10 Best Hot Chili Powder Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – For spicy food lovers, enjoying the best brands of chili powder is a pleasure in itself. Although chili can be enjoyed directly, powdered chili is considered more practical because it can be sprinkled directly into dishes, and also mixed with various kinds of food. For this reason, this brand of chili powder is one of the ingredients that must be present in every kitchen, especially for Indonesian families.

The hot chili powder brand is also one of the best alternatives for those of you who are not used to eating spicy food. Because after all, the spicy taste caused by chili powder certainly won’t be as hot when consuming chili directly. This is because the best chili powder brands are available in various levels of spiciness, which can be adjusted according to taste.

Best Hot Chili Powder
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So, what are the recommendations for chili powder brands to choose from? Before discussing the 10 recommendations for hot chili powder brands, it’s a good idea to pay attention to ways to choose chili powder products that are suitable for you and your family.

Choosing a Good Chili Powder

1. Pay attention to the spiciness level

The majority of hot chili powder brands on the market provide various variants of chili powder seasoning levels that you can choose from. This level variant can vary from level 1 to level 5. Even so, there are also some of the best chili powder brands that dare to offer packaged chili powder up to level 30, you know.

This is not without reason, considering that the majority of people in Indonesia are spicy food lovers. So, for those of you who don’t like chili powder that is too spicy, then choose the lowest level, starting from level 1 to level 3. On the other hand, for those of you who are fans of super spicy food, consuming chili powder at the highest level, namely up to level 30, is very challenging. to try.

2. Check Composition

For those of you who want to buy the best chili powder brand, don’t forget to check the composition of the selected product. This is because some of the best chili powder brands on the market are actually pure chilies, and some have been mixed with various spices.

Now for those of you who only want to use chili powder to get just the spiciness, then choosing pure chili powder without the addition of other spices can be the perfect choice. On the other hand, for those of you who want to get a different taste of chili powder, choosing the best chili powder brand in mixed form can be the best choice.

3. Choose a Texture

It should be noted that currently, there are 2 types of chili powder which are differentiated based on their texture, namely a fine texture resembling flour in powder form ( powder ), and also a coarse texture resembling crumbs ( flakes ), which displays chili seeds in their intact form. Well, this texture selection can be adjusted to the use of the chili powder itself.

If you want to use it as a mixture for chips, for macaroni, or other foods, then chili powder in the form of powder can be an option. The flake -shaped chili powder can be used for those of you who like to cook balado, or those who want to use chili powder as a food sprinkle.

4. Check the Expiration Date

Consuming food products that have expired or expired , will threaten the health of you and your family, because the quality of these products has decreased drastically, so that they are no longer suitable for consumption.

Various symptoms that can be caused by consuming expired food include stomach cramps, vomiting, dizziness, fever, diarrhea, and other symptoms of severe poisoning. Therefore, make sure the best chili powder brand you choose is a product that has a long expiration date.

5. Check Product Distribution Permit

In addition to choosing a product expiration date that is still relatively long, choosing a product that is certified and has a distribution permit is of course important, where both of these will become a kind of double quality guarantor that can further convince you about the quality and safety of the product you consume.

Well, in Indonesia itself, there are 3 product certifications that are commonly used, namely BPOM permits for consumer food on a manufacturing scale or for large-scale industries, Food Production Certificates for the Home Industry (SPP-IRT) for small industries such as MSMEs, and MUI Halal Certification. for products that are halal and can be consumed by Muslims.

10 Best Packaged Spicy Chili Powder Brand Recommendations

Here we go

After fully understanding how to choose the best chili powder brands, next, Ainun will recommend the 10 best chili powder brands, which you can make a choice for consumption with your family.

1. Chilli BonCabe Powder

Boncabe's Best Packaged Chilli Powder
Boncabe Spicy Chilli Powder

Who hasn’t heard of the popularity of this best chili powder brand? 
Boncabe has become one of the brands of hot chili powder that is popular with Indonesian families, because this brand also provides various level variants, starting from the lowest level at number 1, to the highest level at number 30, you know.

So this one of the best chili powder brands is perfect for those of you who want to explore spicy flavors. In addition, the Boncabe brand is a type of mixed chili powder, which has a unique composition, as an example of one of its products, Boncabe Sambal Tabur Anchovy Flavor, which consists of various spices and anchovies to add flavor to food.

So, for those of you who are interested in trying this chili powder, don’t worry because apart from being easy to find, you can also get Boncabe at a fairly cheap price.

2. Jay’s Kitchen Chilli Powder

Jay's Kitchen Best Packaged Chili Powder
Jay’s Kitchen Spicy Chilli Powder

Bored with the same food, and want to try spicy food like curry, tom yum, or Korean topokki? 
Or are you interested in serving savory and spicy 
barbeque meat to your family at home? If so, this one of the best chili powder brands can be the best choice, because it is a type of chili powder in powder form with a fine texture .

Now, to use it, you only need to mix this powdered chili into a cooking pot, or mix it with barbecue sauce for spreading meat that will be burned. Not only can it cause a tempting spicy taste, this best chili powder brand is also able to produce a fresh red color in your dishes, as well as give rise to a distinctive spicy aroma that will make these dishes hard to avoid. Regarding the price, Jay’s Kitchen’s chili powder, which has been certified by the BPOM and has a halal certificate from the MUI.

3. Lemonilo Chilli Powder

Lemonilo's Best Packaged Chilli Powder
Lemonilo Spicy Chilli Powder

Unlike the previous hot chili powder brands, this Lemonilo brand presents the sensation of enjoying loose chilies in the form of 
flakes, making it suitable for those of you who want to add a different taste and texture to food.

Besides that, you must be familiar with the campaign to use natural ingredients in every Lemonilo product, right? As with other healthy products, Chillita 40 Degrees as a product of Lemonilo chili powder has guaranteed quality and quality, because it is free from MSG, preservatives, to artificial coloring, so it is safe and healthy for you and your family.

Having a composition consisting of additional spices such as garlic, salt, sugar, black pepper, and vegetable oil, Lemonilo chili powder is very suitable for consumption with warm rice or other foods. The best chili powder brand that is suitable for traveling is valued.

4. Koepoe Koepoe Chilli Powder

Koepoe Koepoe's Best Packaged Chili Powder
Koepoe Koepoe Spicy Chilli Powder

Koepoe Koepoe is a brand that has produced many variants of kitchen spices in powder form, such as garlic, black pepper, turmeric, nutmeg, cinnamon, and chili powder. 
There is no need to doubt this chili powder produced by the Koepoe Koepoe brand, because it is made from quality chilies, which have been processed according to good standards.

That way, it’s no wonder that this best chili powder brand has been widely exported to various countries in all parts of the world. Not only that, Koepoe Koepoe chili powder has been certified Halal from MUI, has obtained BPOM permits, and is ISO 22000 certified and also HACCP.

This is what then makes chili powder without preservatives the number one choice for housewives. For the price itself, Koepoe Koepoe chili powder is priced at a very affordable price.

5. Chilli Aida Powder

Aida's Best Packaged Chilli Powder
Aida Hot Chilli Powder

Of course, you are no stranger to this one of the best chili powder brands, especially if you are a lover of seblak, Sundanese spicy food. 
Apart from being used as a mixture for seblak, Aida’s chili powder is also often used as a mixture for various typical snacks such as spicy chips, fried macaroni, to cireng and cimol.

Having a smooth texture, this one brand of chili powder cannot be underestimated or consumed too much, because it is capable of causing quite a spicy taste from its preparations which actually consist of 100% real chilies. Now for those of you who are fans of instant noodles and want to feel a spicy sensation in your favorite noodle dish, then you can add Aida chili powder which is SSP-IRT certified and has the MUI halal label. For the price itself, Aida’s finely textured chili powder can be obtained.

6. Yutakachi Chilli Powder

Yutakachi's Best Packaged Chilli Powder
Yutakachi Chilli Powder

Want to serve a spicy dish at a family gathering or want to start a culinary business for spicy snacks, but don’t want to grind too many chilies? 
Don’t worry, because this brand of hot chili powder will fulfill your needs, because it is available in quite large packages, which can weigh up to 1 kilogram.

With a package this big, of course your need for chili powder will be able to be met, so you don’t have to bother buying chilies back and forth at the market. Another uniqueness of this best chili powder brand is because of its composition which consists of 100% Indian chilies so that it can create a unique and different taste than the others. For the price.

7. Health Paradise Chilli Powder

Health Paradise's Best Packaged Chilli Powder
Health Paradise Hot Chili Powder

Do you want to enjoy the sensation of the world’s hottest chili which has many health benefits? 
If so, then this hot chili powder brand can be the right choice for you and your family. As the name suggests, products from the Health Paradise brand are of course products that are not harmful to health, and are actually able to help maintain the health of the body itself.

These benefits include being able to help the detoxification process, treat colds, improve blood circulation, and a myriad of other health benefits. That way, consuming the best brand of chili powder on this one, will not only bring a unique and unusual spicy taste, but will also be able to make the body healthier and fit to go through the day. Regarding the price, Health Paradise chili powder is priced quite expensive.

8. Chilli Supa Powder

Best Packaged Chilli Powder Supa
Spicy Chili Powder Soup

One more recommendation for the hot chili powder brand that can be an option, because it is beneficial for the health of the body, namely Supa brand cayenne pepper powder. 
Supa is a manufacturer capable of providing dried chili powder products which can function as a detoxification medium for the body.

In addition, adding this Supa chili powder to food will be able to increase the appetite of your children and your family, because it has a red appearance that will appeal to spicy food lovers.

Regarding quality and quality, you don’t need to worry anymore because this is the best chili powder brand that has been certified by BPOM and has also received a halal label from MUI. You can already enjoy this delicious native Indonesian chili powder.

9. Flavored Chilli Powder

Best Flavor Packaged Chilli Powder
Flavored Spicy Chilli Powder

Rasa is one of the Indonesian manufacturers that produces hot chili powder products, namely Crushed Red Pepper Flavor. 
As the name suggests, Rasa Crushed Red Pepper is made from crushed red chilies, resulting in a loose chili product that has a texture resembling coarse crumbs, with seeds inside.

Because of its texture, and no flavor enhancers or other ingredients are used, this chili powder brand cannot be missed by spicy food lovers who crave a pure, fresh, and natural spicy sensation.

In addition, the texture of this best chili powder brand makes it suitable as an addition to western dishes such as pasta and grilled meats. For the price itself, this product, which always gets 5-star reviews from consumers.

10. One One Three Chili Powder

The Best Packaged Chili Powder One One Three
One One Three Hot Chili Powder

The next hot chili powder brand recommendation is One One Three (113), with its Ready-to-Use Dried Chili and Dried Chili Powder products. 
The availability of two choices of chili powder texture will certainly make it very easy for you to make a choice, whether you want a smooth or relatively rough texture.

You can add this best chili powder product to foods that don’t taste spicy enough, or to add a spicy taste to dishes that are loved by your family. With the spicy taste of this Satu Satu Tiga product, it is guaranteed that your appetite and that of your family will increase, because the chili powder comes from processed dried red chilies of high quality, and goes through a processing process that maintains its standards. Regarding the price.


So, those are some recommendations for the best chili powder brands that you can choose. Once again, make sure the brand of hot chili powder that you choose is in accordance with your needs and also has guaranteed quality and quality.

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