10 Best Rabbit Food Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Do you like seeing rabbits? Yes, the rabbit is one of the mammals that is very cute and cute. There are many people who raise rabbits and even open a rabbit farm. There are many things to look out for if you plan to get rabbits. One of the things that must be considered is the process of giving food to rabbits. Rabbits are known to have very sensitive digestion, you know, therefore you have to be careful when giving food to rabbits.

Currently, rabbit food is getting easier to find, both at animal feed stores or even online. There are many companies that produce rabbit food and trade it. But please note that not all rabbit feed on the market can be given to rabbits. You also have to pay attention to several important things so that their health is maintained. Therefore, here is some information about rabbit food/feed that can be given.

Tips for Choosing Good Rabbit Food

Best Rabbit Food Feed
Rabbit Illustration & Feed (Food) Rabbit

It is not difficult to feed rabbits because you can feed them only with plants that exist in nature. But you should pay attention to some of the following tips on choosing rabbit food.

1. You can give Dry Grass

One type of food that you can give rabbits is dry grass. Even though it’s dry, it turns out that this grass also contains a myriad of benefits that are very useful for rabbits, you know. This dry grass contains a lot of fiber so it can push food scraps through the intestines so as to prevent intestinal stasis. This dry grass is also very good for the dental health of rabbits, you know.

2. Vegetables – Vegetables can be an option

Apart from the type of grass, you can also give rabbits food in the form of vegetables. This food is very useful for keeping the rabbit’s intestines hydrated so that the rabbit’s digestion remains smooth. There are many types of vegetables that can be given, such as carrots, celery, broccoli, green peppers, mustard greens, turnip greens, and collard greens. But you also need to pay attention, make sure you don’t give different types of vegetables in one meal.

3. Trying to give Pellets / Rabbit Feed

Just like other animals, you can also give rabbits pellets. But keep in mind, you can only give pellets in small amounts. Giving pellets in large quantities can cause obesity in rabbits. Also make sure that the pellets you give have a fat and calcium content of around 1%, 18-20% fiber content, and 14-16% protein content. Also make sure the pellets you give are packed neatly and tightly closed so that the quality of the vitamins inside is maintained.

4. Give Your Rabbit Clean Water

Make sure that the rabbit’s cage also has clean and fresh water. Even if your rabbit looks fresh, they also need an adequate supply of water (not too much and not too little) to keep their intestines hydrated. If the rabbit’s intestines are dry, this can cause intestinal stasis which can be life threatening.

5. Avoid Food Restrictions

When going to feed the rabbit, make sure that the feed you give does not contain pasta, chocolate and yogurt. Foods such as crackers, seeds, cookies and cereals are high in fiber, so they are not recommended for rabbits. These foods can harm the rabbit’s intestines because there will be a buildup of bacteria. In addition, this food can also make rabbits become obese and have a fatty liver.

10 Best Rabbit Food Recommendations

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After knowing some of the tips that must be considered in choosing rabbit food, the following Ainun reviews some recommendations for rabbit feed or rabbit food that can be selected.

1. Hamsfood Timothy Hay

Best Rabbit Food (Feed) - Hamsfood Timothy Hay Prices
Rabbit Food – Hamsfood Timothy Hay
Hamsfood Timothy Hay is a rabbit feed consisting of high quality grass which is very effective in helping the digestive process in rabbits by providing the fiber that rabbits really need. This rabbit food is produced naturally without the addition of preservatives in the food. Avoid possible gastrointestinal problems (diarrhoea) in rabbits with this product.

In addition, because it is rich in fiber, your rabbit will avoid obesity problems, you know. Serve this Hamsfood Timothy Hay for good eating habits for rabbits, low in protein and fat which of course rabbits will like this grass. In terms of packaging, this rabbit feed is packaged neatly and cleanly so you can stock up and store it even longer. In addition, the price of rabbit food is also very cheap, you know.

2. Vitakraft Rabbit Food MENU Vital Rabbits

Best Rabbit Food (Feed) - Price Vitakraft Rabbit Food MENU Vital Rabbits
Rabbit Food – Vitakraft Rabbit Food MENU Vital Rabbits

The next good quality rabbit feed comes from the Vitakraf brand. 
Small pet food products such as rabbits, hamsters, etc. produced by this brand are already very well known for their quality. If you want to serve quality food with balanced nutrition for your rabbit, this Vitakraft Rabbit Food MENU Vital Rabbits is highly recommended.

Not only does it taste great, but this product can also provide everything a rabbit needs.

This Vital complex rabbit feed serves to increase the vitality of the rabbit’s body and prevent vitamin deficiency. There are various mixtures of grains, fruits and vegetables such as apples, gourds, crude fiber which is important for the digestion and health of rabbits. This product is formulated sugar free according to rabbit food in nature. In addition, this food which is rich in crude fiber will maintain the health of the rabbit’s teeth when chewing. The combination of its special active ingredients will prevent bad odors in rabbits.

3. Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

Best Rabbit Food (Feed) - Oxbow Western Timothy Hay Prices
Rabbit Food – Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

Are you looking for grass for rabbits with high-quality nutrition and a fresh fragrance that really attracts rabbits? 
Oxbow Western Timothy Hay is the answer. This rabbit food is an ideal source of fiber to keep your rabbit’s digestive tract functioning properly. The grass straw available in it is very popular because apart from being rich in fiber, this grass also has low calcium and protein content.

Oxbow Western Timothy Hay rabbit food has also been recommended by many veterinarians as a healthy food for rabbits. This product is also 100% free of preservatives and additives. Inside the pack you will find leaves, stems and grass seed heads that rabbits love very much. Its soft texture is very safe for rabbit dental health.

4. AnimalCo Rabbit Grass 1st Cut Soft Timothy Hay

Best Rabbit Food (Feed) - AnimalCo Price Rabbit Grass 1st Cut Soft Timothy Hay
Rabbit Food – AnimalCo Rabbit Grass 1st Cut Soft Timothy Hay

The next rabbit feed on the recommendation list is AnimalCo Rabbit Grass 1st Cut Soft Timothy Hay. 
The collection of straw contained in each pack comes from the first cut of Timothy Hay so it is very fresh and young. This hay differs from the second and third cuts in that it is harvested in late spring. In terms of nutritional level, the first cut straw has a high fiber level and lower protein.

This nutritional content is very good for the health of your rabbit. Besides that, the calcium content is also ideal for maintaining the digestive health of your rabbit. This rabbit feed is also packaged in a very hygienic and neat package that allows you to store it longer. For a size of 500 grams, AnimalCo Rabbit Grass 1st Cut Soft Timothy Hay rabbit food is very affordable.

5. Britter Bunny Rabbit Food Feed Pellets

Best Rabbit Food (Feed) - Price of Britter Bunny Rabbit Food Feed Pellets
Rabbit Food – Britter Bunny Rabbit Food Feed Pellets

Britter Bunny Rabbit Food Pellets formulated with complete nutrition for your beloved rabbit. 
The Bitter Bunny brand is specifically formulated to produce high value rabbit food. A convenient food and balanced nutritional quality will meet your rabbit’s needs. As natural food for rabbits, so are these pellets produced because the minerals and vitamins in plants and vegetables will be obtained in these pellets.

This rabbit feed also contains biotin which can function for healthy shiny rabbit fur. It also contains 8 essential vitamins which are very beneficial for a stronger rabbit body. Vitamin C in it will boost the rabbit’s immune system and reduce the risk of stress in rabbits. The content of Beta Carotene acts as an antioxidant that can slow down the aging of rabbit cells.

6. CPPETINDO Nova Mix Berries Rabbit Food

Best Rabbit Food (Feed) - Price CPPETINDO Nova Mix Berries Rabbit Food
Rabbit Food – CPPETINDO Nova Mix Berries Rabbit Food

CPPETINDO Nova Mix Berries Rabbit Food is one of the rabbit feeds that is served in pellet form. 
Adapted to the size of the rabbit’s mouth and the strength of the rabbit’s teeth, this food has a small size and a texture that is not too hard. This rabbit feed consists of a composition of natural ingredients such as vegetable oil, wheat grains, soybeans, alfalfa, vitamins and minerals, and ground corn.

Rabbits will get a lot of nutritional value after consuming this rabbit feed, including min.18% fat, Vitamin A min 8000IU/kg, protein min 18%, Vitamin 3 min 80 IU/Kg, Absorsic, acid min 800 IU/kg, fiber max 9%. The taste and aroma of this food is sure to be liked by your rabbit. But make sure you give this rabbit feed to rabbits over 3 months old.

7. Exotic Nutrition Pasture Plus – Adult Rabbit

Best Rabbit Food (Feed) - Price Exotic Nutrition Pasture Plus - Adult Rabbit
Makanan Kelinci – Exotic Nutrition Pasture Plus – Adult Rabbit

Exotic Nutrition Pasture Plus is formulated using nutritious and wholesome garden ingredients to complement the needs of rabbits. 
The basic ingredients used in this rabbit feed use local straw from Maryland farms which are then produced by Exotic Nutrition in Virginia. This product is intended as adult rabbit food for a healthy pellet diet. Made from high-fiber Alfalfa and timothy straw combined with spices and flowers so that the aroma is liked by rabbits.

This diet food is enriched with omega fats which are very useful as probiotics, and natural antioxidants for your adult rabbit’s healthy lifestyle. The additional vitamins and minerals are of high quality so they work optimally to maintain rabbit welfare. This product has been recommended by many veterinarians because of its texture which is able to support the health of the rabbit’s teeth when chewing.

8. SmartHeart Rabbit Food Veggies & Cereals Formula

Best Rabbit Food (Feed) - Price SmartHeart Rabbit Food Veggies & Cereals Formula
Rabbit Food – SmartHeart Rabbit Food Veggies & Cereals Formula

SmartHeart Rabbit Food Veggies & Cereals A snack formula for your favorite rabbit. 
This rabbit feed is specially produced to supplement nutrition and optimize rabbit growth, strengthen bones and teeth, and make skin and fur healthier. High antioxidants are great for preventing premature aging of rabbit cells and also strengthen the rabbit’s visual acuity.

Yucca extracts can reduce stool odor and improve stool quality. Vitamin C is very useful for increasing the rabbit’s immune system and also reducing the potential for stress in rabbits. Vitamins B1 and BE are useful for maintaining the immune system for alertness and freshness. There is a Gini value that is guaranteed in each package of this rabbit feed, such as 2.5% crude fat, 10% water content, 18% crude protein, and 16% crude fiber.

9. ALICE Rabbit Food AE107 Orfibra Rabbit Pellet

Best Rabbit Food (Feed) - Price for Rabbit Food ALICE AE107 Orfibra Rabbit Pellet
Rabbit Food – ALICE Rabbit Food AE107 Orfibra Rabbit Pellet

The next rabbit feed that many rabbit lovers recommend is ALICE AE107 Orfibra Rabbit Pellet. 
This rabbit feed is produced in the form of pellets so that the contents inside are more complete and balanced nutrition will be obtained by rabbits. Give this rabbit food to rabbits aged 8 months and over. Each pack contains 25% -29% crude fiber, 0.5% -1% salt, 190 IU/kg Vitamin E, 1.5% crude fat, 14% crude protein and a myriad of other benefits.

This feed is also produced by mixing various quality raw materials such as soybeans, synthetic rumout, timothy valerian grass, carrots, wheat bran and others. This rabbit food is also very effective as a substitute for food that causes intestinal disease. In addition, your rabbit will be well cared for and avoid diarrhea problems. What are you waiting for, provide the best quality for your beloved rabbit.

10. SKR 214 Rabbit Food Hight Protein (1Kg)

Best Rabbit Food (Feed) - Price SKR 214 1 Kg Rabbit Food Hight Protein
Rabbit Food – SKR 214 1 Kg Rabbit Food Hight Protein

The following rabbit feeds offer complete nutrition for rabbits that can be consumed by all types of rabbits of all ages. 
SKR 214 1 Kg Rabbit Food High Protein is rich in fiber so it is safe to maintain rabbit digestion. The rabbit’s appetite will also increase after you give it SKR 214 rabbit pellets. In addition, the price for each 1 kg package is also very cheap and affordable, you know.

You will feel a myriad of advantages from this product. This rabbit feed can complement multivitamins & minerals to optimize the growth of the little ones, strengthen the teeth, bones and immune system of the rabbit. After consuming this food, the smell of rabbit feces and urine will decrease so that comfort is maintained. There is also a zinc content that will make the hair thicker and shiny.

Tips for Caring for Rabbits to Stay Healthy

Caring for rabbits does look tricky, here is some information on how to care for rabbits.

1. Provide a Decent Cage

Not only sufficient food, but the rabbit must also get a proper cage. We recommend that you provide a rabbit cage that is not too small so that the rabbit can play and jump in it.

2. Place it indoors

Make sure you put the rabbit hutch in the room. Rabbits placed outdoors are prone to death, because they feel pressured by their environment and the other animals around them.

3. Give Time Out of Cage

Make sure that once in a while when you have a downtime to get the rabbit out of the cage. Giving your rabbit 1-2 hours a day out of the cage in the trowels can make the rabbit happier and live longer. Give the rabbit time to explore the different areas.

4. Keep More Than One Rabbit

As it is known that rabbits cannot live alone, yes, because rabbits will feel lonely and stressed. Make sure that you keep more than one rabbit. These rabbits are animals that have a high enough social life because they cannot live alone.


There are many people who are happy with rabbits because they are fun and cute too. When keeping it, there are a number of things that must be known, such as the process of feeding rabbits and choosing suitable food for rabbits to eat so they can grow healthy. This article has presented you with some information about rabbit feed, starting from how to choose up to 10 good rabbit feed recommendations. Hopefully this information can help you choose the best product.

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