the following reviews.

Best Full Cream Milk
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How to Choose a Delicious Full Cream Milk Brand

If you go to a shopping center and want to buy full cream milk, you will of course find lots of full cream milk brands lined up in one place. Curious how to choose the right product? Take a peek at the following tips.

1. Choose the milk shape you want

Talking about full cream milk, this one milk has several types. There is liquid milk and there is also powdered milk. Everything certainly has its advantages and disadvantages of each.

For liquid full cream milk, the advantages are more towards instant and practical, that is, it can be consumed immediately. Meanwhile, for its durability, this milk will spoil easily if the package has been opened. For that you need to store it in the refrigerator if there is still milk left.

For powder type full cream milk, the advantage is that it lasts longer than the previous type. This powdered milk has a resistance of up to 18 months. But to enjoy this milk, you need to brew it first. Even though it looks impractical, did you know that this type of powdered milk is actually much more economical than other milks.

2. Consideration for liquid milk

Liquid milk full cream type also has several types based on the processing process, namely sweetened condensed milk, UHT type and pasteurized type.

For this type of sweetened condensed milk, this milk often has advantages which are very suitable to be paired with food and drinks such as cakes, coffee and other snacks and drinks. And for its durability, this product can be used even though the packaging has been opened for days.

For pasteurized milk, the advantage is its very high nutritional value. This type of milk is recognized as fresher, rich in benefits and can be enjoyed by all family members.

For liquid milk, the UHT type is almost the same as the pasteurized type. It’s just that this type of UHT milk is heated to a much higher temperature in a shorter time than pasteurization. And also this milk is more sterile milk. Why is it called UHT milk, this is because it stands for Ultra High Temperature .

3. Pay attention to the nutritional content

Even though it is rich in benefits, if consumed in excess or deficiency it will not get maximum results. That’s why you should pay attention to the nutritional content of full cream milk that you want to buy. The nutritional content can be in the form of total fat, sodium, protein and others. That way you can adjust it to the nutritional value your body needs.

Those are some tips that you can use to choose the right brand of full cream milk for your needs. Next, you will be presented with the 10 best brands of full cream milk. Check out the following reviews.

10 List of Best Full Cream Milk Brand Recommendations

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In the following, we will review the 10 Best Full Cream Milk Brand Recommendations , Ainun reviews , What brands are you curious about?

1. Ultra Milk Full Cream

Best Full Cream Milk Ultra Milk Full Cream
Merk Ultra Milk Full Cream

Rich in nutrients, Ultra Milk Full Cream milk is full cream milk that has been sterilized and is free from bacteria. 
This full cream milk brand is very suitable for consumption by families ranging from children to adults. Not only consumed by drinking, this milk is also suitable for cooking ingredients such as spaghetti and making types of cakes.

This milk contains lots of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium which are good for the body in carrying out daily activities. Besides being able to be consumed immediately, this milk is also very practical and easy to carry anywhere. This is because this milk is available in many packaging sizes. For families, you can choose milk with a large size. Meanwhile, for personal use, you can choose a small packaging size.

2. Greenfields Full Cream Milk

The Best Full Cream Milk Greenfields Full Cream Milk
Merk Greenfields Full Cream Milk

Being one of the people’s favorite full cream UHT milk, who would have thought that this local brand milk has been exported to many countries. 
The full cream milk brand is Greenfields Full Cream Milk. This milk is produced from 100% fresh cow’s milk which is pasteurized at a very high temperature so that it is certain that the bacteria in the milk are no longer there.

Besides containing high vitamins, greenfield milk also contains high minerals which are very good for body health. To refresh your body, this full cream milk is the best recommendation for you. How? Are you curious to try local full cream milk that is well known abroad?

3. Cimory Fresh Milk Full Cream

Best Full Cream Milk Cimory Fresh Milk Full Cream
Merk Cimory Fresh Milk Full Cream

Talking about the Cimory brand, not a few people will imagine yogurt. 
Naturally, because the yogurt product from this one brand is very well known among the people of Indonesia. However, no less famous is its full cream milk brand, Cimory Fresh Milk Full Cream.

Cimory Fresh Milk Full Cream is original fresh cow’s milk from Indonesia. Rich in nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, vitamin B2, and various vitamins, this full cream milk has a liquid texture with a creamy taste. Having a variety of packaging sizes, you can choose according to your needs.

4. Indomilk Full Cream

The Best Full Cream Milk Indomilk Full Cream
Brand Indomilk Full Cream

Processed with UHT (Ultra High Temperature) technology, indomilk full cream milk is confirmed to be free of bacteria. 
This full cream milk brand is packaged using multi layers that are light and airtight so that the freshness of the milk is maintained.

The milk in each Indomilk package comes from 100% fresh cow’s milk. No wonder this milk is rich in vitamins A, B1, B6, D3 and E which are good for the body. Suitable for consumption by family members, this milk can meet the daily intake of calcium and nutrients for family members. It should be noted that this full cream milk product is suitable for children over 1 year old.

5. Diamond Full Cream UHT Milk

Best Full Cream Milk Diamond Full Cream UHT Milk
Brand Diamond Full Cream UHT Milk

Being a type of UHT liquid milk which is mostly made into food mixtures, Diamond Full Cream UHT Milk is widely used to make pasta. 
This full cream milk is also one of the milk that is quite economical.

Even though it is classified as economical, this one full cream milk still has good quality to meet family nutrition. The content of fat, protein, carbohydrates, 11 vitamins, 5 minerals in milk is recognized as very good for the health of the body. So, if you want to make food with a mixture of full cream milk, don’t miss this product.

6. Solusky Skygoat Milk Full Cream

The Best Full Cream Milk Solusky Skygoat Milk Full Cream
Merk Solusky Skygoat Milk Full Cream

If the previous products had the label 100% fresh cow’s milk, this time the full cream milk that will be discussed comes from goat’s milk. 
As the name implies, this full cream milk comes from genuine goat’s milk where the milk has higher nutrition compared to cow’s milk.

Not surprisingly, this milk is often given to people who are newly sick, with the aim of being a stamina booster for that person’s body. By drinking full cream milk on this one, your body will feel fresher and ready to continue activities. Contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, sodium, phosphorus, this milk is presented in 2 flavors, namely the original flavor and also the chocolate flavor. How? What flavors are you interested in trying?

7. KIN Fresh Milk Full Cream

The Best Full Cream Milk KIN Fresh Milk Full Cream
Merk KIN Fresh Milk Full Cream

Suitable for consumption every day, KIN Fresh Milk Full Cream is the only Indonesian full cream milk brand that contains a unique protein, A2 protein. 
You need to know, A2 protein is the easiest type of protein to digest in the intestine, so it is very comfortable to consume without leaving a feeling of nausea or bloating.

Apart from being practical and easy to find, you know that high full crean milk also has a very affordable price with quite a lot of contents. That’s why this milk is very suitable for consumption by all family members.

8. Dancow FortiGro Full Cream

Best Full Cream Milk Dancow FortiGro Full Cream
Brand Dancow FortiGro Full Cream

Being a powdered full cream milk, Dancow FortiGro Full Cream is very well known, especially among children. 
This full cream milk brand is presented to meet the daily nutrition of children when they enter school age. Containing protein, calcium and vitamin D, this milk is beneficial for children’s bone and muscle density.

Not only that, the content of choline and omega 6 in it can also support memory and concentration, as well as the development of a child’s brain during activities. How? Do you already know about this one milk? Come on, fulfill your child’s nutrition with Dancow FortiGro Full Cream.

9. Harvey Fresh Milk Full Cream

Best Full Cream Milk Harvey Fresh Milk Full Cream
 Merk Harvey Fresh Milk Full Cream

Sounds a bit foreign, Harvey Fresh Milk Full Cream is a brand of full cream milk originating from Australia. 
This milk is imported by Indonesia to meet the daily nutrition of Indonesian families.

Rich in nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and more, this full cream milk comes from 100% native Australian cow’s milk. How? Are you interested in trying this Australian brand of full cream milk?

10. Frisian Purefarm Full Cream

The Best Full Cream Milk Frisian Purefarm Full Cream
Merk Frisian Purefarm Full Cream

Who is not familiar with this one brand. 
The Frisian flag has been around for almost 100 years to provide nutrition for Indonesian families. Including Frisian Purefarm full cream milk brand which contains 8 vitamins, 3 minerals, fat, protein, carbohydrates, sodium.

This is one of the UHT full cream types of milk which is processed according to national and international standards. For those of you who are looking for dairy products that have been proven for hundreds of years, one brand can be your first consideration.

10 Benefits of Full Cream Milk You Should Know

You already know the 10 lists of the best full cream milk brands that you can use as a reference when looking for full cream milk products. This is the time for you to know the 10 benefits of consuming full cream milk. What are the benefits? Here’s the review.

1. Maintain Dental Health

Containing high calcium, full cream milk is recognized as very good for maintaining healthy teeth. In order to avoid dental problems such as porous and also cavities, full cream milk can help prevent these problems.

2. Gaining Weight

Called full cream type milk, everyone would think that this milk contains high fat which can make you gain weight. It is true that you can gain weight, but with a lot of portions too.

If you only consume 1 glass a day, this will not really affect your weight. Moreover, you have a lot of activities. Everything needs adjustment.

3. Prevent Osteoporosis

As with teeth, the content of calcium and phosphorus in full cream milk is believed to be able to prevent bone osteoporosis.

4. Source of Protein

If you look at the nutritional value on the packaging of full cream milk, you will surely find that the milk is rich in protein. That’s why full cream milk can be used as a source of protein to meet your daily nutritional needs.

5. Increase Female Fertility

Curious why full cream milk can increase female fertility? This is influenced by the fat content of milk consumed which is 25% less likely to experience ovulation.

6. Improves Blood Pressure

Did you know, full cream milk can also stabilize blood pressure. So, this product is one of the easiest solutions when your blood pressure starts to get unstable.

7. Reduces Stress

Not only improving blood pressure, full cream milk is also recognized to reduce the stress you experience. This is influenced by your stable blood pressure which will bring you a calmer feeling.

8. Relaxing Tense Muscles

You need to know, consuming full cream milk regularly is also useful for relaxing tense muscles which can make you feel dizzy. So don’t let this happen, you can make sure by diligently consuming full cream milk.

9. Increase Energy

Containing high enough fat, full cream milk can also increase your energy. That’s why this type of milk is perfect for consumption in the morning before starting activities. After consuming it, your energy will increase and you are ready to continue your activities.

10. Maintain Hair Health

Starting from teeth, bones, full cream milk also turns out to be able to provide care for healthy hair. This comes from the content of full cream milk which can make hair shinier and look healthier.


Those are the benefits of consuming full cream milk regularly. Very useful right? How? Have you decided which brand of full cream milk is right for you to consume? If so, just order at your favorite store. Watch out, don’t run out. And don’t forget to always pay attention to the tips discussed above to choose the right full cream milk product. Good luck.

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