10+ Best Good Luggage Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The best luggage brand that you buy, of course, must be able to be used to carry the items needed when you are going on a trip, be it Umrah, which of course will be taking a plane, business trip, traveling around the world, returning from overseas, and so on.

The Best Suitcase Brand
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With wheels and a handle on the suitcase, it allows you to carry a lot of things without having to mind because the suitcase can be pulled out. However, there will be conditions that require you to lift it, such as when boarding a vehicle. Well, poor quality luggage will certainly be a problem because suitcases can be damaged at any time. Then, how do you choose the best luggage brand?

Tips for Choosing a Good Brand of Good Suitcase

Everyone’s needs are of course different, so it’s no wonder that there are various models of suitcases being sold, be it at low or expensive prices. Compared to backpacks, suitcases are the best choice for carrying a lot of stuff because backpacks can’t be pulled out like suitcases. So, here are tips on choosing the best luggage brand.

1. Know the type of suitcase needed

Are you going to be traveling long or short term? There are two types of suitcases that you can choose from, namely hardcase and softcase.

Well, you should choose a hard case if you are going to go long distances and need a lot of things to carry because this type of suitcase has a hard surface that can withstand impacts and sharp objects so that the items you carry can be safer.

Usually the material for hardcase luggage is polycarbonate, polypropylene, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), and so on. But on the other hand, use a softcase type of suitcase when you only go for short distances because it is lighter.

In addition, this type of suitcase is also easy to put in or take out of the trunk. Well, a good material for a softcase suitcase is usually made of nylon because it doesn’t tear easily. So, which is the best suitcase that you will choose?

The Best Suitcase Brand
Best Suitcase Illustration Images

2. Choose a suitcase locking system as needed

There are various kinds of locking systems in suitcases, such as zippers and TSA (Transportation Security Administration). Well, you should choose a zipper that is combined with a password. Apart from zippers, you can also look for the best luggage brands that have a TSA luggage lock system with a better level of security than zippers.

Usually suitcases with this one lock system are preferred because they can keep your important items safe and airport staff can check them without forcibly opening the suitcase.

3. Adjust the size of the suitcase to your needs

What size suitcase are you looking for? Well, that can be adjusted according to how long you are going to go and how many things you will bring. When you decide to leave in less than four days, you can choose a cabin suitcase that is 18 inches to 20 inches in size with a maximum total weight of 7 kilograms or choose a smaller suitcase with a size of 16 inches.

However, you should choose the best suitcase size 22 inches, 24 inches, or 26 inches if you decide to go for more than four days. If these sizes are still lacking, then you can choose a larger suitcase with a size of 30 inches or 32 inches only.

10+ Best Good Luggage Brand Recommendations

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Buying an original luggage bag will certainly cost you more. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a suitcase at an affordable price, OK! You only need to know the specifications of the suitcase well so that it can be adjusted to your needs. So, here’s a review of the list of ten recommendations for the best luggage brands from Ainun that should be your choice.

1. Samsonites

Samsonite's Best Good Suitcase Brand
Samsonite luggage brand

The best luggage brand Samsonite has very good quality due to the use of high quality polycarbonate material. 
Samsonite luggage has many models and types of luggage, making it easier for consumers to choose luggage products that suit their needs. In addition, Samsonite luggage has a stylish and strong design that makes it comfortable to travel with.

Samsonite’s newest cheap luggage has many variants that can be customized to your personal style and one of the best sellers is the hardcase series suitcase and the most favorite of these brands is the Samsonite Cosmolite. This product is equipped with 4 spinner wheels that can rotate in all directions.

In addition, Samsonite’s best luggage also has good security features because it is equipped with a TSA lock and a light and sturdy handle making it suitable for accompanying your traveling activities comfortably and of course being able to load a lot of your belongings.

2. Ballers

Baller's Best Good Suitcase Brand
Baller Suitcase Brand

The quality luggage brand Baller is an original Indonesian product that produces suitcases using strong metal materials and is sold at affordable prices. 
This product is made of original Indonesian aluminum alloy material which is the best choice for those of you who have limited funds but want to buy quality luggage.

This brand of cheap quality Baller luggage is very strong and sturdy because it is made using metal material. In addition, one of the advantages offered by Baller’s newest suitcase is that it has a USB charging port which is multifunctional and can also be used to charge your favorite gadgets while traveling.

Good quality cheap luggage Baller provides a 5 year guarantee for every purchase of Baller products which include TSA Lock, USB Charging Port, Top & Side Handles, Trolley Handles and several compartments in other luggage products.


TUMI's Best Good Luggage Brand
TUMI luggage brand

The next recommendation for a good and quality luggage brand is TUMI. 
TUMI luggage has many advantages and one of them is that it is of good quality, durable and strong because it is made of polycarbonate material. This product also comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from, including navy, gray, black, maroon, army, etc.

The TUMI suitcase is perfect for businessmen who need more space to store thick suits, so the manufacturers provide special hooks to store the user’s exclusive items to keep them neat while traveling. In addition, to make it easier to use, there is a wheel support that can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

This luggage product is recommended for those of you who want to travel abroad or domestically. On the inside, there are special hooks that can be used to place suits so that they are safe and comfortable when used. The design of TUMI luggage products always prioritizes a minimalist yet very luxurious appearance, making it suitable to accompany your long-distance trips.

4. Eminents

Eminent's Best Good Luggage Brand
Eminent luggage brand

The next best luggage brand is Eminent, which is now widely used in many countries. 
Eminent luggage is known for its excellent strength and resistance to extreme damage so that it can properly protect your luggage while traveling both domestically and internationally.

Even one of the variants of Eminent’s best luggage, namely the Eminent Move Air, was not damaged and dented after being dropped by a car on it. Another advantage that is also offered from this best quality luggage product is that it has a light weight so you can easily carry it anywhere and this suitcase is easy to push or pull on various surface conditions.

This suitcase that comes from Taiwan has a variety of motifs and types that you can choose from. So, even though it has a polycarbonate material that has been tested to be strong and tough, Eminent’s newest suitcase still has a light weight, making it comfortable to travel anywhere.

5. Karabar

The Best Brand of Good Luggage Karabar
Karabar Suitcase Brand

The next best luggage list is Karabar. 
The Karabar suitcase is proof that a reliable and strong suitcase does not have to be expensive. Some of these suitcases from Karabar are indeed sold for under 1 million rupiah, so they are suitable for those of you who have limited funds but want to get good quality suitcases.

This best suitcase under 2 million has an elegant and stylish design and is also equipped with four single-spinner wheels that can rotate in all directions. That way, this good cheap suitcase is easy to push or pull on various surface conditions so it’s worthy of being the right choice.

Apart from being equipped with four single-spinner wheels, the best cheap luggage brand Karabar is also equipped with a TSA lock combination, a telescopic handle, impact resistance features and is equipped with a 3-year product guarantee. Cheap suitcases but have a variety of features and advantages that not many of the best cheap suitcases under 2 million have.

6. Polo Milano

The Best Brand of Good Suitcase Polo Milano
Brand Polo Milano Suitcase

The first recommendation for the best luggage brand is Polo Milano, which is one of the popular brands selling a variety of guaranteed luggage. 
Well, the guarantee that applies to buying luggage is suitcase spare parts, such as wheels, handles, luggage locks, and trolleys for one year, which of course must be in accordance with the terms and conditions apply.

‘Really fun, isn’t it? You can have a 24-inch Polo Milano 728171 with the best type of hardcase suitcase. In addition, the material is ABS which is one of the best materials for hardcase luggage. The existence of four wheels that can rotate 360 ​​degrees will also make you feel comfortable when using this suitcase.

7. Rimowa

Rimowa's Best Good Suitcase Brand
Rimowa luggage brand

It can be said that Rimowa is also the best luggage brand because its existence has been maintained for more than 120 years. 
Initially the material used was antique wood, but now it has switched to classic aluminum to keep up with the times. So, you can choose the Rimowa Hybrid suitcase which uses the collaboration of the two best materials, namely aluminum polycarbonate.

The most popular luggage sizes are 20 inches and 24 inches. In fact, there are those who buy a set on the marketplace to get the two suitcases directly which of course will get a more affordable price. In addition, the luggage lock system used is a TSA approved three-digit password. Your journey is getting safer, right?

8.President _

President's Best Good Suitcase Brand
President luggage brand

The next best luggage brand is President from Japan, but now it can be purchased online and there are more than 90 stores in various countries. 
It’s no wonder that the President brand is known by many people because it has been around since 1960. So, there are two types of luggage provided by President, namely hardcase and softcase.

You can choose President 5259 which is 20 inches in size so that the luggage can be easily stored in the aircraft cabin. In addition, this suitcase is a type of hardcase suitcase so it is safe to travel long distances. Wheels that can rotate 360 ​​degrees and a TSA approved luggage locking system can add to your comfort and security.

9. Lojel

The Best Brand of Good Luggage Loj Rando Frame
Suitcase brand Lojel Rando Frame

Are you looking for a nice suitcase at an affordable price? 
Well, you can consider Lojel as the best luggage brand originating from Japan. Currently Lojel products are sold in fifteen countries with hundreds of online and offline store units. You don’t need to worry because every item produced by Lojel has passed the test and is certified.

The product of choice is Lojel Rando Frame which is available in three sizes, namely small, medium and large. That way, you can adapt it to your needs. In addition, this suitcase locking system uses a twist-lock with the TSA system which of course can easily open or close suitcases in a short time.

10. American Tourister

American Tourister's Best Good Luggage Brand
American Tourister luggage brand

Would you like to have an American Tourister suitcase? 
So, these products are imported goods purchased by several countries, one of which is Indonesia. You can look for it in a trusted marketplace to get an original product.

One of the most popular American Tourister luggage series is the Upland 20 inch. The size of the cabin luggage has several characteristics, namely the Duosaf security zipper lock system, four single wheels, interior hidden pockets, and the texture of the suitcase which is scratch-resistant.

11.Passports _

The Best Brand of Good Suitcase Passport Suitcase Tough Plus
Tough Plus Suitcase Passport Brand

Passport is also one of the best luggage brands that has experience in producing luggage bags to meet your travel needs. 
This Passport brand suitcase is available in several marketplaces and also offline stores so it can be easily found.

So, the product recommendation is a four-wheeled suitcase that can rotate 360 ​​degrees, namely the Passport Tough Plus with a cabin luggage size of 20 inches. In addition, the trolley in this suitcase has been ergonomically designed so that it can make you comfortable when pulling it.

12. Hush Puppies

The Best Brand of Good Luggage Hush Puppies
Hush Puppies Suitcase Brand

Are you looking for the best hardcase suitcase? 
Well, you can choose Hush Puppies because this one brand has good quality so it’s no wonder that its products can attract people’s interest.

The suitcase that you can choose is Hush Puppies 69-4010 which is available in various colors and can contain a lot of things for traveling for several days because of its size which is quite large, which is 25 inches. Apart from that, you can also include the things your child will be traveling with. That way, the holidays will be fun.

13. Uniwalkers

Uniwalker's Best Good Luggage Brand
Uniwalker Suitcase Brand

If you want a suitcase that has a unique motif when traveling, then you can choose a suitcase from Uniwalker. 
The design of the suitcase uses a vintage concept which of course is very different from the design of suitcases in general so that the majority of those who are interested are women.

Not only that, the luggage material is also unique because it uses polyurethane synthetic leather which is commonly used to make other types of synthetic leather bags. So, you can choose a 20-inch Uniwalker suitcase that matches the size of your cabin suitcase if you want to go for 3-4 days. Even though it is made of synthetic leather, the surface of this suitcase is not easily scratched and can be easily cleaned.

14. Delsey

Delsey's Best Good Luggage Brand
Delsey luggage brand

Delsey is the best luggage brand from Paris that is available in Indonesia. 
So, you can buy it through the marketplace by looking for an official account to get an original product.

The advantages of this one brand include having the quality of materials that have been researched so as to produce products that can be approved for marketing, products that have guaranteed safety, innovations that have been made have been patented and received awards.

You can choose the Delsey Chatelet Air because it has a unique exterior with a TSA combination lock that can increase security. Compared to other suitcases, the wheels on the suitcase are double wheels that can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

15.Navy Club

Navy Club's Best Good Suitcase Brand
Navy Club luggage brand

Are you looking for a quality softcase brand? 
Well, you can choose the best suitcase from the Navy Club because one of their products is a softcase type suitcase with a combination lock system between a zipper and a three-digit password.

In addition, you will get a special storage place for laptops in a suitcase whose maximum size is 14 inches. This suitcase is suitable for those of you who will be traveling for 1-2 days only because the size is only 16 inches.

That way this suitcase can be easily stored in the aircraft cabin. What’s special, the trolley in this Navy Club suitcase can be adjusted in length to suit your needs. So, you can pull suitcases with short or long trolleys.

Those are ten recommendations for the best luggage brands that you can choose from. So, which suitcase will you buy?

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