10 Best Hair Dryer Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Now, many hair dryers have appeared with a variety of innovative hair care features. Some companies that issue hair dryer products are Panasonic, Philips, Sharp and others. Many of these products are equipped with regulatory features such as temperature, air flow and other additional features.

With so many choices, it is not uncommon for consumers to feel confused when choosing and wanting to buy hair dryer products . Don’t worry! In this article, we will summarize the best hair dryer products that you can choose from. Make sure to choose a hair dryer according to your needs.

The Best Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer Illustration Image

How to choose a good hair dryer

The following are things that must be considered when choosing a hair dryer . Check out the explanation below.

1. Choose a hair dryer that won’t damage your hair

If you want a hair dryer that doesn’t cause hair damage, consider the following points carefully.

2. Use a hair dryer with a temperature setting feature

The temperature setting feature is important for hair dryer products as a hair dryer in order to minimize hair damage. It would be better if the selected hair dryer product is a product that has a temperature setting of 60 o C. Avoid using a hair dryer with a temperature exceeding 100 o C, because it can cause damage to the scalp and hair. However, using a hair dryer with very low temperatures will also make hair difficult to dry.

This is the importance of the temperature setting feature on hair dryer products . not only reducing the risk of damaged hair, hair will look shiny and easy to manage. If you have trouble setting it yourself manually, choose a product with automatic temperature regulation.

3. Choose a hair dryer that has an ideal air volume of 1.3 m/minute

The large volume of air in hair dryer products can help dry hair faster. That way the risk of hair damage is reduced. Requires at least a hair dryer with an air volume of 1.m3 or more per minute, or 1.6m/min for long hair. Also note that the greater the volume of air, the greater the required electrical power. So, be sure to read the explanation regarding the volume of air listed on the hair dryer product packaging .

4. Use a hair dryer that has infrared technology

To prevent hair damage, another way is to use a hair dryer that has infrared technology, which can dry the inside of the hair. So that the hot surface temperature of the hair will not rise and reduce the possibility of damage to the scalp and hair.

Infrared light has a different wavelength from the regular stream of warm air from a hair dryer. This can improve blood flow in the scalp and face, and tighten the skin. The benefits of infrared can also be combined with hair treatment without rinsing. This combination allows the ingredients in care products to be easily absorbed by the hair.

5. To make it easy to use, check the special features that are on hair dryer

When you want to buy a hair dryer , imagine that you are using a hair dryer . That way, it will be easy to find out what features are needed from a hair dryer product. What are the additional features of hair dryer products ? and how to choose it? Check out the following description.

6. In order not to be too noisy, choose a product that has a sound intensity below 60 dB

It is necessary to pay attention to the noise level when using hair dryer products , if you have babies or pets in the house. Or even when using it at night you need to pay attention. Then choose a product that is labeled low noise or products that have a sound intensity below 60 Db.

However, because it is difficult to know the noise level, it can be circumvented by checking consumer reviews. Please note that the greater the volume of air, the greater the intensity of the sound produced.

7. Choose a hair dryer that is easy to fold so it’s easy to carry anywhere

To save storage and to make it easier to carry when traveling, choose a hair dryer that can be folded and weighs about 400 grams. It is also recommended to choose a product that has a stand up hair dryer which allows the user not to need to hold the hair dryer while drying their hair.

8. Choose a hair dryer that can be used abroad

If you like traveling abroad, make sure to bring a hair dryer that can be used abroad. Also make sure the hair dryer product used is in accordance with the amount of voltage or electric voltage in the tourist destination country.

In addition, the outlet also differs from place to place depending on each country. So check the hair dryer outlet whether it can be used abroad or not. If not, then need to buy a universal travel adapter.

10 Best Hair Dryer Recommendations

Here we go

If you already know how to choose hair dryer products , then Ainun summarizes the 10 best hair dryer recommendations . Consider the references above and find the hair dryer brand below according to your needs.

1. Sharp Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer Recommendations - Sharp Hair Dryer
Sharp Hair Dryer

Hair dryer
 products from Sharp are equipped with perfume and vitamin slots. So if you like perfume or hair vitamins after washing, this is the right choice. These hair vitamins and perfume will come out together when drying your hair. This product also has low power so it can save electricity.


Power consumption : 700 watts

Features : perfume slot, concentrator nozzle and temperature and air pressure regulator.

Electrical voltage : 220 volts

Foldable: Yes

2. Revlon Salon Infrared Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer Recommendations - Revlon Salon Infrared Hair Dryer
Revlon Salon Infrared Hair Dryer

Revlon released a 
hair dryer product with ion technology from tourmaline crystals which allows air flow to radiate into the hair thereby saving time when styling and drying hair.

In addition, this product from Reflon also has infrared heat technology which is able to maintain moisture and make hair shine naturally.


Power consumption : 1875 watts

Features : infrared heat technology, ceramic coating, tourmaline ionic etc

Electrical voltage : 125 volts

Foldable: Yes

3. Philips HP8108-02 Drycare Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer Recommendations - Philips HP8108-02 Drycare Hair Dryer
Philips HP8108-02 Drycare Hair Dryer

Temperatures that are too hot can damage the hair shaft and become a problem that interferes with appearance. 
As a solution to this problem, Philips brought in a 
hair dryer product with a flexible heat control feature. That way the user can adjust the heat level and adjust it so that the hair is not damaged by it.

The funnel section of the Philips hair dryer is also equipped with a concentrator to circulate air centrally. So it can save time because the hair dries faster.

Power consumption : 400 watts

Features : 2 level climate control and cold air dryer

4. Panasonic EH ND 12P415 Hairdryer

Best Hair Dryer Recommendations - Panasonic EH ND 12P415 Hair dryer
Panasonic EH ND 12P415 Hair dryer

The Turbo Dry feature of the Panasonic 
Hair Dryer is useful for speeding up the hair drying process. Designed with a compact design appearance, users will have no trouble holding or storing hair dryer products . Panasonic provides three temperature options that can be adjusted according to the condition of the hair and the temperature in the room.

Power consumption : 400 watts

Features : turbo dry and 3 wind temperature settings .

5.Panasonic EH-NA65

Best Hair Dryer Recommendations - Panasonic EH-NA65
Panasonic EH-NA65

Equally output from Panasonic, the EH-NA65 compared to the EH ND 12P415 has a higher price but the quality is also different. 
Panasonic EH-NA65 is equipped with a special feature that is able to dry hair and keep it wavy. In addition, this product has three speed and temperature settings, making it the right choice for those who like 
hair styling.

The air conditioning horn is capable of alternately flowing soft and strong air. This unique airflow mechanism dries hair from root to tip. So that the hair and skin will remain healthy and soft.

Power consumption : 700 watts

Features : perfume slot, concentrator nozzle and temperature and air pressure regulator.

Electrical voltage : 220 volts

6. Philips DryCare Prestige Hair dryer

Best Hair Dryer Recommendations - Philips DryCare Prestige Hair dryer
Philips DryCare Prestige Hair dryer

DryCare Prestige 
Hair dryer has ThermoProtect technology which is able to speed up the hair drying process without making hair too dry. Hair dries quickly, but still looks well maintained because of its powerful/airflow . The negative ions are also able to increase hair shine and make hair tangle free.

Power consumption : 2,100 watts

Features : ThermoProtect temperature, ceramic technology, ion conditioning etc

Electrical voltage : 220-240 volts

7. Dyson Supersonic

Best Hair Dryer Recommendations - Dyson Supersonic
Dyson Supersonic

This Dyson product is somewhat special because of its unique shape and different from the others. 
The advantage of this Supersonic is the 
magnetic attachments feature that can be rotated 360 degrees. So that the user can direct the airflow as desired.

Even though it is more expensive than other products, this hair dryer technology is able to protect hair from extreme heat. The way this tool works is by measuring the air temperature twenty times per second to adjust the heat.

Power consumption : 700 watts

Features : perfume slot, concentrator nozzle and temperature and air pressure regulator.

Electrical voltage : 220 volts

8. Solis Magma Plus Ion Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer Recommendations - Solis Magma Plus Ion Hair Dryer
Solis Magma Plus Ion Hair Dryer

The even release of ions can make each hair shiny and protected from the heat emitted by the machine. 
For those who have problems with frizzy and dull hair, Solis Magma Plus Ion 
Hair Dryer can be used as a solution. This hair dryer product is made of strong and durable material so it is not easily damaged when it falls. Solis provides its hair dryer products with styling nozzles and hair filters that are easily removable, making it easy to clean.

Power consumption : 2,200 watts

Features : Ion technology and a powerful professional AC-motor engine

9. Elona Mochii Fragrance Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer Recommendations - Elona Mochii Fregrance Hair Dryer
Elona Mochii Fragrance Hair Dryer

Fan speeds of up to 20,000 revolutions per second can save 45% of time when drying hair. 
Mochii Fragrance from Elona has the specialty of being able to make hair volume, shiny and smooth besides just drying hair and styling it.

Elona designed her hair dryer product to be a cute and tiny product. It is suitable for traveling because it is easy to store with dimensions of 18 x 18 cm and can be folded. The wind from the funnel not only helps dry hair but also makes hair odor free. Because every blow of the wind is accompanied by the soft scent of perfume so that the hair becomes fragrant.

Power consumption : 1,200 watts

Features : perfectly smooth and glossy blowout, five pieces fan, sweet smell, travel friendly, and fashion concentrator nozzle.

Electrical voltage : 220 volts

10. Tescom Collagen Ion Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer Recommendations - Tescom Collagen Ion Hair Dryer
Tescom Collagen Ion Hair Dryer

Tescom Collagen Ion 
Hair Dryer is a product from Japan. Designed to provide protection and healthy hair growth. The nano ion technology in this product works effectively to the hair roots. Meanwhile, the collagen in the platinum section of the product is able to moisturize the hair and scalp. In addition, this hair dryer is also equipped with a moist hood that releases cool air.

Power consumption : 1,400-1,700 watts

Features : hot water, scalp care, cool water and facial mode

Foldable: Yes

Electrical voltage : 220-240 volts


Those are the recommendations for the best hair dryer products . The author’s favorite is Elona Mochii Fregrance, although not very popular this product is a complete package. Cheap and affordable, travel friendly, there is a perfume slot and easy to carry everywhere. Interesting right?

That’s all for the 10 best hair dryer product recommendations . May be useful.

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