10 Best Low-Calorie Snack for Diet Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Healthy, low-calorie snacks are sought after by people who want to gain an ideal body weight. This is done to maintain the stability of his weight because until now there are still snacks that have high calories. With low-calorie snacks, you won’t ruin the diet program you’re running.

Low Calorie Snacks for the Best Diet
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So, now there are many types of snacks sold in mini-markets, supermarkets, marketplaces, and other places. This can sometimes make you feel confused when choosing a good snack to support your intake while on a diet. Then, how do you choose these snacks? Check out the following reviews, OK!

How to choose low calorie snacks for a good diet

You certainly want to get a good quality product, right? So, so that you are no longer confused about what kind of snack to buy, pay attention to how to choose the following low-calorie snack.

1. Choose a low-calorie snack package according to your preferences

Low-calorie snacks are available in many types of packaging, so you are free to choose the packaging according to your needs and preferences. If you want to take these snacks with you on a trip, you should choose packaging that is easy and safe to carry anywhere. However, if you want to eat it at home, you are free to choose which type of packaging. One of them is packaging with a zip lock.

2. Check the labels for low-calorie snack packs

The first thing is always make sure to check the packaging label of the low-calorie snack. The goal is to find out the nutritional value contained in the snack. So, you can adjust it to the number of calories you need each day. That way, you can still enjoy a delicious snack even if you’re on a diet program.

3. Pay attention to the certification and expiration date of the snack

Finally, always make sure that these low-calorie snacks have a safety certificate for consumption such as the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM). With this certificate, we can know that the food is safe for consumption.

Not only that, you also need to pay attention to the expiration date of these foods. These two things are the most important part when we are going to buy food. So, make sure to always pay attention to this.

4. Choose healthy and low-calorie snack ingredients

Each food must have a characteristic taste. One of the determinants of the taste of these foods is the basic ingredients. It’s the same with low-calorie snacks, each product must have basic ingredients that provide a distinctive taste and nutritional value. Therefore, choose snacks that have healthy basic ingredients.

In addition, also make sure that the basic ingredients of these snacks are not food ingredients that you abstain from. Some low-calorie healthy snacks are usually made from flour, oats, granules and others which give us a feeling of fullness for quite a long time when we consume them.

5. Know the texture of low-calorie snacks

Low-calorie snacks have several types of textures, such as crunchy, soft, soft and hard. Everyone certainly likes a different type of texture. You are a person who prefers a firm texture so that the snack takes a long time to be chewed. Meanwhile, not a few also prefer soft types of snacks. So just adjust to your liking.

But for those of you who are going to buy low-calorie snacks online, you can find out the texture of these snacks from the explanation in the description column. Apart from that, you can also see reviews on various channels. That way, you can choose the texture of the low-calorie snack you want.

Are you running a diet program or are you trying to keep your weight in check so you don’t gain but want to snack? You don’t need to worry. You can still snack on the condition that you snack with healthy snacks for a low-calorie diet. What are the brands of these snacks? Check out the following Ainun review .

Here we go

10 Low Calorie Snack Recommendations for the Best Diet

1. WRP Everyday Deli Chips Salt & Pepper

Best Low Calorie Snack WRP Everyday Delichips Salt & Pepper
Diet Snack WRP Everyday Delichips Salt & Pepper

The first is a low-calorie snack from WRP Everyday Delichips Salt & Pepper. 
Who does not know this one brand? The initial product from this brand is low-fat milk which is suitable for those of you who are on a diet program. However, now this brand has grown to present low-calorie snacks in the form of tuber-based snacks.

Having a package with a crunchy texture, this snack has a total of only 210 kcal of calories. This WRP snack product also has BPOM and MUI halal certificates so it is safe for consumption. How? Does it fit your needs?

2. Heavenly Blush Tummy Yogurt Bars

Best Low Calorie Snack Heavenly Blush Tummy Yogurt Bar
Diet Snack Heavenly Blush Tummy Yogurt Bar

Next is a low-calorie snack from Heavenly Blush Tummy Yogurt Bar. 
This one snack is packed in a practical package so it’s easy to carry anywhere. This snack is packaged in a box containing 12 pieces. You don’t have to buy 1 box, you can also buy per pack.

Containing multigrains and high in fiber, this snack is guaranteed not only to help your diet process but to nourish the body. Having a chewy texture, this snack can make us like to chew. As for the basic ingredients, Heavenly Blush Tummy Yogurt Bar is made from lime and berries which are guaranteed to help you lose weight.

3. Soyjoy Solution Healthy Package

Best Low Calorie Snacks Soyjoy Soylution Healthy Package_
Snack Diet Soyjoy Solution Healthy Package

Next, there are low-calorie snacks from the Soyjoy Solution Healthy Package. 
Having soy-based ingredients, this snack comes in various flavors such as Chocolate Almond, Banana, Raisin Almond, Strawberry and Crispy Vanilla. Please note, each flavor has a different number of calories. So be sure to pay attention to the nutritional content when you want to buy.

The flavor that has the lowest calories is crispy vanilla which is 120 kcal. Meanwhile, the highest calorie is chocolate almond flavor, which is 160 kcal. As for the texture, this low-calorie snack has a very crunchy texture. Rich in protein, vitamin A and magnesium, this snack has soy ingredients which are very good for the body.

4. Interfood Naraya Oat Choco

Best Low Calorie Snack Interfood Naraya Oat Choco
Diet Interfood Snack Naraya Oat Choco

The next low-calorie snack is Interfood Naraya Oat Choco. 
Available in many flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, sweet potato and greentea, did you know that this naraya oat choco is real oatmeal that you can enjoy in biscuit form. You can also serve this Naraya oat choco in the form of cereal by adding hot water, milk and the three choco oats.

Besides being suitable for consumption for those of you who are on a diet program, this low-calorie snack is also suitable for enjoying with your family at home. So, you don’t need to be confused anymore about what healthy snacks to serve when you’re with your family. This naraya snack is one of the best recommendations for you.

5. Kalbe Fitchips

Kalbe Fitchips' Best Low-Calorie Snack
Diet Snacks Kalbe Fitchips

Next, there is a low calorie snack from Kalbe Fitchips. 
Really like snack chips but afraid to gain weight drastically? Kalber fitchips is the most recommended product for you. Being the only low-calorie snack in the form of chips, kalbe fitchips are perfect for those of you who like crunchy and tasty snacks. This snack is made from multigrain, namely oats, quinoa, whole wheat and corn.

This content comes from nutritious grains that are rich in fiber and free from addictive substances. That’s why the content does not contain high calories and is comfortable to consume for snacks and is also healthy for the body. The texture of the chips is slightly thick but very crunchy with a salty taste as the typical taste of these chips. However, for the flavor variants, these chips are available in various flavors such as Honey BBQ, Seaweed, and Cheese & Herbs.

6. Oatbits Oat Biscuits

Best Low Calorie Snacks Oatbits Oat Biscuits
Diet Snacks Oatbits Oat Biscuits

The next low-calorie snack recommendation is Oatbits Oat Biscuits Fitbar Tiramisu Delight. 
In accordance with the name of the product, this snack is made from oats which are well known for their health and are widely used in diet food products. Oatbits are the first low-calorie snack in the form of biscuits in Indonesia.

The purpose of this one snack is to meet the needs of consumers to be able to live a healthy life, starting from low-calorie healthy snacks. These oatbits are presented in 3 flavors, namely raisin, strawberry and also vitafruit such as orange, carrot and tomato. Because some of the flavors of this biscuit are made from dried fruit, the texture of these oatbits is a bit hard when bitten.

7. Fitbar Tiramisu Delight

Best Low Calorie Snack Fitbar Tiramisu Delight
Tiramisu Delight Diet Snack

Still on the same topic, then there is a low-calorie snack from Fitbar Tiramisu Delight. 
This Fitbar is packaged in bar form so it is very practical to consume. Made and neatly arranged from crispy rice, oats, and also corn cereal, this snack is very good for the body. Free of saturated fat and 0% cholesterol, this snack is not only suitable for those of you who are on a diet program but is also healthy for anyone to consume to prevent cholesterol.

This fitbar snack has the main taste of tiramisu with a total of 90 kcal calories per unit pack. As for the texture, this snack has a crunchy texture. Not only delicious for consumption, this snack has also received BPOM and MUI halal certification so it is guaranteed safe for consumption.

8. Kalbe Zee Multigrain Cereal Bar

Best Low Calorie Snack Kalbe Zee Multigrain Cereal Bar
Diet Snacks Kalbe Zee Multigrain Cereal Bar

The next recommendation is a low-calorie snack from Kalbe Zee Multigrain Cereal Bar. 
Very familiar with this Zee brand, not a few people think that this snack from Kalbe Zee is only for children and teenagers. Please note that for this one snack, anyone can consume it because this snack is made for all ages.

Made from healthy ingredients, each pack of this snack only contains 90 kcal, so it is perfect for those of you who are on a diet program and for those of you who are preventing cholesterol. Even though it is still the same shade as the Fitbar brand, Kalbe Zee is recognized as having a crunchier and sweeter texture. So, for healthy snacks for kids, this zee product is perfect for serving.

9. FastBite Prose

Best Low Calorie Snack Prosana FastBite
FastBite Prosane Diet Snacks

The next low-calorie snack is FastBite Prosana. 
Produced under the brand name Prosanna, this fastbite is a very healthy snack that must be consumed in the right doses. If you exceed the right dose, this snack can trigger bowel movements that are too smooth to turn into diarrhea.

This has been explained on the packaging, namely ‘excessive consumption can give egek lasatif’ which means laxative. Presented in various flavors such as chocolate, strawberry and coffee, this fastbite is perfect to be enjoyed to start the day or in between busy activities. So you can simultaneously snack and also enjoy coffee from these snacks.

10. Mia Chia Coconut Bites

Mia's Best Low Calorie Snacks Chia Coconut Bites
Mia Chia Coconut Bites Diet Snacks

Finally, there is a low-calorie snack from Mia Chia Coconut Bites. 
Not sure about products that are less natural, you can still enjoy a low-calorie snack, namely mia chia coconat bites. This mia chia snack is a low-calorie snack made from natural ingredients and free from preservatives, sugar, artificial sweeteners.

So it’s very safe for consumption. Having gluten-free properties, this one snack is perfect for consumption by those of you who are running a diet program. Has obtained a BPOM certificate and is also halal MUI, this snack is a combination of coconut and dates. The number of calories in each package is 329 kcal.

The positive impact of consuming low-calorie snacks

In addition to a diet that prevents you from becoming obese, consuming low-calorie snacks can also be a way to maintain health. By consuming low-calorie snacks, you are trying to maintain your body’s metabolism because there are vitamins and minerals in these snacks. In addition, you can reduce the risk of heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and respiratory problems.

Another thing that has a positive impact on your consuming the right amount of low-calorie snacks is that you get enough energy to do various activities. Interestingly, these healthy snacks can also slow down premature aging and increase your mental acuity.

With this tantalizing positive impact, it will usually make someone addicted to consuming low-calorie snacks. However, you need to pay attention to this and take good care of it so you don’t get the negative effects of consuming low-calorie snacks.

The negative impact of consuming low-calorie snacks

Everything if excessive is certainly not good. Well, this also applies to low-calorie snacks. Although basically many people are looking for these snacks because they have many benefits, you will also get negative impacts if you consume them in excess.

Negative impacts or side effects that will usually be felt include nausea, constipation, weakness, and diarrhea. Even worse, the disease that will be suffered is complaints of gallstones because they have been on an excessive diet by consuming excessive low-calorie snacks.

That’s a review of 10 lists of low-calorie snack recommendations for those of you who are on a diet program or who are keeping your weight in check so it doesn’t go up or down. These snacks will help delay hunger and increase energy to stay active in carrying out subsequent activities. Please note, the best low-calorie snacks mentioned earlier are not only recommended for those who are on a diet program but for everyone to avoid cholesterol.

Remember to always prevent diseases by eating healthy foods, such as low-calorie snacks. So don’t wait to get sick first so you can become healthy. Especially those of you who don’t move much in your daily activities. This snack can help you to prevent cholesterol.

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