10 Best Panir Flour Recommendations for Risoles & Nuggets (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Choosing the best panir flour brand is certainly a must for those of you who want to get delicious results with an attractive appearance when frying risoles and nuggets. Panir flour derived from this bread has a different texture from other types of flour, which is coarse in texture and shaped like crumbs. The texture is what makes various brands of panir flour quite popular among fried food lovers, because it can make food taste more savory, crunchy and crunchy when consumed.

The Best Panir Flour Brand
Illustration of Panir Flour on Risoles

So, for those of you who plan to serve savory fried foods using panir flour, here we will present some recommendations for the best brands of panir flour for risoles and nuggets that you can choose from. But before that, so you don’t make the wrong choice, you should first understand how to choose the best panir flour below.

How to Choose Good Panir Flour

Below are some tips and ways you can do when choosing panir flour. Check out the explanation!

1. Pay attention to the quality

The first thing to consider when choosing the best brand of panir flour is to pay attention to its quality. In this case, you can find out the best quality by looking at the texture of the panir flour itself. Panir flour brands with the best quality usually provide panir flour products that have a good texture and are dry, not lumpy, wet, and tough, and don’t smell rancid.

2. Choose a texture as needed

Currently there are many brands of panir flour on the market, which provide various kinds of panir flour products with textures that vary from the finest to the coarsest. For that, you need to adjust the need for using panir flour with its texture. If you want fried foods that taste crunchy and tasty, then a rough texture can be an option, and vice versa.

3. Confirm the expiration date

Every time you buy packaged food products, including choosing the best brand of panir flour, making sure the expiration date is something you can’t miss. You can check the expiration date on the product packaging or check directly from the condition of the panir flour itself, whether it’s moldy, infested, or has leaky packaging. If you find it, you should choose another brand of panir flour with a long expiration date.

4. Know the difference between panir flour and bread flour

Many ignore the difference between panir flour and bread flour. Even though knowing the difference between panir flour and bread flour is important so you don’t make the wrong choice when frying food. Even though there isn’t much, the difference between panir flour and bread flour lies in the ingredients they’re made of. Panir flour in this case is made from the dried edges of the bread, so it has a darker color. The bread flour is made from fresh bread without skin, and has a lighter color.

5. Choose the main raw materials

Although usually the main raw material for making panir flour is bread, you need to know that now many manufacturers are using tofu dregs and even rice as raw material for making panir flour, because it has less sugar in it. You just have to adjust the selection of this main raw material based on preferences. Also, don’t forget to avoid panir flour brands that contain additives so they don’t endanger your health and that of your family.

10 Panir Flour Recommendations for Risoles & Nuggets

Here we go

After knowing how to choose panir flour for frying, then you need to know some recommendations for the best brands of panir flour that you can choose. For this reason, here we summarize 10 recommendations for panir flour for risoles & nuggets selected by Ainun.

1. Mega Kharisma Bread Flour

The Best Panir Flour Mega Kharisma Bread Flour
Mega Kharisma Bread Flour

A good bread flour brand recommendation for your risoles and nuggets is Mega Kharisma Bread Flour. 
As with panir flour in general, this brand has a rough shape making it suitable for frying your food which is textured, tasty and crunchy when bitten, so it is most suitable for your nuggets or risoles, or even other fried foods such as fried prawns, croquettes, chicken. fried and other similar foods.

Mega Kharisma Bread Flour comes in plastic packaging with a net weight of around 500 grams, and has received a halal label from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), making it safe for consumption for Muslims. If interested, this brand of panir flour can be obtained easily at a fairly affordable price.

2. Mamasuka Bread Flour Mix

Best Panir Flour Mamasuka Bread Flour Mix
Mamasuka Bread Flour Mix

Who is not familiar with the brand of panir flour that we recommend below, Mamasuka. 
Mamasuka has been here for a long time to accompany Indonesian mothers in the kitchen in serving delicious food for families, including in providing the best panir flour for various types of fried snacks.

In this case, the Mamasuka panir flour product is available in a white variant which has a crunchier texture and is able to keep your food crisp even after it has cooled, as well as mixed bread flour which is a combination of white and orange variants. On the packaging weighing 200 grams, you can already see a picture of the risoles which look delicious, crunchy and crunchy when fried using this one panir flour.

3. J Food Bread Flour

Best Panir Flour Primera Panko Bread Flour
Primera Panko Bread Flour

Are you looking for recommendations for good and best quality panir flour brands? 
If so, J Food Bread Flour, which is available in retail and kilo packages, can be an alternative for you.

Because it has the best quality and quality, the following brands of panir flour can not only make your fried foods crisp, crunchy and tasty, but also able to provide a more fragrant, softer aroma, and will arouse the taste of anyone who smells it.

Of course, this is not without reason, because J Food Tepung Bread is made using the best white bread that is baked in the oven and will not absorb excess oil when fried.

4. Primera Panko Bread Flour

J Food's Best Panir Flour Bread Flour
 J Food Bread Flour

Do you want to use panir flour for selling needs? 
Don’t worry, because Primera Panko Tepung Roti, in this case, is here and presents packs of 10 kilograms of panir flour for your business needs. In addition to these 10 kilogram packages, this best brand of panir flour also provides retail packages weighing around 1000 grams, 500 grams, up to 250 grams each, which you can adjust according to your cooking needs at home.

Primera Panko Tepung Roti claims to use only fresh, fresh breads with a mixture of selected quality raw materials when making this product. As a result, this best panir flour has a shape that is quite elongated and sharp, and has a hollow texture that can make your fried foods crispy optimally.

5. Kobe Breadcrumbs Bread Flour

Best Panir Flour Kobe Breadcrumbs Bread Flour
Kobe Breadcrumbs Bread Flour

The brand of panir flour that we recommend next is quite popular in producing seasoned flour for fried foods, from fried banana flour, fried tempeh, bakwan, fried chicken, all-purpose flour, to panir flour. 
Named Kobe Breadcrumbs Tepung Bread, this product is very suitable to be used as a coating for your fried foods so they have a more appetizing appearance, as well as delicious and crunchy when consumed.

This brand of panir flour, which has a fine texture, can also stick perfectly to your fried foods, so you don’t have to deal with the problem of crumbs falling out. Available in economical plastic packaging weighing 270 grams, you can find the Kobe Breadcrumbs Panir Flour brand easily in various shopping centers or minimarkets at very affordable prices.

6. Dong Won Korean Bread Flour

Best Panir Flour Dong Won Korean Bread Flour
Dong Won Korean Bread Flour

Want to try a brand of panir flour from Korea? 
If so, then the Dong Won panir flour brand could be the answer. This product originating from Korea is a type of panir flour which has a fine texture, making it suitable for use in frying 
seafood, such as squid and others.

Even though it comes from Korea, Dong Won Bread Flour is guaranteed to be halal so that it is safe for consumption by Muslims. Dong Won Bread Flour also comes in a practical and economical packaging with a net weight of 210 grams per pack, a sufficient amount for several cooking times.

7. Le Gitt Panko Bread Crumb Orange

Best Panir Flour Le Gitt Panko Bread Crumb Orange
Le Gitt Panko Bread Crumb Orange

The next recommended brand of panir flour that you can try when frying snacks for the family is LeGitt Panko Bread Crumb Orange. 
Although this brand of panir flour is less popular and not much heard of.

Actually, Le Gitt Panko Bread Crumb Orange is already registered with BPOM, has a quite delicious taste and is able to make your risoles or nuggets look seductively golden. Apart from the orange panir flour variant, Le Gitt Panko Bread Crumb is also available in a white variant with a crumb texture that is relatively larger and coarser in size.

8. Royal Breadcrumb Mix

Best Panir Flour Royal Breadcrumb Mix
Royal Breadcrumb Mix

Royal Breadcrumb Mix is ​​a recommendation for the next brand of panir flour that is suitable for you to use to cover your dishes of any kind, be it chicken or fish nuggets, risoles, croquettes, ebi katsu, or chicken katsu. 
Royal Breadcrumb Mix, as the name suggests, is a brand of premium quality panir flour and is 100% made from ingredients that are safe and good for consumption.

Royal Breadcrumb Mix is ​​also equipped with halal certification from the MUI so that it is safe for consumption by Muslims, and has also obtained a distribution permit from BPOM so that its safety is guaranteed. How, of course, have no doubts, right, buy this one panir flour product?

9. Kroger Bread Crumbs

Best Panir Flour Kroger Bread Crumbs
Kroger Bread Crumbs

Panir flour brand Kroger Bread Crumbs is the next recommendation that you can try if you are looking for panir flour as the outer layer of various kinds of fried foods. 
Kroger Bread Crumbs is the best brand of panir flour originating from Hong Kong and its quality is guaranteed because it has obtained a distribution permit from BPOM RI.

Panir flour itself consists of a composition of natural ingredients such as wheat flour, salt, yeast, and bread yeast. By using this one panir flour, your cooking will have an attractive and appetizing color, and of course it will have the best quality of crispiness too. It’s no wonder that many of its customers give the best reviews for this product and often recommend it for both cooking needs at home and small business needs.

10. Fiesta Crispy Crumbs 

The Best Panir Flour Fiesta Crispy Crumbs
Fiesta Crispy Crumbs

The last recommendation that is no less good than the best panir flour brands above comes from a popular brand that is very well known for its nugget products, Fiesta. 
This time, Fiesta released a bread flour product called Fiesta Crispy Crumbs, which is perfect for your nuggets or risoles.

As for the quality itself, of course you don’t need to doubt this brand which is easy to find everywhere, because it uses quality ingredients with a manufacturing process using high technology. As a result, your food will look golden when fried and taste crispier, crunchier, and tastier just like eating nuggets produced by Fiesta, when consumed with children and family at home.

Tips So that Panir Flour Doesn’t Fall Out Easily When Cooking

One of the challenges when using panir flour for risoles and nuggets is that the crumbs fall out when fried. Now regarding this, you don’t need to worry because in fact there are tips that you can apply so that the panir flour can stick tightly to your risoles or nuggets. The following are the tips.

1. Use eggs as adhesive

In order for the panir flour to stick to the nuggets or risoles, you can use a beaten egg as an adhesive. All you need to do is dip your risoles and nuggets in the beaten egg, then place them on the breadcrumbs that have been provided, pressing them occasionally and flattening them. Let stand for a few moments then your risoles or nuggets are ready to be fried.

2. Coat with liquid flour first

Just like the previous method, the liquid flour mixture can also be used as an adhesive for your risoles or nuggets. The steps are the same, before frying, you need to dip the risoles or nuggets in the liquid flour mixture that has been prepared, then cover them with the panir flour that was prepared earlier. Gently massage until evenly distributed so that the panir flour can stick well.

3. Fry over low heat

The tips so that the panir flour doesn’t fall off easily is to use low heat during the frying process, with medium oil temperature and not too hot. Conversely, avoid frying over high heat because it will burn the panir flour but the inside of the nugget or risol will remain raw.

4. Avoid flipping too often

The mistake that causes the breadcrumbs to fall out is the habit of frequently flipping or touching the risoles or nuggets that are being fried. When it comes into contact with cooking utensils too often, the panir flour that has been painstakingly glued together will easily spill over and make the frying oil dirty. For that, try to let it fry for a few moments until it feels cooked, then turn it over to the next side.


That’s an explanation of the recommendations for the best brands of panir flour that can be used for various types of cooking. From the various products above, you can choose panir flour which is local production or imported products from other countries. Whatever you choose, make sure you don’t forget the ways to choose the best panir flour products.

When you have found the right choice of panir flour, you can try to pay attention to the tips above so that the panir flour used doesn’t fall off easily. In the end, you can use panir flour for making risoles, nuggets, fried bananas, tofu mercon, fried sausages, tempeh, fried meatballs, fried shrimp, and various other foods.

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