10 Best Portable Mini Blender Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The best mini-shaped portable blenders on the market are sought after and made choices because of their quality and convenience. Portable blender is a form of innovation where the blender is quite practical and easy to carry anywhere because it is portable .

Best Portable Mini Blender
Illustration Image Blender Mini Portable / Philips

But before deciding to buy one or even the best portable blenders, you need to pay attention to the aspects that can be taken into consideration whether to buy a blender or not. Then what are the aspects that need to be considered before buying the best portable blender? Check out the following article review, OK!

How to Choose a Good Portable Mini Blender

You certainly want to buy a portable blender with good quality, right? Regardless of the physical form or brand of the portable blender, it would be nice if you implemented the following method for choosing the best portable mini blender so you don’t buy the wrong product.

1. Pay attention to the blender material used

Next, you also need to know the basic ingredients for making the best portable blender. There are four materials most commonly used to make blender cups, including glass, plastic, and tritan. Glass material is resistant to scratches and dirt and is easy to clean using a dishwasher, but has a fairly heavy weight and breaks easily.

Meanwhile, the plastic material makes the blender glass light weight and not easily broken, however, it is easily scratched and leaves a food smell. Then, a blender glass with tritan material has the strength equivalent to glass, but has a light weight like plastic. If you want to have a blender glass that is transparent, lightweight, and durable, then you should choose a blender glass with tritan material.

2. Choose the best portable blender capacity as needed

The best portable blender capacity also needs to be considered because it relates to the quantity that can be produced from the blender. When choosing a blender capacity, as much as possible based on needs and the number of people using it. So, you should choose the best portable blender with a mini size with a capacity of 200–300 ml if one person uses the blender. If you need two people, you can choose the best portable blender with a capacity of 400–600 ml.

3. Pay attention to the best portable blender blades

You also need to pay attention to the selection of the blades in the blender because they have to be adjusted to your needs. The types of blender blades include flat or wave blade cutters. This is because the results will also be different. The flat blade cutter is used to crush meat, while the wave blade cutter is used to crush ice cubes. It’s better if you choose a blade made of stainless steel so it’s rust resistant.

4. Know the required electric power

The first thing before buying the best portable blender is to pay attention to the electrical power needed. Each product from a different brand certainly requires different electrical power. The electric power of this blender will greatly affect the results of the blender. The blender results from each brand certainly have a different texture, some are softer and some are rough.

This is due to the type, number, and strength of the blades on the portable blender. If you want results that still have texture, you should look for a portable blender with a power of around 200 Watts. However, choose a portable blender with large power so that the results are really smooth in a faster time.

5. Know the portable blender speed control system

When vegetables or fruit are blended at very high speed this will affect the nutrients contained therein, most of the nutrients will be lost. Therefore, it is important to have a speed controller. The speed controller is very useful for determining the desired texture.

10 Best Portable Mini Blender Recommendations

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Here are ten of the best portable blender recommendations that you can use as a reference for buying a portable mini blender that has been reviewed by Ainun.

1. Philips Mini Blender HR2603/90

Best Portable Blender Philips Mini Blender HR2603-90
Product Philips Mini Blender HR2603-90

The first best portable blender recommendation from the Philips brand with the Philips Mini Blender HR2603/90 type. 
This mini portable blender is made of plastic and has a solid black color and has several functions including chopping and grinding. This product can be used to make smoothies, shakes, sauces, frozen cocktails and spices. Apart from that, this best portable blender also has a motor equipped with four star blades.

Its simple and ergonomic design allows this portable blender to smooth and grind quickly because it has 2 speed settings. The advantage of the Philips mini blender HR22603/90 is that it is easy to clean inside because the four star blades can be removed. As a multi chopper with a working capacity of 150 ml, this product can be used to cut vegetables and fruits.

2. GM Bear 4 Blades

GM Bear's Best Portable Blender 4 Blades
GM Bear 4 Blade Products

The second best portable mini blender is GM Bear 4 Blades made of High Borosilicate Glass material. 
In addition, there are 4 sharp blades made of stainless steel in this product. The capacity of the blender glass from GM Bear is 4 blades, which is 360 ml with a power source that comes from a USB cable.

The advantage of GM Bear 4 Blades is that it is suitable for picnics, to the office, to school, during sports or even on a date! Because it’s not too heavy, it’s very suitable and safe to carry wherever you go. By using this portable blender, you can make juice anywhere and anytime.

3. Konka 6 Blades

Konka Best Portable Blender 6 Blades
Konka Products 6 Blades

Konka 6 Blades is the third best portable blender recommendation that you can choose. 
When compared to the two previous blenders, it will not lose because it has several advantages, namely it is classified as a mini portable blender that is lightweight, easy to install and easy to clean. With a power of 60W, this product can process juicing in an average of about 10 seconds.

In addition, this best portable blender also has a glass made from the best quality borosilicate glass so it is safe when used to process high-temperature ingredients. Another advantage of this product is that the knife is made of food grade stainless steel 304 with a total of 6 blades. The most important thing is that the manufacture of this product pays close attention to the level of safety because the blender will automatically turn off after 30 seconds of operation so that the battery lasts longer and is safer when children approach.

4. Ecentio 6 Blades

Best Portable Blender Ecentio 6 Blades
Ecentio 6 Blade Products

The fourth recommendation for the best portable blender is from the Ecentio brand which has 6 blades. 
This blender with PC/ABS/silicon/304 stainless steel material has a pink color which is guaranteed to last and last a long time in use. Having a capacity of 380ml, this product can process quite a lot of fruit or vegetables. This one of the best portable mini blenders has a motor speed that is high enough so you can process ingredients faster with satisfying results.

The blender’s portable and lightweight design allows you to use it outdoors. In addition, another advantage that this product has is charging which is relatively fast. You can use this multifunctional product to crush ice cubes, nuts, meat, fruits, vegetables and protein shakes in 30 seconds, you know!

5. Deerma DEM-NU05

Best Portable Blender Deerma DEM-NU05
Product Deerma DEM-NU05

You are certainly familiar with the Xiaomi brand, right? 
Xiaomi does sell various kinds of high-tech electronic devices, one of which is a portable blender. The next recommendation for the best portable blender is the Deerma DEM-NU05, which has a capacity of 400 ml so it can contain more ingredients to process. Interestingly, this product has been designed to be a 2 in 1 product because the Deerma DEM-NU05 can be the best portable mini blender as well as a drinking tumbler.

That way, you can immediately drink the juice without having to transfer it to another glass first. In addition, this product also has a light weight accompanied by a silicon handle that will make it easier for you to move it anywhere. Well, another thing that makes this product superior is that this best portable blender is environmentally friendly and food grade.

6. Welcook Portable Blender

Best Portable Blender Welcook Portable Blender
Welcook Portable Blender Products

The next best portable blender recommendation is the Welcook Portable Blender with a blender glass that is stronger and sturdier because it is made using tritan material with a thicker baby food grade standard. 
Well, that’s what makes it durable and can be used for quite a long time. Welcook portable blender has a blender glass capacity specification of 400 ml which is equipped with a high speed motor.

In addition, there are also 6 stainless steel blades which are resistant to rust, making this the best portable mini blender that is the ideal portable blender choice for you and your family. You can also choose the color of the blender as you like, because this product is available in a variety of attractive colors, namely blue, pink and black. If you want to have a picnic and drink juice that is processed directly on the spot, the Welcook Portable Blender can be the right choice.

7. Oxone Personal Hand Blender OX853

Best Portable Blender Oxone Personal Hand Blender OX853
Product Oxone Personal Hand Blender OX853

Many household furnishings are produced and issued by Oxone. 
One of them is the best portable blender Oxone OX853 – Personal Hand Blender is a quality product with simple operation. This product is made of plastic material that is BPA Free and ecofriendly materials. In addition, the capacity of this Oxone is 0.6L and 0.3L which requires low power.

You don’t need to doubt the quality of this best portable mini blender because it is made using high quality materials so it can be used for a long time. In addition, the blender glass is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it easy to clean. Interestingly, this product can also be used as a tumbler bottle because it is equipped with a lid.

8. Han River HRJC01

Best Portable Blender Han River HRJC01
Product Han River HRJC01

The next recommendation for the best portable blender is the Han River HRJC01 with a capacity of 300 ml which is made using food grade PP material. 
In addition, this product is also equipped with a rubber seal and 4 food grade stainless steel blades. That way, you can make juice within 20 seconds. The choice of blender colors is also interesting, you know! You can choose the best portable mini blender that is pink, gray, or sky blue.

As with other products, you can also use the Han River HRJC01 as a tumblr bottle with an interesting shape. Plus, the battery life is long-lasting so you won’t need to add power in the near future. If you want to clean this best portable blender, you only need to use a brush and warm water. Another way to do this is to put the blender glass in the dishwasher.

9. Sekai PB-201

The Best Portable Blender Sekai PB-201
Sekai products PB-201

The product from Sekai PB-201 is the ninth recommendation for the best portable blender for you. 
Sekai portable juicer PB 201 is a portable blender that is practically used for various purposes, including households. This product is the best type of portable mini blender that is fast charging so you can save more time when charging. Apart from that, this product also has a sharp blade made from stainless steel type SUS304 so that it can easily crush ice cubes.

This best portable blender has a choice of attractive colors that can make you look more stylish when carrying a Sekai blender cup. This product is energy efficient so you don’t have to worry about making juice anytime and anywhere. In addition, the LED power button makes this product look attractive and elegant. With a relatively large capacity, you can crush fruit or vegetables in large quantities, thus speeding up the process.

10. Miniso Portable Blender

Best Portable Blender Miniso Portable Blender
Miniso Portable Blender Products

The last recommendation for the best portable blender is a product from Miniso which has a capacity of 600 ml. 
This mini juicer with a portable bottle or cup is made using the European standard plug model BL1043-GS. Unlike the previous best portable blenders, this product from Miniso must be connected directly to a power source to power on and has a high power of 300W with a high motor speed. Even so, this portable mini blender is easy to carry.

This product has a larger blender cup size so you can make two servings of juice at once. In addition, the presence of 4 blades made of 304 stainless steel makes it highly durable and rust resistant. The cleaning process is also easy, you know! For those of you who are looking for the best portable blender that has high power, high speed, and large capacity, the Miniso Portable Blender should be your choice.

Tips for Caring for the Best Portable Blender for Long Lasting Life

After reviewing the recommendations for the best portable blender products, now is the time to review tips on caring for the product you have purchased. So, here are tips on caring for a portable blender properly so that it lasts longer and is not easily damaged.

1. Do not fill the blender glass almost full

Each glass of the best portable mini blender certainly has its own capacity, so you have to adjust the contents to be processed. Filling the blender glass that is almost full can cause the blender to heat up because it works harder to refine ingredients. If this is done continuously, it can make the device damaged quickly. Therefore, it’s better if the contents of the blender glass are only a quarter or half.

2. Cut the ingredients first

Another thing you can do to keep the best portable blenders going is to pre-cut the ingredients. Cut food ingredients into small sizes before putting them in the blender glass so that the machine works lighter and can also smooth the food more quickly.

3. Turn on the blender machine properly

Some people think that by turning on the best portable mini blender longer, the food will be even smoother. In fact, this can cause the machine to heat up and make the blender machine quickly damaged. It’s best to use a blender within 10 to 30 minutes and not exceed the maximum time limit stated in the usage rules.

So, that’s a review of the ten best blender recommendations that you should choose to complement your kitchen equipment. Hopefully useful, yes!

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