10 Best Portable Mini Genset Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A generator is a device that can generate electricity by converting chemical energy from its fuel into electrical energy. There are quite a lot of main functions of generators, the main thing is to become an alternative power supplier when the electricity supply from PLN is temporarily stopped. Therefore, some houses usually provide a portable mini generator just in case the power goes out. The following are recommendations for the best portable mini generators for supplying electricity at home when it goes out.

Best Portable Mini Genset
Illustration of Honda EU10i / Honda Mini Portable Genset

Before knowing how to choose a mini portable generator, let’s first know some of the functions of a generator, such as from an economic perspective, a generator will guarantee that production activities from certain companies, factories or businesses can still run even if the electricity is turned off by the PLN. In terms of electricity, generators not only function to convert chemical energy from electrical energy, but can also convert DC current into AC current or vice versa to power electricity in buildings. In terms of needs, generators are usually also used for certain big events because generators can provide quite a large capacity, around 220 to 300 volts.

How to Choose a Good Portable Mini Generator

Meanwhile, to choose the best portable mini generator, you can follow the following tips.

1. Pay attention to the physicality of the mini generator

The first thing that distinguishes mini portable generators from diesel generators is their size. There are various sizes of mini generators that are sold on the market, but you should choose one with dimensions less than 50 cm. However, if product dimensions are not shown, choose a product whose fuel tank capacity is less than 10 liters.

In addition to size, wheel components and metal frames also need to be considered. If you don’t want to be bothered, choose a portable mini generator that is fitted with wheels so it’s easy to move. But if you don’t find a mini generator like that, you can choose a generator with an additional iron frame to attach to the lifter.

2. Adjusting generator power to the needs

Another important thing to consider when buying a mini portable generator is adjusting your electricity needs to the power produced by the generator. When it’s just started, the generator engine capacity is usually twice as large as normal capacity. So if the electric power at home is 1000 watts, the capacity of the mini portable generator needed is at least 2000 watts.

However, some portable mini generator products have less power according to the numbers listed. So if the required generator capacity is 2000 watts, you can choose a generator that can produce more power than that. In addition, some mini generator manufacturers write down their capacity in kVA units (kiloVolt Ampere), where 1 kVa = 800 watts. Therefore, when the mini generator capacity is written at 2 kVa, the value is equivalent to 1600 watts.

3. Check the generator engine type

Mini portable generators on the market today have two types of engines, namely 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. Genset 2 does not usually have good acceleration and responsibility. This machine uses side oil, so the oil does not need to be changed too often. However, the engine can be damaged quickly if the oil is not replaced.

Mini portable generator type 2 does not tend to be wasteful of fuel and makes a lot of noise. This type of generator usually produces small power, less than 1000 watts. So a generator with a 2-stroke engine is more suitable for electronic equipment that requires low power.

Furthermore, there is a generator with a 4 stroke engine that has minimal vibration and a smoother sound than a mini portable generator with a 2 stroke engine. Genset products that use 4 stroke engines usually do not emit smoke, but their rotation is slower than generators with 2 stroke engines. Another advantage of a generator that uses a 4 stroke engine is that the required maintenance costs are quite cheap.

4. Consider the maximum operational time

In addition to the various things above, the maximum operational time of mini portable generators also needs to be considered. If a mini generator only needs to be used occasionally when the power goes out, then choose a mini generator with a short operating time. However, if you are going to use it for outdoor activities , choose a mini generator product that has a long operating time.

One of the things that affects the operating time of a mini portable generator is the capacity of the fuel tank. On the other hand, a large tank capacity certainly makes the size of the generator bigger. Therefore, try to choose generator products with a long operational duration but are still portable.

In addition to tank capacity, the fuel used for mini generators also needs to be considered. Diesel-powered mini portable generators are more economical than gasoline-powered generators, but they are quite difficult to find in Indonesia.

10 Best Portable Mini Genset Recommendations

So, have you decided which mini portable generator product to buy? If not, let’s first read the recommendations for the various best portable mini generator products in Indonesia from the following Ainun.

1. Honda EU10i Genset

The Best Mini Portable Genset Honda EU10i Genset
Honda EU10i Generator

Apart from producing cars and motorbikes, Honda also produces portable mini generators, one of which is the Honda EU10i. 
The engine used is a 4 stroke Honda GXH50 with an average output power of 900 Watts. Equipped with sophisticated inverter technology and uses gasoline as fuel.

This inverter technology functions to produce a stable output, so it can be used for various electronic devices at home. Another advantage of this mini portable generator is its very low noise.

To support its performance, this mini portable generator has a recoil ignition system and a fully transitioned ignition system. The oil capacity is 250 ml, while the fuel capacity is 2.1 liters. Even though the dimensions are not too big, around 45 cm x 24 cm x 38 cm, the performance shown is very good. Honda EU10i products can be purchased online at a price of 12.5 million rupiah.

2. Krisbow Genset 2800 Watt

Best Mini Portable Genset Krisbow Genset 2800 Watt
Krisbow Genset 2800 Watt

Krisbow has long been known as a brand for various kinds of products for household needs that are of good quality. Krisbow also produces mini portable generators with a single cylinder 4 stroke engine and a capacity of 2800 watts. However, the maximum output recommended for this product is 2500 watts. This portable mini generator has a frequency of 50 Hz and the required voltage is 220 V.

The oil used is of type SAE 20-50 with an engine capacity of 208 cc and a speed of up to 3000 rpm. The fuel tank capacity is 15 liters, which is quite a lot for a mini generator. To prevent overheating during operation, the generator is equipped with air conditioning. The 2800 watt Krisbow Genset sells for around 5 million rupiah in the official shop on one of the e-commerce sites.

3. Tsuzumi TG5000SSI 4000w

Best Portable Mini Genset TSUZUMI TG5000SSI 4000 w

This mini portable generator from Tsuzumi can be operated at a voltage of 220 V and produces a maximum output of 5.5 kVa or 4,400 watts. With dimensions of 54 cm x 47 cm x 47 cm and a weight of 41 kg, the fuel tank capacity of this mini generator is 15 liters with an engine capacity of 223 cc. This product has a digital voltmeter that will make it easier for users to monitor machine performance.

Even though it uses a 2 stroke engine, this portable mini generator has lower noise than other traditional mini generators because of the semi silence inverter . The built-in inverter system allows the product to generate a stable pure sinewave voltage. The operation is very easy because there is an auto choke system and 3 starting ways to turn on and off the generator.

It should be noted, because this mini portable generator produces pure sinewave voltage , the fuel used must be unleaded gasoline. This mini generator, which is suitable for household use, sells for 7.5 million at the official shop and gets good reviews from buyers.

4. Hyundai HDG 3800x Genset

Best Mini Portable Genset Hyundai HDG 3800x Genset
Hyundai HDG 3800x Genset

Hyundai, a leading automotive company from South Korea, not only produces cars, but also portable mini generators. One of the mini generator products from Hyundai is the Hyundai HDG 3800x Genset with a 4 stroke engine and uses gasoline. The resulting maximum output power is quite large, reaching 3000 watts. With an engine capacity of 212 cc and a 15 liter fuel tank, this mini portable generator can operate for up to 10 hours.

Some of the advantages of this mini electric generator include low noise, light weight, practical models, and fuel economy. To facilitate operation, there is a double starter , in the form of recoil and electric starter . This mini generator, which sells for around 6.5 million, is not only suitable for households, but also for shops and offices.

5. Yamaha Inverter Generator EF2000iS

The Best Mini Portable Generator Yamaha Inverter Generator EF2000iS
Yamaha Generator Inverter EF2000iS

Another well-known company that also produces mini portable generators is Yamaha, through the Yamaha Inverter Generator EF2000iS. Dimensions of 49 cm x 28 cm x 44.5 cm and an empty weight of 21 kg, the fuel capacity is only 4.2 liters, relatively smaller than the previous product. The operating time of this mini electric generator is around 4-10 hours, depending on the amount of load installed.

This Yamaha Inverter Generator EF2000iS operates at a voltage of 220 V with a maximum output of 2 kVa or 1.6 kWh. This portable mini generator uses a 4 stroke engine with a recoil start system and there is an inverter voltage regulator to produce a stable voltage. Some of the advantages of this product include low noise levels, fuel economy, unique shape, and light weight. This Yamaha mini electric generator is sold at a price of around 17 million rupiah.

6. TDR Power Inverter Generator Set TI2000

Best Portable Mini Genset TDR Power Inverter Generator Set TI2000
TDR Power Inverter Generator Set TI2000

The TDR Power Inverter Generator Set TI2000 has dimensions of 51 cm x 28.6 cm x 45 cm and weighs only about 20 kg. The gas tank capacity of this portable mini generator is 3.4 liters and produces a maximum power of 1600 watts. Using an ultra-quiet engine and class-leading dual wave inverter technology , this mini electric generator produces a stable voltage and low sound, only around 20-62 dB.

To support optimal performance, the fuel used must be unleaded gasoline. If the installed load reaches 50% load, this portable mini generator can operate for a maximum of 6.5 hours. TDR Power Inverter Generator Set TI2000 can be purchased online for around 8.4 million rupiah.

7. MULTIPRO Gasoline Generator GG-1000/2 SW

Best Portable Mini Genset MULTIPRO Gasoline Generator GG-1000
MULTIPRO Gasoline Generator GG-1000

Multipro Gasoline Generator GG-1000/2 SW is a mini portable generator with a 2 stroke engine which is quite in demand in Indonesia. This mini generator requires gasoline mixed with side oil to operate and can produce a maximum output of 850 watts with a frequency of around 50 Hz. With only 3 liters of gasoline, this product can burn for 3-6 hours, making it suitable for sales, households, and camping activities.

The manual recoil or pull system to start the engine is known to be lighter than other brands of 2 stroke engine generators. This portable mini generator also features a connection/plug for a battery charger with a voltage of 12 volts. The Multipro Gasoline Generator GG-1000/2 SW is sold at a fairly affordable price, only around 1.3 million rupiah.

8. RYU Gasoline Generator Set RG1500-1

Best Mini Portable Generator RYU Gasoline Generator Set RG1500-1
RYU Gasoline Generator Set RG1500-1

Apart from Yamaha and Honda, there is another mini portable generator brand from Japan, namely the RYU Gasoline Generator Set RG1500-1. With dimensions of 50 cm x 39 cm x 42 cm and a weight of around 30 kg, this mini electric generator can produce a maximum output of 1000 watts. Enough capacity to turn on the lights at home when the power goes out.

This mini portable generator has a 4 stroke engine type with a fuel tank capacity of 8 liters and an oil capacity of 350 ml. If fully charged, the operational time can reach 6 hours, of course, depending on the installed load. With a noise level of only 56 dB, the sound of this mini electric generator won’t be too disturbing. The selling price of the RYU Gasoline Generator Set RG1500-1 on the market is relatively cheap, around 2 million rupiah.

9. Excell EX3000i Silent Genset 2200 watts

The Best Mini Portable Genset Excell EX3000i 2200 watt Silent Genset
Excell EX3000i Silent Genset 2200 watts

If you are looking for a portable mini generator with a capacity of more than 1000 watts, the Excell EX3000i can be the right choice. This product measures 52 cm x 32 cm x 48 cm, weighs about 20 kg, and uses a 4 stroke engine. With a fuel capacity of 4.1 liters and 1.1 liters of oil, the Excell EX3000i can produce a maximum output of 2200 watts.

This portable mini generator is suitable for various purposes, such as backing up electrical power at home when a blackout occurs or when there are outdoor events that require a power source. The sound produced is not too noisy, so you don’t need to worry that the generator operation will interfere with your activities. Excell EX3000i can be purchased online for around 5.7 million rupiah.

10. Yamamax Pro Petrol Generator 1200

Best Mini Portable Genset Yamamax Pro Petrol Generator 1200
Yamamax Pro Petrol Generator 1200

Even though it uses a 2 stroke engine, the Yamamax Pro Petrol Generator 1200 does not use engine oil, so maintenance is relatively easier compared to other mini portable generators. To operate this mini electric generator, mix oil into the fuel with a ratio of 1:50. So if you use 50 liters of gasoline, just mix it with 1 liter of oil.

This portable mini generator has a tank capacity of 5 liters and can produce a maximum power of 750 watts. This product can operate for quite a long time, around 6 hours. Yamamax Pro Petrol Generator 1200 can be purchased at a low price, around 1 million rupiah. Its use is suitable for various situations, for example lighting a house when it goes out, outdoor activities , and for selling.

When talking about generators, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the generator itself. Thus, electricity supply is maintained especially for offices, hospitals, airports and other public places. There are several ways you can take care of your generator to keep it safe and keep working.

How to Take Care of a Portable Mini Generator to Keep it Good & Long Lasting1

The engine and various components of the portable mini generator need to be cared for so that they last for a long time. Here are some ways you can do to care for mini electric generators.

1. Warm up the generator regularly

Genset heating does not need to be done every day, just once a week. The purpose of warming up this engine is like just warming up a car or motorbike engine, namely so that the engine starts to run actively when it starts to “start”. Usually a mini generator engine that has been heated will move more responsively and reliably.

2. Check the condition of the generator battery

Checking the battery on a portable mini generator can be done by checking the battery terminal connection grooves, whether they are loose or not. Make sure the components on the battery are not rusted, because that can hinder the genset starting process. In addition, the terminals on the starting battery also need to be checked regularly.

3. Check the fuel

Mini portable generators usually have a special filter installed for fuel that must be checked regularly. Try not to rub the refueling line with other components, because this can cause the mini generator to not function.

4. Check control system

The purpose of checking the control system is to smooth the distribution of electricity to the load. When checking the control system, make sure the log data during engine warm-up is correct. After checking, return the control system mode to normal automactic stand by (AUTO) mode.

5. Check the running of the machine

There are several ways to check engine indicators, including checking oil pressure, radiator temperature, and engine sound to determine engine performance. Every portable mini generator is usually equipped with an alarm to remind you of a problem with the engine. When things happen such as combustion failure, excessive exhaust smoke, decreased power, and increased oil or fuel consumption, you need to watch out for it.

6. Check exhaust system

Make sure the exhaust is normal and does not emit excessive smoke. There are several causes of excess smoke being emitted, for example poor fuel quality or air quality, so it needs to be repaired immediately.

7. Maintaining the lubricating system

The amount of oil in the engine must also be monitored. Make sure the oil level is as close to “full” as possible by adding oil of the same brand and type. For a more accurate reading, try a mini portable generator engine and wait about 10 minutes. This check also serves to ensure that the top oil flows into the crankcase.

8. Maintaining the cooling system

Cooling system maintenance needs to be done very carefully, especially on the radiator fins. Cleaning the radiator fins can be done using low pressure compressed air or by running water in the opposite direction of the radiator air flow. If the mini portable generator cooling system uses liquid, then you also need to check the coolant level.

9. Replacing generator spare parts

If the generator has been used for a long time, it is necessary to replace the generator spare parts. If you can’t fix it yourself, you can take the mini portable generator to an official repair shop, or another trusted repair shop.

In addition to the various tips above, other tips that are no less important are keeping the mini portable generator clean. Adhered dust and dirt can interfere with generator performance, or even damage it.


One of the main functions of the generator is as an alternative power supplier when the electricity supply from PLN is temporarily stopped. Today’s generators are made mini-sized to make mobility and use easier. Hopefully the mini portable generator recommendations above will help you find a solution for your preferred genset candidate.

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