10 Best Women’s Long Blazer Model Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Currently, Korean dramas are in great demand by many people, especially women. Apart from the beautiful, handsome and talented cast, it is also because of the interesting story. Various genres with interesting storylines exist in Korean dramas. Starting from romance, horror, fantasy, action, thriller and many more. Starting from idolizing Korean actors and actresses, many women have the wrong focus.

The thing that was also highlighted by the women was the fashion used by the Korean drama players. One of them is the use of a long women’s blazer. The use of a Korean-style blazer is considered eye-catching. The view of using women’s long blazers which are usually considered old and too formal has now changed. Now using long women’s blazers can be mixed and matched to get a casual, sexy, feminine, semi-formal, boyish look and many more.

Best Women's Long Blazer
Women’s Long Blazer Illustration / SimplebutCute

You certainly don’t want to be left behind and want to try to look attractive Korean style with a long women’s blazer. But before that you need to know some information such as tips on choosing the right women’s blazer. In addition, you will also be given 10 recommendations for good long women’s blazer models and also ways to take care of them so that the blazer is durable and not easily dull or damaged.

Tips for Choosing a Good & Suitable Long Women’s Blazer

Most women are very careful in choosing something. Likewise in terms of choosing clothes to buy. For those who don’t know, here are tips for choosing a long women’s blazer.

1. Choose a material that is comfortable to wear

The first and foremost thing to note is that the clothes you wear must be comfortable. That’s why, you should choose clothes that are comfortable to wear. For example, a blazer made of wool which in fact is comfortable to wear. In addition there is also a cotton material that is cool and able to absorb sweat.

Another blazer material that you can choose is linen because it is light like cotton. For a luxurious and classy appearance, silk and satin are highly recommended. This material will make your blazer look shiny and smooth. For another luxurious look, you can choose a blazer with leather and velvet.

2. Know the right size

Tips for choosing the next blazer is to pay attention to its size. Make sure the size of the blazer fits your body. Avoid blazers that are too small or too big unless you choose a style with an oversized look.

Don’t be left to borrow someone else’s blazer because it looks too small or too big on your body. You need to try first the blazer to be purchased. If the purchase is made online then you need to be careful with the size in the description.

3. Consider the number of buttons

The third is to consider the number of buttons on the blazer that you will buy. The number of buttons also affects the look of the body shape. If the body with a fuller shape will match 3 buttons. The fewer the number of buttons, the body will look slimmer.

In addition, the number of buttons on the blazer can also add a formal impression. For example, a blazer with one button will make the look casual so that it is worn when hanging out. Blazers with more buttons ranging from two to 6 will look more formal so they are suitable for formal events.

4. Adjust to the event attended

The next tip is to adjust the blazer you are wearing with the event you are attending. You have to be good at mixing and matching blazer models so that they are suitable for several looks. For example, for a formal impression, use darker colors such as black, brown and gray.

While you can get a casual look with a bright color and patterned blazer. In addition, you do not need to avoid using a blazer with a motif. There are many blazer motifs that you can choose from, such as floral, polka dot, stripe and many more. Another choice of motifs that you must have is a blazer with a traditional impression with a batik motif.

5. Choose the right blazer at Mix & Match

Lastly, choose a long women’s blazer that is easy to combine with other outfits. For example, if you choose to use a patterned top, it will be very suitable when combined with a patterned blazer. As for the simple and plain bazer, it can be combined and matched with a slightly more crowded patterned top.

The length of the blazer must also be adjusted to the outfit used for certain events. For example, a long blazer is perfect for attending formal events. Meanwhile, blazers with colorful tones are suitable for casual and daily activities to elevate your mood.

Those are some tips that you can use to get the best long women’s blaze model. Next you will be presented with the 10 Latest Long Blazer Model Recommendations for Women. Check out the following review.

10 Best Women’s Long Blazer Model Recommendations

Next, you will be introduced to a list of 10 product list recommendations for the long women’s blazer model selected by Ainun . Are you curious about this long women’s blazer? Come on, see the following 10 reviews.

1. SCOTCH & SODA – Longline Blazer

Best Women's Long Blazer Models SCOTCH & SODA - Longline Blazer
SCOTCH & SODA Women’s Long Blazer – Longline Blazer

The first women’s long blazer recommendation on the list is the long blazer from SCOTCH & SODA. 
This blazer comes in a cool black color with a hook strap on the front.

This blazer is made of quality polyester material so that your blazer is more durable and doesn’t wrinkle easily. In addition, the polyester material makes this blazer dry faster when it is dried in the sun so you can easily take care of it.

2. Zaskia Blazer White Girl from Flike Batik

The Best Long Blazer Model for Women Zaskia Blazer White Gaurl from Flike Batik
Zaskia Blazer White Gaurl Women’s Long Blazer from Flike Batik

Next is the Zaskia Blazer White Gaurl from Flike Batik. 
This blazer with a traditional feel is perfect for formal events. However, it is still okay if used for casual events such as invitations.

The fabric of this blazer is made of polyester plus pocket details on both sides. For a casual everyday look, you can mix and match with blues or a T-shirt as the interior.

3. Nara Blazer

Best Women's Long Blazer Models Nara Blazer
Women’s Long Blazer Nara Blazer

Next is the Nara Blazer with a variety of bright colors such as mint, green, nude, and dusty pink. 
Bright colors but not too flashy are perfect for those of you who want to look feminine and cheerful. With soft color tones, wearing this blazer can make your mood more positive and fun.

This nara blazer model is boxy so it is suitable for use with all types of pants. The material is also made of linen so that the surface of the blazer will look smooth and neat. The button model is single breasted and available in all sizes.

4. Amira Blazer Women from Bhatara Batik Women

Best Long Blazer Models for Women Amira Blazer Women from Bhatara Batik Women
Amira Long Blazer Women’s Blazer from Bhatara Batik Women

Next, continue with the Amira Blazer Women from Bhatara Batik Women. 
With the meaning of the name protector, the batik monks want to continue to protect and preserve the cultural heritage of batik. That’s why, since 2012 the Bhatara batik collection has been designed to keep up with the times.

The fashion collection now comes with modern, edgy and fashionable nuances but with a classic and elegant impression through traditional nuances. For Amira products, the blazer is well designed so that it is suitable for use on important events. This batik blazer is made of cotton material so it is comfortable and looks luxurious. It is very suitable to be combined with a shirt for a more formal look.

5. Valino Ladies Long Blazer Women

The Best Long Blazer Models for Women Valino Ladies Long Blazers for Women
Valino Ladies Long Blazer Women’s Long Blazer

The next best Women’s Long Blazer has bell-shaped sleeves. 
This is one of the top models that is quite popular with fashion lovers lately. Designed long to the knee so that it adds to the impression of being fuller. It is suitable for use by people who are thin or straight.

This long blazer model is collarless with hidden top buttons. This makes this blazer look more presentable and plain. Moreover, the material is made of polyester fabric which is resistant to bacteria and does not shrink or stretch easily.

6. Classic Long Blazer B HONEY CRÈME

Best Long Blazer Models Women Classic Long Blazer B HONEY CRÈME
Blazer Women Long Classic Long Blazer B HONEY CRÈME

The next Women’s Long Blazer recommendation is the Classic Long Blazer B HONEY CRÈME. 
Minimalist design and equipped with a belt to emphasize the shape of your curves. Belt can be removed and installed as you wish.

It is suitable for those of you who have a curvy body shape. This long blazer model is a fitted blazer and has 3/4 sleeve length. The fabric material is made of cotton with a Single Breasted button model. Available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

7. Long Stripe Blazer from Mannequin

Best Women's Long Blazer Model Long Stripe Blazer from Mannequin
Women’s Blazer Long Stripe Blazer from Mannequin

Still the topic of long women’s blazer recommendations. 
This recommendation will make you appear slimmer because of the vertical line motif. It is suitable for those of you who are plump. Anyone will look slim because the motif is vertical lines coupled with a darker color.

This blazer goes well with a plain T-shirt and jeans for a casual look. Made of cotton blend aka cotton with a mixture of other materials. The blazer model is boxy without buttons. Available in all sizes.

8. Olaska Blazer from Clowny

Best Women's Long Blazer Models Olaska Blazer from Clowny
Women’s Long Blazer Olaska Blazer from Clowny

The next long list of recommended Women’s Blazers is the Olaska Blazer from Clowny. 
Well, this one recommended product you may often see used by Korean drama actors. This blazer from olazka is indeed designed similar to the drama or variety blazer in korea.

This product is actually made by a local brand from Jakarta so you can also look like a Korean idol. This blazer model is boxy with premium cotton material. There are two dead buttons and 4 live buttons with a double breasted button model. Can be used in formal and semi-formal events.

9. Blazer 3/4 Sleeve Maroon Daisy from Flike Store

Best Women's Long Blazer Models 3/4 Sleeve Maroon Daisy Blazer from Flike Store
Women’s Blazer Long Blazer 3/4 Sleeve Maroon Daisy from Flike Store

The next recommended brand of Long Women’s Blazer is also has a daisy batik motif that is not on the market. 
Even though the motif is batik, it doesn’t make this blazer look old-fashioned and old. In the sleeves you can roll it up so it looks more relaxed so it is suitable for use when attending family events or hanging out with friends.

You can add a blazer from this flike store to your wardrobe collection. This blazer model is collarless with royal smooth batik material. It has no buttons and is available in various sizes, namely S, M, L, XL and XXL.

10. Knitted Blazer from Rilley

The Best Women's Long Blazer Knitting Blazer from Rilley
Women’s Long Blazer Knitted Blazer from Rilley

The last one is the Women’s Long Blazer from Rilley. 
This blazer can be an option for those of you who are actively moving. This is because the fabric material is made of elastic knitwear so it doesn’t hinder you from moving freely.

The motif is tartan, aka boxes, so you can look unique and match it with any outfit. This type of blazer is a fitted blazer without a collar with a single breasted button model. Available in sizes M, L and XL.

That’s a list of 10 recommendations for the 10 best women’s long blazer products. How? Have you found the right blazer product for you? Come on, just buy it at your favorite store.

Tips for Keeping Blazers Durable and Not Easy to Dull

You certainly already know the best long women’s blazer products. How? Are you already planning to buy what you like? Well, if you have found and bought your favorite long blazer.

There are several tips that you should know to keep the blazer durable and not dull. These tips do not only apply to women’s blazers but all types of blazers. Curious about the tips? Check out the following review.

1. Don’t Wash Like Ordinary Clothes

The first is to avoid washing the blazer as you would a regular shirt. This is because if you wash it with water and rub it will make the blazer wrinkled and wavy. If it is already wavy, then your favorite blazer cannot be returned to its original state.

2. Have More Than One To Reserve

If you already know that, the next thing is that you must have a spare blazer. The use of a blazer too often will make it easily dull and damaged. Especially if you have to make your blazer often washed like everyday clothes. Blazers are not durable and cannot be worn for a long time.

3. Iron carefully

The third, is the thing about ironing the blazer. We certainly want to look neat with a blazer that has been ironed straight. However, this can change if you are not careful and careful when ironing it. We recommend that you pay attention to the temperature and adjust it to the material of the blazer. Please pay attention to how to iron the collar of the blazer so that there are no creases.

4. Hang Ager Blazer Not Tangle

The fourth relates to how to store a blazer. Having previously been ironed neatly then hang the blazer. We recommend that you put the plastic on the blazer hanger so it doesn’t get dust. Avoid storing blazers by folding and stacking them like other clothes.

5. Must be ventilated to avoid mold

Did you know that blazers are very susceptible to mold? Especially if the blazer is rarely used and always hangs in the closet. For that, you should regularly dry it in a dry way. If you feel you don’t have time to take care of it because it is a little complicated, then you can use a more expert laundry service.


Those are the reviews of the Women’s Long Blazer. Starting from how to choose, 10 recommended product lists to how to keep your long blazer from getting dull and durable. How? Have you found the information you were looking for? I hope the article helps.

When choosing, make sure to always check reviews from previous buyers and also make sure the size of the blazer you will buy is the size you want. Don’t forget to visit other article pages.

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