10 Best Recommended Brands of Coffee Beans & Coffee Powder (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Various recommended brands of the best coffee beans & coffee powder are now widely used as choices because they are quite easy and more practical to brew. Especially ground coffee, the thing that needs to be done is to add hot water and sugar so that the bitter taste can be reduced.

Then, you can drink it slowly to enjoy the best taste according to the best ground coffee of your choice. However, there are also those who don’t add sugar so they can know and enjoy the taste of coffee better.

The Best Coffee Beans & Coffee Powder
Illustration of Coffee Beans & Coffee Powder

You certainly know that Indonesia also has coffee plantations in various regions, right? Well, each of these regions has the best superior coffee beans, each of which is well-known outside the region and abroad.

For example, from Aceh there is coffee known as Aceh Gayo, Kintamani from Bali, Arabica Toraja, and many more. Then, how do you choose the best brand coffee powder? Check out the following article review, OK!

How to Choose Good Coffee Beans & Coffee Grounds

You certainly want to buy the best quality coffee beans and coffee powder, right? So, pay attention and do the following to find selected coffee powder products from the best, best coffee beans.

1. Pay attention to the best coffee powder expiration date

Every product sold by big brands, of course, includes an expiration date on each package. This is done so that you do not consume products that have expired . It’s the same with the best ground coffee brands on the market. Well, the date is usually on the front or back of the package.

Even though it has been written clearly, sometimes there are still people who don’t pay close attention to it because they think they are used to consuming these products. However, you should avoid this to anticipate things that are not desirable. Always pay attention to the expiration date of every best ground coffee product you buy, OK!

2. Make sure the legality is clear so that it is safer for consumption

Not only the expiration date of the product, another thing you need to pay attention to before making your choice on one of the best ground coffee brands is legality. Usually you can find out about this also through the packaging.

Now, the legality in question is the Halal MUI logo with the LPPOM MUI number, BPOM registration number, or PIRT number. At least one is listed on the best ground coffee packaging. However, big brands should already have Halal MUI and BPOM so that product safety and quality is better maintained.

The Best Coffee Beans & Coffee Powder
Illustration of Coffee Beans & Coffee Powder / Coffeebeanqueen

2. Choose the best coffee powder recommendation variant according to taste

Each of the best coffee beans you can find in Indonesia basically have different variants. This difference is certainly a characteristic of the best coffee beans from one another.

These various coffee flavors certainly make people more interested in enjoying coffee during their free time or while on the move, both men and women.

Then, are you more interested in the taste of coffee? Choose what suits your taste, OK! If you want to try a new flavor, of course you can. However, make sure you make it in smaller portions so that not much is thrown away when you feel that you don’t like the taste of the coffee.

10 Recommendations for the Best Brands of Coffee Beans & Coffee Powder

Here we go

You certainly know that currently there are various brands of the most delicious coffee powder on the market, right? So, here are ten recommendations for the best coffee bean & coffee powder brands selected by Ainun, which can be used as an alternative to drinking coffee to complement your daily life.

1. WoCa Gayo Robusta Coffee

Recommendations for the Best Tasty Coffee Powder WoCa Gayo Robusta Coffee - Coffee Beans of Choice
WoCa Coffee Brand Gayo Robusta Coffee

You are certainly no stranger to this type of Robusta coffee, right? 
Well, one of the producers of this type of coffee is the Central Aceh region in North Sumatra which is commonly called Gayo. The taste produced by Rosbusta Gayo coffee is of course also distinctive so that it can obtain 
Fair Trade Certification from the International Organization of Fair Trade .

Not only that, Gayo Robusta Coffee has also been nominated for the world’s best coffee at the International Conference on Coffee Science. Really amazing, huh! Before you brew WoCa Gayo Robusta Coffee, you will smell brown sugar, malt, chocolate, sweet, wood and tobacco.

Meanwhile, the aroma that will be smelled after being brewed using hot water is aromas such as wood, brown sugar, tobacco, and sweet. Then, for the low acidity level so it won’t irritate your tongue when you drink it. So, the taste that you will enjoy when Woca Robusta Gayo Coffee enters your mouth is medium or not too thick.

For product choices, there are four types of coffee choices, namely: Coffee beans / beans, Coarse / coarse, Medium / medium and Fine fine. What’s the difference? for the first choice, seeds/beans can be stored longer and you can grind them yourself before use. The second option for coarse grinding can be used for french press, cold brew, chemex, and tubruk. The third option is medium / medium grinding, which can be used for siphon, aeropress, pour over, Vietnam drip and mokapot. While the final choice of fine grinding can be for Turkish and Ibrik.

2. Suppresso Sumatra Mandheling

Recommendations for the Best Tasty Ground Coffee Supresso Sumatra Mandheling - Selected Coffee Beans
Sumatra Mandheling Supresso Coffee Brand

Apart from Robusta, another type of coffee that is widely cultivated is Arabica coffee beans. 
Well, this type of Arabica coffee bean grown in Tapanuli, North Sumatra is produced into Supresso Sumatra Mandheling. This coffee is processed using a semi-wet processing method and roasted with a full city roast level of maturity.

The aroma produced by this coffee is floral and fruity. However, the flavors you will enjoy are a mix of sweet and spicy with just enough body. Not only that, the level of acidity is also medium with a slight earthy taste and a sweet aftertaste.

Well, how to brew it is very easy because you can add a tablespoon or more to one cup. Just adjust the amount of coffee to your taste, okay! What’s interesting is that you can enjoy this one coffee in various ways, such as rench press, brew, drip coffee, coffee maker, and using an espresso machine.

The product choices from Supresso Sumatra Mandheling are: supresso coffee beans, supresso coffee capsules, supresso coffee drip and supresso coffee ground.

3. Flores Manggarai Drip Fire Boat

Recommendations for the Best Tasty Ground Coffee Kapal Api Flores Manggarai - Coffee Beans of Choice
Kapal Api Flores Manggarai Coffee Brand

The next recommendation comes from a delicious and popular coffee brand, namely Kapal Api Drip Flores Manggarai. 
As the name implies, this coffee is made using one of the best coffee beans from Flores with a fruity and soft taste.

Usually you can enjoy this type of coffee in a café, but you can make it at home with this Kapal Api product. Very practical, right? How to serve it is also easy, you know! So, all you need to do is open the Kapal Api Drip Flores Manggarai package and take out the coffee bag.

Then, pull the two coffee handles slowly and tear off the top of the coffee that has a special mark. Then, pull slightly so that the coffee bag opens and place it over the cup by snagging the bag. After that, pour hot water according to taste and wait for the coffee to fill your cup.

4. JJ Royal Lampung Robusta

Recommendations for the Best Tasty Ground Coffee JJ Royal Lampung Robusta - Coffee Beans of Choice
Coffee Brand JJ Royal Lampung Robusta

Regions in Indonesia which are one of the largest coffee producers are Lampung, South Sumatra. 
Well, the type of coffee cultivated in this area is Robusta coffee beans with a three-time selection process.

That way, you don’t need to doubt the quality anymore because only the best coffee beans will be processed into JJ Royal Lampung Robusta. This product is also BPOM, you know! The aroma produced by JJ Royal Lampung Robusta is strong and Sweet Toasty.

Then, the level of acidity is low with a good taste, which is a light taste when the coffee enters the mouth. The taste won’t last long in your mouth, huh! Well, the resulting combination of aroma, acidity, and after taste is called flavour. In this product, the resulting flavor is mild and toasty. You can feel this on your tongue as well as your nose when the aroma of steam flows from your mouth to your nose.

5. Otten Coffee Flores Bajawa

Recommendations for the Best Tasty Ground Coffee Otten Coffee Flores Bajawa - Coffee Beans of Choice
Coffee Brand Otten Coffee Flores Bajawa

Flores, which is located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, is indeed famous for its various natural beauties. 
For this reason, Flores is also a place for coffee plantations that have been enjoyed by many people. Well, one of these coffee products is Otten Coffee Flores Bajawa with the Full Washed Dryhulling processing method which goes through many stages of washing of course with the best selected coffee beans.

This Flores Bajawa coffee has a sweet taste and a nice hint of vanilla and chocolate fudge, leaving a lingering touch of caramel. Because Flores has steep terrain with many active volcanoes, the ashes create ideal soil for organic coffee production.

The mechanism for growing coffee in Flores is planted under shade trees with traditional wet processing. Flores Bajawa coffee is a type of coffee bean that has low acidity and a strong body that has a sweet chocolate, floral and vanilla aroma.

You can also buy it in powder form, several choices of types in the form of coffee powder including: Super fine: Turkish coffee, Fine: Espresso, Medium fine: Mokapot, Medium: Pour over (V60, Chemex, Kalita) siphon, Aeropress, Vietnam Drip, Medium coarse: French press and Coarse: Cold drip, cold brew.

6. Artcofie Java Robusta

Recommendations for the Best Delicious Ground Coffee Artcofie Java Robusta - Coffee Beans of Choice
Coffee Brand Artcofie Java Robusta

Do you want to try a recommendation for delicious ground coffee with a combination of flavors between Arabica coffee beans and Robusta coffee beans? 
One recommendation for you is Articofie Java Robusta. The combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee flavors makes this coffee have a distinctive characteristic compared to other products.

Artcofie is produced by PT Erefindo Jaya Indonesia which is a company engaged in the Coffee Roastery sector since 2014, it’s been quite a while hasn’t it? There is no doubt about the products from PT Erefindo Jaya Indonesia, especially the quality of the coffee.

The Artcofie Java Robusta production process has the advantage of going through the quality checking stage to maintain quality, product consistency to ensure consumer satisfaction. Robusta coffee has characteristics such as strong body, relatively low acidity, with a fairly rustic taste profile and a delicious herbal aftertaste.

The choice of coffee products is available in the form of coffee beans/whole bean and coffee powder/ground.

7. Bali Kintamani Globe Butterfly

Best Delicious Coffee Powder Recommendations Butterfly Globe Bali Kintamani - Coffee Beans of Choice
Bali World Butterfly Coffee Brand Kintamani

The next recommendation for delicious ground coffee comes from the island of the gods, Bali. 
Besides being known for its beautiful natural tourism and culture, Bali is also famous for its coffee production, namely the Bali Kintamani Globe Butterfly.

The best coffee in Bali is grown on the highest plains in the north of Bali Island Kintamani with the traditional Subak Abian system, in the mountainous region of Kintamani, where the cool climate and volcanic soil provide a very favorable environment for Arabica coffee plants. Kintamani coffee has a large bean size and strong body, with a floral and lemon aroma.

Bali Kintamani Coffee is available in three variants, namely: Ground Coffee / Coffee Powder, Coarse / Medium Fine Grind Coffee, Coffee Beans / Roasted Beans. If you are bored with black coffee, then this recommendation of the best packaged coffee beans is for you.

8. Opal Coffee Drip Coffee Toraja

Recommendations for the Best Tasty Coffee Powder Opal Coffee Drip Coffee Toraja - Coffee Beans of Choice
Coffee Brand Opal Coffee Drip Coffee Toraja

Another island that has typical coffee in its area is Sulawesi Island. 
The best ground coffee that comes from Sulawesi is Opal Coffee Drip Coffee Toraja, as the name suggests this type of coffee comes from Tana Toraja, a region in Sulawesi which is famous for its high iron content in the soil, which is believed to have a strong influence on the taste coffee.

Coffee in Tana Toraja is known for its clean taste with a nutty flavor note and a delicious spicy aroma. The characteristics of Toraja coffee are that it has a herbal and earthy taste, medium body, medium acidity level, medium sweetness and smooth aftertaste.

Are you looking for the best instant and practical ground coffee recommendations? Most of the coffee production in Sulawesi is cultivated by small farmers with a strong sense of tradition, including in coffee processing. Their wet milling process produces the finest multi-dimensional, full-bodied coffee beans. Toraja coffee has low acidity with woody and slightly earthy undertones.

9. El’s Coffee Arabica Wamena

Recommendations for the Best Tasty Ground Coffee El's Coffee Arabica Wamena - Selected Coffee Beans
Coffee Brand El’s Coffee Arabica Wamena

The easternmost island of Indonesia is also not inferior to the quality coffee products it produces. 
One of the recommendations for the best ground coffee from selected coffee beans is from Papua, namely El’s Coffee Arabica Wamena.

What makes this coffee a quality choice? The thing that makes Papua Wamena Arabica coffee of good quality is because when growing coffee, farmers do not use enough chemicals, organic ingredients so that the quality of the coffee is maintained and not contaminated by chemicals which will certainly affect the taste of the coffee.

Wamena produces world-class organic coffee plants and is a premium grade coffee. Wamena Arabica coffee is not only exported outside the island but also exported to other countries such as the United States, one of the coffee variants from the Starbuck coffee shop uses this coffee. Not only that, this coffee also lasts up to one year after the roasting process.

Papua Wamena Arabica Coffee is sourced from the best selected coffee beans which has a light texture with little dregs and has a very distinctive taste. When brewed a fragrant aroma will come out, not too thick, not too bitter and leaves a very soft impression because of the relatively low acidity level. Balanced Caffeine.

10. Omiyago Arabica Coffee Java Preanger

Recommendations for the Best Delicious Ground Coffee Omiyago Arabica Coffee Java Preanger - Coffee Beans of Choice
Brand Omiyago Coffee Arabica Coffee Java Preanger

The last best ground coffee recommendation is Java Preanger Omiyago Coffee. 
Java Preanger coffee comes from selected 100% Arabica coffee beans grown in coffee plantations in the mountains of West Java province. It has a characteristic body and moderate acidity with Nutty and Caramel aromas, and with a delicious spicy taste.

Having medium acid levels makes this coffee safe if enjoyed for novice coffee lovers so it won’t irritate the stomach when drinking this coffee. Preanger Omiyago Java Arabica Coffee has two product packages that you can choose from, namely an economical package weighing 100 grams and a second packaging weighing 300 grams so that it can be customized according to your needs.

Coffee produced by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has passed selection by a specialty coffee expert , namely Tuti Mochtar, she is also one of the top officials of the Indonesian specialty coffee association so that the product from Java Preanger Coffee has good quality and there is no doubt about it.

Do you want to taste the pleasure of quality cafe-style coffee even though you are at home? This Java Preanger coffee can be a great choice for you at home.


So, that’s a review of ten recommendations for the best packaged coffee beans and ground coffee brands that you can choose to accompany your days in carrying out various activities.

It cannot be denied that in the past coffee was only used to reduce or even eliminate drowsiness. Then, coffee is also synonymous with men who usually also smoke cigarettes. But now everyone can enjoy coffee according to their choice of various coffee beans or coffee powder according to their individual tastes.

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