10 Best Wheat Flour Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Flour is the most common food ingredient we find. Almost every day we definitely eat food that is processed from flour. Both wheat flour, wheat flour and others. Maybe many of us think that wheat flour is the most common flour we find in various types of processed food.

Best Wheat Flour
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But keep in mind, wheat flour is also made from wheat, you know. Don’t get it wrong again. The two flours can be said to be the same, it’s just that the amount of wheat content is different. The best wheat flour is flour that has a coarse texture made from all parts of whole wheat or what is commonly called the whole heart .

All the intact parts in question include all parts of the skin, endosperm and also the essence of the wheat. Talking about wheat flour, there are many types of flour on this one. Intrigued by this wheat flour? Don’t miss the following reviews.

Types of Flour Made from Wheat

Consumed by almost all corners of the world, wheat is the most widely used basic ingredient for making flour. Besides being made to make wheat flour, wheat is also made to make other types of flour such as the following flours.

1. High Protein Wheat Flour (bread flour)

First, there is high protein flour or bread flour. This flour is made from a mixture of hard wheat and barley which is then finely ground. This flour contains a high enough protein which can produce dough with an elastic texture to make bread that is soft, soft and also chewy.

2. Medium Protein Wheat Flour / Multipurpose Flour (Cake flour / All Purpose Flour)

It can be used to make anything, this flour is made from hard wheat mixed with soft wheat so it can be used to make many processed foods such as cakes, buns, pancakes, fried foods and many more.

3. Low Protein Wheat Flour (Pastry Flour)

Next is low protein flour . This flour is made from soft wheat which has a very fine texture. This soft wheat contains low protein but high carbohydrates. Having soft characteristics, this flour can be used to make a mixture to tenderize bread.

4. Whole Wheat Flour

Made from whole wheat, this flour contains a lot of fiber and nutrients. Foods made from wheat flour on this one will taste heavier but have a light texture and are also easy to expand. What is meant by feeling heavy is not the weight of the food, it’s just that it can be classified as heavy food.

5. Semolina flour

Finally, there is semolina flour, which is made from hard wheat. Containing high protein, this flour is usually milled with a fairly coarse texture. This type of flour is usually used to make pasta, gnocchi, pudding and many more.

5 Processed Wheat Flour that You Can Make at Home

Already know the types of flour made from wheat or you could just call it wheat flour, now is the time for you to be presented with processed foods that you can make at home from the basic ingredients of wheat flour. What preparations? Here’s the review.

1. Wheat Bread

First, you can make rye bread. This is the most common menu that can be made from wheat flour. Bread made from wheat contains carbohydrates and is very good and suitable for breakfast.

2. Wheat Noodles

The second is wheat bread. Do you know wheat noodles? Wheat noodles are one of the noodles made from processed wheat flour. This noodle is one of the noodles that is highly recommended for healthy families because it is free of MSG or preservatives.

3. Wheat Pancakes

Have you ever tasted wheat pancakes? This is one of the good preparations that can be made from wheat flour and other mixtures. You can serve these pancakes as breakfast or afternoon snack.

4. Wheat Pizza

Being one of the most popular menus for many people, pizza can also be made at home from processed wheat flour. Being one of the delicious innovations and can be one of the good dishes, of course, anyone can make it at home.

5. Wheat Tortillas

The next preparation is a wheat tortilla. Although usually made from ground corn, this tortilla can also be made from wheat flour, you know. The trick, simply replace the ground corn into wheat flour.

So, those are 5 very simple examples of processed wheat flour that you can try at home. How? Have you ever made the preparations above. If not, you can immediately try it at your home.

10 Best Wheat Flour Recommendations

Here we go

Already know the types, and also examples of preparations. Next you will be reviewed 10 product recommendations. What are the products? The following is a list of 10 recommendations for the best wheat flour brands from Ainun.

1. Bogasari Naturich Whole Wheat Flour

The Best Wheat Flour Bogasari Naturich Whole Wheat Flour
Bogasari Naturich Whole Wheat Flour

First, one of the best wheat flour brands, namely from Bogasari Naturich Whole Wheat Flour. 
This is a variant of bogasari flour. Does not contain benzoyl peroxide, this flour product is considered safe with quality that does not need to be used again.

Made from the best wheat and rich in fiber, this flour can be processed into many types of food. Some examples are wheat bread, biscuits, desserts, dressings and pastries and many more. As for the taste, this wheat flour has a very original taste.

Not only that, this flour also contains high protein so it is very good for body health. For its size, this flour is available in 5 kg sizes produced by PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk and is available in online stores. So that anyone can easily get it.

2. Patanjali Whole Wheat Flour

Best Wheat Flour Patanjali Whole Wheat Flour
Patanjali Whole Wheat Flour

Next is wheat flour from Patanjali Whole Wheat Flour. 
Even though it is known to be difficult to get, now it is not a problem anymore because you can easily get it by shopping online. This flour is wheat flour imported from India.

This product is imported by PT Neelam International which is located in DKI Jakarta. So it’s no wonder why, the best brands of wheat flour products are a little difficult to find. As for its quality, this product has a very savory taste in every preparation and is also easy to process. This flour is available in 5 kg sizes with plastic packaging.

3. Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat Organic Flour

Best Wheat Flour Bob's Red Mill Whole Wheat Organic Flour
Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat Organic Flour

The next wheat flour product is Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat Organic Flour. 
Still the same as the previous product, this wheat flour is also an imported product. This wheat flour is imported from the United States by PT Indospirit Natura which is located in DKI Jakarta.

This best wheat flour has 2 variants, namely white Whole Wheat Flour and Whole Wheat Pastry Flour. This American wheat flour is one of the highly recommended flours for making home foods such as pastries, bread and other snacks. To get this product, you can buy it online.

This product is available in a size of 2.27 kg which can be processed to make bread, brownies, pastries, pancakes, pizza and many more. So what are you waiting for, with this one type of flour, you can make a variety of healthy and delicious dishes.

4. Bogasari Taj Mahal Wheat Flour

Bogasari Taj Mahal's Best Wheat Flour
Bogasari Taj Mahal Wheat Flour

Next, then there is wheat flour from Bogasari Taj Mahal Wheat Flour. 
This flour product is also a variant of flour produced by a well-known brand, Bogasari. Having a size of 2 kg, this flour is suitable for making various Middle Eastern specialties such as halwa, chappati, poori and others.

This is one of the best types of premium quality wheat flour that is exported. So you don’t need to doubt the quality of this bogasari flour. This flour is the result of milling whole wheat which has a high aroma and nutritional content. Not only is it a typical Middle Eastern menu, you can also process this flour to make healthy wheat bread without preservatives which is safe for family members to consume.

5. Pillsbury Chakki Atta

Pillsbury's Best Wheat Flour Chakki Atta
Pillsbury Wheat Flour Chakki Atta

Next on the list of wheat flours is Pillsbury Chakki Atta. 
Having a color that looks like milk, this wheat flour has very good quality. Just like the previous product, this wheat flour is also suitable for processing Middle Eastern specialties.

But not only that, this flour can also be used to make pastries and various other foods. This Pillsbury Chakki Atta is one of the imported wheat flours that can make food have a pleasant aroma and delicious taste.

For its size, this best wheat flour product is available in 1 kg packages imported by Unipex Dairy Products Co. Ltd. So for those of you who want to find this wheat flour product, you can buy it in online shops.

6. Aashirvaad Wheat Flour

Best Wheat Flour Aashirvaad
Aashirvaad Wheat Flour

The next wheat flour recommendation is Aashirvaad Wheat Flour. 
Do you like Indian food and are you interested in making it at home? This Aashirvaad flour is one of the flours that is suitable for processing into Indian specialties such as naan, paratha, chapati and others.

But not only that, this flour can also be used to make other food preparations. This flour has a very fine texture and also doesn’t clump easily when processed. Not only that, the taste of this flour also need not be doubted.

It tastes very delicious and also tasty. Previously, this best wheat flour was very difficult to find because it was included in imported wheat flour. Now it’s not a problem anymore, you can buy it online.

7. Harvest Gold Chakki Fresh

The Best Wheat Flour Harvest Gold Chakki Fresh
Wheat Flour Harvest Gold Chakki Fresh

The next wheat flour is Harvest Gold Chakki Fresh. 
Just like the previous product, this one wheat flour is imported flour from India. So it’s no wonder, this flour is very suitable for processed Indian specialties.

However, it does not rule out the possibility of also being used to make other food menus such as cakes, wheat bread and others. As the name implies ‘fresh’, this product is also made from fresh ingredients as well. This flour has a strong wheat aroma when we have opened the package.

When used, this flour is not easy to agglomerate when mixed with other ingredients, especially liquids. Then for the texture, the best wheat flour on this one has a standard texture which is neither too smooth nor too coarse. For its size, this flour is packaged in 1 kg and of course it is produced by India.

8. Trio Natural Whole Wheat Flour

Best Wheat Flour Trio Natural Whole Wheat Flour
Wheat Flour Trio Natural Whole Wheat Flour

It is still a recommended product for wheat flour, then there is Trio Natural Whole Wheat Flour. 
If you usually use wheat flour to make processed foods such as cakes or bread, you can make this one wheat flour as an alternative.

Besides being healthier, this flour also has very powerful properties in curing those of you who are constipated. You can consider the content of vitamin B3 from this flour sufficient to use it as a substitute for wheat flour.

Having a dry, nutty and also dense texture, this best wheat flour is not only easy to process but also produces delicious and delicious dishes. For per package, this flour is available in 450 grams which is produced by the Trio Natural brand.

9. Alagappa’s Indian Wheat Flour

Alagappa's India's Best Wheat Flour
Alagappa’s Indian Wheat Flour

Next is wheat flour from Alagappa’s Indian Wheat Flour. 
This flour is very famous for its very soft texture when compared to other wheat flours.

This flour is very suitable for making bread which is finally baked. Called one of the best quality imported wheat flour, did you know that this flour is made from Indian wheat which is produced in Malasya which is then imported by Indonesia, namely CV Eka Jaya Lestari which is located in the city of Medan.

So it’s no wonder why this wheat flour product is so common in Indonesia. In addition to its good quality, this flour is also easy to process and doesn’t clump easily when mixed with other ingredients.

10.King Arthur Flour

Best Wheat Flour King Arthur Flour
Wheat Flour King Arthur Flour

Finally, one of the brands of wheat flour is from King Arthur Flour. 
Are you looking for the best quality whole wheat flour? You can make King Arthur Flour your search solution.

This flour is one of the best imported wheat flour that can be used to make many types of food such as cookies, brownies, pancakes, bread and many more. Recognized as 100% whole wheat and versatile, this flour is very popular in the international market.

This flour has a fairly rough texture but does not clump when mixed with other ingredients. Rich in fiber, this flour is very safe and healthy for consumption. For each package, this flour has a size of 2.27 kg which is produced by The King Arthur Flour Company.


Those are the 10 Best Wheat Flour Brand Recommendations along with their reviews. How? Have you ever used any of the flours above? How about the results? Of course very delicious, right?

Well, for those of you who haven’t used it yet, now is the time for you to try it. What are you waiting for, get it now at your favorite store. Not to be left behind, you need to know that the 10 good wheat flour products that have been discussed already have BPOM certificates so they are safe for consumption.

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