10 Best Garlic Powder Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review  – Garlic is certainly not a stranger anymore, right? One of these kitchen ingredients, is almost never absent in every kitchen because it is often used as a food additive so that it can add to the taste of food, and can also provide various kinds of health for the body.

Best Garlic Powder
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However, often stocking the garlic for a long time, makes the garlic no longer fresh or even starts to grow sprouts on each garlic seed. This can be a sign that the garlic content is no longer good.

If you often experience the same thing, then this is the time for you to start using garlic powder or garlic powder products, because the best garlic powder products can be used practically, can be stored for a long time, so they don’t make your hands smell of garlic. can be annoying.

Because of its practicality, garlic powder or garlic powder is starting to be widely used by everyone who wants a more practical and easy life who doesn’t have to bother getting their hands dirty by peeling garlic. That’s why at this time there are many garlic powder  products being sold in the market.

With so many garlic powder products  on the market, you may find it difficult to choose the best garlic powder to use. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore, because to make it easier for you to choose garlic powder , this article will provide 10  garlic powder recommendations  that can be your consideration in making a choice.

However, before entering the discussion of 10 garlic powder recommendations . You should pay attention to some tips on choosing the best garlic powder first. This is so that you can buy garlic powder that suits your needs. Therefore, here are some tips that can be your consideration before choosing one of the 10 recommendations that will be given.

Tips for Choosing a Good Garlic Powder

So that you can choose good garlic powder, below are given some tips for choosing garlic powder.

1. Choose garlic powder based on its texture

Garlic powder  has two types of textures that you can choose from, namely fine powder and coarse powder. Garlic powder , which has a fine texture, blends more easily with other cooking ingredients, so you can use it for various types of dishes, such as for marinating meat, seasoning for french fries, or for sprinkling lettuce.

Garlic powder products with a coarse texture usually have a stronger taste, so they are not only suitable for cooking but also for topping or finishing food dishes. So, if you want dishes with a stronger garlic taste, choose the best garlic powder , which has a coarse texture. However, if you want something more seeping into the food, then choose garlic powder  with a fine texture.

2. Choose the type of garlic powder based on your needs and tastes

Just as there are two types of texture, the best type of garlic powder also has two types that you can choose from, namely pure garlic powder and mixed garlic powder. The pure garlic powder type has a pure garlic base ingredient, which is suitable for various dishes such as marinating meat and fish, or mixed seasonings for cooking.

The mixed type of garlic powder is usually made from a mixture of spices or salt which can be used to make food more fragrant and delicious. So, when you decide to buy the best garlic powder , if you want something simpler without having to mix more spices, then choose  mixed type garlic powder and choose pure type garlic powder  if you want to make dishes according to your taste.

3. Consider organic ingredients in garlic powder

The last thing you need to consider before buying garlic powder  is to consider the organic ingredients in the garlic powder you will choose. You are strongly advised to choose products from the best garlic powder brands with ingredients that use organic garlic or are free from pesticides and other chemicals to prevent health problems.

Garlic powder made from organic garlic and chemical free, has a delicious and pure taste like natural garlic taste. In addition, lately the popularity of organic garlic has increased, because many people are starting to care about health and also a healthy lifestyle, so it’s easier to find garlic powder products with organic ingredients.

So, after knowing some tips on choosing the best garlic powder . Then you can continue by looking at the 10 garlic powder recommendations which are the choices of the Ainun below. All the products described are products that have had good reviews from customers and are available on the marketplace to make it easier for you to get them. Without having to wait any longer, see the explanation below.

Here we go

10 Best Garlic Powder Recommendations

1. Cairo Food Garlic Powder

Best Garlic Powder Cairo Food Garlic Powder
Brand Cairo Food Garlic Powder

The first 
garlic powder product  , namely, Cairo Food Garlic Powder which can not only be used as a cooking spice, but this powdered garlic product from Cairo Food can also provide health benefits.

This powdered garlic product from Cairo food is made from organic garlic which is free of pesticides and also does not use bleach and preservatives, so it can be consumed by all age groups.

This garlic powder product from the best garlic powder brand , is available in both smooth and coarse textures that you can choose from. To get this Garlic powder  , you can buy it in various marketplaces with prices starting from Rp. 22 thousand per 100 grams and per kg starting from Rp. 172 thousand.

2. Jay’s Kitchen Garlic Powder

Best Garlic Powder Jay's Kitchen Garlic Powder
Brand Jay’s Kitchen Garlic Powder

The brand for 
garlic powder  or garlic powder this time is Jay’s Kitchen Garlic Powder, which is a native local product from Sidoarjo which has been established since 2006, so there is no need to question its quality.

This best garlic powder is made from quality garlic and is highly recommended to replace fresh garlic if you don’t have free time to chop garlic.

Not only that, this garlic powder  also has a claim that each teaspoon is equal to one fresh garlic clove, so in this case you can save more when cooking. This best garlic powder product is priced starting at IDR 26,000 and is sold in 80 gram bottles which make it easier for you to store.

3. Simply Organic Garlic Pepper

The Best Garlic Powder Simply Organic Garlic Pepper
Brand Simply Organic Garlic Pepper

The next garlic powder
 brand  is Simply Organic Garlic Pepper which is made from organic ingredients that are healthier and beneficial for the body and safe for consumption by all ages, from children to the elderly.

Not only that, this best garlic powder is also a mixed type of garlic powder , which contains sea salt, shallots, cane sugar, rice concentrate and black pepper which is processed using very sophisticated technology.

This garlic product from Simply Organic has a rough texture, so it is often used as a topping or garnish for food to make it more savory and suitable for rice, bread and pasta dishes.

This garlic powder product is priced quite expensive when compared to the two products previously reviewed , where a 106-gram pack is priced starting at IDR 136,000.

4. Premium Garlic Powder

Best Garlic Powder Premium Garlic Powder
Brand Premium Garlic powder

This garlic 
powder product is made without additional flavor enhancers, without MSG and also without preservatives, making it healthier and safer for consumption by all ages.

Not only that, this best garlic powder has a very strong garlic aroma and taste because each grain is made from selected fresh garlic, so it’s no wonder that this Premium Garlic Powder is one of the garlic powder brands  that must be one of your choices.

This best garlic powder is available with a smooth texture so that it is able to seep into cooking and is very suitable for cooking flour fried chicken , fried rice, or chicken soup. If you are interested, you can buy it with prices starting from IDR 18,000 for a 100 gram pack.

5. Alsultan Garlic Garlic Powder

Best Garlic Powder Alsultan Garlic Garlic powder
Brand Alsultan Garlic Powder Garlic

The next garlic powder
 brand  that can be one of your choices is Alsultan Garlic Powder which is made from 100% real garlic without added dyes, chemicals or preservatives.

This best garlic powder is produced with raw materials that have the best quality that can’t be doubted, and is able to make your cooking richer in the aroma of garlic.

In addition, this garlic powder  also does not use flavor enhancers, so it is safe for consumption. If you are interested in buying this best garlic powder , you can get it at prices starting at IDR 25,000 for a 100 gram bottle which is easy to store.

6. McCormick Garlic Powder

Best Garlic Powder McCormick Garlic Powder
Brand: McCormick Garlic Powder

McCormick is one of the well-known brands in serving various spices originating from America and has been around for 20 years, so there is no need to doubt its quality. 
McCormick Garlic Powder is one of their garlic powder products, which is made from 100% safe ingredients and has a fragrant aroma because the garlic will be dried first before being crushed.

By using the best garlic powder , your food will taste like star-rated restaurant food and Italian or Mexican specialties such as pasta and tacos. The practical packaging design also makes this garlic powder  easy to carry around or store, but it is sold at a higher price than other garlic powder  products, starting from IDR 95,000.

7. House Of Organix Natural Garlic Powder

Garlic powder Best House Of Organix Natural Garlic powder
Brand House Of Organix Natural Garlic Powder

The following garlic powder
  is House Of Organix Natural Garlic Powder. As the name implies, this product uses 100% natural garlic without any additional additives.

This best garlic powder can not only be used as a complement to dishes, but can also provide various benefits because it has many ingredients such as trisulfides and disulfides which can thin the blood and destroy disease-causing cells.

In addition, this garlic powder also has anti-parasitic, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties, so it can treat various diseases. This powdered garlic product is available in bottles with a size of 70 grams, and is priced starting at IDR 22,000.

8. Garlic Powder flavor

Garlic powder Best Garlic powder flavor
Brand Flavor Garlic powder

The next recommendation for 
garlic powder  is Garlic Powder Flavor, which has a garlic aroma that is so strong that it is suitable for various types of processed dishes, especially western food dishes .

This best garlic powder can also be used as a substitute for real garlic for use in soups, toast, and salad dressings. Garlic powder is also safe for consumption by all ages, from children to the elderly in your family, because it is 100% made from garlic without added preservatives and other ingredients. Packages that are sold are available in 50 gram packages as well as 1000 grams or 1 kg with prices starting from IDR 19 thousand for 50 gram packages.

9. Koepoe Koepoe Garlic Powder

Best Garlic Powder Koepoe Koepoe Garlic Powder
Brand Koepoe Koepoe Garlic Powder

Surely you are already familiar with the Koepoe Koepoe brand, because this brand has produced a lot of various cooking spices and cake ingredients. 
It turns out that this brand is also one of the best 
garlic powder manufacturers which is very suitable and therefore highly recommended for you.

This best garlic powder has a fragrant aroma and also a distinctive garlic taste which will make your food more savory and delicious. The price for Koepoe Koepoe Garlic Powder is very affordable, starting from Rp. 10,000 for a 130 gram pack, making it one of the right choices for replacing garlic at home so it doesn’t leave a scent on your hands.

10. MasterFoods Garlic Powder

Garlic powder Best MasterFoods Garlic powder
Brand MasterFoods Garlic Powder

Garlic powder
  is a product from a brand from Australia which has the texture of fine powdered garlic, making it very suitable for use as a seasoning for marinating meat or for sprinkling over grilled fish.

In addition, this best garlic powder can also be used as a mixture in soup so that the taste and aroma of the soup becomes more delicious and is very suitable for making steak at home.

The hallmark of this best garlic powder is the perfect and balanced taste in every bite, so that it can change the atmosphere of eating with your family to be more cheerful. To get this garlic powder product  , you have to spend a little more, because for a 50 gram pack, the price starts from IDR 70,000.


So, those are some of the best garlic powder recommendations or powdered garlic that you can use as an alternative to fresh garlic so you don’t have to bother getting your hands dirty. Among these 10 recommendations, did any make you interested? Hopefully this information can help you in making the right choice.

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