10 Best Wheat Bread for Diet Recommendations (Updated 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Is it true that there is a statement that wheat bread is for diet? Well, you need to know that whole wheat bread contains higher fiber but lower in sugar. The low sugar content in whole wheat bread can prevent obesity. So, those who are obese can switch to consuming whole wheat bread as a substitute snack.

Wheat Bread for the Best Diet
Illustration of Wheat Bread for Diet / Foodaware

Many people who want to live healthier, making whole grain bread for the diet much sought after by the public. Well, it cannot be denied that currently there are various choices of whole wheat bread. There are those who make superior bread in terms of taste and softness of the bread. Then, how do you choose wheat bread for a diet? Let’s look at the following reviews!

How to Choose Wheat Bread for a Good Diet

Even though they are both wheat bread products, of course there are things that distinguish one brand from another. In addition, of course you have your own inclinations or preferences to choose wheat bread according to your taste. Here are some ways to choose wheat bread for the best diet that you can do.

1. Know the nutritional content of wheat bread

The important thing you need to know when choosing whole grain bread for the best diet is its nutritional content. But sometimes, there are still people who don’t pay attention to this even though the information is always printed on every package. When choosing whole-wheat bread, it’s important not to overlook the calorie information found on the package label.

If you are on a diet, whole wheat bread for the best low-calorie diet is the right breakfast choice. It is highly recommended to choose one with a high fiber content so that it can have a full effect for a long time which is of course also good for your intestinal health.

2. Choose whole grain bread for the desired diet

Do you want to choose wheat bread for the best diet which ingredients are whole wheat or mixed? Wheat bread made from whole wheat is still better because it contains more fiber. However, there are also some wheat bread manufacturers who mix wheat with other ingredients in order to get the texture of the bread according to people’s wishes. Therefore, you need to double-check the use of the ingredients used in the bread. Look at the composition of the bread on the packaging, OK?

In addition, also choose the texture of whole wheat bread for the best diet you want. Wheat bread is somewhat harder and denser because of the use of whole wheat when making bread. If you find wheat bread that has a soft texture, bread manufacturers usually add other ingredients to it.

3. Make sure there is no excessive added sweetener

Wheat bread for the best diet has a taste that tends to be savory, so it is less desirable for some people who like sweet foods. So, it’s no wonder that some wheat bread manufacturers also add sugar or other sweeteners to make wheat bread taste sweeter.

However, the addition of these sweeteners increases the calorie content of whole wheat bread. Therefore, it is important to ensure that there are not excessive added sweeteners in whole wheat bread for the best diet. Make sure it doesn’t contain unhealthy or excessive artificial sweeteners.

10 Wheat Bread Recommendations for the Best Diet

Here we go

There are ten recommendations for the best diet wheat bread that can be an option for you when choosing. Immediately, see the following Ainun reviews .

1. Sari Wheat Bread

Wheat Bread for the Best Diet Wheat Bread Juice
Wheat Bread Sari

You are certainly no stranger to this one brand, right? 
Sari Roti has been dedicated to being the bread of Indonesia for more than 20 years. Until now, there are many types of bread produced by Sari Roti with various variants. For those of you who are looking for wheat bread for a diet, you can try Sari Wheat Bread.

This product is made from whole wheat so it is rich in fiber which is good for maintaining your digestive health. Like the characteristics of wheat bread, this wheat bread juice has a texture that looks rough, but is very soft when bitten. So, if you want to try whole wheat bread from Sari Roti, it’s very easy to get it because you just have to go to the mini-market or grocery store.

2. Breadlife Whole Wheat Toast

Wheat Bread for the Best Diet Breadlife Whole Wheat Toast
Breadlife Whole Wheat Toast

If you like whole wheat bread that has more wheat content and is thicker, then BreadLife Whole Wheat Toast is for you. 
This wheat bread can be a breakfast that provides a source of energy and calcium in the morning before going to school, work or other physical activities. Even though this wheat bread has more whole wheat, the texture is still soft, huh!

Well, another advantage of this one wheat bread, namely its thickness which can make those of you who eat it immediately full. The complex carbohydrates in bread make you feel full longer. So, you don’t need to worry about malnutrition and hunger while on a diet.

3. Barby’s – Premium Wholemeal Loaf

Best Diet Wheat Bread Barby's Premium Wholemeal Loaf
Barby’s Premium Wholemeal Loaf

The next recommendation for wheat bread is Premium Wholemeal Loaf from Barby’s. 
This product is characterized by its soft texture, so many people make breakfast menus, such as bread with jam and sandwiches with Barby’s bread. Apart from that, there are also those who are creative in making omelette bread or just making it toast.

This wheat bread is made from quality ingredients without preservatives so it is safe to consume while on a diet. Wheat bread is known to have many benefits that are certainly good for consumption by the body. Apart from being rich in fiber and suitable for losing weight, there are several benefits of wheat itself, namely overcoming depression by increasing the production of the hormone serotonin.

4. Diana Bakery Wheat Skin Bread

Wheat Bread for the Best Diet Diana Bakery Wheat Skin Bread
Diana Bakery Wheat Skin Bread

The next wheat bread is Diana Bakery Wheat Skin Bread. 
Made from quality whole wheat flour which is certainly very delicious and nutritious to consume. Because it is made without preservatives, the resistance of this wheat bread is only for four days. Like other brands of whole wheat bread, wheat skin white bread also has high fiber which helps maintain digestive health, yes!

Maybe many of you are unfamiliar with this brand of wheat bread, right? When compared to some of the previous brands, Diana Bakery Bread Wheat Skin is rather difficult to find in the market. Even so, you don’t need to doubt the halal status of Diana Bakery because it has received halal recognition from the MUI.

5. BEAU Bakery Whole Wheat Toast

Wheat Bread for the Best Diet BEAU Bakery Whole Wheat Toast
BEAU Bakery Whole Wheat Toast

Next is another recommendation for whole wheat bread, namely Whole Wheat Toast from BEAU Bakery. 
BEAU Bakery is currently in the BPOM & ISO 22000 certification stage so that all of its activities are under the supervision of related organizations. So, it is guaranteed that there is no use of non-halal ingredients when producing this wheat bread.

Well, this wheat bread in its production activities uses a mixture of high-protein flour, whole wheat flour, palm sugar, water, yeast, and powdered milk. You can imagine the complex taste that this wheat bread has, right? In one package, there are 8 pieces of bread with a thickness of 1.5 cm. This bread can last for one day if stored at room temperature or last longer between 3-5 days if stored in the cooler.

6. Debakker Whole Wheat Sandwich

Wheat Bread for the Best Diet Debakker Whole Wheat Sandwich
Debakker Whole Wheat Sandwich

If you are looking for whole wheat bread that is healthy and suitable for running a diet program, you can choose the Debakker Whole Wheat Sandwich. 
Making this wheat bread is egg free or not using eggs. Debakker wheat bread has a crunchy and soft texture when bitten, so it is perfect for a breakfast menu with creations such as bread spread with jam/butter, made into sandwiches or toast.

The main ingredient of this wheat bread uses 100% whole wheat which makes the texture a bit rough and the color tends to be darker when compared to bread made from other than wheat. As with other whole wheat breads, the Debakker Whole Wheat Sandwich contains high fiber which helps maintain digestive health and can make you feel full longer.

7. Ooh Yum Wheat Bread

Wheat Bread for the Best Diet Ooh Yum Wheat Bread
Ooh Yum Wheat Plain Bread

The following recommendations for wheat bread are home-made or homemade bread without preservatives, so it is safe to consume while on a diet program. 
This bread is made from whole wheat flour without adding any other flour. In addition, the production process does not use milk or eggs.

Although Ooh Yum wheat bread is made from 100% whole wheat flour, the bread is not hard and the texture of the bread is denser. Still delicious to eat everyday, huh! The other ingredients used to make this bread are salt, water, yeast, and oil. Well, good storage at room temperature can make bread last 2-3 days, while in a chiller it can last up to 1 week.

8. Boxbread Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Bread for the Best Diet Boxbread Whole Wheat Bread
Boxbread Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Bread Boxbread is the next recommendation for whole wheat bread. 
This bread is made from whole wheat so it has high fiber with lower sugar and fat content. In addition, this product also has a texture that remains soft with a distinctive aroma of wheat bread. This Boxbread wheat bread has a smaller size when compared to other white bread, but has a thicker thickness of 1.8cm.

Interestingly, there is a reason behind the smaller bread size. The choice of this size so that the texture of the bread when eaten is more pronounced and soft. In addition, with this size when the bread is baked, the outer surface can be crispy/crispy, but the inside remains moist and soft. This bread is also made using traditional manufacturing methods with a long fermentation process with a total time of more than 18 hours.

9. Holland Bakery Wheat Bread

Wheat Bread for the Best Diet Holland Bakery Wheat Bread
Holland Bakery Wheat Bread

Holland Bakery is one of the first pioneers in the modern bakery sector in Indonesia. 
Established since 1978, this business is under the management of PT. Mustika CitraRasa. There are many kinds of bread produced by this company including wheat bread in the form of Wheat Bread. This product from Holland Bakery is known for having a delicious, nutritious taste, and most importantly, the price is affordable for everyone.

Holland Bakery’s best wheat bread is made from whole wheat which is high in fiber and of course very useful for helping to maintain digestive health. Not only that, Wheat Plain Bread is also rich in minerals and vitamins E and B. Apart from being delicious, this bread is good for lowering cholesterol and keeping your heart healthy.

10. MyRoti Funwari Wheat Unsalted Bread

Wheat Bread for the Best Diet MyRoti Funwari Wheat Bread
MyRoti Bread Funwari Wheat

Funwari Wheat Bread is the last recommendation for wheat bread. 
Made with a special process that produces softness to the skin of the bread. With selected wheat, Funwari Wheat Bread is soft and rich in fiber. In addition to the special process in making it, this bread is made using recipes from Japan and quality ingredients.

Because it is produced in a unique way, making the best wheat bread softer and more durable. This Funwari Wheat Bread is a healthy bread that is suitable to accompany your picnic time, as a breakfast menu or daily snack. Even more so when on a diet which will have a longer full effect.

The benefits of consuming whole wheat bread apart from dieting

After knowing the recommendations for wheat bread for the best diet, you also need to know the other benefits contained in wheat bread. Here are some of the benefits of consuming whole wheat bread in addition to diet.

1. Protect the body from diabetes

By consuming whole wheat bread regularly every day can prevent diabetes. Because wheat bread does not contain high glucose. You need to choose whole wheat bread without added sugar or other flavors so you don’t have diabetes. Your body also needs fiber, which can be obtained from consuming whole grain bread for the best diet.

2. Reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke

Wheat bread made from whole wheat flour contains vitamins and minerals that help improve blood circulation so that it can prevent heart disease and stroke. In order to help improve blood circulation, the body needs minerals and vitamins. Some of you may already know that wheat bread for the best diet has a higher fiber and mineral content than plain white bread. Therefore, wheat bread is suitable for consumption especially to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

3. Make digestion smooth

Wheat bread for the best diet is known to contain high fiber and has benefits for digestion. If you often experience digestive problems, the solution besides consuming yogurt you can also consume whole wheat bread every day. The high fiber content of wheat bread will make digestion smooth so that there is no longer a distended stomach and the body remains slim.

When someone consumes wheat bread for the best diet routinely, regularly, and not excessively, this will have a good impact on health. Mainly to help improve digestive function because it can smooth bowel movements and encourage the production of good bacteria in the intestine.

4. Slowing down the appearance of premature aging

Did you know that wheat bread for the best diet contains vitamins B and E? Vitamin B is useful for improving skin health, while vitamin E is useful for disguising fine lines or wrinkles, removing black spots in the facial area, and preventing aging at an early age. So, if you want to maintain the beauty of your skin and reduce premature aging, you can consume wheat bread.


Even though consuming whole wheat bread when on a diet doesn’t look very tempting and has a rough texture, whole wheat bread has various health benefits. Starting from reducing the risk of diabetes, the risk of heart disease and stroke to preventing premature aging. So, don’t be surprised if whole wheat bread is also suitable as a substitute snack for those of you who are on a diet program.

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