10+ Best Men’s Watch Brand Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Are watches still needed when there are already smartphones that can be used to show the time? Of course, it is still needed, because the function of a watch is not just a timepiece.

The existence of watches has now become a lifestyle and is one of the fashion accessories for both men and womenAfter all, when compared to a smartphone battery , you can use a watch longer without having to re-charge, especially if the watch is automatic without using a battery.

Best Men's Watches
Illustration of Formal Men’s Watches

Did you know that using a watch can make you more careful in managing the time when you are on the move. For a man, a watch can show character or identity and can even show your social status.

This is because watches greatly affect the best appearance of men and are considered as a symbol of success, style and attitude. Here are several types of watches based on their appearance. If asked to choose which one do you prefer?

Know 7 Types of Men’s Watches Based on Their Appearance

Today, men’s watches are more diverse and can be categorized into many types. Below are 7 types of men’s watches based on their appearance.

1. Classic / Casual Men’s Watches (Classic Watch)

First, there are classic or casual men’s watches that you can find in any watch shop. The distinctive feature of this watch is that the strap is made of leather and the design is simple or simple .

Even though it looks old and simple, in fact this clock is quite popular because it feels it gives an antique impression. There are classic watches that are analog and digital. Some classic watches are now equipped with a waterproof feature , while digital watches are given a simple stopwatch function.

2. Formal Men’s Watches (Dress Watch)

Second, there are formal men’s watches which are generally used by office men because they feel they support appearance. This watch usually has a strap with a fairly large size made of stainless steel or a chain.

This clock usually has silver and gold color variations which give the wearer an elegant impression. This watch will support your appearance when you often attend official events or jobs that require you to dress formally.

3. Men’s Chonograph Watch (Chronograph Watch)

Maybe some of you often see it but don’t know what kind it is. If you pay attention to this watch, then you will see that this watch has a lot of time indicators, aka a stopwatch, and there is even a temperature sensor.

So don’t be surprised if this clock is often used by people who actively exercise. What characterizes this watch is that it is made of leather with a simple but complex strap on the watchband. This clock gives a cool and masculine impression for men.

4. Sporty Men’s Watch (Sport Watch)

Then there are sporty watches (sport watch) . This watch is perfect for men who have a fairly active lifestyle and like to look different from others.

Usually these watches have quite complete features such as stopwatch, GPS, analog plus digital. Some of these watches are also water resistant with quite contrasting color combinations. So this watch is perfect for those of you who like sporty wear looks .

5. Men’s Smart Watch (Smart Watch)

Like the next smartphone watch, there is a smart watch ( smart watch ). This watch is much liked because of its sophisticated features according to its name. Its appearance varies so it can adjust to your needs.

This watch also has many designs ranging from simple to elegant to colorful so that it can be used for everyday activities, sports or formal events. If you want to use this type of watch, it can be adjusted to your feature and style needs .

6. Specialized Men’s Watch

Have you ever seen a watch worn by an astronaut or a diver? Some special watches (Specialized Watch) are indeed designed according to the needs of their profession. For example, diver’s watches are designed to have high water resistance compared to other types of ordinary watches.

7. Luxury Men’s Watches (Luxury Watch)

Finally, there are luxury men’s watches, which, as the name suggests, usually have high prices. This clock is usually hunted by watch collectors as a collection and investment. The reason is because this watch usually has accessories that make it more expensive than other watches.

For example, watches are made of pure gold and even diamonds. This clock is usually used to go to classy events because it can give a high social impression from the wearer.

10+ Best Men’s Watch Brand Recommendations

Here we go

After identifying the type of watch based on its appearance, Ainun below provides recommendations for the best men’s watch brands that can be used as a good watch choice for you to use.

1. Alexandre Christie Men’s Watches

Alexandre Christie's Best Men's Watch
Alexandre Christie Watches

The first Best Men’s Watch brand is the Alexander cristie brand. 
This watch brand is very well known throughout the world so there is no need to doubt it. If you ask why can be famous? The answer is because this watch has been produced since 2000 by a well-known company in Hong Kong. Plus the brand has partnered with world-class watch manufacturers and innovative component manufacturers.

Wearing this watch brand makes people around you immediately know you have good taste. The advantage of this brand watch is that it is very durable and has an official guarantee, so you don’t have to worry if your watch is damaged. The machine of this clock is also of high quality but the price is quite affordable when compared to other imported clocks.

2. Daniel Wellington Men’s Watch

Daniel Wellington Best Men's Watch
Daniel Wellington Watches

Next is the best quality men’s watch from Daniel Wellington which is famous for its minimalist and classic design and timeless style. 
What’s interesting about this watch brand is that each box has two watch straps. Usually one is made of leather and the second is made of quality nylon. No wonder this watch brand is very famous in the world, especially in Indonesia.

The advantage of the Daniel Wellington brand watch is its classic, minimalist and elegant design, making it suitable to be combined with various looks . This watch is also very light so it doesn’t burden the hand even though it’s worn all day. The strap is easy to change and has also been proven waterproof.

3. Men’s Watch D1 Milano

Best Men's Watch D1 Milano
D1 Milano Watch

Next, the best men’s watch brand is D1 milano which is a watch manufacturer with a thin and elegant design and of course comfortable when used. 
D1 Milano is one of the premium watch manufacturers from Italy. 
Founded in Milan in 2013 D1 Milano produces iconic watches with detailed and aesthetic designs . D1 Milano produces Italian wristwatches that are unconventional and embed Italian designs that are simple but classy.

The watch from D1 Milano is designed with a simple yet elegant appearance. In addition to its simple and classic appearance, this men’s watch has a very thin thickness, making it light and comfortable when used for long periods of time. Interested to have it?

4. Seiko Men’s Watches

Seiko's Best Men's Watch
Seiko Watches

Do you know the best watch producing countries in the world? 
Yes, the answer is Switzerland, but everything changes when a watch made in Japan is the only one that can compete with them. Watches made in Japan have managed to steal the attention of watch lovers because of their technique and philosophy. Seiko brand watches are one of the legendary watch brands from Japan that produce men’s and women’s watches with various attractive design models.

One of the advantages of the best Seiko brand men’s watches is that the strap material is made of high quality stainless steel. Made of strong crystal glass so it is impact resistant and water resistant up to a depth of 100 meters. Some watches with this brand also have a light button that can emit light when it’s dark. Plus the timer, alarm and clear maker features make it suitable for workers. This watch movement is very accurate for you because of its very elegant design and time discipline.

5. Fossil Men’s Watches

Fossil's Best Men's Watch
Fossil Watches

Next is the best men’s watch brand Fossil, which is known as a watch manufacturer that strives to make automatic watches. 
This watch is known for its design which has the art of life and high beauty. What makes this watch stand out is that it is inspired by medieval art. This makes this brand has an elegant and luxurious design that also gives a classic impression.

This watch has an automatic movement that works for quite a long time. Even though the design is classic, this watch is waterproof and can be worn while swimming, so you don’t need to bother taking it off.

6. Men’s Watches Casio Edifice

Best Casio Edifice Men's Watch
Casio Edifice Watches

Casio edifice is one of the best men’s watch brands from Japan, namely Casio. 
This men’s watch has an elegant appearance and is suitable for formal events or for everyday use for you when working in an office. Designed with a high level design, this edifice men’s watch creates an elegant and special appearance combined with a clockwork movement that shows the strength and speed of the watch movement inside.

This one of the best men’s watches has an elegant style, so its use is suitable for formal activities because it is well designed so it is attractive to look at. The features embedded in this edifice watch are also quite interesting, including: smartphone link technology that can synchronize time with your smartphone,  dual dial world time , smart access , tough solar , super illuminator led light , to temperature measurement which is a sensor to detect temperature range from 10 degrees to 60 degrees. Of course, with these features, this Casio Edifice men’s watch is even more interesting to own.

7. Tag Heuer Men’s Watches

Tag Heuer's Best Men's Watches
Tag Heuer Watches

Furthermore, the best men’s watch brand is Tag Heuer for men who want to look stylish and classy. 
Previously you were told that the country that produces the best watches is Switzerland. This Tag Heur brand is one of the watches produced in Switzerland and is already worldwide. That’s why these watches have always been full of buyers, even since they were first founded. Watch production, from the case, strap to the engine, is made in Switzerland.

The advantage of this brand men’s watch is its innovative design and has even received many awards. One of the awards that surprised the world was the Ta Heuer watch as the official Timekeeper at the world-class Olympics. This is due to his breakthrough that can accurately calculate time to 1/1000 second. This watch is now widely used by important people such as world racers, world sportsmen and male celebrities in Hollywood.

8. Tissot Men’s Watches

Tissot's Best Men's Watch
Tissot Watches

This one of the best men’s watch brands also comes from Switzerland and is quite easy to find in watch shops in Indonesia. 
Swiss-made watches are known for their quality, elegance, luxury and prestige. The appeal of this tissot men’s watch is its high performance. This type of clock is very complete, ranging from classic to sports, so you can choose according to your needs.

The quality of this watch can be seen in terms of its accuracy, comfort and durability. It looks luxurious because it is made using a metal band with a sprinkling of real gold and even diamonds. When talking about luxury, there is no need to doubt Tissot brand watches.

9. Expedition Men’s Watch

Expedition's Best Men's Watch
Expedition Watch

For the best men’s watch brand, this one is well known by watch lovers. 
The reason this watch is popular is because of its many advantages that make people not hesitate to buy it. Made of quality materials ranging from stainless steel to premium genuine leather, it makes it durable even though it is often used. The machine quality of this clock uses Japan quartz movement technology and has a warranty. Damage will be immediately repaired by a competent service team.

The model variants are very diverse and have masculine nuances so they are very suitable for men. With many special features, this clock is included in a fairly affordable price and is easy to obtain at online stores.

10. Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Watch

Best Men's Watch Victorinox Swiss Army
Victorinox Swiss Army Watch

Finally, the best men’s watch brand is Victorinox Swiss Army. 
This brand is usually associated with a well-known knife brand because it was originally established specifically to make knives for soldiers in Switzerland. But this company is growing and producing other goods such as watches. The advantages of this brand watch are the machines and materials that are durable, strong, scratch-resistant and also accurate. The model is trendy so that it increases self-confidence but in terms of price it is still pocket-friendly.

11. Casio Gshock GD-100-1BDR Men’s Watch

Casio Gshock Best Men's Watch - Original GD-100-1BDR
Casio Gshock Men’s Watch – Original GD-100-1BDR

Next, there are the best men’s watches from the Casio G-Shock brand. 
Needless to say, the touch of a watch wants to be able to give you an elegant look that everyone loves. This watch is made of a waterproof material whose strap material is made of resin band. Not only in Indonesia, this watch has been recognized in almost all of Indonesia. The time display on this watch is digital, day, date, signal, alarm and mute which is designed in a round case.

This Casio Gshock Original GD-100-1BDR Men’s Watch not only has a charming appearance, but this product itself has very cool features that can make users really comfortable when using it. Its features are Shock Resistant, 200m water resistance, super LED light, Auto light switch and also World time Fullset. Not only that, this watch also has an official warranty period so you don’t have to worry when your watch is damaged. With its complete features and very elegant appearance, it’s no wonder this product is priced at a fairly high price.

12. Fossil Men’s Watch FS4735

Fossil's Best Men's Watch FS4735
Fossil Men’s Watch FS4735

Want to find the best men’s analog watch brands? 
Don’t miss the fossil brand men’s watch. Very beautiful and elegant when used, this watch has the advantage of water resistance of 50 meters/5 ATM/5 BAR. This watch has a 24-hour time function, stop watch second hand, stop watch minute hand with Quartz Chronograph Movement type. Designed in cream color, this watch gives a very elegant impression when worn

This watch is confirmed to be an original watch from the Fossil brand, which has a 2-year warranty period if purchased at a trusted watch shop. another advantage of this watch is its very detailed loading so that it doesn’t leave the slightest flaw.

13. Daniel Wellington Classic Men’s Watch Warwick Sm

Best Men's Watches Daniel Wellington Classic Warwick Sm
Daniel Wellington Classic Men’s Watch Warwick Sm

Anyone who uses it will appear very elegant and also attractive. 
That’s the men’s watch from Daniel Wellington Classic Warwick Sm. This is a watch designed in a classic and concise style that is suitable for any occasion. This watch has the advantage of being water resistant up to 3 ATM. So, you don’t need to be afraid of small splashes. Or even you don’t need to take off your watch while doing ablution.

Within the category of analog watches, this watch features hour and minute functions featuring a simple, elegant style that is suitable for your everyday appearance. Not only that, this watch also has advantages that everyone will definitely like, namely a lifetime guarantee period.

14. Men’s Watch Alexandre Christie AC8653 Silver Black

Best Men's Watch Alexandre Christie ac8653 Original Silver Black
Alexandre Christie Men’s Watch ac8653 Original Silver Black

Appearing in a luxurious and elegant style, that is the advantage of this Alexander Cristie watch. 
Likewise when you use it. Well known throughout the world, this is an imported watch with limited stock. The model number is AC 8653. This watch is designed with a case material that is luxurious stainless steel with an analog dial type.

With the movement of the clock being quartz, this watch has other advantages. The advantage is that this men’s watch is guaranteed directly by the brand for 1 year. You can get this when you buy the product which will be equipped with a box and also a warranty book. So you don’t need to worry if the clock is damaged.

15. Seiko Classic Quartz Stainless Steel Men’s Watch

Original Seiko Classic Quartz Stainless Steel Men's Watch SUR293P1
Jam Tangan Pria Seiko Classic Quartz Stainless Steel SUR293P1 Original

Radiant classic, any man who wears this watch will look elegant with a classic style that adds confidence to the man. 
Even though the price tag is relatively high, this watch has many advantages. One of them is that the watch case is made of stainless steel and the glass is made of the best hardlex crystal material. So, you don’t need to doubt this watch made in Japan.

When wearing this watch you don’t need to look at the date from your cell phone, just turn your eyes to your watch you can see what time it is in analog form and also see the date of the day. In 1 box, you will get 1 watch, 1 watch box and also 1 official warranty card from Seiko. The warranty period is 1 year, so you don’t need to worry if this watch is damaged.

So, that’s 15 of the best men’s watch brands along with tips on how to choose them. How have you found a watch brand that suits your taste? If so, you should buy a watch in a shop that has verified its authenticity. This is because currently there are many counterfeit watches, aka KW, so you cannot get the advantage.

How to Choose a Good Men’s Watch

After knowing the various types of watches, which one suits you the most? If you’re still confused, here’s how to choose the best men’s watches that you need to know.

1. For an elegant style, choose a watch with steel material

Have you ever wondered why there are thin and thick watches? So the thickness of the watch usually determines the complexity of the movement. For example, a sporty type of watch has thicker tires because it has additional features compared to the classic type.

For example, there are stopwatch, flyback and other features. Well, you can customize your watch based on clothing, such as a thin watch for clothes with long sleeves. This is because a thick watch will make your shirt sleeves look bloated.

2. Functional Yet Stylish Chronograph Watches

This men’s watch is perfect for those of you who pay attention to neatness in every appearance. For a formal appearance in a suit or neat shirt, like in an office environment, you should use this clock. This clock gives a formal but still stylish impression.

3. Men’s Watches with Classic Models

Classic watch models are usually designed minimalist but with a detailed elegant touch. This watch is perfect for your neat but elegant appearance. Its presence can attract the attention of people around you.

4. Choose a quality strap for casual style

For a casual style, you don’t always have to choose a strap made of stainless steel. The strap made of quality leather is also very suitable, coupled with quality leather which makes this watch last quite a long time. The leather strap can be matched with your leather belt or leather shoes.

5. Men’s Watches with Playful and Fun Designs

If your work environment is not an office that requires formal dress, then you can choose a watch with a more fun design. Even so, avoid colors that are too colorful or patterns that are too busy.

This is to prevent you from looking tacky. So choose to be able to choose a neutral color so that it is easier to mix and match with your style look.

The Best Expensive Watch Brands in the World

Currently, there are many expensive watch brands in the world. Many of these watches have also been imported by Indonesia so you can easily buy them at watch shops. Below are the 5 best expensive watch brands in the world.

1. Rolex

Renowned for its luxury and exclusivity, Rolex is the most luxurious and most expensive watch in the world. This watch was designed with decades of horological experience and technical know-how to know how powerful this watch is. The use of this watch is not just using a watch, but it has power and prestige implied in it.

2. Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is a watch that is synonymous with luxury with a touch of family-owned manufacturing in Janewa, Switzerland. The quality of this Patek Phillippe watch manufacturer has brought Switzerland to become one of the countries that presents the best watches in the world.

3. Audemars Piguet

Unexpectedly, this watch made by Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet at the Vallée de Joux Switzerland is now in the hands of famous and famous people. This is because the world’s most successful timepiece was the Royal Oak model which was the first stainless steel sports watch to be marketed as a luxury timepiece and combines unparalleled style and durability.

4. A.Lange & Sons

Daring to be different from the Swiss touch watches, A. Lange & Söhne comes with an unwavering aesthetic pushing Germany forward to bring the world’s finest watches. This watch really proves that the best watches don’t only come from Switzerland. Now this watch is worn and is a favorite for celebrities and royalty alike. One of them is Brad Pitt. Do you know? One of the originators of the rise in the name of this watch was A. Lange & Söhne, the first watch maker to make a watch with a triple jump numeral mechanism.

5. Omega

Having been around since 1848, Omega came from a small Swiss village under the name Louis Brandt & Fil. For more than 170 years, Omega has provided horophiles and watch collectors alike with exceptional timepieces.


Those are the complete reviews of the best men’s watches. Are you interested in owning one of these best watches? Don’t miss it, order immediately at your favorite store.

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