10 Best Tie Dye Color Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Tie dye is a dyeing method by hand in which color patterns are produced on fabrics made by collecting many small pieces of material and tying them tightly with string before being immersed in a dye bath. The tie dye motif will be created because the dye fails to penetrate the part that has been tied. Many products that use tie dye colors are sold in the market with various abstract patterns.

Nice Tie Dye Color
Tie Dye Black and White / Wayfarer Color Illustration Image

However, the large number of product offerings with the best tie dye colors on the market will make it more difficult for you to choose the right and quality product. This article will provide an explanation starting from how to bust tie dye colors, a list of the best tie dye color recommendations to ways you can pay attention to caring for tie dye product jackets.

How to Make Tie Dye Colors

There are several things that need to be the focus of your attention to make tie dye colors. The following will explain some of the ways used to make tie dye colors for your knowledge.

1. Reverse Tie Dye Motif

Pinch the bottom corner of the fabric and pull the fabric until it looks like a tube. Then tie all the pieces together with a rubber band about an inch apart. Next, dab the cloth using bleach that has been mixed with water in the bottle.

After that, let the cloth dry in the shade. When it dries, immediately cut the rubber band, rinse and wash the cloth until clean, let it moisten. Finally, apply the color to the bleached area as desired on a flat surface (base). After it dries a bit, wash the fabric according to the directions on the dye.

2. Stripes Tie Dye

Wash clothes without softener and leave fabrics damp. After that, lay the damp cloth on a flat surface and fold it both vertically and horizontally. Next, fold the shirt (or other fabric) using the rubber according to the desired distance.

For the coloring stage, use different colors on each part of the shirt to make it look more attractive. Also make sure that you apply the color evenly to every part of the shirt. After the coloring stage, wait until it dries completely, approximately 6-8 hours. After drying, wash the shirt according to the instructions on the shirt dye.

3. Firecracker Tie Dye

Wrap the wet shirt into a tube using elastic bands about a third of the way up and down the shirt. Next, apply red dye for the top third and blue for the bottom third.

Keep in mind, do not let the color that is smeared out of the boundaries of the bracelet. The final step, wrap the cloth in plastic and let it dry, then wash it according to the dye instructions.

4. Heart Tie Dye

Fold the shirt in half and draw a heart-shaped outline using a washable marker. After that, fold the shirt back tight along the marker line. Next use a rubber band to secure the pleated fabric around the marker line.

Then fold the other half of the shirt with an extra elastic band. Next, pour the dye as desired on each part of the shirt that has been tied with a rubber band. The final step, wrap the cloth that has been colored with plastic to keep it moist. Leave for 6-8 hours, rinse thoroughly and wash each section carefully.

10 Best Tie Dye Color Recommendations

After knowing how to make tie dye colors, it’s time for you to be given a list of the best tie dye color recommendations from Ainun which can be used as a reference before buying them. Here are some of the lists.

1. Brown and Blue

Best Tie Dye Colors Brown and Blue
Color Tie Dye Brown and Blue

A good tie dye color combination is in brown and blue plus a little blend of yellow hues. 
It can be seen in the men’s shirt M231 printing tie dye short sleeve above. Shows a more elegant, soft and expensive-looking impression. This color is perfect for all skin types and tones. Of course, this color can be used for men to make it look neater but still casual. If you want to have clothes with nice tie dye colors like the picture above you can look for them online.

The elegant and precise design of this printed shirt is made with safe & comfortable materials when used. Fairly good quality at an affordable price. This tie dye men’s shirt is made of cotton, you can search for the collection from M231 on e-commerce or you can also check for discounts and prices. All products are well made with their own standards which of course prioritize design and comfort. Guaranteed comfort when you use it, both in terms of materials, design, and stitches so that users feel satisfied when using it.

2. Black and Brown

Best Tie Dye Colors Blue and Black
Color Tie Dye Blue and Black

The next good tie dye color choice is in the long sleeve shirt above. 
Having an abstract motif with black and blue patterns makes the tie dye color different from other products in general. You can get a t-shirt design that is not outdated and very trendy with a touch of blue and black tie dye from this shirt. The color is muted and unobtrusive, so you will never get tired of seeing this tie dye color.

This tie dye t-shirt is made of combed 30s cotton so it’s cool when worn, don’t doubt the quality of the tie dye, because the quality used is pretty good quality and lasts a long time as long as this shirt is properly cared for. You can use this tie dye t-shirt for everyday casual wear, hanging out, on vacation or it can even be used for college. With its unique design, it looks like this tie dye color is worthy of being used as your casual t-shirt collection.

3. Red Brown Black and Gray

Best Tie Dye Colors Red Brown Black and Gray
Tie Dye Colors Red Brown Black and Gray

The combination of red brown, black and gray is also one of the good tie dye colors. 
Can be seen like the color tie dye on this shirt makes you who wear it will look Casual Vintage. It is guaranteed that you will never get bored if you choose the following tie dye color options because it is not too flashy making this tie dye color very suitable for various skin types.

If you want to have a product with a good tie dye color like the following, then you can buy this product from various e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Tokopedia and others. This long-sleeved shirt with floral motifs made with tie dye is made of cotton and has a pocket on the bottom side of the shirt.

4. Blue White and Gray

Best Tie Dye Color Blue White and Gray
Color Tie Dye Blue White and Gray

The next good tie dye color is on a shirt like the picture above. 
The combination of blue, gray and white with a spiral motif makes those of you who use it look relaxed but still charismatic. This Tie Dye T-shirt is made by tie dyeing, so that it displays the desired motif or color. This t-shirt is not a t-shirt that is printed en masse, so the combination of motifs and colors is the characteristic / uniqueness of this shirt.

Not only can it be used by men, but women can also use the following tie dye color schemes. If you want to have the following good tie dye colors, you can buy these shirts at various e-commerce sites or even look for them on the market. Not only is the color cool, but the fabric used on this shirt is very cool.

5. Brown and Black

Best Tie Dye Color Tie Dye Tee Spread Brown
Color Tie Dye Tee “Spread” Brown

The color combination of tie die brown and black is also very suitable and connected. 
It can be seen as the color pinned on the melo tie dye tee “spread” brown above. Having a brown abstract motif makes you who use it look more relaxed. In addition, the tie dye motif is calm, so for those of you who like simple motifs, this product is very suitable for use.

You can collect these nice tie dye colors on the Melo Tie Dye Tee Spread Brown product. It is quite suitable for use when relaxing and doing daily activities. Your relaxed style makes you look more calm, serene, and elegant. Short sleeves and a fairly loose regular fit are very comfortable to wear, especially in hot weather. Easy to pair with all jeans, and other men’s trouser colors. Perfect for daily activities, lounging, holidays and everyday wear in summer.

6. Black and Grey

Best Tie Dye Color Mickout T-Shirt Gray (Tie Dye)
The color Tie Dye Mickout T-Shirt Gray

The combination of black and gray can also produce a good tie dye color. 
It can be seen like the tie dye color that Mickout has with the short sleeve above. This color is perfect if you mix it with jeans or chinos. You can buy Mickout T-shirts to add to your collection of the best tie dye colors.

The material used by Mickout is skin-friendly and comfortable when used. Made with lightweight, breathable and breathable cotton fabric, calm color and comfortable to wear. The simple design with unobtrusive colors makes you more attractive but still calm. Enjoy wearing this top in one of the best tie dye color combinations without sacrificing comfort, the unique tie-dye print pattern is perfect for everyday use. Use this tie dye color combination, your walks or holidays will be more comfortable but still stylish.

7. Green Black and White

Best Tie Dye Color Green and White
Tie Dye Green and White

The next great tie dye color is a unisex short sleeve shirt from MTH47. 
Very unique and rarely found in other products, this tie dye motif looks expensive, relaxed but still simple. It is very attractive and 
eye catching so that those of you who use tie dye motifs like this don’t have to bother anymore to find a pair of clothes to wear, because they have pretty good colors and patterns that can easily attract the attention of people around you.

This short sleeve t-shirt in Green Black and White color is made of spandex material, flexible and light, exquisite workmanship, neat and comfortable to wear. The fashion top features a round neck style, stylish tie-dye print, and a print design that is different from most other tie-dye styles to make you more attractive. This short sleeve t-shirt can be paired with jeans, trousers or shorts. It is suitable for various activities, such as: used for daily wear, walking, vacations, and various other leisure activities.

8. Black and White

Best Tie Dye Colors White and Black
Tie Dye White and Black

For those of you who are happy with various choices of black and white monochrome colors, then you can choose the best tie dye color combination, such as the color found in the sweater hoodie from rockzoneinc. 
The combination of black and white makes the colors on this hoodie look street style and gives a basic and retro impression. This tie dye color recommendation is very suitable for adults.

This black and white hoodie with tie dye motif is comfortable to wear, giving you an extraordinary wearing experience. Good for relaxing, going out, vacation and other activities. Perfect to match with shorts, jeans, black or white sneakers. Made from cotton and intended for adults who want a retro vintage and basic style. Of course, this good tie dye color choice can be used as a collection of your ootd choice.

9. Navy Blue Pink Light Blue and White

Best Tie Dye Colors Navy Blue Pink Light Blue and White
Color Tie Dye Navy Blue Pink Light Blue and White

The next great tie dye color is in this hat. 
The combination of white, pink, light blue and navy blue makes this color look luxurious. The first time you see this best tie dye color, you immediately want to have a product with this nice color. Suitable to be mixed and matched with all colors will help you not have to bother looking for the right partner.

This tie dye bucket cloth hat from Kangol brand uses a strikingly designed fabric made of 100% cotton to make this carefully crafted bucket hat from Kangol an eye-catcher. Stimulating color gradients give the attractive design a lively look with youthful charm. Great views are accentuated by strong color contrasts. The special look of the Kangol hat fits perfectly with urban sports and leisure wear.

10. Aurora and Black

Best Tie Dye Colors Aurora and Black
Tie Dye Aurora and Black colors

The next good tie dye motif is a combination of aurora and black colors like those found in the following shoes. 
You can be sure you will never be bored to see the following tie dye color combinations. This unique and elegant design makes the resulting color even better, striking but looks expensive.

If you’ve never seen tie-dyed leather on a tall OG before, that’s because a product with those specs hasn’t been launched until now. Using a coloring process never before used on Jordan leather, the rich colorway on this premium OG leather combines Aurora and black, and showcases the fun side of high OG.

How to Take Care of Tie Dye Products So that Colors Stay Good and Long Lasting

The following is a way that you can care for tie dye products.

1. Manual Wash

It’s a good idea to wash tie dye shirts by hand. Because this is to avoid damage to the t-shirt fabric. In addition, the use of a washing machine to wash tie dye shirts makes the use of detergent uncontrollable.

This is because washing machines are usually used to wash clothes in large quantities and of course a lot of detergent is used. Even though the detergent used could have the potential to make the colors on the shirts fade and fade over time.

2. Wash separately

This is done because the dye attached to the tie dye shirt has the potential to fade and can cause other clothes to fade. And vice versa, it is possible that the washed tie dye shirts will fade with other clothes and make the color of the tie dye shirts become damaged and not look good.

4. Dry in the shade

Dry the tie dye products in the shade and not be exposed to direct sunlight so the colors can last longer.

5. Iron with Medium Temperature

Once dry, iron the inside of the tie dye product at medium heat.


That’s an explanation of the best tie dye colors, starting from how to make tie dye colors, a list of the best tie dye color recommendations to several ways to treat tie dye products. Hopefully the information presented above can help you. To find out various information about recommendations, you can visit other article pages.

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