10 Best Portable Scanner Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A scanner or scanner is a tool that is needed to physically scan certain documents or objects, then convert the scan results into a digital file. Currently there are also scanners that are physically made small in size so that they are practical when used. The following is a review of recommendations for the best portable scanner brands .

How to Choose a Good Portable Scanner

Indeed, there is no specific definition for a portable scanner , simply a portable scanner is a scanner that can be moved anywhere. But at least now there are two types of portable scanners. There are portable scanners to scan documents by moving your hand over the document. There are also portable scanners that are used by inserting documents between the scanners .

Best Portable Scanner
Epson / Walmart Portable Scanner Illustration Image

Apart from portable scanners , there is currently another development of this scanner engine , namely a 3D scanner which is intended to scan 3D-shaped objects, then process them into digital files . Cool again, 3D scanners can also scan certain codes on an object without having to touch it. Of course the price of this scanner is still quite expensive, considering the advanced features of this 3D scanner .

Basically, portable scanners on the market have functions similar to each other. The difference is usually in the maximum resolution, scanning speed, scanner size , and object size that can be scanned. To make it easier for you to choose a portable scanner product , pay attention to the following points.

1. Adjust to habits

For people who rarely carry a laptop, you should choose a portable scanner that is equipped with a microSD card . Some scanner products require a direct connection to a laptop for use and file storage , of course a scanner without a microSD card and battery or Wi-Fi will be inconvenient if you rarely carry a laptop.

Types of portable scanners that can be used directly without the need for a laptop usually get power from the battery. The scanned document will be saved directly to the microSD that is in it, so it can be transferred to another device at a later time.

2. Consider size and weight

As the name implies, portable scanners are designed to be small and light in weight so that they are easy to carry around. The shape itself varies, there are portable scanners that are rectangular, rectangular, or other shapes. The smaller the size of the product, the easier it will be to carry it to various places.

3. The resolution of the scan results does not have to be prioritized

Portable scanners are usually used to scan documents and then convert them into OCR ( optical character recognition ) data. Actually , a scanner with a resolution of 300 dpi is sufficient for this purpose. When used to scan images, sometimes a larger scanner is needed which can provide better resolution, but of course it will be less practical to carry around. So when buying a portable scanner , the resolution of the scan results doesn’t have to be prioritized.

10 Best Portable Scanner Recommendations

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Several well-known brands, such as Canon and Epson, have also released their portable scanner products. Ainun below provides recommendations for various brands of portable scanners complete with brief reviews of their products.

1. Epson ES-60W Wi-Fi Portable Scanner

Terbaik Epson ES-60W Wi-Fi Portable Scanner
Epson ES-60W Wi-Fi Portable Scanner

Not only producing quality 
printers , Epson also produces portable scanners with superior quality. With dimensions of only 272 mm x 47 mm x 33.8 mm and a weight of 300 g, this product will certainly be easy to carry to various places. The resulting scanning resolution is also very good, it can be 200 dpi, 300 dpi, up to 600 dpi. For the scanning speed, it depends on the resolution you want to produce, the color of the object, and the size of the object.

Apart from being light and concise, this portable scanner also supports Wi-Fi connections and a built-in battery that allows users to scan documents anywhere. So you don’t have to connect to a laptop to operate it. However, of course there is a USB connection in this product to directly send scan results to a computer or laptop. Compatible with MacOS and various versions of Windows, this product, which sells for 2 million rupiah, can scan up to 300 sheets per day.

2. iSCAN01 900DPI Portable Scanner

Scanner Portable Terbaik iSCAN01 900DPI Portable Scanner
iSCAN01 900DPI Portable Scanner

If you want a 
portable scanner with high resolution but cheap, the iScan 900DPI Portable is the right choice. This product, which has dimensions of 257 mm x 30 mm x 24.5 mm, can produce scan results in three resolution options, namely 300 dpi, 600 dpi and 900 dpi. Scan results that are already in PDF or JPG format can be directly saved to the microSD card that is available in it.

Because it is equipped with a Lithium-polymer AA battery with a capacity of 700 mAh, this portable scanner can be operated without the need to be connected to a laptop. Apart from displaying high-resolution scan results, this product only takes about 12 seconds to scan a full color image on A4-sized paper. The LCD section is designed with an intuitive UI to make it easier for users to use this portable scanner . Even though it has various advanced features, the price of this product is relatively cheap, only 600 thousand rupiahs.

3. Plustek MobileOffice S410

Scanner Portable Terbaik Plustek MobileOffice S410
Scanner Portable Plustek MobileOffice S410

Plustek MobileOffice S410 has the advantage of being able to instantly scan and recognize various types of paper sizes, be it A4, F4, business card, A5, quarto, letter, and legal sizes. 
The scanning process is also very fast, only 9 seconds per sheet for A4 size, color, and 300 dpi resolution. 
This portable scanner , which measures only 295 mm x 50 mm x 4.05 mm and weighs 410 grams, can also produce a higher resolution, which is 600 dpi.

In one day, this portable scanner can scan up to 800 sheets of documents. However, this product is not equipped with a battery, so a connection to a computer or laptop is required when using it. Windows OS compatible with this product include Windows 7, 8, and 10. When buying this portable scanner , which sells for 1.7 million, you will also get free DocAction , ABBYY FineReader, and Plustek Tools software that will help you document scanning.

4. FUJITSU Image Scanner ScanSnap S1300i

Scanner Portable Terbaik FUJITSU Image Scanner ScanSnap S1300i
Scanner Portable FUJITSU Image Scanner ScanSnap S1300i

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Portable Scanner can be used to scan paper of various sizes, be it A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, F4, Legal, Letter, Business Card, to Post Card. 
This portable scanner supports CIS image sensors and can be operated on various versions of Windows OS and MacOS. However, like the previous product, the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i is not equipped with a battery, so it needs to be connected to a laptop to use it.

The scan speed reaches 12 ppm ( pages per minute ) or 24 ipm. This portable scanner has cool features, one of which is the ScanSnap Connect Application which allows users to scan documents directly to their smartphone . If you want to scan two small documents simultaneously, this product can do it.

Not to mention the ScanSnap Home software which makes the editing process easy, so scanned PDF and JPEG formats can be directly converted to Word or Excel formats. The software also has various features to automatically correct scan results. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i can be purchased online at a price of 4 million rupiah.

5. Avision MiWand 2L PRO

The Best Portable Scanner Avision MiWand 2L PRO
Scanner Portable Avision MiWand 2L PRO

Avision MiWand 2L PRO allows you to directly transfer scan results to your iPad or 
smartphone . This portable scanner , which has dimensions of 69 mm x 322 mm x 57 mm and weighs 663 grams, uses a lithium battery, so it can be used directly without needing to be connected to a computer. However, this product still has a mini USB port to transfer scan results to other devices.

Inside there is a slot for a microSD card so that you can store quite a lot of scan results. This portable scanner supports scanning resolutions ranging from 300 dpi, 600 dpi, up to 900 dpi. The time needed for scanning is also very fast, it can be 5.9 seconds to less than one second, depending on the resolution and color of the object being scanned .

Avision MiWand 2L PRO is equipped with a 1.8-inch LCD screen, so a preview of the scan results can be seen immediately and makes it easy to check if there are wrong results. This portable scanner , which sells for 1.5 million to 2 million, supports scanning of various paper sizes, from F4, A4, to legal.

6. Canon P-208II

The Best Portable Scanner Canon P-208II
Scanner Portable Canon P-208II

Even though it only measures 312.5 mm × 55.5 mm × 40 mm, this 
portable scanner from Canon can be relied upon to scan many documents. The ADF ( automatic document feeder ) feature on this product allows users to scan ten documents at once. In one minute, the Canon P-208II can scan up to eight pages of documents.

This portable scanner supports various types of resolutions, starting from 150 dpi, 200 dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi and 600 dpi. In one day, the Canon P-208II can scan up to 100 sheets of documents. Unfortunately, this product, which sells for 2.7 million, does not have a battery installed or built-in Wi-Fi, so it must be connected to a computer or laptop before use.

7. Plustek MobileOffice S602

Scanner Portable Terbaik Plustek MobileOffice S602
Scanner Portable Plustek MobileOffice S602

If the previous 
portable scanners could produce scans with a maximum resolution of 900 dpi, the Plustek S602 can scan with a resolution of up to 1200 dpi. So it’s not only practical to carry around, this product also produces scan results that are quite detailed and clear. This portable scanner , which measures only 174.5 mm x 60.5 mm x 38.5 mm, has a speed of 5.5 seconds per sheet, for documents the size of a KTP, in color, and has a resolution of 300 dpi.

This portable scanner is actually intended for scanning small documents, such as business cards, credit cards, KTP, SIM and TIN. In one day, Plustek S602 can scan a maximum of up to 1000 sheets. For power when it is used, this product relies on connection to a laptop or computer, because it does not have another adapter. Plustek S602 is sold at 1.5 million and can be purchased online at the official store.

8. FUJITSU IX100 Portable Scanner

Scanner Portable Terbaik FUJITSU IX100 Portable Scanner
FUJITSU IX100 Portable Scanner

One of the cool features of the Fujitsu ScanSnap IX100 Portable Scanner is that it supports Wi-Fi and a rechargeable battery, so you don’t need to connect it to a laptop to use it. 
Various sizes of paper can be scanned with this 
portable scanner , starting from A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, F4, Legal, Letter, Business Card sizes, to Post Card sizes . This product can also be used to scan documents directly to a smartphone via the ScanSnap Connect Application.

This product also supports CIS image sensors, for optimal scanning results. With a scanning speed of 5.2 seconds per page, you can scan around 11 pages in just 1 minute. This portable scanner is compatible with various versions of Windows OS and MacOS. The Fujitsu ScanSnap IX100 sells for 3.5 million rupiah, a fair price for the many cool features it has.

9. Canon P-215II

Scanner Portable Terbaik Canon P-215II
Scanner Portable Canon P-215II

Having dimensions of 285 mm x 95 mm x 40 mm, this 
portable scanner from Canon is quite compact, so it can be held with only one hand. One of the advantages of this product is that it can scan the front and back of documents simultaneously. This product supports a variety of scan output resolutions, starting from 150 dpi, 200 dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi, up to 600 dpi. The scanning speed also varies, depending on the type of USB port used and the object being scanned.

This portable scanner also provides a special small slot for scanning business cards, ID cards, or other documents of that size. However, the Canon P-215II is not yet supported by other resources, apart from a USB connection, so you connect it to a laptop when scanning documents. This product, which is sold at around 3.9 million, can scan up to 500 sheets of documents in one day.

10. Brother ADS-1200 Portable Scanner

Scanner Portable Terbaik Brother ADS-1200 Portable Scanner
Brother ADS-1200 Portable Scanner

Furthermore, there is a 
portable scanner product from Brother, namely the Brother ADS-1200 Portable Compact Document Scanner. The scanner , which has dimensions of 300 mm x 103.5 mm x 83 mm, already supports scan resolutions up to 1200 dpi. This product is equipped with various USB interfaces, including SuperSpeed ​​Micro-USB 3.0, Hi-Speed ​​micro USB 2.0 type B, and USB 2.0 host.

This portable scanner can be used to scan various paper variants, such as thin paper, thick paper, business cards , plain paper, and plastic cards . The scanning speed reaches 25 ppm ( pages per minute ) for A4 size color documents. This product is compatible with Windows OS, MacOS, ICA, and Linux and is equipped with an LED screen that makes it easy for you to monitor the scanning process. Brother ADS-1200 sells for 4 million rupiah.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Types of Scanners

Apart from portable scanners , there are actually other types of scanners . Let’s get to know more about the types of scanners , including their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Scanner portable

This type of scanner is small in size so it’s easy to carry to various places. Currently there are quite a number of portable scanner brands in Indonesia, ranging from cheap to expensive ones. Despite its small size, this type of scanner can also be used to scan A4 or F4 sized documents. Various recommendations for portable scanner brands are already in this review.

Some of the advantages of portable scanners , among others, can be used anytime and anywhere, and do not require a large storage space. Meanwhile, the drawbacks include relatively low resolution, so it is not recommended to be used to scan photographic objects.

2. Scanner roller

One of the differences between roller scanners and other types of scanners is the way they pull documents. To perform a scan, usually other types of scanners will move their eyes, in contrast to scanners that pull documents so that they can pass through the scanner’s eyes. More specifically, how this type of scanner works is like a printer . Documents placed at one end of the scanner will enter the machine, then exit through the other end. Such performance makes the scanning process faster.

There are two types of roller scanners , including ADF scanners ( automatic document feeders ) and sheet feed scanners. The ADF is best used for scanning many documents at one time. The scanner has its own container for placing documents, then the document will be pulled into the machine automatically. So the ADF scanner is very suitable for use in offices, especially in administration.

If the sheet feed scanner does not have a separate container for placing documents, the user must enter documents one by one. Sheet feed scanners are better known as mobile scanners or portable scanners . Because the size is quite small, usually this type of scanner has limitations related to the size of the document to be scanned.

3. Scanner film

In film scanners there is a technology called CCD or charge coupled device . This technology functions to scan files originating from negative data, then convert them into positive film data.

Some of the advantages of this type of scanner include that it is very suitable for scanning large images because the object comes from a source with negative film and its scanning ability is very good. Meanwhile, the drawback is that the price of this type of scanner is very expensive and can only be used to scan film types of objects.

4. Scanner flatbed

Furthermore, there is a type of flatbed scanner which is one of the most well-known types of scanners. Flatbed scanners use CCD technology, just like film scanners . Apart from that, this type of scanner also has a technology called contact image sensor or CIS which will read the object to be scanned. CIS technology has also been installed on portable scanners.

Some of the advantages of this scanner include the presence of CIS technology which does not require high power to operate, is relatively more durable than other types, can be directly connected to a computer or laptop, and the scan results are very good. Meanwhile, the drawback is that this type of scanner can only scan one side of an object, so it is not suitable for scanning many documents.

5. Scanner drum

The next type of scanner is a drum scanner which is designed in a tube shape already using PMT technology or photomultiplier tubes . The function of this technology is to read and scan an object that is large enough. Reportedly, this type of scanner can display scan results with a resolution of up to 24,000 ppi, meaning that the scan results are very detailed and clear. Thus, drum scanners are perfect for scanning fragile ancient documents.

Some of the advantages of this type of scanner include displaying very accurate scan results and very minimal vibration so that the moving process will not interfere with the scan results. Meanwhile, the disadvantages are that it is larger in size compared to other types, the price is quite expensive, and it can only scan certain objects.


A scanner or scanner is a tool that has the ability to physically scan certain documents or objects, then convert the scan results into a digital file . Scanners are needed for various needs, for example for filling out online forms that require scans of certain documents. To support practicality, now portable scanners  are easy to find. Recommendations for various brands of portable scanners are already here.

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