10 Best Versatile Wheat Flour Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Wheat flour is made from wheat seeds which are processed by grinding so that they can be used to make food preparations. You know, wheat flour was first discovered in the Middle East and since then humans have begun to grow it on a large scale.

Wheat flour then spread throughout the world so that several varieties of wheat appear today. Foods made from wheat flour are now commonly found in various countries, including Indonesia. This is because of the high nutritional content, easy processing and many can be found at affordable prices.

The Best All-Purpose Wheat Flour
Illustration of Multipurpose Wheat Flour / SeedWorld

Apart from carbohydrates, wheat flour also has protein in the form of gluten which distinguishes it from other types of flour. Gluten is a compound in wheat flour that plays a role in food quality because it is chewy and elastic.

The higher the gluten content, the higher the protein in it. There are still many things you need to know before deciding to make processed food made from wheat flour. The following will be reviewed one by one to completion

Tips for Choosing Good and Good Wheat Flour

So that the quality of the food you are going to process using wheat flour is maximized, it is necessary to pay attention to accuracy in choosing the type of flour. Here are tips on choosing good and good wheat flour.

1. Adjust to Use

Did you know that there is not only one type of wheat flour? Wheat flour has three types when categorized based on its protein content. The three types of flour are high protein flour with a content of 12% – 14%, moderate protein flour 10.5% – 11.5% and low protein flour below 10.5% and have their respective functions.

For high protein flour, it is suitable for making bread and noodles. Moderate flour content is suitable for making cakes, donuts and patry/ pie , while the low flour content is suitable for various fried foods, biscuits and wafers.

2. Pay attention to the color of the flour

Next you need to pay attention to the color when choosing flour. Each flour has its own color, some are yellow, red, while the wheat flour itself is white.

Do not get the wrong flour because there is also a lot of flour with almost the same color, for example, glutinous rice flour.

3. Make sure the color is white and odorless

Try when choosing wheat flour the color is really white and not dull. This is because the quality of the flour is affected by the water content or moisture so that if the color is dull it indicates poor quality.

The amount of water content must be just right and not excessive because it affects the storage capacity. If it’s too much, wheat flour spoils quickly, moldy and smells musty.

4. Pay attention to the texture

Good quality wheat flour will be smooth when touched by hand, while coarse flour may have foreign objects such as dirt or gravel.

A lumpy texture indicates that the flour has been stored for too long and is not fresh .

5. Choose Certified

Products that have passed a food quality control test will have a certificate. You need to pay attention to this with the GMP (good manufacturing practice) and HAACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) marks on the packaging. Meanwhile for our country we must have BPOM certificates.

So, those are 5 tips on how to choose the right wheat flour. Well, finally, we will discuss preparations from wheat flour that you can try at your home.

10 Best Versatile Wheat Flour Recommendations

Here we go

Now, after knowing tips on how to choose good wheat flour. Next you will be given a list of recommendations along with reviews of the 10 best brands of all-purpose flour. Anything? Come on, see the following Ainun reviews .

1. Golden Eagle Bungasari

Best Multipurpose Wheat Flour Bungasari Golden Eagle
Brand Bungasari Golden Eagle

First, there is the best multipurpose wheat flour brand from Bungasari Golden Eagle. 
This is one of the flour variants from Bungasari Flour Mills flour. This wheat flour product is recognized as safe with a quality that does not need to be used anymore.

Not only that, this wheat flour also contains high protein so it is very good for the health of the body. For its size, this flour is available in sizes from 1 kg to 25 kg and is available in offline and online stores.

To make quality bread, you need a type of flour with a high protein content. This is so that the bread is made soft and fluffy perfectly. You can choose the Bungasari Golden Eagle Brand because apart from having high protein, the texture is also very fitting. In addition, for making noodle dough, this flour brand is very reliable so that the noodles are made springy and don’t break easily when formed.

2. Sania Wheat Flour

Sania's Best Multipurpose Wheat Flour Wheat Flour
Brand Sania Wheat Flour

Furthermore, there is the best multipurpose wheat flour brand which is native Indonesian local flour, namely Wheat Flour Sania. 
Medium protein flour is perfect for making cakes, the resulting cake dough will have a soft texture. Another plus is the affordable price with a really clear white color.

Its good quality makes it not easily moldy when stored and when held this wheat flour has a smooth texture. This flour is very suitable for making various types of food. This flour brand is available in online shops in 1 kg packaging.

3. Bungasari Hana Emas

The Best All-Purpose Flour of Bungasari Hana Emas
Bungasari Hana Emas brand

The next best multi-purpose flour brand is still from the producer of Bungasari Flour Mills, namely Bungasari Hana Emas. 
This wheat flour is a type of flour with a low protein content of 0-8%, making it suitable for processed pastries.

This product is available in 1 kg size so it is perfect for home pastry makers. To get this product you can buy it online. Another advantage of Hana Emas flour is that it is of premium quality and absorbs water optimally so that the bread or processed fried foods that are made are crispy and crunchy.

When stored this flour does not easily change color and cause a rancid odor. So what are you waiting for, with this one type of flour, you can make various kinds of crunchy and delicious snacks.

4. Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Organic Whole Wheat Flour

Best Multipurpose Wheat Flour Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods Organic Whole Wheat Flour
Brand Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Organic Whole Wheat Flour

Next, there is the best multipurpose wheat flour brand from Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Organic Whole Wheat Flour. 
This wheat flour is imported from the United States by PT Indospirit Natura which is located in DKI Jakarta. The quality is of course the best and also organic with whole wheat.

Healthy organic ingredients without preservatives so it is safe for consumption by family members. It has high enough nutrition and is safe for all ages from children to adults.

It is suitable for making processed foods that have a strong texture. To get this product, you can buy it online. It has a size of 2.27 kg with high fiber so you don’t need to doubt the quality of this flour.

5. Hime Wheat Flour Sriboga

Best Multipurpose Wheat Flour Sriboga Hime Wheat Flour
Brand Sriboga Wheat Flour Hime

The next list of brands coming from Indonesia is Sriboga Wheat Flour Hime. 
This wheat flour has very good quality with a high protein content of 12% – 13.5%. This flour is specifically designed for typical European breads such as pastry and bakery. It is perfect for making hearth baked doughs such as pizza and hearth baked goods, croissants or baguettes.

It has a good taste and strong aroma, making it suitable for making ordinary bread and Indonesian cakes. One of the best multipurpose flours is made from selected whole wheat to ensure that the quality is always maintained but the price is not too expensive. For its size, this product is available in packages of 1 kg to 25 kg. So for those of you who want to find this wheat flour brand, you can buy it in online shops.

6. Indofood Bogasari Twin Cakra

The Best Multipurpose Wheat Flour Indofood Bogasari Twin Cakra
Brand Indofood Bogasari Twin Cakra

The next recommendation for the best multi-purpose flour brand is Indofood Bogasari Cakra Kembar. 
This wheat flour is produced by PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk. The bright green packaging is very distinctive and easily recognized by buyers.

It has a packaging size of 1 kg to 25 kg and contains a high protein content of up to 13%. This versatile flour is perfect for all types of bread, noodles , burgers and simanis martabak. This flour brand is easy to find in markets or other small stalls or you can buy it online.

7. Bogasari Taj Mahal

Best Multipurpose Wheat Flour Bogasari Taj Mahal
Brand Bogasari Taj Mahal

Still from the same producer, the other best multi-purpose flour brand is Bogasari Taj Mahal. 
It has the best quality because it is made from high quality whole wheat seeds. In addition, this flour also contains high fiber so it is healthy for consumption.

Produced with advanced technology with careful stages so as not to damage the aroma and taste. If you like pastries typical of the Middle East and India, then this brand of wheat flour is perfect for you.

8. Gold Medal Wheat Flour

Best Multipurpose Wheat Flour Gold Medal Wheat Flour
Gold Medal Wheat Flour Brand

Furthermore, there is a multi-purpose wheat flour brand from America, namely Gold Medal Wheat Flour. 
This flour is very suitable for making dry or wet cakes so that your processed food will feel soft but crunchy on the outside. Rich in fiber, wheat flour is also suitable for making dietary preparations.

Highly recommended if you are making pancakes or pancakes. This is the best wheat flour brand that is durable and not easily damaged when stored. You can buy it in online stores.

9. Wheat Flour Tali Emas

Best All-Purpose Wheat Flour Golden Rope Wheat Flour
Brand of Wheat Flour Tali Emas

The next list of brands of wheat flour comes from within the country, namely Flour Tali Emas. 
This wheat flour has very good quality with a high protein content of 11.4%.

One of the best all-purpose flours, this is perfect for making sweet breads and plain breads. It has a smooth texture, clean as white as milk and also not dirty. This flour brand can be used to produce soft bread with a soft texture and expands perfectly.

For its size, this product is available in packages of 1 kg to 25 kg. The packaging of gold rope flour has a bright color like gold. It has a thick enough packaging that it is not easily damaged even if it is stored for a long time. So for those of you who want to find this wheat flour brand, you can buy it in online shops.

10. Nippon Komachi Wheat Flour

Nippon Komachi's Best Multipurpose Wheat Flour
Nippon Komachi Wheat Flour Brand

Finally, on the list of the next multi-purpose wheat flour brand, comes from Japan, namely Nippon Komachi Wheat Flour. 
Manufactured by Nippon Flour Mills Co., Ltd. – Japan, this wheat flour has very good quality with a high protein content of 13% – 14%.

It is suitable for making dough such as bread, donuts and other foods that involve yeast. In addition, it is also suitable for making traditional Indonesian wet cakes. The texture is very soft and imported directly from Japan so that the bread made is smooth, soft and durable. one of the best multipurpose wheat flour brands is widely used by food entrepreneurs because it is known for its delicious taste.

Its distinctive feature is that when the dough is cooked, the aroma of the wheat will be more prominent than the aroma of the bread. For its size, this product is available in packages of 1 kg to 25 kg. Sangkin is famous for its delicacy, you can guarantee that the bread you make at home will be as good as the bread sold at the store.

There are 6 recommendations for processed wheat flour that can be made at home

Already know how to choose good and correct wheat flour and recommendations for various all-purpose flour from various brands, now is the time for you to be presented with processed wheat flour-based foods that you can make at home from the basic ingredients of wheat flour. What preparations? The following preparations you can make using wheat flour.

1. Donuts

First there are processed donuts. This one food is much-loved because apart from being delicious, it also has a wide variety of toppings. The shape is round and also decorated so that the appearance becomes more beautiful and appetizing.

2. Bakpau

The second is traditional food, namely Bakpau. This food is really delicious and doesn’t make you bored because of the various fillings. It’s best eaten when the bakpau is still warm.

3. Apple Cake

Whose favorite is apem cake? Yes, this cake can be found in many markets with different color variants to make it more attractive. It is also very easy to make and suitable for eating at home with a cup of hot tea.

4. Nastar

For pastries, this pesti must be sought every time there is an Eid event. The taste of the jam is sweet and soft and you can make it with your family or friends at your home.

5. Cilok

The next preparation is cilok, which is perfect for eating with your family and friends. The recipe is easy and of course it tastes good with the spicy sweet chili sauce.

6. Chiffon Cake

Finally, there is the chiffon cake. This one cake is very soft and liked by children to adults. There are many different flavors that can be made from this cake, one of which you can make is panda-flavored chiffon cake.


Those are 10 Multipurpose Wheat Flour Brand Recommendations along with their reviews. How? Have you ever used any of the flours above to make food preparations? How about the results? Of course very delicious, right?

Well, for those of you who haven’t used it yet, now is the time for you to try it. What are you waiting for, get it now at your favorite store. Not to be left behind, you need to know that the 10 best all-purpose flours that have been discussed already have BPOM certificates, so they are safe for consumption.

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