10 Best Mirrorless Camera Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Enjoy taking pictures of an object, so usually you will be dissatisfied if you only use a cellphone camera. Switching to a mirrorless camera will make your shooting experience even better. This mirrorless camera does not have a mirror to reflect the incoming light, so the light will directly enter the image sensor.

Best Mirrorless Camera
Mirrorless / Brainstudio Camera Illustration Image

Even so, equipped with a sophisticated image sensor and processor, the resulting image quality is still above average even in challenging conditions such as photographing subjects with minimal lighting or moving subjects. The use of this mirrorless camera will be very suitable for those of you who like to travel but still don’t want to miss documentation because of its light weight, which makes it practical to carry anywhere.

However, the many offers for mirrorless cameras in terms of brands, prices, quality and specifications will make you feel confused about choosing the right product. In the following, information will be presented regarding tips on choosing a mirrorless camera, a list of recommendations for the best mirrorless camera brands, and how to set up a mirrorless camera to get maximum image results.

Tips for Choosing a Good Mirrorless Camera

Before buying a camera, it’s good if you know several factors in choosing the best mirrorless camera. Therefore, the following will present some tips for choosing a mirrorless camera that can be used as a reference.

1. Sensor kamera mirrorless

When looking for the best mirrorless camera, make sure you look at good sensor standards, at least APS-C, Fullframe, CMOS, and Medium Format. If the pictures or videos taken are only for documentation, then the APS-C or CMOS sensor is sufficient.

But if you want clearer results and maximum magnification quality, a Fullframe or Medium Format sensor is highly recommended. Where there is quality, there is price, and so is the sensor of this camera. For fullframe or medium format sensors, make sure you have prepared a larger budget compared to cameras that have other sensors.

2. Lens Options

A camera that has an LCD that can be rotated or folded will make it easier for you to take pictures from any angle, meaning you can also record yourself.

See also the availability of the camera lens that allows you to change it as needed because the more professional you are in shooting, the need for lenses will also increase. With the availability of sufficient lenses, you no longer need to use an adapter when you want to take pictures with special lenses such as macro or telephoto images.

3. Additional Features

To support convenience in taking pictures or videos, which additional features on the camera can also be a support in order to enrich the exploration of its users. The availability of features such as NFC and Wifi will make it easier for you to send images to other people.

Features like Classic Chrome will produce images that are more unique than normal images with the help of speed, ISO and aperture. A waterproof camera also has superior value because it can be used underwater. Touch screen cameras can also be a consideration to keep your camera trendy.

10 List of Best Mirrorless Camera Recommendations

After you know the tips for choosing the right camera, then it’s time to find out the list of the best mirrorless camera recommendations that can be used as a reference to own. The following is a selection from Ainun.

1. Canon EOS M50

The Best Mirrorless Camera Canon EOS M50
Canon EOS M50 camera

Already very well known by various groups, this Canon brand has launched several electronic goods which always get the best reviews from its users. 
Entering the list of the best mirrorless cameras, the Canon EOS M50 is designed in an easy-to-use form that is perfect for those of you who are still at a beginner level in photography. Equipped with a Digic 8 processor and 24.1 MP APS-C CMOS, this mirrorless camera is capable of recording videos with more detailed results and vivid colors with 4K resolution.

Enhanced with the Eye Detection AF feature, this best mirrorless camera is capable of detecting objects at a long distance. Supported by digital zoom film technology that can be zoomed up to 10 times closer so that it can produce close-up images with a combination of optical zoom. There is an additional Touch and Drag AF feature so that you can use it more easily, just by tapping the screen or dragging the screen when shooting through the EVF. Apart from taking regular videos, you can also make slomotion or time lapse videos with HD resolutions of 120p AND 4K respectively.

2. Fujifilm X-T100

The Best Mirrorless Camera Fujifilm X-T100
Kamera Fujifilm X-T100

Having a retro design, having a 448 gram bpbot and a portable impression makes this camera easy to carry anywhere to fulfill daily activities. 
Especially if it’s not the best mirrorless camera Fujifilm X-T100. Equipped with essential elements so that they can produce special aspects of your photos ranging from low-noise when the object light is very minimal, natural skin touches, perfect edge-to-edge resolution to beautiful colors. You can also produce bokeh images with an APS-C sensor that is 14 times larger than a smartphone.

Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth will make it easier for you to share files from your camera to your smartphone or tablet. The horizontally rotatable LCD is perfect for taking portrait selfies and the vertical is perfect for photos taken from below or above. Owned Auto SR, able to recognize the subject and optimize focus and camera settings. With a distance of 5 cm, the shot remains in focus thanks to the embedded XC15-45mm F3.5-5.6 OIS PZ lens. Made with an anodized layer, this best mirrorless camera gives a classic impression so you can be satisfied in terms of quality and style when used.

3. Sony E-mount α6000 dengan Sensor APS-C

Best Mirrorless Camera Sony E-mount a6000 with APS-C Sensor
Kamera Sony E-mount a6000 dengan Sensor APS-C

The next best mirrorless camera that has good quality is the Sony E-mount α6000. 
It only takes 0.06 seconds to take a picture with very accurate results assisted by 179 detection points, the contrast detection function will make the camera quickly focus on the subject. This camera is getting superior with the new autofocus, namely 4D focus, enabling super focus performance in four dimensions, namely, 2D length and height, 3D depth and 4D time.

The autofocus of the α6000 is also faster than that of DSLR cameras, so not a shot will be missed. Available in 3 color choices namely silver, black and white helps you to express yourself. The BIONZ X processor is able to record textures in detail, reduce blurring, and reduce visual noise so that the images will be sharper. With Wifi and NFC connectivity helps you to share your shots with just 1 step setup between the camera and NFC compatible smartphone or tablet.

4. Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7K

The Best Mirrorless Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7K
Kamera Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7K

Save all your precious moments with the help of the best mirrorless camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7K. 
Owned 4K technology makes every picture taken and video recorded have an optimal resolution up to QFHD: 3840×2160 pixels, 25 fps, 100mblt/second and 8 MP for photos. High speed auto focusing with its DFD technology allows you to shoot every fast-moving moment. With an AF speed of up to 0.07 seconds and an AFC of 6 fields per second, the focus remains stable when shooting video.

Even if taken with a small aperture or minimal lighting up to ISO 25,600 this MOS sensor with Digital Live 16 MP will still capture high quality images and process signals quickly. Share every moment you have through Wifi connectivity using the Panasonic Image App installed on your cellphone so you can set the focus, view images, or share images on social media. The existence of Geotag helps you to remember the location of your shooting with the GOS record recorded on the cellphone.

5. Samsung NX Mini

The Best Mirrorless Camera Samsung NX Mini
Samsung NX Mini camera

Known for its uncompromising quality, this Samsung brand also released their product, namely the Samsung NX Mini mirrorless camera. 
A mirrorless camera with the thinnest body in the world, weighing about 160 grams and only 23 mm thick. There are three choices of interchangeable lenses, namely two types of prime lenses and one zoom to help you adjust to your needs. Using a 20 MP senso measuring 1 inch.

The electronic shutter on this mirrorless camera can reach 1/16,000 second for its mini size. Created with a touch screen measuring 3 inches and that can be bent is one of its advantages because it can be moved towards the front so you can take selfie photos with the help of a tripod or other accessories. Includes a burst rate of 6 FPS with Wifi and NFC connectivity.

6. Nikon Coolpix P950

The Best Nikon Coolpix P950 Mirrorless Camera
Kamera Nikon Coolpix P950

Capture every object that cannot be seen with the naked eye using the best Nikon Coolpix P950 mirrorless camera. 
83 times optical zoom and 166 times dynamic Fine Zoom allows you to capture every subject farther than ordinary portable cameras can effectively reach 4000 mm. For small subjects, there is macro AF which can focus as close as 1 cm/0.4 inch. There is a Dual Detect Optical VR which provides a compensation effect at a speed of 5.5 stops faster so that pictures and videos are taken sharper.

Even in a room or place with low lighting, this camera has a high-sensitivity back-illuminated CMOS sensor that allows ISO up to 6400 so that image quality is maintained. The ability to shoot 4K UHD (2160/30p) makes you even more confident about posting it on social media because there is no lag in image quality. Snap-back zoom, side zoom and side dial allow you to photograph birds in flight, balloons, butterflies, flowers and more. The 3.2-inch TFT LCD monitor is equipped with an anti-reflective coating to ensure clear visibility even under direct sunlight.

7. Leica M10 Digital Rangefinder Camera

Best Mirrorless Camera Leica M10 Digital Rangefinder Camera
Kamera Leica M10 Digital Rangefinder Camera

Offered at a fantastic price, the Leica M10 Digital Rangefinder mirrorless camera also has above average quality. 
Coated with Kevlar material, this camera is resistant to any conditions and looks more elegant. Utilizing a 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor makes every shot a high-resolution imagery with an expanded dynamic range. With a high sensitivity to ISO 50000 and a continuous shooting speed of 5 fps. It has a slim body and the rear LCD is equipped with a Gorilla Glass cover to protect against scratches and light impacts so it’s easy to carry in any situation.

Equipped with integrated Wifi for various wireless and remote control between the camera and your smartphone. Optical Viewfinder with 0.73 times magnification for an adjustable 6.6-inch focal length. The viewfinder focal length can be selected from 33mm/135mm, 28mm/90mm to 50mm/75mm. There is a rubber seal to prevent water from entering when exposed to liquid.

8. Olympus PEN E-P3

The Best Mirrorless Camera Olympus PEN E-P3
Olympus PEN E-P3 camera

The best mirrorless camera from Olympus PEN E-P3 with the world’s fastest auto focus. 
Made of metal so it looks luxurious. Offers 35 separate focus points spread across the sensor. Embedded with a Live MOS sensor with a power of 12.3 MP to produce high quality images. Equipped with a built-in flash, AF illuminato and ISO up to 12,800 enables this camera to be able to work in even the slightest light conditions. Has the TruePic VI Image Processor feature to be able to enhance colors and manage the resulting images.

There is a 3D Photo mode so that this camera remains modern. The resulting video resolution will not disappoint, namely full HD (1080p @ 30fps). The video format is saved in the form of AVCHD or AVI, which is equipped with stereo sound. There are 10 types of art filters that will help you adjust to your needs and circumstances when taking photos or videos. With OLED technology on this best mirrorless camera, the LCD display will still be visible even under the hot sun.

9. Canon Mirrorless EOS M100

The Best Mirrorless Camera Canon Mirrorless EOS M100
Kamera Canon Mirrorless EOS M100

There is also the best mirrorless camera from Canon with the EOS M100 type which is a recommendation for those of you who like photography. 
The stylish and concise form will captivate your heart the first time you see it. It weighs 266 grams for body only and with a slim fit makes this camera easy to operate with just a handful. The dial that is placed on the front of the camera can be easily used with only the index finger.

You can control all the settings on the camera by simply touching the screen. A maximum speed of approx. 4 fps allows you to perform continuous shooting. You can also control the effect by simply swiping the screen while viewing the live image. An LCD monitor that can be rotated 180 degrees makes it easy for you to take selfies with your own hands or using a tripod or other assistance.

10. Sony Alpha 7 III

Best Mirrorless Camera Sony Alpha 7 III
Kamera Sony Alpha 7 III

Perfect your every moment with the best mirrorless camera Sony Alpha 7 III. 
Equipped with back-illuminated full-frame CMOS with other advanced innovations. Supports automatic transfer process by FTP. The quality of each image is more dramatic, high AF performance and shooting speeds of up to 10 fps with the help of the 24.2 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor combined with BIONZ X and LSI images. The videos taken look more real with 4K HDR resolution. Expandable ISO from 100-51200 to 50-204800 for photos, thereby reducing image noise.

14-bit RWA output which can produce more natural gradations even during fast shooting. There is 4D focus with 693 detectable AF points that cover 93% of the image area. AF performance is two times faster with Fast hybrid AF so you can take sharp pictures. Eye AF is useful for detecting eyes that work in AF-C mode and effectively takes still images. You can adjust the focus on the LCD which is a touch screen.

How to set maximum results for mirrorless cameras

When you have been able to determine the best mirrorless camera brand to buy, then it’s time for you to know how to adjust mirrorless camera settings to get maximum results. Here are some ways to pay attention.

1. Increase Shutter Speed

Increasing the shutter speed aims to avoid excessive light entering the image sensor when taking objects. Especially when you are shooting during the day this is necessary.

Increase the shutter speed from 1/1000 to 1/5000, so the resulting image will be more real and clean. Besides that you can also lower the Aperture.

2. Using ISO

Taking pictures during the day is better because it is supported by good lighting. But there are also things that need to be set for maximum results, namely, ISO. This ISO setting is useful for sensitive light control.

The ISO value that is usually chosen is 100, you can also set it according to conditions and needs. The lower the iso value, the less light will enter it.

3. Using Fill Flash

Flash is usually used to illuminate poorly lit or backlit objects. But usually the use of flash that is not right will make the pictures taken get less than optimal results.

Therefore, this fill flash setting needs to be done so that less light is emitted than usual, so that the shooting results also look more attractive.


There has been a lot of information presented, starting from tips on choosing a mirrorless camera, recommended brands and getting good reviews, to how to set up a mirrorless camera to get maximum results. Hopefully the various information provided can help you to get the right product. If you want to find out other information about recommendations for electronic goods and so on, you can visit other article pages.

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