10 Best Hanging Fan Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A ceiling fan is a great solution for those of you who have a narrow room, but want to make the room feel evenly cooler. Usually this type of fan will be attached to the ceiling of the room or ceiling using the bracket provided.

The Best Hanging Fan
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Then, do you know how to choose a good ceiling fan? Come on, see the explanation of the following article! Make sure to choose a product that suits your needs so that the ceiling fan you have chosen can be really good and useful for you.

How to Choose a Good Hanging Fan

Here are some ways to choose a ceiling fan that you can do to get a good product.

1. Choose a fan that has at least three blades

In order to get wind that can cool a room evenly quickly, you should choose a ceiling fan that has at least three blades or blades.

The more blades, of course, the stronger the wind will be. However, you also have to make sure that the size of each blade is not too small.

2. Adjust the size of the fan to your needs

Hanging fans will usually be made into various sizes, some are large and some are small. Because the standard size for each person is different, each brand will include the size of the ceiling fan using inches, cm or mm units.

Well, you can see the packaging section or product description to find out the size. If the room is narrow, you can choose a ceiling fan that is not too big and vice versa.

3. Make sure the ceiling fan has a speed setting

To make it easier for you, choose a ceiling fan that has a speed setting. So, you can choose a lower speed when you feel cold and vice versa.

Usually you can do the speed settings manually or using the remote control provided. Whether there is a remote control or not, it also depends on the ceiling fan you choose.

4. Select the desired fan model and color

Another thing you can consider when choosing a ceiling fan is the model and color. The models that are usually made are fans with covers to be more secure and fans without covers that will make you come into direct contact with the fan blades or blades.

In addition, each brand also provides hanging fans which are available in various colors, such as white, black, blue, and so on. What model and color would you like to choose?

5. Pay attention to the power needed by the ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are included in electronics so you need electricity to operate them. Well, what you need to know when choosing a ceiling fan is the amount of power needed so that you can estimate the amount of electricity that must be provided. Usually information about this is also included on the packaging or product description.

10 Best Hanging Fan Recommendations

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Of course, every brand, especially well-known brands, will make different products to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Therefore, do not be surprised if the selling price also varies, some are sold at low prices and some are sold at high prices. So, here are ten of the best ceiling fans recommendations from Ainun, that you can choose to make the room at home cool as a whole.

1. Panasonic Ceiling Fan F60PZN

The Best Hanging Fan Panasonic F-60PZN
Hanging Fan Brand Panasonic F-60PZN

Panasonic has become one of the brands that sells various kinds of electronic goods to meet their daily needs. 
If you are looking for the best ceiling fan equipped with a remote control, then the Panasonic F60PZN is right for you. On the remote control that has an LCD, there are several buttons to set several levels of speed, sleep mode, and a timer for up to eight hours. In addition, this ceiling fan also has five blades measuring 60 inches, good quality and sturdy without a connection, which can make the room cool faster.

Interestingly, Panasonic has equipped this product with a safety switch that will stop the flow of electricity when the pipe fixing bolts loosen and the pipe holes widen due to prolonged use of the fan. Apart from that, the best ceiling fan with an LED indicator also has ball bearing technology which makes the blades spin smoothly and doesn’t make a loud sound. You don’t need to worry because the thermal fuse in this product can protect the motor from short circuits or excessive heat.

2. Cosmos Orbit Fan 16-COCN

The Best Hanging Fan Cosmos Orbit Fan 16-COCN
Hanging Fan Brand Cosmos Orbit Fan 16-COCN

The next best recommendation for a ceiling fan that you can choose is the Cosmos Orbit Fan 16-COCN with 16 inch fan blades. 
Just like Panasonic, this product is also equipped with a remote control to make it easier for you to make remote settings. However, the model is slightly different because this ceiling fan has a cover so it is safer and the three blades don’t hit the hand directly.

Apart from that, this best ceiling fan also has a 360° oscillation and blades designed to produce cool wind evenly throughout the room. Well, you can set three levels of fan speed by pressing a button on the remote provided. If the fan motor fails, there’s a five-year warranty that you can take advantage of. You don’t need to worry either because the power needed to make this fan spin is 46 watts.

3. Uchida Ceiling Fan CF 125E

Uchida CF 125E Best Hanging Fan
Fan Hanging Brand Uchida CF 125E

If you are looking for the best ceiling fan equipped with a luxurious chandelier, then the Uchida CF 125E is worth choosing. 
The shape of the lamp is also attractive so that the ceiling fan can illuminate and beautify the room. There is one round lamp and four flower-shaped lights in the center of the fan. Well, this ceiling fan model is usually often installed in the living room or family room so you don’t feel too hot when you gather.

Not only the model, the color of the fan blades offered by Uchida is also interesting. This oversized product has four blades to evenly cool the room. Of course you don’t need to hesitate anymore to choose this fan because it meets SNI standards. These things make this product sold at a higher price than others.

4. Mitsubishi Ceiling Fan C56-RQ5

The Best Hanging Fan Mitsubishi Ceiling Fan C56-RQ5
Hanging Fan Brand Mitsubishi Ceiling Fan C56-RQ5

Of course, you can’t deny that the best ceiling fan equipped with a remote control can be sold at a higher price, right? 
However, not with this one Mitsubishi product because the price is still relatively economical. Even so, the features provided are also quite complete, such as four fan blade speed settings and timer settings with a choice of 1, 2, 4, up to 8 hours. Of course, a room where a ceiling fan is installed can feel cold and cool in a fairly short period of time because there are four blades with a diameter of about 140 cm.

This product is suitable to be combined with many interior colors because it has a neutral color, which is black. Apart from that, the black color also makes this best hanging fan look simple and elegant. You also don’t need to worry because this product made by Mitsubishi requires quite low power. The presence of a thermal fuse also makes this fan not easily damaged when it gets too hot.

5. Maspion Orbit Fan MOF 401 P

The Best Hanging Fan Maspion Orbit Fan MOF 401 P
Hanging Fan Brand Maspion Orbit Fan MOF 401 P

Maspion also provides the best ceiling fan with the orbit fan model to cool the room in your home. 
Not only at home, sometimes there are those who install it on the ceiling in the middle of the waiting room so that the people in the room don’t feel too hot. This is also because the Maspion Orbit Fan MOF 401 P has three large blades measuring 16 inches and can rotate up to 360°.

There are three speed levels that you can choose from, namely low, medium, and high, each of which is given a number. Well, the motor part is made using pure copper with good quality ball bearings so that the motor will be stronger and more durable. No need to worry because the best fan that Maspion has is classified as environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The power needed to make this fan work properly is 55 watts.

6. NAGOYA Ceiling Fan NG56CF

The Best Hanging Fan NAGOYA Ceiling Fan NG56CF
Hanging Fan Brand NAGOYA Ceiling Fan NG56CF

Another recommendation for the best ceiling fan that you can choose for the living room at home is Nagoya’s product type NG56CF. 
Of course, this product has several advantages, such as being equipped with a thermosafe to prevent overheating and anti-noise so it doesn’t disturb people who are in the room. You can easily select five fan blade speed levels according to your needs. Well, you can do these settings by operating the wired remote provided.

When buying this product, you will also get a hook bracket to hang the fan from the ceiling and a 29 cm long pipe. The best black hanging fan blades with a glossy finish are made using coated steel to make it look sturdier. The size of the blade reaches 56 inches and can produce speeds between 107-327 rpm. So, this fan with a power of 75 watts is suitable to be installed in a room that is quite large in size.

7. KDK Ceiling Fan WZ56P

The Best Hanging Fan KDK Ceiling Fan WZ56P
Hanging Fan Brand KDK Ceiling Fan WZ56P

If you are the type of person who likes products with a long warranty, then KDK’s best ceiling fan is the one for you. 
Slightly different from other recommended products, this fan has a five-year motor warranty and a two-year spare parts warranty. Even though there are only three blades, the resulting speed can reach 162 m/minute with an airflow of 191 m3/minute. Pretty tight, right?

This best hanging fan doesn’t make noise, huh. You can also choose the speed according to your wishes from the five speed levels that have been provided. Interestingly, you can do these settings using a special remote so that they can be done remotely. There is no need to worry about the risk of fire from an overheated motor because this product is equipped with a thermal fuse.

8. CKE Ceiling Fan 48 Inch

The Best Hanging Fan CKE Ceiling Fan 48 Inch
Hanging Fan Brand CKE Ceiling Fan 48 Inch

The next best recommendation for a ceiling fan that can be one of your choices is the CKE with a size of 48 inches. 
In order to cool the room properly, this product requires 70 watts of power. Don’t worry, this power will make the fan move at 320 rpm so that the wind that is exhaled is also quite strong. Not only at home, you can also buy this product for needs in apartments, offices and waiting rooms.

Well, another thing that makes this the best hanging fan worth your choosing is the quality. Of course this product has good quality because it has been registered and verified by SNI or Indonesian National Standard, KAN or National Accreditation Committee, and is a member of AMCA International. If there is damage, you can claim the warranty provided for one year.

9. SEKAI Ceiling Fan HCF 5683

Best Hanging Fan SEKAI HCF 5683
Hanging Fan Brand SEKAI HCF 5683

Another brand that also provides the best ceiling fans is Sekai, which also sells various kinds of household equipment. 
Of course all SEKAI products have been registered and verified by SNI so they are safe to use for quite a long time. Well, this 56-inch fan is also equipped with an overheat safety fuse to prevent short circuits.

SEKAI HCF 5683 has a motor made using pure copper. So, it’s no wonder that this product can save electricity and generate strong gusts of wind. As with several other products, this ceiling fan is also equipped with a fan neck to facilitate the rotation of the blades. There are three speed levels that you can choose to suit your wishes.

10. Arashi Helifan Fan 04 – 20 Watt

Arashi's Best Hanging Fan, Helifan Fan 04 - 20 watt
Hanging Fan Brand Arashi Fan Helifan 04 – 20 watts

The recommendation for the best ceiling fan on this one only requires 20 watts of power, making it suitable for those of you who want to save electricity. 
Even so, the wind generated is also quite strong because of the four fan blades with a size of 700mm. The fan blades and body are made using polytechnic plastic so that the weight is quite light. Take it easy because this fan motor doesn’t make a sound that irritates the ears.

If the fan motor is damaged, there is a one-year motor warranty that you can take advantage of. Of course the guarantee will apply if it complies with the terms and conditions that apply. So, you can install Arashi’s best ceiling fan in a room that isn’t too large, like a child’s room.

Tips for cleaning hanging fans to keep them clean and durable

Cleaning the best ceiling fan regularly is what you have to do so that the fan can function properly. If it is dirty, usually the wind generated is not optimal and the fan will be easily damaged. So, here are some of the best hanging fan cleaning tips that you can practice at home.

1. Using a duster

The first way you can choose is to clean the best hanging fan using a duster. If you only have a short regular duster, then you should remove the ceiling fan. However, it is a different matter if you use a duster that can be adjusted in short length so that you can clean it from below without removing the ceiling fan.

2. Using a cloth

Apart from a duster, you can also use a cloth to clean the best hanging fan at home. If, for example, the fan is still accessible using a folding ladder, chair or table, then you don’t need to remove it from the ceiling and vice versa. But if you choose a ceiling fan with a cover, of course you have to disassemble it first so that the fan can be completely clean.

3. Using cleaning fluid

In order for the best ceiling fan to be completely clean from stubborn dust and dirt, you need to use a cleaning fluid. Well, the liquid you can choose from is detergent, dish soap, or other special liquid. To apply the liquid, you can use your hands, cloth, or a small brush. When you want to use your hands, make sure first that the liquid is safe for your hands.


After reading a review of the ten best ceiling fan recommendations, which product has caught your attention? Remember, okay! You should choose a product that suits your needs so that the product can provide benefits. However, make sure to clean your ceiling fan so that it can be used for a long time.

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