10 Best Money Counter Machine Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A money counting machine is a tool that is currently needed by sellers such as MSMEs, Indomaret and others. In addition, this machine is also needed by banks. Counting money quite effectively, accurately and at the same time being able to identify fakes really helps your activities to avoid the risk of loss. This engine is also very useful for reporting financial results without any hesitation.

Best Money Counter Machine
Illustration of a Money Counter Machine

Currently money counting machines have been circulating in the market with various offers in terms of quality and tempting prices. However, the product may not necessarily meet the specifications you need. Therefore, this article will explain some information, starting from tips on choosing a money counting machine, a list of brands of money counting machines and how to maintain a money counting machine so that it lasts.

Tips for Choosing a Good Money Counter Machine

Before buying a money counting machine, it’s a good idea to know the following tips to help you choose the best money counting machine. Here are some tips that can be considered.

1. Object Type

There are 2 types of objects in the form of money, namely metal and paper. Likewise with money counting machines, there are machines that count paper money, there are also those that count coins. Of course, each type of machine has differences in terms of models, features and prices. Therefore, make sure in advance that you will often count banknotes or coins.

2. Operating System

Money counting machines are divided into 2 types based on their operating systems, namely friction or vacuum operating systems. For machines that use the friction operating system, there are generally portable type cash counting machines and for vacuum operating systems, you will find it on the standing type.

You can find out which operating system is used by placing the banknotes you want to count on the machine. If the money that is counted must not be in a tied state, the operating system used is friction, but if the money can be counted in a tied or unbound position, then the machine uses a vacuum operating system.

In addition, if you want a machine that is practical and easy, you can choose a machine with a vacuum operating system, because the counting process can be done by simply placing money on the outside of the machine without having to go through the inside of the machine.

3. Features

The feature for the standing type has many advantages in terms of the Reset button located at the end of the clamp so it is easy to reach. In addition, there is also a vacuum suction feature and is equipped with a rubber circle to remove dust from the filter.

Manual/auto features that can operate the machine automatically or not. The UV, MG, IR/CF features also need attention to help check whether counterfeit money is present or not.

10 Best Money Counter Machine Recommendations

In the following, Ainun reviews several lists of recommendations for the best money counting machines based on several reviews from users with the good quality provided.

1. Tissor T1320B

Tissor T1320B Best Money Counter Machine
Tissor T1320B

You can count money accurately and quickly with the help of a money counting machine from Tissor with the T1320B type. 
Has a counting speed of more than 1000 bills in every minute. Consumes less than 60 watts of power with a 220 Volt power source and a 50 Hz frequency. This product weighs 10 Kg and provides an official warranty for 2 years.

Equipped with UV, MG and MT features which are useful for detecting counterfeit money. In addition, there is a denomination feature that can be used to display the calculated amount for each currency. You can use this tool to calculate at a time in one calculation. There is also a batch feature as add and sort. It has the same adapter as the laptop adapter. There is also a charging battery backup feature with a standby mode of 8 hours and 90 minutes non-stop.

2. Krisbow BJ-05CUV

Krisbow Best Money Counter Machine BJ-05CUV
Krisbow BJ-05CUV

A brand that is well known by many people with quality electronic products that cannot be doubted is Krisbow. This brand also issued their best money counting machine which can count more than 800 banknotes every minute. In addition to personal use, this machine is also very suitable for use in supermarkets, banks or offices. Save on electricity usage.

In one calculation, this machine can load as many as 130 sheets. In addition, this machine can also detect if there is counterfeit money among the money you enter. It has a gray color with dimensions of 30 x 19.5 x 35 cm and weighs 5.38 Kg. You will be given a machine warranty for 3 months and a service guarantee for 12 months.

3. Ecomac MC-100VM

Ecomac MC-100VM Best Money Counter Machine
Ecomac MC-100VM

The next money counting machine is the Ecomac MC-100VM brand. Not only counting money, you will also find out whether the money is real or fake with this quality machine. Sold in America and has received very good reviews from Amazon America. There are Magnet (MG), Magnetic Thread (MT) and Ultraviolet (UV) sensors to detect the Rupiah currency, so even though it is made abroad, this money counting machine can be used domestically as well.

There is an LCD/LED screen that will display information on the number of banknotes that have been counted. Has a counting speed of 1000 bills for one minute with each calculation can accommodate up to 130 notes. Has a power supply of 220V(110%), 60Hz 110V(110%), 60Hz. Power consumption of 60 Watt with a noise level of 60Db and relative humidity of 40% -90%. Maximum work with a power of 0.5 A.

4. Promaxi LD-30 SP

The Best Money Counter Machine Promaxi LD-30 SP
Promaxi LD-30 SP

Having good reviews and being recommended by several customers, the best Proxima LD-39 SP cash counter has a manual calculator function to calculate nominal notes and an MG sesor which can calculate denominations. Besides Rupiah, this machine can also calculate USD and EUR. Count speed of 1000 sheets per minute with a power consumption of 80 watts. Provides a hopper capacity of 300 sheets and a stacker capacity of 200 sheets.

Has added calculation mode, check currency values ​​and grouping each currency values. UV, IR, MG and MT detection modes. To find out the amount of calculation information you can see on the LCD display. This best money counting machine has a size of 310 x 285 x 175 mm and weighs 8 Kg. There are also other features on this machine such as an alarm, a fan and a vacuum cleaner filter. Using the Friction calculation system, the Proxima LD-30 SP machine is very suitable for cashiers, offices, supermarkets and others.

5. Kozure MC-101

Best Money Counter Machine Kozure MC-101
Kozure MC-101

The best cash counting machine produced by the Fajar Computer company with the Kozure brand and the MC-101 type, the quality of which does not need to be questioned. This is the newest product, this machine is equipped with UV (Ultra Violet) light and MG (Magnetic) sensors to detect counterfeit money. In addition, this machine can also be used to calculate currencies other than rupiah, such as Euros, Pounds Sterling, Real, Dollars, Yen and others.

There are start, stop and auto clearing buttons. Equipped with Self-Examination, adding and batching functions. There is a double note detection with the help of infrared light. The speed of counting 900 bills per minute. The maximum size of banknotes that can be entered into this machine is 90x170mm and a minimum of 50x100mm. Consumes 75 Watts of power with 220V AC voltage and 50/60Hz frequency. Equipped with an LCD screen, making it easier for you to find out information about nominal money and others.

6. Mycica HL2100 UV

Best Money Counter Machine Mycica HL2100 UV
Mycica HL2100 UV

Mycica HL-2100 is the best money counting machine brand that is widely recommended because of its good quality. This machine is equipped with an LED display located on the front with an upgraded level of clarity. There is a UV that can detect counterfeit money. There is also an add feature. batching, half note, detection, stop & clearing, alarm, automatic start and computerized setting. Embedding a Friction work system.

The working system of this machine can be started manually or automatically. Can count 1000 notes per minute. Consumes 70 watts of electrical data with a 220 V voltage source and a 50 Hz frequency. This machine weighs 5.7 kg with dimensions of 300 x 250 x 190 mm.

7. Omura OM-100M

Omura's Best Money Counter Machine OM-100M
Omura OM-100M

It’s no longer difficult to count money manually, now with the money counting machine from Omura OM-100M you can count money easily, accurately and quickly. This machine is equipped with a denomination feature to count money with 4 total denomination values ​​simultaneously. This machine can also detect every bill you count whether there is counterfeit money or not. This machine can count 1000 bills in one minute with a hopper capacity of 200 – 300 pcs and a stacker capacity of 200 – 300 pcs.

Apart from counting Dollars notes, you can also use this machine to calculate IR, US and EURO currencies. On your diplay screen a flag logo will be displayed according to the country of each currency. This machine can start, stop and delete automatically. UV, MT, IR and MG detection running while the machine is counting money. Equipped with automatic half note, chained-note, double-note detection. Power Consumption less than 80 watts and AC220V -+10% 50Hz power supply.

8. HSPOS DMS-1480T

Best Money Counter Machine HSPOS DMS-1480T

HSPOS DMS-1480T cash counting machine that can be operated manually or automatically. Automatically detects with the help of UV (ultraviolet), MG (magnetic), MT (magnetic thread) sensors when counting money. When the machine detects counterfeit money, the LCD screen which was originally white will change color to red. Works for batches, additions and self-examination.

This machine has a counting speed of 1100 sheets per minute with a hopper capacity of 300 sheets and a starter capacity of 200 pieces. The size of the money that can be counted 50 mm x 100 mm / 80 mm x 190 mm. Consumes 70 Watts of power with AC 220V/50HZ 120V/60HZ or DC85-250Va power supply. When operating, this machine will produce a temperature of -10 o C to 60 o C. Each order includes accessories such as a user manual, power cable, brush and external display. This machine has dimensions of 312mm x 252mm x 182mm and weighs 5 Kg.

9. Aibecy LCD Display

Aibecy LCD Display Best Money Counter Machine
Aibecy LCD Display

Possessing the ability to count at high speed, reliably and hassle-free, the money counter from Aibecy produces products that have a compact and stylish design. There is a useful LCD screen showing operating information. If the machine detects counterfeit money, an alarm will sound automatically and the LCD screen will turn red. Supports the calculation of almost all currencies in the world such as euros, pounds, US dollars and AUD.

Supports automatic or manual calculation mode by simply pressing the “rest” button for 3 seconds to switch. Made of ABS material, with a size of 30 x 25 x 17cm and a weight of 5Kg/11LB. If the batch display shows “yes” it means the machine is in automatic counting mode, but if the batch display shows “no” it means the machine is in manual counting mode. In one purchase package you will get additional accessories, a power cable (EU plug) and a manual. When operating the engine will experience heat with a maximum temperature of 35oC

10.Domens DMS-1580T/DMS-1584T

Domens Best Money Counter Machine DMS-1580T DMS-1584T
Domens DMS-1580T DMS-1584T

The next currency counter is Domens DMS-1580T/DMS-1584T. This machine provides UV, MG, IR and DD sensors to detect multi-currency Euros and US dollars. Capable of counting more than 1050 banknotes per minute with a banknote size that can be accommodated is 50mm x 100mm/80mm x 183mm and the thickness of each sheet is 0.075-0.15mm. This machine has dimensions of 312mm x 235mm x 142mm and weighs 4.5 kg per seed.

When operating, this machine will consume less than 70 watts of power with a DC power source of 100-240 V, 50-60Hz. The hopper capacity of this machine reaches 300 sheets and the stacker capacity reaches 200 sheets. This machine has provided LCD and LED screens which can be used optionally. Can be used automatically or manually with DD detection function. This best money counting machine has got CE, IEC and ROHS certification. In 1 purchase package you will get 1 Fuse, 1 Rubber Ring, 1 Brush, 1 Power Cable and 1 user manual.

How to Take Care of a Money Counter Machine

In order for your money counting machine to maintain its quality, here are some ways you can pay attention to taking care of your money counting machine so that it lasts a long time.

1. Cleaning the Machine

There are several ways you can do to clean a money counting machine, namely by using an air compressor or with a cleaning card. The use of an air compressor can be done by unplugging the machine and then removing all dirt or dust from the tube thoroughly and making sure to keep a few inches between the blower and the engine to prevent moisture from entering the engine.

Using a cleaning card is very effective in removing ink residue and paper dust, cleaning rollers, metal plates and MHU lenses. It is enough to just insert the cleaning card into the machine and then run the machine repeatedly until it is clean from dirt.

2. Pay Attention to Placement

Make sure the layout of your machine is free from foreign differences such as paper clips, safety pins and others. Also avoid liquid objects such as drinks, etc. which may enter the machine and damage its components. Make sure to use a dry, lint-free cloth when cleaning so it doesn’t dampen the machine.

3. How to use it

Put money according to the machine’s counting ability, if the machine does not provide a double money counting feature, avoid placing money in several types of currency at once. Also avoid placing coins in the machine if it doesn’t support the coin counting feature.


There has been a lot of information about the money counting machine presented. Hopefully this information can help you to choose the right product. If you want other information about recommendations, you can visit the website page listed on the list.

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